Beast, The

Enter! The Hero of this Story is Revealed?


By otkuman2003

Sorry for no updates lately... I did not know how I wanted to start off the next part of this story. Hopefully Chapter 4 won't take as long to be released. All your encouragement, comments, and suggesstions do help out with this series, and are greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has given me ideas as well as helped pushed me forward when I needed it the most.

And now, for all your enjoyment... Chapter 03 of THE BEAST!

It’s been almost three weeks since that gorilla was said to be heard all throughout the city. Nothing had been spotted; maybe it was just some weird sound or something. That’s what everyone thought, but me.

Shall I introduce myself to you all yet? Well, not at my current stats; that will be for another time. Anyways, where should I begin?

Horns began to honk loud and obnoxiously, cars swerve out of the way. Huge chunks of glass and debris drop from above. “FUCK!” I begin to dodge the falling scrap metal and junk, like the rest of the cars in front of me. I can’t stand BUCK ENT; the buildings are so high up, most of the cities money and taxes go to Buck and co; and what the fuck for? What has he ever done for us besides cause more problems within the economy?

Just then something hard hits the top of my own hunk of junk that I use to navigate myself back and forth to work. “What the fuck was that?!” I stop the car to a halt. People begin to dodge around me now as well. Car horns begin to blow and I hear the occasional “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE ROAD, ASSHOLE!” as they pass on by with their left arm out the window and the “Fuck You” finger extended.

I get out of my car and look at what hit it. In the hood is a very shiny, metallic box, which left a fucking dent. “AH FUCK!” More shit begins to fall, slamming beside my piece of shit vehicle. I thought to myself that it was time to get the fuck out of here. I pulled out the box from the top of my hood, tossing it into the passenger seat. I hopped back into my care and sped off, just as more shit began to drop.

************************************************** **************************************

Buck sat in a leather office chair, in his office, staring at Victoria, with a giant whole in the wall behind him. He sat contemplating on what he would be able to do to get back the research that his company had been developing for the past several years; research that could change the entire fate of all men on this planet.

Victoria sat opposite of Buck, gazing at him as well; legs crossed, one over the other, and a bounce to the leg positioned on top. Tension was very high at the moment.

“Any ideas now?” she continued to glare at him.

“Fuck you, you stupid cunt!” he lashed out at her, the gorilla DNA in full effect.

“Well gee, maybe if you were a bit more careful you wouldn’t have fucking through your desk out the window, losing the contents in the metal box!”

Buck growled; anger obviously very dominant now for this over-powerful male species. “Call the boys! Now!”

Victoria laughed. “With what fucking phone, you through it out the window!”

Buck lifted his massive foot, slamming it down in rage, causing Victoria, and the chair she was sitting in to topple over. “YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK I MEAN!”

Victoria got up to her feet bowed her head. “Yes, sir!” and strolled out.

“There are two things that piss me off in society; Assholes and ignorant bitches. Victoria crosses both lines. Time for me to make her learn her place…”

************************************************** *************************************

I get back to my place, after driving another hour (god, do I need to find a place closer to home), where I am greeted by a few messages from my chick left on the answering machine.

“Where have you been, Andrew?” I turn to see my girl has already let herself in.

“Oh…Uh, hi?” I say, giving her a tiny smile.

“I’ve been worried sick.”

“Sorry about that, Jessica, there was traffic.”

Jessica ran forward, throwing her arms around me. “It’s alright. I was just worried and all. Did you hear the news?”

“News? What are you talking about?” I ask her a bit confused.

“Downtown, BUCK ENT had a major attack or something. They said a bomb went off or something from one of the top floors of the building.”

THAT NEWS! Fuck, I ain’t gonna tell her I was in the middle of that. “Wow, are you serious?”

“Dead serious! I was just worried for you. I know that you come home that route.”

“Guess I missed it. No need to worry!” I say smiling down at her.

“Well, it is getting late. I should be going now… One of your roommates let me in.”

“Alright, I’ll see you this weekend then?”

“Yeah, let me just use the restroom a sec, and I’ll be on my way.” Jessica left to go freshen up before she left. Guess she was worried a lot about me, looked as if she had been crying before.

I practically forgot about the metal box, which I now sported in my arms. Why not check this shit out! I placed it on the kitchen counter, unlatching the sides of it. I opened up the box and revealed out to the open air many vials that contained different colored liquids and other vials with what looked like blood samples. A piece of paper stuck out from a small, flap opening. I removed it and began to read it over.

As I took in the information, I knew something more then a bomb had to have exploded from that damn metal structure which was raised in the center of the city. Then again, how can something like this even be real? It seemed almost impossible in nature. A man gaining the abilities, or the bulk of a different species, instantly! All that had to be done was inject two needles into a male human’s body. Yes, MALE… Says tests were done on the female species and it ended up in instant death. This was either total BS, or it had to have worked. What ever caused this box to fall into my hands must have been in a real rage at the time.

So, what the fuck… Why not try it out? I’ve got nothing else to lose… Besides, I am not a woman, so it shouldn’t cause me any problems.

Oh crap! I almost forgot to tell everyone! Before I do anything drastic, why not let you in on my stats?

At this time, 3 weeks ago, I was 5’10” in height and weighed in at roughly 150 pounds of muscle; well more so an athletic body (I wouldn’t call it muscle). I’m a pretty average guy. Brown hair that lays flat on my scalp, 7 inch cut dick (would love more of that… who wouldn’t), 20 years old, and horny like a little school boy.

Jessica is slim as well. She’s a few inches shorter then I am… About 5’6”. She’s basically a typical valley girl, but without the airheadedness that most of them suffer with (I picked a winner!).

I looked over the notes one last time. I picked up the green vial of liquid. I filled up a syringe and filled it up. I injected my arm with the green stuff.

I looked back through the stuff, spotting a vial with an image of a rabbit drawn on it. Lucky these things have pictures on them or I would be fucking lost. I take some of the sample out with another needle.

It’s now or never, let’s see if this stuff works! I jammed the needle into my arm, emptying it entirely. A toss both of the needles into an empty waste bin. I thought about what I was doing a lot. If there was one thing I wanted now, it was a nice, long (and fast), FUCK! Haven’t had one of them in a while from Jessica; not since High School anyways.

Then it began. My 7 inch member began to get really fucking hard; it HURT! I began to thrust my hips back and forth, humping the air, powerfully. One thing that’s good about the green serum is the results are NOT permanent, or so the notes stated.

Dear god… What the fuck was I doing?! I needed to FUCK now! This shit did work, and if I did not get off soon, my balls would have been bluer then a fucking blueberry.

I walked to the bathroom door, pushed it open “Hey, Jessica?”

“Yeah?” she was reapplying her make-up.

“Why not stay over tonight?” I said as I closed the door behind me, planting my lips on hers.

Needless to say, that night, we fucked like rabbits for hours. Not one wink of sleep. The stuff worked well; now let’s see what else good ole Buck had planned with this new concoction he was scheming.

************************************************** **************************************

Victoria returned with three averaged size security guards.

“You wanted to see us, uhh, boss?” the biggest of the three asked, a bit confused at seeing Buck so much BIGGER then earlier today.

“Yeah, Butch… We have a bit of a problem. And you three will be helping me in fixing it…” •

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