Gaston's Growth

Cabin Seige


By musclefreak4559

“ To a successful partnership!” Yoko said as he poured the 1992 vintage chardonnay in his glass and then poured some in Jessie’s. “ To a successful partnership!” Jessie said as she took a sip of her wine. “ What do we do now?” She asked looking at Yoko, Yoko turned from the window and sat down “ They’re coming for me that’s for sure! Do you have any training win weapons, martial arts perhaps?” Yoko asked, Jessie laughed “ You’re talking to Jessie Bannon here. I’ve known how to use the samurai sword there since I was three!” She said and pointed to the black and gold lacquered case sitting on the shelf above the wine cabinet. “ Do you think its wise for a child to use such a thing?” Yoko asked and then saw the headlights of the Hummer pull in. “ Damn, they’re here! Get ready the battle is about to begin!” He said. Jessie stood up and grabbed the samurai sword and unsheathed the sharp blade, “Let’s do this!” She said and watched as Yoko went upstairs to get a gun from Race’s collection.

“ All right listen up,” Fred said to the others, “ Yoko and Jessie are in there and they have a stockpile of weapons at their disposal. Alpha team will be comprised of me. Race, Hiei, Suichi, and Johnny. Beta team will be comprised of Gaston, Shag and Robin. Both teams will do a quick sweep of the house and with luck be able to catch them off guard. Are you ready?” He asked “ Yeah!” Both teams shouted and then departed the Hummer. Dilton sat in back and manned the computer watching the team’s every move. “ I’m a online guys, ready when you are!” Dilton shouted into his earpiece and the battle began.

Fred and the others raced towards the cabin and were met with the sound of Yoko’s voice coming from the upstairs window. “ Looking for me boys?” He shouted Fred looked up “ Come down peacefully Yoko and we’ll forget this whole thing!” He said, Yoko laughed “ I don’t think so! Jessie knows what you did and she’s very pissed!” He said and the produced a an Uzi and proceeded to fire the gun at random. Suichi raised his gun and fired smashing the window and grazing Yoko’s arm “ you pig fucking cocksucker!” He shouted as he clutched his bleeding arm. “ Go, Go, Go!” Fred shouted and both teams began to run. Hiei walked through the front door his gun poised and ready there in the kitchen sat Jessie peeling an apple. “ So nice for you to come and join the party! To bad you won’t survive the night!” Jessie said and threw the knife at Hiei. Hiei grabbed the knife and flung it back at her Jessie’s body leaning back as the knife flew by and hit the wooden wall. Jessie did a mid air summersault and landed on the tiled floor, Hiei pulled out his sword “ You wanna play bitch? Let’s play!” Jessie grabbed the sword from the wall and began to swing for Hiei’s neck; Hiei did a back flip and landed on the kitchen table. Jessie jumped up and began slashing and jabbing but every time she tried her sword collided with Hiei’s, the audible clangs were heard throughout the house. Hiei jumped off the table and then moved towards the living room and jumped on top of a recliner Jessie ran towards him and Hiei flipped the chair over and then jumped in the air and landed a swift kick to her chest. Jessie fell down coughing and wheezing and then felt Hiei’s sword against her neck. “ Get up!” He yelled “ Get up you bitch! You make one false move and I’ll cut your head clean off! Jessie grabbed a hold of his arm and flipped him over her back. Hiei lied on the floor not moving, Jessie moved closer and then watched in horror as Hiei kicked her in the stomach and knocked here down flat on her back. Hiei climbed on top of her body and held his sword against her throat. “ I don’t want to fuck around!” Hiei walked over to the blinds, cut the cords on each one and hogtied her on the floor. “ I’ll be back for you later!” He said as he sheathed his sword and walked upstairs to check on the others.

Fred Jones had not seen the fight downstairs; he and Johnny took and alternate route through the back door and up another flight of steps that lead to the bedrooms upstairs. Fred and Johnny had their guns cocked and ready to fire, then they heard the radio crackle, “ Guys we’ve got problems!” Dilton said , Fred responded “ what is it?” Dilton’s voice spoke again “ There seems to be a large plant growing outside the house and by the looks of it it’s heading up to Yoko’s hideout! Uh Oh!” he said in shock. “ What is it Dilt?” Fred said, Dilton’s mouth gaped open “ Don’t look now but Rapunzel is coming out of her tower!” Dilton said and watched as Yoko slid down the giant plant. “ Shit! Attention Beta and Alpha teams , he’s leaving the building I repeat foxy has left the building!” Fred shouted and ran down the steps. Hiei and saw the giant plant growing outside and ran to check it out just as Yoko was walking toward the Hummer. “ Freeze fox boy or I’ll blow your pointy ears off!” Hiei said, Yoko laughed and put his hands behind his head. “ Good ! Now get on your fucking knees!” Hiei shouted, Yoko produced his rose whip and smacked the gun out of Hiei’s hand and into his own. “ You see what happens when you let your guard down Hiei?” he said and then whipped Hiei in the face leaving as gash in the side of it. “ You bastard I’ll kill you!” Hiei said his hand clutching the side of his face as blood flowed through his fingers, Yoko just smiled “ I hope you learn your lesson , never trust a guy armed with a rose whip. Ta Ta!” he said and hopped into the Hummer. Dilton’s mouth gaped open “ Oh shit! Fred , he’s in the car I repeat..” but Yoko shot the computer system and then pointed the gun at Dilton. “ We’re going on a joy ride Dilton my good man one peep out of you and your brains will be all over the back of this car. Do you understand?” Yoko said as he pushed the automatic start , Dilton just nodded and sat back in his seat his legs scrunched up near his face. Hiei looked at the car’s lights slowly moving away as Yoko began to back out. Hiei ran towards the car and jumped on the hood , “ Fuck me gently with a porcupine!” Yoko shouted as he swerved to try to get Hiei off the car. Hiei hung tight as Yoko made several turns and to get him off the car, They passed under a low hanging tree branch Hiei jumped into the air ,grabbed a hold of it , and flipped himself onto the cars roof . He then grabbed his sword and rammed it through the roof of the Hummer and tore a gash into it. “ This fucker doesn’t give up does he!” Yoko shouted and then saw Doctor Quest’s Jeep that was at the house pull alongside Yoko. Race took his gun and fired a shot blowing out the window of the Hummer, Yoko swerved again. Hiei then jumped down onto the roof of the jeep and swung himself into the open window. “ There’s a really nice gash on the roof. Anyone willing to take a shot?” Hiei asked Gaston raised his hand and jumped out of the jeep, Grabbing a hold of the gash and ripping it wide open. “ Yoko I’m home!” Gaston shouted and placed a gun to the fox demon’s head Yoko then turned the wheel hard and flipped the Hummer over. Gaston hit his head on the door and blacked out and soon Yoko jumped out. The Jeep stopped dead in front of the fox demon, Fred hopped out and then pointed his gun at him. “Game over Yoko, either come with us or we’ll just shoot you. Either way I don’t give a damn!” Fred shouted . Yoko laughed . “ You think after all this I’d just give up? No way Freddy my boy the game has just begun!” he said and then saw Jessie pull up in her PT Cruiser. “ The gang’s all here!” Yoko said and then walked over to the car and stood next to Jessie “ You kill me , You’ll have to kill her too I know that you don’t want that do ya Johnny?” Yoko said , Johnny looked at Jessie and then pointed his gun at her his hand’s were shaking. “ I can’t do it!” He shouted and then felt Yoko’s rose whip grip his gun and then Yoko grabbed Johnny by the neck and placed the gun to his head. “Lady and Gentlemen this has now become a hostage situation, anyone who fires at me will end up costing your friend his life!” Yoko shouted and then hopped into the PT Cruiser with Jessie and drove off. Fred grabbed his walkie talkie and turned it to the Mansion’s signal, “ We’ve got a hostage situation we need back up now!” Fred shouted , Doctor Quest answered back “ We’re on our way!” Fred sat down and placed his hands in his face , Yoko won this time but he wouldn’t win again. •

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