Becoming a Man (2003)

Jake was an average 13 year old boy. He couldn't wait to be older, hit puberty, go through all those changes he was supposed to, be able to do all those things his other brothers could do. He always asked his dad when he would start growing. He wanted to be big, have everything, be able to stick up to his brothers. He copied everything they did, even worked out with their weights, but he was always the same little bro.

It was the last week of middle school for Jake, and it was the worse. As usual he was picked on every day by kids that were bigger then him, meaning everyone. In gym class, Jake saw that all the other boys had started growing in all the areas, and he was the only one who hadn't. One the last day of school, he couldn't wait to get home and start summer, he was looking forward to summer break, not just to get away form school bullies, but hopefully get a growth spurt.

When he got home, however, he was hit by a long conversation with his parents.

"Jake, I know that we should have told you sooner" started his dad

"But next week we are going on a trip throughout Europe for 6 weeks" continued his mom

"And your older brother is coming with us, but…."

"I can't go" Jake stammered

"Yes, and we are sorry! We just felt you would rather spend this time at home with your friends" "I don't have any" Jake muttered

"Then you can take the time to make some… since your other brother must continue studying we have no one to look after you…" said his dad

"But we felt that being as old as you are now, we can trust you and give you some responsibility" said his mom smiling.

Jake was more then upset. He was stuck at home with nothing to do for six weeks, with no friends, while his parents had a great trip without him and his brother to check on him every weekend. In no time they were packed and gone, leaving him a giant list of errands and things to do with the house.

“I am bored as hell!!” he screamed, streaming through the TV channels, nothing on. All that was left was stupid infomercials with guys bigger then him showing all the products he couldn’t use- deodorant- shaving cream- colon. A week into summer and he hadn’t grown an inch or even a pound with all the food he was eating and all the weights he had been lifting. He had even been trying out his brother’s shaving cream and deodorant. What was even worse was that his brother had to check up on him every weekend, pounding his tiny bro as a hello.

Jake was using his brothers deodorant when he realized he had practically used it all up, with his brother coming soon he was sure he would notice and beat him even harder. Jake sprinted up the street looking for the nearest store. Without a car he was left to go to the hole in the wall store 5 blocks up. He sprinted inside, and of course they were out of deodorant. On his toes Jake reached to the back of the shelf feeling for any spray left. There was one bottle, marked pretty oddly, and looking pretty exposed and old, it didn’t come close to matching his brother’s deodorant that was a bar even. Taking it anyway Jake sprinted back home, but when he got home he found his brother’s car already there.

Slowly going inside, Jake stuck the deodorant in his back pocket.

“Is that you baby Jake!!! HUH! Where were you!?” Yelled his brother, madder then usual.

“Out, seeing some friends. Please leave me alone” Jake whimpered trying to escape the room.

“You don’t have any friends!! And where do you think your going?! Huh? My girlfriend broke up with me! Do you know what that means?!” he yelled.

Jake tried to sprint for the door but his brother was to fast, and grabbed his small ankles, and swung him to the ground. He then lifted Jake up, and slammed him down onto the hard wood floor. Jake tried to hold back tears, but couldn’t and started crying.

“That’s it baby! Cry! And don’t think I don’t know you have been going through my stuff, using my deodorant. I am out of here.”

Jake whimpered.

“Thanks for the bucks that mom and dad left you. I am writing them to tell them you said some nasty things to me and I don’t feel it is safe for me to check on you. Have a nice summer bro! Hope you starve!”

With that Jake’s brother left, leaving Jake on the floor.

For another week Jake was stuck at home, board as hell. Now he worked out harder then ever, but nothing seemed to pay off.

“Dammit! I can’t get any bigger!” he yelled clapsing to a chair. He hit something when he sat down, and feeling under him, found the deodorant he had bought. It seemed like it had opened even more, and some goo was coming our of it. Looking at it closely Jake found it had long expired.

“What the hell” he said lifting up the can, “hopefully it will kill me”. Taking the bottle Jake sprayed the liquid over him, from his toes up, covering his entire body, when he finished he knew he had made a mistake. His skin started to burn, and Jake fell back in pain, screaming. Slowly he felt the pain leave his skin to go deeper in his bones. Jake could barely move, and struggled to sit up. He felt his heart pumping harder, he felt dizzy, blood seemed to be flowing hard throughout his shaking body. A warm then hot feeling was spreading from his toes. At first they looked the same, but then he saw small strands of hair emerging from his ankles. Slowly more hair started growing up his legs. Amazed, Jake lifted up his shirt, a faint trail led up from his waist. Jake felt his body suddenly constrict, and his stomach flattened and a six pack formed. Jake felt his muscles tense a little, and his face reform very slightly.

“Woa!” Jake screamed, looking at the changes. His voice didn’t seem as high before either. Liking what he saw he felt blood rush to his waist and his dick expand. He looked down at his equipment. It was still small, but a little bit bigger then before.

Jake got up, and he felt at least an inch taller, he must have aged at least a year.

“This is great!”. Jake ran over to his brothers room to change into pants, sure his shorts would be too small when he got done. Finding a pair, Jake took of his shirt wanting to see the changes. Jake took the spray and layered a good amount all over his body, making sure he didn’t miss a spot. He waited, oddly thoguh nothing happened. Jake walked around a bit in front of his brothers mirror, but still nothing. Then suddenly he felt the warm feeling come over him again, he started breathing heavy, and his chest started heaving. The feeling came, but it felt a little different now, something was new, somehow it had become almost sexual.

“Ahhh… now that feels gooood” Jake said falling back onto the bed. Jake felt himself getting older, hormones and testosterone pumping through his veins, he slowly aged to 15. “YA---AA---A…” Jakes voice started cracking violently. The feeling was unbearable, Jake closed his eyes and brought his hand down into his tightening pants, and grasping his shaft he felt hair grow around it, and as he stroked it, he felt it expand even more, his balls filling. His hair tickled, slowly growing, up from his waist, and down his face. His shoulders expanded outward, his pecs grew slightly and he felt his arms quickly thicken with muscle. The pants he was wearing started to get shorter, as his legs lengthened. Using his other hand, Jake reached over and grabbed the spray, spraying some of it in his hands, he spread the stuff all over his body, covering his tense dick.

The warm feeling grew even more intense, feeling even better, spreading even more hormones and testosterone through his body. “Ah-h-hhhhhhhhhhh” Jake's voice deepened, his treasure growing even more with it. As he grunted Jake's pecs tightened and became more defined, his abs stretched into a nice washboard stomach. Jake felt his face change, his chin lengthening, his bangs growing. His legs grew beyond his pants, tearing them to shreds. Standing up, Jake viewed himself in the mirror. Standing tall, dick at least 7 inches, Jake had grown to practically 17.

“OH YA!!” Jake flexed, liking what he saw. As he did, he watched as his muscled body expanded further, his biceps bulging, arms thickening, chest tightening. His facial hair trailed further down his face, his eyes sharpening until he was a hot muscled 18 year old jock.

Moving to the bed, his shoulders swaying side to side, muscles stretching, dick throbbing, Jake took the spray can and bit off its top, “lets see what I look like at 21!!” he said, his voice deep. He quickly he downed the insides. Nothing happened at first but then he let out a sharp scream, falling to the bed clutching his stomach. Jake’s limbs thrashed about violently, pain sheering through his body. Slowly Jake saw veins appear at his arms, his waste tightening as blood vessels thickened, pumping blood harder to his treasure. Slowly Jakes screams became deep gasps, then grunts as he aged and grew. His head hair grew out widely, thick stubble reaching out over his chin and cheeks. Jake let out a last great long groan, deepening, as his shaft lengthened and thickened even more, his balls swelling into grapfruits. Relaxing, Jake looked at the changes. He was now a man, and he liked it. •

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