Beast, The

A Power Effect


By otkuman2003

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, a major GROWTH & SPURT...heh...I'm going to separate the series into seperate ARCs; no name yet for the first arc, as I am not sure how this backstory will end. As the series progresses, if you got any suggesstions for the name of the first ARC, feel free to let me know!

“Grow for me stud,” was the last words that sounded clear to the once normal, sane Buck. After the Crimson Ability Serum entered his body, the only sounds that could be heard were the beats of his own heart and the occasional grunts and moans that were released from his lips. The beats became louder and louder with each passing second, each one pushing more blood throughout every vein in the young mans body. Not just human blood, but the blood of the beast that Victoria had chosen for the man she idolized.

Victoria stepped back, looking at the man that she was creating. Buck’s body began to spasm; to “buck” up as if hard volts of electricity were being pushed throughout his body.

He tried to look at his own body, but the pain was just too much for him to bare. ‘What have I done?’ He thought to himself, as the pain continued to intensify with each dragging second.

Then the first spasm hit him, right in the shoulders; they began to swell, becoming more powerful and bulky compared to any normal living human being.

It pushed its way down his arms and torso. His bis began to expand, to pump up from the new power coursing through him. Originally his biceps were quite impressive. Buck already had a bit of muscle on his small body; when his biceps were flexed they were massive mounds of flesh about the size of a baseball. Now the biceps appeared to be the size of cannons, and then growing even more so to the size of bowling balls that were connected to forearms as big as the pins that they just knocked down.

“AH FUCK!” He shouted aloud as his pecs began to push out even more from his body, spreading his arms and shoulders even farther away from the center of his body. His chest becoming massive, filling the confines of his business shirt until it completely rips off of his body and hangs down at his sides. His pecs were now the size of manhole covers; the nipples dark brown and the size of silver dollars.

He stretched his neck up, as veins etched their way up it to his handsome, boy-like face. The blood was pumping throughout his neck, causing it to swell into a column of muscle, holding up his enlarging head which was becoming proportional with the rest of his body.

The growth continued to travel down Buck’s body. His abs bloated out a bit, giving him more of a muscle, power gut then the original six-pack that was etched into his skin.

Then his upper body began to stretch out and elongate, causing a bit more swelling of muscle on his torso.

Buck jumped up onto the table, supporting his body with his two powerful fists. Such power and strength could not be done by a normal muscle man. He began to jump around the room frantically, panicking somewhat like a beast removed from the wild and dumped into a strange, foreign new world.

Buck began tearing his office apart, first with smashing his own desk into two pieces with his massive muscle fists. Then be began to rip apart the bookshelves that were mounted onto the walls; he was literally destroying everything that was in his line of vision.

Then he saw something else that sparked his interest; Victoria was in his line of vision. A sinister, blood lust look filled his eyes; Buck began to charge at her.

Victoria began to become fearful. This was not the man she desired; Buck is a monster! Right before impact, Buck pushed up with his fists, jumping over Victoria’s body, and colliding with the desk; the desk slided and crashed through the window of his office, the debris falling to the streets below.

As the jump was made, Buck’s legs grew. They swelled up with huge amounts of muscle very quickly, becoming thick and powerful; almost as big as California Redwoods. Then they grew longer to help support the rest of his body.

Buck regained his posture and stood up to his new height, he towered over Victoria now, almost a full 10 inches. Buck now stood 6’5” in height, and a massive 395 pounds of pure, aggressive muscle. The lust and power for blood still present in his eyes, but his mind began to come back into focus.

“Victoria, you have done well,” he said slowly, grinning down at his assistant. “I will repay-” he couldn’t finish his statement. Buck fell to his knees, grunting in both pain and pleasure.

He slammed his fists hard on the ground, waves of power pushed through the floor, causing the tiles to begin to explode up from the ground from where he was, to the entrance of the room (we are talking about almost a 30 foot gap in space).

Small tiny black hairs began to push out from his skin, starting out on his chest and arms. The pain was unbearable, like someone was threading needles through his skin, making a fine rug of dark beast hair on his chest, and coating his arms with the same material.

It didn’t just stop there, as it continued to grow in over the rest of his entire body. His pits became bushy as the hair engulfed his underarms. A dark treasure trail, well more like his whole extended muscle belly, filled in with the dark hair; it grew down to his still intact, yet very straining pants.

Under the material of his pants, hair was becoming a new very dominant piece of his body on his legs and his groin. They grew longer and longer, until his entire body was practically matted with it. From neck to toes, Buck was a real beast of a man.

Finally, his sideburns grew down his face, curving inward on the base of his square jaw. A rich, coarse goatee pushed its way out of his chin, finishing off this impressive transformation.

With one last move, Buck rips the tight pants from his body, exposing his lower half. A massive half hard cock bobbed free and hung halfway down his thigh, about 10 inches in length, and about half its length in girth.

Buck was pleased with the transformation, and very horny from the whole experience. He reached down, hefting up his now bigger then average muscle dick. He began to stroke its length, up-and-down, in a slow motion, allowing it to reach its full, maximum potential.

As it got harder, he began to stroke it faster. Until he felt himself tense up. “OH FUCK!” Buck released the biggest load known to man. If it was documented, it would definitely have gone in the history books.

Buck shot his cum in massive, long spurts. It covered every wall, the ceiling and the floor, there was no where to run from the massive, broken fire hydrant cum bath that he fired from his now foot long muscle cock.

When the pressure finally ended, and his balls entirely drained, Buck regained his posture. He looked down at Victoria, grinning wide. “That was fucking amazing. Thank you for your choice, Victoria.”

She looked up into his eyes, a bit angered by the rage he just displayed. “Buck, you are a stupid fucker!”

He looked down at her, confused. “What did I do, baby?”

Victoria pointed at the broken window. Buck turned to it noticing his missing desk. His own eyes went wide. “Fuck... FUCK!!! WHERE’S THE FUCKING CASE!!!!!”

“Seems to me this stuff works a little too well,” she glared at him. “Lucky for us we have a backup supply of DNA Samples, plus I can make more of the serum from memory.”


“The research notes were in that case. We need to retrieve it…NOW!”

Buck looked down the walls of the outside of the building, seeing the shattered glass and the broken desk many stories below; not a glint from the shiny box could be seen.

Buck dropped to his knees at the edge of the building, and began to let out loud bursts of rage from his deep bass like voice, that echoed through the streets of the city.

The next morning, local papers reported of the sounds of a large “Gorilla” being heard throughout the city streets. “Be on the lookout and call local authorities if one is spotted.” •

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