Games of Life

By Mask

Hey, I found this website and looked at all these stories. Alot of em seem pretty cheezy but the one I'm gonna tell you is true. This is a picture my litte brother took of me and my friends. See that guy with the black hair thats me Mitch. Well it was me when I was 12. And the guy standing next to me is Rick (also 13) and there is foot up on the bunk bed. Thats my friend Josh (13). Josh never liked photos when we were younger. Josh was over weight back then and jerks made fun of him for it. Any way it was the summer before our freshman year at high school. Our Parents decided as gift to send us to Cali by ourselves for a whold month. Now Josh never liked the beach because of his weight so he spent alot of his time at the hotel watching movies and whatever came on TV. So one day Rick and I decided to go surfing. When we we're done two 17 year old jack asses decided to cause a scene.

"Aww the little surfing kiddies" One said as he looked down at us from his height.

"Look at em I'm suprised the waves didn't get them with those small bodies" Now Rick had a real short temper and wasn't about to let any jerks get away with making fun of him. I atempted to hold Rick back cause they we're ripped but Rick started shouting his mouth off.

"What the hell is your problem ass holes? Mom too tired from being a prostiute to give you some attention?"

"What did you just say?!?" one of them replied as he started comming after us.

"You Heard me bitch!" At that point I grabbed Rick by the arm and raced off to our room knowing that we would be castrated if they caught us.

Later that night we went to the arcade on the board walk with Josh who loved video games. They had a virtual reality room in the back of the arcade. This one game street brawl we couldn't get enough of. You desighned your own character and fought other people around the country who were playing at the same time. Each of our characters we're 18 year old freshman collage studs. About a half an hour after our arrival a thunder storm could be heard shaking the rafters of the warehouse like arcade. But it didn't matter to us we we're having the times of our lives. If we had been outside we would have seen the lighting bolt that hit the arcade. A small shock went through us nothing big just like the kind you get when someone shocks you with static electrcity. Later that night we went back to the room and got some rest.

We woke up the next morning to with Josh shaking us to get up as thought the world had ended. When I opended my eyes I saw a person that resembled Josh but there was no fat. "Dude what the fuck happend to you?" I said in a voice that wasn't mine as I looked at the new Josh.

"You changed too dude! Look!" I walked over to the mirror to get a glimps of myself. Josh was right I had changed I was about 5 inches taller than my orgianal height of 5'8 I looked to be around 6'1. Rick had channged too. Both our little bits of baby fat were gone.

"How in the hell did this happen?" Rick exclaimed at his new height of 6'3. Not only we're we taller we were older too we looked to be about 16.

"I don't know but..Aghu" Josh exclaimed as he doubled over in pain.

"Josh!" I shouted as I ran twords him but I too soon stopped from pain. Rick was on his knees panting for air. I looked at Josh as he stood paralyzed with pain. Josh seemed to fill up his arms ,his chest, his shoulder, they all filled with muscle. His body changed too he grew a few inches and his face changed also. By the time his transformation was done he looked like line backer for a highschool football team. The pain had left my body and I looked down. I too had grown to look like a high school running back. I felt like I could take on the world. Rick stood up to reveal his new body it looked as though he was a high school junior varsety quarter back.

We went again to the mirror to check ourselves. We we're studs. We decided to celebrate by going to the beach to go find some girls to hang with. We went down and found a few girls who were the hottest thing on the beach. We hung with them all afternoon and lucky our minds had changed so we thought like 17 year olds. Later that night we treated the girls to dinner and movie. Afterwords they asked to come to their house. We each went into a room and locked the doors. The one girl I was with, Becky, reached down my pants and exclaimed, "Wow how is it that big?"

"Man this trip rules" I said in my head. That night I'll never froget I had the time of my life. All three of us had lost our virginity and we were now men. After having sex with them they gave us their numbers and we went back to the hotel.

The next morning I woke in a room that wasn't ours. It looked like a collage dorm room. I got up to see two guys in beds accros the room from me. Each of them looked like our characters from the game. I went to check in the mirror. I couldn't see very well so I looked around and found a pair of glasses. I put them on and ran back to the mirror. There I was. I was huge not to mention the hottest thing on this side of the sun. I rushed over to the other guys and shook them violently. "Get up guys" My voice was even deeper that it had been before.

"Dude", Josh said with grogy voice. "DUDE!" he said with more of an alert tone of voice as he looked up at me.

"What are you two yelling about?" Rick said as he too got up rubbing his eyes with one hand and his hand down his pants in the other. He stopped for a second to look at us then at him slef again. "How much do we weigh?" he said as he flexed his body.

"Im guessing you two weigh around 210, and me...looked at my body which was much more devopled than theirs "250". There was a scale in the bathroom and I was right I weighd 253 pounds while Josh weighed 213 and Rick 212.

Just then a cell phone by my bed rang. I picked it up and looked at the small screen in front of it. It read "Becky". Just then my mind raced. I had met Becky my girlfriend 2 years ago on the beach. Wait 2 years ago? I only met her yesterday?!? I picked up the phone and talked with Becky. She said she and Josh and Rick's girl friends were comming to our game tonight. I looked down at some of the books on the floor. Bio, Chem, Psycholigy, Criminal Justice. All hard courses. My life was perfect. Steady girl friend, going to the same collage as my best friends, I was smart. Memories started appearing in my head, my little brother was now 15, I was engaged to Becky, I had aced my mid terms, I was the most popular guy on campus, the Nfl scouts had come to see Rick, Josh and I, and to top it off my 18th birthday was last week. It was like a dream come true. Life has never been the same since. •

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