Gambit's Plan

Hank's New Formula


By musclefreak4559

Hello Again Muscle Fans! This is my latest story and it has a connection to Gaston's Growth my other story. If you have read all 19 parts of Gaston's story then you're in for a treat. If not then may I suggest reading them because a part of this story may contain spoilers. Happy reading!

Hank McCoy sat at his desk and tapped the keys on his top of the line Mac and looked at the formula filling the test tubes. His mind was racing, could this be it, the formula that will end world hunger and make him even better known than he already was. Hank just smiled and looked at the screen and placed his furry hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair letting his mind soak in the sounds of Beethoven filling the headphones of his ipod. He then felt a tap on his shoulder. “ Bonjour Hank!” Gambit said, Beast turned around “ Remy my good man how is you?” Beast said and stood up to hug his friend. “ Are you able to play some basketball today?” Gambit said, Hank shook his head “ Sorry can’t today or any time this week I have an important meeting at the G8 conference in Scotland.” Gambit laughed “ Going to speak to Emperor Bush huh.” Hank chuckled “ yes unfortunately; I have a formula that I am going to present to them that will end hunger in Africa. This formula will help them more than some Pink Floyd reunion could.” Hank said and patted Gambit on the back. Gambit smiled “ Good luck with that Mon Ami.” He said and walked over to the test tube holding a blue liquid. “ What is this?” Gambit asked as he tapped the tube, Beast smiled “ This is just a prototype of another formula that I just invented. This stuff could end the pain and emotional suffering of people in wheelchairs by increasing muscle mass and strength. It also stimulates brain’s ability to make more cells to repair damaged vertebrae making it possible for them to move again!” Hank shouted and raised his hands in the air. There was a buzz on Hank’s intercom “ Hank; someone from the US Army is here. He’s saying something about the G8 conference and that it is top secret.” Cyclops said, Hank pushed the receiver “ I’ll be up in a sec Scott!” He said and placed his lab coat on and picked up his suitcase. “ Au revoir Hank.” Gambit said and hugged his friend goodbye. As Hank walked out the door Gambit looked at the blue liquid and smiled, Then hit the keys on the computer and filled twenty vials. “ Let’s have some fun!” He said and watched the blue liquid flow as he plotted his next move.

“ Like good morning Velma!” Shaggy said as he picked up the newspaper and read the front page. “ Hey Velmster, what are you writing down?” Fred said as he looked at her frantically writing on a steno pad. “ You remember the episode of Friends where Ross and Chandler were making lists of women they’d like to do? Well I’m making a list of men I’d like to have in my harem, if I had one” she said and dropped her pen down. Fred’s mouth gaped open. It couldn’t be, this was the same thing she discussed in his dream, the dream he had about the muscle harem and some guy who had fox ears and silver hair. “ Could you excuse me for just a moment?” Fred said and rushed out of the kitchen, Shaggy stood up and followed him. “ Fred what’s wrong?” Shaggy asked as he entered their room, Fred covered his face “ I don’t want to talk about it!” He said, Shaggy sat down on the bed. “ Look man I know that dream last night gave you the spooks but for the love of god Fred it was just a dream. There is no muscle harem; Velma is just being her usual feminine self with her list!” He shouted. Fred looked up “ I’m not so sure it was a dream Shag. I feel, as if I am in some kind of fairyland and my corpse is in the morgue somewhere! This list was in the story and I swear to god I don’t know if this is some cruel mind game!” Fred shouted, Shaggy cupped Fred’s face in his hand and looked at him. “That story was just my way of letting myself be creative and show how good of a writer I am. There is nothing wrong with your head; you just had a bad dream that’s it!” He said and kissed Fred lightly on the lips. “ I love you Shag.” Fred whispered, Shaggy nodded “ I know.” He replied and they both stood up. “ Fred, Gambit’s on the phone; are you and Shag going to play basketball today?” Daphne said, “ Sure we are!” Fred said and walked over to the door “ what time is the game?” He said. “ 12:00 sharp!” Daphne said. Fred shouted his agreement to come and walked over to Shaggy “ Let’s go have some breakfast!” He said and they walked hand and hand out of their room

Gambit walked into Wolverine’s garage and was assaulted by the sounds of ZZ Top’s “ Sharp Dressed Man” and the barely audible sounds of a ratchet. “ Wolvie?” Gambit shouted at the top of his lungs, Wolverine looked up. “ What do ya want Frenchy?” He said as he wiped the sweat off his brow and cleaned the grease off his hands. “ We need another player for our basketball game today. Are you interested?” Gambit said, Wolvie chuckled “ Sure, why not! I had nothing else to today but working of this fucking piece of shit motorcycle!” He said and dropped his ratchet. Gambit smiled “ be at the court at 12:00 sharp.” He said and walked out of the garage just as Wolvie began wash his hands and walked up to his room to get cleaned up.

Northstar was a voyeur no doubt about it and he loved to watch Wolvie in the shower. He loved Wolvie’s furry body and it made him hard just watching him soap up his hairy muscles and now he was jacking off at past tapes he had made when he heard the knock at his door. “ Shit!” He murmured as he shut off the tape and pulled his shorts up. “ Yeah who is it?” He said. “ Its me Havok I need to borrow some of your hair gel!” The voice said. Northstar grabbed his gel and ran towards the door. “ Here! Now go away!” He shouted as he threw the bottle out the door and shut it. Northstar sat down again and grabbed his cock and began to stroke again. He pinched one of his nipples and moaned as he watched Wolvie soap himself up and rub his furry pecs. He watched as Wolvie began to jack his hard cock in the shower and quickened up his pace. Wolvie was throwing his head back in ecstasy and then howled like a wolf as he shot his load all over the shower. Northstar rewound the tape and watched again sticking his fingers in his mouth and sucking on the digits. He let out a muffled moan and shot his load on his satin sheets then got up and got dressed for basketball.

The Gatorade cooler was set up on the kitchen table and Gambit had already began to work his magic. He was mixing equal parts Formula with X factor Berry and Fruit Punch Gatorade and soon looked at the purple liquid that filled the cooler. “ Soon, I will become the most powerful man in the world!” He said as he took a swig from the cooler. “ AWW SHIT I FEEL SO HOT!” Gambit shouted as he looked at his expanding biceps. He flexed them one at a time, bursting the sleeves. Then he did a most muscular and broke the chest of the shirt with his meaty pecs. Then when it was finished he looked in the mirrored liquor cabinet and saw his new form. His stomach was covered in peaks and valleys of muscle, His pecs were huge steaks of muscle and his biceps were the size of watermelons. But the biggest growth was in his dick, where it was once a nice eight inches was now a fifteen-inch beast. “ Let’s go greet the others!” He said as he swayed out of the kitchen to answer the doorbell. The game had begun and soon Gambit would show them all that he was just more than just a sexy French stud, but that he was a god. And they would have to bow down before him as a slave or join him in godhood! •

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