G-man: A grown up Billy fantasy

By Corwin

Billy walked into the gym. He knew what to expect since he had experienced the same reaction since high school, oh so many years ago. He'd be the center of attention. People would gawk at this massive arms, his plate-like pecs, his monsterous quads, and, of course, his obscene package. He loved it, yet, at the same time, it bored him. Tim, his brothers, all the guys that he grew up with... sure he loved them. But he felt something was missing.

As Billy walked up to the desk, the attendant looked up. His eyes widened. The sight of the blonde haired, blue eyed muscle god caused the guy to let out an audible gasp. Billy bounced his pecs and sighed, thinking 'ya ya ya, I just want a workout dude!'

"How much is the day rate?" Billy asked, moving his big hand to his bubble butt to retrieve his wallet. Billy made sure to flex a little too much, trying to enjoy the expression of his more-than-willing audience.

"That will be $15." said the attendant, who was watching Billy's massive bis and tris instead of looking him in the eye. Billy handed him a twenty. The guy looked sad as he was forced to turn away and get a lincoln from change drawer.

Billy noted where the locker room was when he heard a loud grunting from the gym floor. It wasn't painful or even stressful. It was primal, as if a man were forcing himself into an exertion that he demanded and wanted. It was the sound Billy made when he lifted, so it caught his attention. He turned. That was the first time Billy saw him.

The man was doing bicep curls with perfect form. He slowly lifted the bar, keeping his elbows perfectly still and concentrating the curl on his pumped biceps. A vein pulsed visibly on the massive reddened peak as the muscle defied gravity to lift the wieght-ladened bar. The man was no kid, but his body defied his age. His thick mature muscle demonstrated the committment this athlete had to his sport. He was lean and ripped. Billy gawked momentarily at his perfect physique before looking closely at the weights. That's when it struck him. The guy was curling 30 pounds more than Billy's max. He watched as the man lifted the weight slowly, then lowered it just as slow, four or five seconds to do each rep. Billy felt himself getting boned watching a muscle man that could compete with his own muscle-godhood.

"That's the g-man!" said the attendant, jerking Billy back to reality. "He's planning on competing this weekend, so he's in totally prime shape right now. Real nice guy too."

"Ya, lookin' good," agreed Billy as he strode confidently to the locker room. The confidence was a ruse. As Billy stripped out of his jeans, his boner poked wantingly at his jock strap. He thought about lifting, the weights straining against his own massive physique, but his thoughts wandered back to the man on the floor. He ripped off his shirt and put on a tank that strained at his own monster chest. Billy was huge. He admired his superior physique in the mirror. He was a mass monster... the biggest guy there. Still, there was something about the g-man.

Billy looked at his reflection in the mirror. Time had treated him well. His broad shoulders shrunk seductively to a thin eight-pack. His massive cock made for a huge package. Tree trunks were jealous of the width of his massive quads and hams, and diamonds could only hope to be as hard and cut as perfectly as his calves. 'It had been a long time since high school', he thought, 'but' "Still fuck'n bones me up," Billy said aloud as his struck an awe inspiring double bi before turning and heading to the floor.

He strode confidently toward the weights, planning his attack on his bis. GROW roared in his head as he psyched himself up for his brutal workout. His 22 inchers (cold) would pump huge, and everyone's attention would turn to him. Ya, he knew it. Ya, he deserved it. It would be his.

He stopped dead, his dreams dying, as he saw it. G-man was checking out his pump. His arms were pumped and looked to be only 20 inches, smaller than Billy's but much harder. As the G-man struck pose after pose, checking out his perfect arms from every angle, Billy's confidence grew weaker and weaker. He felt small. Weak.

"NO!" roared something in Billy's mind. "He's a wimp! Take him down!" Something in Billy revolted. He walked over to a barbell and loaded it up with weights. "That's it. Good warm-up. SHOW HIM!" Billy lifted the bar, imagining it bending under the strain of the mass he was curling.

The G-man watched as Billy worked his arms, pumping them huge. He nodded his approval as he picked up his barbell, ready for another set. Billy frowned, noticing the 70 additional pounds on the bar as the stud methodically curled the weight with perfect form. Nine reps were executed with precision, sending life-giving blood into his huge muscles. Billy added 30 pounds to his bar, ready for the next set.

Billy's muscles exploded under the strain, forcing the weight to defy gravity with his strength. He raised the bar slowly, as he squeezed out rep after rep. He screamed as he forced out the eighth and final rep before lowering the bar to the ground. He flexed his arms in a mightty double bi. "Fuck YA!" he screamed as his peaks rose high with his pump.

Billy looked toward the G-man. He had added another twenty pounds to his bar and was about to begin another set. Again, Billy watched the man's perfect form with a bar 60 pounds heavier than his own. Billy was determined now. He added forty pounds to his own bar, making it ten pounds heavier than his all-time max. In his mind's eye, he viualized his pumped biceps, bulging high and hard. He saw the G-man's form and strength, but put himself in that place. "I WILL DO THAT!" he told himself.

Slowly, he lifted the bar. He gritted his teeth and curled. His arms quaked as he demanded the bar to rise. His elbows locked at his sides, he complete the first rep with a grunt. Slowly he forced out two. On the third rep, his elbows began to move forward, aching to give him more leverage. On the fourth rep, he got the weight half way up before gravity began to win. His face contorted in pain as he struggled to keep the bar from going down. Then, he felt the weight lighten a bit as the bar began to move. He opened his eyes to see the other lifter in front of him, supporting the bar.

"It's OK. I'll spot you. Come ON! You can do it," he told Billy.

Billy was stoked, and squeeze for all his worth as he completed the fourth rep.

"One more!" ordered G-man.

Billy started a fifth rep. When he felt his muscles fail, the spotter was there to give him a hand, stabilizing the bar and aiding his pump.

"One more!" he ordered again, and Billy complied. His muscles burned, but the were not in charge. Billy was. He forced out a sixth rep.

"AGAIN!" Billy's arms were now on fire, but he obeyed. G-man was helping him a lot now, but Billy squeezed his bis and forced the weight up.

"Last one!" Billy's face was red and he was sweating with the masculine exertion. Still, he obeyed, trying to get the weight up. As the bar came down, Billy nearly dropped it, but the spotter caught it and lowered it to the ground.

"Good set, guy!" said G-man.

"Thanks," said Billy between pants. "Damn, that feels good."

"Well, let's see 'em," said G-man.

Billy, ever the show off, raises right bicep and display's it's massive size. G-man nods his approval. "Now that's something to strive for," he says.

"Hey, can I return the favor? Need a spot?" said Billy.

G-man paused, looking at the sexy stud flexing before him. "Sure. I think you could motivate me real good."

"Man, you're already motivating me. Damn, you are on strong mofo!"

G-man laughed and went back to his weights. Set after set the two worked together, pushing each other for over an hour in the gym. They talked about lifting and competing, neither wanting to be the first to stop. Billy was the first to give up.

"Damn, I can't move my arms anymore," he said, rubbing his pumped bis and tris, trying to force the blood to circulate faster.

"Ya man. Good work out. Nice to see us older guys can still keep up with the kids," replied G-man as he smacked Billy on the ass and walked toward the locker room.

In the locker room, the lifter called G-man lifted his sweaty shirt, revealing a ripped hard body that Billy thought resembled living marble. Billy's eyes popped out of his head as he tried to take in the size of the man he had just lifted with. He felt his sizeable cock twitch in his jock and his mouth grow dry. G-man walked to the mirror and struck a few poses.

"Whatta ya think?" he said, concentrating on his posing and oblivious to the effect he was having on Billy. The way the man flexed his 51 inch that tapered to his hard 29 inch waist and powerful 8-pack mesmorized Billy. Billy stared as the man brought up his steely-hard 19 inch arms and flexed his ripped 27 inch thigh and diamond-like 18 inch calf. He didn't try to hide his growing bulge as his horse-hung cock grew in his jock strap, straining for release because of the G-man's display.

"Fuck! That's amazing," whispered Billy under his breath.

"Think so? All I see is the flaws," said G-man relaxing and turning toward Billy. G-man's eyes were drawn toward the tent in Billy's shorts. He looked over the handsome blonde stud and smirked. He flexed his big arm. "Go ahead. Touch it. It's hard as a diamond."

Billy's hand moved to the huge mound. It was shaking, awed by a deep desire he had rarely felt.

"Nothing to be scared about. I don't bite," said G-man, reassuring Billy, "well, not in public anyway."

"Ha! Funny. Ya, I know. It's just, well, I guess you can tell I think you have an incredible body."

"So do you." G-man stretched and flexed, all the while watching Billy's eyes which were drawn to whatever bodypart the man tensed. Seconds passed, but it seemed like an eternity to Billy, whose wanted expression belied his desire for the man. "Hey," G-man said, breaking the silence, "what are you doing now? I could really use some advice on my routine, if you have the time. Wanna come up to my apartment?"

"Fuck ya," said Billy. •

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