Gaston's Growth

Yoko's Last Stand


By musclefreak4559

The pink assassin walked through the door slowly and gracefully as if he was a man of importance. “ Buu, so nice of you to come and help us out!” Fred said, embraced his friend and walked him over to his harem. “ What’s this I hear that you’ve been having some problems with this Kurama guy? What is he, some kind drug dealer?” Buu said. Fred just smiled and looked at his friend, “ No but he is jeopardizing out little haven here!” Fred said and then sat down. “ What is it you want me to do?” Buu said leaning over to look at Fred, “ I need you to eradicate this problem, do whatever it takes to bring him down and I mean whatever!” Fred said and then stood up and walked over to his group of boys. “ I will let you have the service of my gods and slaves if you wish. Anything you want it’s yours!” He said and looked at Buu, he just grinned “ I know that Kurama has already hired some assassins of his own, I know this because my in car computer registered three agents from an opposing company. Their location is at the T-town water plant on east fifty-third and according to you Fred, they plan to contaminate the water system in twenty-four hours. We’ve already wasted two, so lets get started!” Buu shouted and then stood up and walked over to the muscle harem. “ I need people who are good at hand to hand combat. Do you know of any Fred?” Buu said and then Fred snapped his fingers “ Kuwabara, Hiei, and Race, you come with Buu and me!” And then the two slaves and one god walked towards the assassin and bowed. “ I’ll accompany you to the plant; I want to end this right now!” Fred shouted, Buu just grinned and placed his cape on. “ Let’s roll!” Buu said and walked out with the four muscle studs in tow.

“ You do know that this is very dangerous job for an old lady to have! Maybe you should go work at Wal Mart as a greeter!” Kurama said, Genkai flipped him the bird “ Sit and spin fox boy!” She said and then turned to Koenma. “ Do you know when they’re coming?” Genkai said as the looked at the teenage boy standing in front of her. “ They have Buu with them plus four others. This could get messy in about forty minutes!” Koenma said as he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth. “ Aren’t you a little old for one of those? I mean you’re supposed to be a deadly assassin not some freaky little kid with a binky!” Kurama shouted and threw his hands up “ what kind of people am I working with!” He said, Jessie rubbed his back and silenced him. “ Trust me Yoko darling this will be all over in a few minutes. Then you and I can run away together with Johnny and have a three way in some posh hotel somewhere!” Jessie said and then kissed Yoko on the mouth her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Yoko smiled and then looked out the window. “ Shit they’re here faster than I thought! Battle stations everyone!” Yoko shouted and then walked down the steps to the entrance.

Yoko stood outside as the Hummer pulled into the parking lot of the plant. He waved at the five people exiting the Hummer, Blowing them kisses and waving. “ Cut the shit Yoko!” Fred shouted as he pulled his gun out of his holster and cocked it. Yoko smiled and laughed “ You cant kill me Fred, you need me! I am as much apart of your life as your harem is. You can’t kill me because without me, your life would just be boring!” He said and took out his rose whip but Fred fired off a shot that gazed Yoko’s right arm. Blood flowed from the wound as Yoko clutched his arm and raced inside. “ The fuckers shot me! Those dirty mother fuckers!” Yoko shouted and then yelled to the others “ get ready!” And then the battle began. The five men walked in and surveyed the area. “ I’ll go left, up to the offices!” Kuwabara said and ran up the metal stairs, the others separated into other directions and began to search the area.

Kuwabara walked up to the offices on the third floor and began to survey the cubicle filled area. “ Yoo Hoo, Kuwabara?” A familiar voice said He looked up and saw Yukina standing in one of the cubicles. “ Yukina, what are you doing here?” Kuwabara said, Yukina just giggled and aimed her submachine gun at him. Kuwabara ducked as the bullets flew above his head. “ You still alive baby?” Yukina said, Kuwabara pointed his gun and fired off a few rounds the bullets ripping through the walls of the cubicle. Yukina flipped into the air and landed of a padded swivel chair and began to roll towards Kuwabara. Kuwabara stood up and threw a cup of pencils that said “ Worlds Greatest Dad!” On it tripping the chair up and causing it to flip over. Yukina Jumped off and did a double back flip and landed of Kuwabara’s chest. Kuwabara jumped up and knocked her off him and then kicked her in the chest. Yukina coughed and then grabbed a hold of his leg and swung him across the room Kuwabara stood up and wiped the dust off his track suit “ You play rough don’t ya bitch!” He said and ran towards her and then landed a high kick to her jaw knocking her down to the ground knocking her out. He slung her body over his shoulder and walked over to the supply closet and threw her in and wedged a chair into the door.

Fred walked into the maintence room and saw the parts scattered all over the room. “ All right Yoko, Come out now!” Fred shouted but Yoko didn’t step out, instead an old woman walked out. “ You’re Fred Jones, right?” she said , Fred nodded and then she pulled out her knives. “ I’m Genkai , Yusuke’s former teacher. I know what you’ve done to that silly boy and now it is time for you to die!” She said and ran towards Fred . Fred jumped in the air and grabbed a hold of a pipe and flipped up into the air and then landed a kick to the old lady’s stomach. Genkai gasped and then picked up one of her knives and threw it at him . Fred ducked and watched as the knife hit the poll behind him , “ You fight good for a lady who should be watching Lawrence Welk right now!” Fred said and ran towards her and punched her in the head. Genkai stood up , rubbed her head and landed a high kick on Fred’s stomach. The old assassin crumpled to the ground as soon as her foot hit the wall of muscle Fred then picked her up and tossed her like a rag doll. Genkai stood up and threw a dagger at him but Fred grabbed a hold of it and threw it back at her. Genkai flipped backwards, Leaped in the air and swung on a pipe before landing on top of Fred’s shoulders. She began to beat him about the face and neck, but Fred took hold of her hair and flung her into a brick wall. Genkai blacked out when Fred walked up to her and tied her to the chair with some twine he found then shut the door and walked out.

Buu walked up to the catwalk above the plant and looked around. It was then he saw Koenma walk towards him. “ Hello Buu , nice to see ya again!” Koenma said , Buu just grinned “ Wanna fight pansy boy?” he said. Koenma just laughed and ran towards Buu and punched him in the jaw. Buu grabbed Koenma’s arm and flipped him over his back. Koenma jumped back up and punched him in the stomach; Buu grabbed Koenma and piledrived him into the metal catwalk. Koenma stood up in a daze and then felt Buu punch him in the stomach. Koenma sunk to the ground and Buu looked at him “ Give up?” he said but Koenma sprung up and punched Buu in the chest. Buu gasped and then ran towards Koenma, his gun cocked and ready. Koenma leaped into the air dodging the bullets that were coming out of Buu’s nine-millimeter semi automatic pistol. Then Koenma disappeared, “ Where ya at , sissy boy, Cryin to your momma? Maybe she’ll buy you another pacifier!” Buu said as he walked across the catwalk and saw the assassin’s fingers clutching the metal. “ Well , well, well, lets play a game!” Buu said and pulled his knife out. “ This little piggy went to the market,” he said as he pricked Koenma’s finger “ this little piggy stayed home. this little piggy had roast beef . this little piggy had none!” Buu said with giddy glee, “ No please don’t!” Koenma pleaded. But Buu had got to the last finger, “ And this little piggy went wee, wee , wee, wee , all the way home!” and watched as Koenma fell to the ground with a thud.

Race had walked up to the control room where he saw Jessie standing there filing her nails. “ Hello daddy, did ya miss me?” she said as she looked up at her dad , Race growled and pulled out his gun. “ Jessie darlin, I don’t want to shoot you but if you come with me and forget this whole thing I just might get Fred to let you live with us. What do you say?” Race said with a smile Jessie frowned “ I don’t think you get it daddy. I’m not going to join them , but I am going to destroy them, after I kill you!” She said and planted a kick on his stomach. Race grabbed a hold of her leg and spun her around like a top. Jessie got up and raised her fists “ That’s my Jessie , still a little pistol! Race said and then hit her in the nose. Blood flowed freely from the nostrils, and then she placed a high kick on her dad’s chin , Race jumped back , sprung into the air and landed behind Jessie placing her in a chokehold. Jessie bit into Race’s arm causing him to release her and then allowing her to knee him in the groin casing Race to double over Jessie just laughed. “ You don’t fight fair! I didn’t teach you to do that!” Race spat Jessie grinned but was surprised as her dad hit her in the chin and knocked her down to the ground. “ Game over Jessie! Now get up! Now!” Race yelled as he pointed his gun at her, Jessie stood up and looked at her dad “ Please dad , don’t! I love you, I just wanted to save you and my family!” Jessie pleaded , Race looked at her “ I’m happy where I am , I’m more happier then I ever was after your mom died, why can’t you be happy for me!” Race shouted. Jessie screamed “ I don’t think mom would’ve wanted you to hang around some buff guys having sex all the time! It’s just wrong !” Race cupped her face in his hands “ I love you Jess I always have but I need to follow my heart!” Race said , Jessie smiled “ so do I!” she said and rammed the knife into her dad’s stomach. Race pulled the knife out and fell against the wall. “ Goodbye daddy!” Jessie said and walked out the door.

Hiei walked into the control room and found Race clutching his stomach. “ Race!” Hiei shouted “ are you all right?” Race nodded “I’m fine , I think the wound is healing itself!” Race said and watched as the last few inches of the wound seal up. Race sprung up and walked towards Hiei “ Have you found Yoko?” he asked. Hiei shook his head and then felt a finger tap him of the back. “ Hi ya pal! Did ya miss me?” Yoko said as he pulled his rose whip out of his pocket and raised it at them. “ Hiei jumped up and sliced the whip in two then proceeding to hack it into little bits. “ You little shit! That was my only weapon, now you’re dead!” Yoko shouted and then felt the gun on the side of his head. “ Game over Yoko, We win!” Fred said and then ushered Yoko out of the room . “ You’re going back to Questworld my friend. Oh and your little formula, Kuwabara and I took care of that!” Fred said and pointed at the now empty drum that was now hanging over the window. “ Nooooo! You fuckers are going to pay!” and then blacked out as Fred pistol whipped him and threw him over his shoulder.

They were just about ready to head home when Fred noticed a red light under the Hummer, he bent over to get a closer look and then saw the bomb under the car. “ Duck now!” Fred shouted and then The Hummer burst into flame . Fred looked over saw that Kurama hoping into a blue Ferarri driven by Jessie Quest. “ Stop!” he shouted and began to fire his gun at the car, Jessie turned the car around and then placed it into high gear. “ Goodbye Fred!” Jessie said and ran the car into Fred. Fred rolled over the hood of the car , then flew off the roof and onto the dusty ground. “ He’s escaping!” Buu said, Fred just laughed “ He’ll be back, I know he will!” and then pressed the speed dial on his cell phone “ Johnny, we need another Hummer here! Oh and let Dilton know that he needs to put a trace on a blue Ferarri.” Fred said and sat down on the ground thinking of his next move. •

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