Beast, The



By otkuman2003

As Promised, here is the next part to the story. Please comment if u can, as all comments are appreciated and taken into great consideration... Now I present to you, the newest installment of The Beast

So here I am, once again, in front of the case that changed my life just for a night (although it will be changing me for a much longer time frame soon). I just sit here at the kitchen table, staring at it; which one should I use now? There are so many answers to this one question, one would wonder. For me however, I didn’t want to use something so noticeable, as the change would be too dramatic.

A few days have passed since the night that me and Jessica fucked like rabbits. Since then, I’ve called out sick from work, haven’t gone to school a single day, and barely ate a thing. All that was on my mind now was “What do I do from here?”

So it was a Wednesday afternoon when my youngest roommate comes in from classes. He slams the front door, dropping his keys on the table nearest him, followed by his bag right next to it, and heads into the kitchen where he began his daily routine of making himself his usual sandwich.

By-the-way let me introduce you to the first of four other roommates you will be meeting soon. This is the youngest, Arthur; he’s 18 year’s old with a pretty slim, swimmers build. In High School, he was the one with the brains and bronze; he’s a very bright young kid and loved to run (yeah, he was our track star). Standing tall at 5’6” 145 lbs of trimmed muscle, this little kid had a lot of energy and it really paid off in the events that came. He was also another lady killer with his dark features; white boy with a year round tan from the countless hours he spends on the track, deep green eyes, jet black hair.

Arthur continued to make his sandwich, staring over in my direction every few seconds. The kid always looked up to me in a way; I was the one that hooked him up with a room at the house. “Hey, Andy?”

I look up from the box for a second, “Yeah, Art?”

“Are you alright man?” he asked. “You haven’t eaten anything in days. Do you want me to cook you up something really quick?”

I sighed, “Nah, I’m fine man. Enjoy your meal.”

He finished cleaning up his food before he decided to put his plate down on the opposite side of the box and mock me by just staring at it. “So, uhh… When is this thing gonna move?” he asked jokingly.

I couldn’t help but laugh either. “Very funny man.” That is what ended my little silence, thanks to his always cheerful mood.

So I decided to let in Arthur on this little secret. I need to have someone know, and since he is the closest to me, might as well let him in on it.

“Arthur,” I began. “Do you remember a few days ago when Jessica was over?”

“Umm, yeah… And I really don’t want to think about it either while I’m eating. The noises coming from the walls were a bit much.”

“Just listen.”

Andrew immediately quieted down and stared.

“This box contains something of high value and power,” I tried to keep my calm, not knowing what will happen when I tell him the full details. “You see, that night I came home late. That night that Jessica was here, I used something from this box.”

“So you’re saying that those noises… and that fucking came from whatever is in that box?”

“Something like that.” I decided to show Arthur. I clicked the latches and flipped open the lid, revealing the glowing serums inside. All he did was look inside at the box in total wonder. Never did he see something so brilliant.

“Wow, Andy,” he said dazed and confused. “One of these can make you fuck like a jack rabbit?” He began to reach forward, when I slammed the case closed, snapping him back into reality.

“Sorry man. I don’t want you transfixed yet until we know exactly what these things can do. So I am letting you in on the details of this little prototype from BUCK ENT.”

His eyes went wide again, “BUCK ENT.? You mean that thing downtown with the falling debris? You were there?!”

I nodded.

Arthur looked at me, even more scared. I could see his Adam’s apple move up and down as he swallowed the excess saliva in his mouth. “Please Andy, tell me more… I will help out as much as I can.”

************************************************** *************************************

Buck stood, walking back and forth past his three super security guards that he had created a few days prior with the serum. All three of them in a line; giant, massive, superior beings, built like tanks and ready to leap and obey any command given.

Butch was the biggest, he always had been. Now he was massive; far bigger then Buck; 6’10” and almost 500 lbs of pure muscle. He stood, a bit slouched over in a tight black muscle shirt and an equally tight pair of navy blue security guard pants. He grinned wide…drool dripping down from his mouth, falling off of his chin, and slobbering down his shirt. All he did was look straight ahead, with his almost black eyes, waiting for the next command from his master.

To Butch’s right and left stood two other equally impressive guard dogs; Spike and Saber. Both men stood up at 6’6” in height, weighting in respectively at an impressive 450lbs a piece. They stood at attention, feet apart, hands behind their backs; the slop from their mouths also creeps down their squared jaws. These two wore similar clothes; navy blue security guard pants and an equally impressive black muscle tee. The only way to tell the two apart was the barbwire tattoo which wrapped around each of Spike’s swollen bicep and the spike stud that stuck out from his chin.

Victoria walked up to Buck from behind, handing him a small pouch and a vial of each serum. Buck took them and walked up to his big guard dogs. He handed the pouch to Butch and let each of the three take a whiff of the serum.

“I’m counting on you three to sniff out that formula and bring it back to me, do you got it.” It wasn’t a question, it was an order. These three had to obey, if not, they knew they’d be put back in the dog house where they originally came from. “And make sure no one took the stuff either. If you fail me, all three of you will know what it is like to have your leashes pulled.”

“Yes, Master Buck,” the three giant men responded in unison.

“Also, that pouch, you will NOT use what is inside of it, UNLESS you come up against something of GREATER POWER. Do I make myself clear?”

The three men nodded, bearing their fangs wide, and growling in response.


Just as he said it, they leapt out the office doors and flew down the halls, heading towards the streets below to begin their mission.

Buck sat back down in his leather office chair; a new desk now has appeared in his room, much bigger for his taller and wider body. He began to grope his cock through his pants; feeling its new, impressive size. He let out a slight moan.

Victoria was already behind him. Her arms draped over his shoulders, feeling his expansive pecs. She leans over, her big rack pressing against the blades of his back, and pulls Buck back for a kiss. She spins his chair around, dropping to her knees in front of him as she parts his legs apart and massages his groin.

Licking her lips and unzipping his pants, “Let me handle that for you, sir.”

Buck looked down, grinning, and pulled her face down to meet his thick juicy head…

************************************************** *********************************

Arthur looked at me surprised. “You got to be kidding me man?! You mean, the stuff in that box can create some kind of hybrid humanoid?!”

“Well I am not entirely sure. I only tried the green one. Supposedly the green one isn’t entirely permanent, and thank god it wasn’t; I don’t know how much longer I would have been able to keep fucking Jessica, nor do I know how much longer she would have been able to keep going at it for that matter.”

Andrew was beginning to get a bit curious himself over the whole matter at hand. “So are you going to try it out? The red one I mean?”

“Yeah, I just don’t know which one I want to use.”

“Can I see, Andy? I’d Love to help you decide!”

I smile at my younger friend. Best I felt so far in days; just being able to let the cat out of the bag helps a lot. “Go for it man, maybe you can try one out too.”

“Thanks Andy!”

We opened up the case once again and began to look through the different DNA samples. After a little bit of searching, Arthur pulls out a vial. It’s marked with the words Ursus Arctos. He hands the vial of DNA over to me and a vial of the red serum.

“Ursus Arctos; you do know this will make me the new biggest guy in this house if it actually works?”

Arthur nodded.

I sigh, grabbing two needles and filling them up with the contents from the vial. “We are gonna have a lot of explaining to do to the three guys, you know. We may need to let them in on it to if I take it.”

“Come on Andy! Just shut up and do it!” I know he wanted me too; I mean, I wanted to as well.

I pressed the DNA into my arm, releasing the contents within the needle. “This is it Art, know more small Andy.” I remove the needle and push the other one in.

Just like that, my whole body becomes stiff in pain. “OH FUCK!” I shout out at the top of my lungs, falling off of the chair and crashing onto the floor.

Andy got up almost immediately, trying to help me up to my feet, but can’t as the transformation already has begun to take over my body.

Soon my body weight is almost twice its normal weight, and quickly gaining rapidly. I didn’t know it would happen so fast. My biceps begin to swell and pump larger and larger in size, filling the sleeve of my shirt with rock hard straining muscle. I bend my forearm up from the constricting material, digging into my arm; as I do, the sleeve splits, not realizing that I flexed my bicep and ruining a good shirt.

Looking at my forearm as well, both of them, they are larger and proportionate with my biceps and growing grizzly paws. Expanding, pumping up larger with more and more thick hard muscle.

Attention is soon taken away from my exploding limbs as a tight pull begins to surface from my back and chest. My chest pushing out and pumping up, expanding to the size of barrels, then far surpassing them as they continue to push away from my body. Back also following suit, becoming thicker and wider. My neck thickens with power. My traps begin to rise. Soon my shoulders begin to spread out, farther from my body, allowing more and more muscle to add on to my growing frame.

Yeah, growing frame; my arms, torso, and legs begin to lengthen as well. Bones cracking and rearranging themselves; making my body taller and wider for the beast that is now coursing through my veins.

My abs constrict and begin to redefine; soon I am sporting an eight pack that I never had before, followed by a ten, and ending at a nice, brick and mortar stacked, twelve. My lats also give way, branching out from my sides. A perfect v-shape leads down to a now swelling lower body.

My legs fill out as well, becoming thicker, wider, and more muscular then any image I have come across in all the fitness magazines I have read through the years. They swell with so much power, elongating and pumping up to the size of oaks. My quads filling out as well; soon they begin to touch as they become so wide with muscle, there is no where else for them to grow. I stand up on my toes, feeling my quads begin their muscular growth as well; they balloon up with rich, strong muscle fibers, harder then any stone known to man.

My body still continues to grow stronger; more powerful then any being known to man. Then hair begins to push its way out; thick, black, coarse hair emerging from the pours of my body. The hairs push their way out of my chest, my arms, my abs, my legs, my pits, and my groin. All this masculine power warping my senses and my mind; I breathe it all in with my hyper sensitive smell, taking it the odor of pure man power. The last bit of hair emerges on my face. The head on my scalp grows out a bit more, giving me a shaggier look then the regular flat cropped hair that I usually sport, and a thick, bushy goatee with connecting sideburns grows along my face.

The transformation begins to fade, but then it centers in one specific area. I look down, reaching for my boxers, and ripping them free from my body. My 7.5 inch hard on was sticking out so straight from my body, throbbing and waiting for release.

I grab it and begin to pleasure myself, stroking the small member on my now giant sized body. Soon, that small dick begins to not look so small; it begins to lengthen and thicken in my grasp, becoming more then suitable for me and the lover of my choosing. I continue to stroke and stoke as it remains hard, yet still growing fatter, longer, thicker, wider. I moan and grunt in pleasure, looking down at Arthur who is just in complete awe of this whole transformation.

My giant testicles begin to stir and churn, pulling up in the low hanging sack. With one final roar I release myself, firing thick, long strands of cum up in the air and down onto my little buddy who begins to steady himself, feel up, the muscles on my lower body.

As my long orgasm subsides, I look down at Arthur; both of us totally covered in the massive torrent that I just released from the huge fuck staff which I still hold.

“Oh my god, Andy! That was fucking incredible!”

“Yeah it was, but the fun isn’t over yet,” I say in a much more baritone voice, gesturing down to the case. “I’m thinking this grizzly needs a cub.”

Looking back on the whole experience and actually checking my stats with this GRIZZLY TRANSFORMATION; nothing felt better then a 7 foot, 845 pound body, and a giant 18 inch hard muscle cock attached to it. •

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