Gaston's Growth

More, More, More


By musclefreak4559

Part One, The meeting, The Match

The morning light shone through Fred’s bedroom window illuminating the lush room with an amber light. Fred stood at the window the golden sun warming his body and showing off his physique. “ Soon, very soon, I will have my dream realized. Soon I’ll be the master of the greatest harem in the world.” He said as he looked out in the distance, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “ What are you thinking?” Gaston said as he nuzzled Fred’s neck and massaged his pecs. “ I’m thinking that I'm going to have to call another meeting of the council.” Gaston smiled “ another mission?” He said and Fred nodded. “ Wake the others and let’s go to Shag’s room this is important” and with that strode towards the door. They all gathered, some rubbing sleep from their eyes and sporting morning hardons, they gathered with a purpose, to help Fred expand his harem. “ Fellow gods, the time has come again, the time to go out and bring more to us. Now I understand that there is a wrestling match going on today, so I'll need someone to go there with me and Shag and bring us some new blood. Beast Boy, you’ll accompany me and Shag to this match.” Beast Boy nodded. “ Peter, you, Goliath, and 2 slaves will go to our old stomping grounds and pick up some gym rats.” The gargoyle grunted and looked at Peter, he just smiled and winked. “ Now,” Fred said “ Let’s get ready to go!” And with that the group disbanded.

The cheers were deafening as the 3 gods entered the gym, they were right in the middle of a match and it was there they saw their first victim. His name was Moose, or at least that’s what they called him since he was built like a brick shithouse, His back and arm muscles flexing and straining as he tried to hold off his opponent. “ Look at him!” Beast Boy exclaimed as he leaned forward to see better. “ Zoinks, he already looks like a god.” Shaggy said and then turned to Fred “ what do you think Fred?” Fred nodded and then motioned to the locker room, “ meet him there and try to get him to join, I’ll look for more candidates.” And with that Shaggy moved towards the locker room just as Moose’s hand was raised and he won the match. “ Hello there.” Shaggy said as he met Moose at the door. “ Hey, you a scout or something?” He said Shaggy laughed “ No, but, I can give you what you want” and hit a double bi pose. “Uh , Uh, Uh , Oh my god!” Moose exclaimed and Shaggy hushed him with a meaty index finger. “ Come with me.” Shaggy said and Moose followed him into the locker room. Shaggy flexed again “ still wants this big boy?” Shaggy said and hit another bi pose. Moose moved closer and kissed Shaggy deeply his tongue darting in and out of the god’s mouth . Then Moose moved down to his armpit and began to lick Shaggy’s fur. “UNNGH, Yeah licks my pits slave.” and then Moose moved down to Shaggy’s abs licking every hilly inch of his stomach. Shaggy was in heaven , he loved the buff teen licking him all over. Shaggy dropped his shorts revealed his long drooling cock, “ bend over slave , and let me fuck that wrestler ass!” Shaggy said as Moose begin to remove his singlet and spread his ass to allow Shaggy to place his monster in his ass. “ UHHH YEAH, TAKE MY COCK WRESTLER SLUT!” Shaggy yelled as he rammed his cock into the hunky wrestler’s ass. “ UHHHNG , Master I love your cock in my ass!” Moose yelled as Shaggy moved his cock at a much faster pace . “ UHHHNG I'm gonna cum in your ass, Wrestler slut , ZOINKS, ERRRRAHH!” Shaggy exclaimed as he shot his load deep into the stud’s ass. Moose lay there panting , he just got the fucking of his life by a huge god , what else could happen, “ and I want you to join me, will you?” Moose nodded his head and got dressed and followed Shaggy out the door.

Standing in front of the bleachers , Dilton thought he had a prime view of the match, little did he know that he was in plain view of Beast Boy and Fred. “ I want that one!” Beast Boy exclaimed , Fred nodded in approval and Beast Boy, followed Dilton to the water fountain near the locker room. “ Hello.” Beast Boy said as he placed an arm behind him and flexed his abs. “ Whoa, you’re huge!” Dilton exclaimed as he looked up at the green hunk, Beast Boy smirked and shot him a wink. Dilton melted , his lust was growing stronger for him , how could he resist. “ Oh master , what is thy bidding?” Dilton whispered Beast Boy smirked , “ Come with me, and I’ll show you” and with that they walked out the door. Fred saw it all. “ You’re learning quick Beast Boy,” Fred murmured “ way to go, way to go” and with that , set up to find his new slave. He found him walking towards the lower floor doors and Fred set out to get him.

Reggie Mantle , just wanted to get something to eat, he didn’t bother to notice the two gods walking out of the school with his two friends, why would it matter he was hungry. It was almost noon , about 3 hours since , him, Moose , and Dilton went to the local IHOP for breakfast. The chatter that filled the breakfast table that morning was not the match, girls, or guys , it was of Archie and Jughead . They had disappeared , so did the wrestling coach and a wrestler, how could it happen, how can 4 people disappear in one day out of the blue. Some said it was the work of god and that they had been chosen to go to heaven early , but Dilton said that was impossible since the rapture was supposed to take more people than 4. Then how could it happen , where were they? “ Hey buddy watch out!” a voice said and it was then Reggie hit a wall of flesh. The man was huge , almost 6’ 11” with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. “ I’m sorry man, I didn’t mean to” Reggie stammered the man smirked and shot him a wink and hit a double bi. “ Like what you see? I used to be a wrestler myself.” Reggie was in awe “ How , How..?” he said as his mind drew a blank. “ Come with me and I’ll show you.” Fred purred and took Reggie by the hand. “ I obey master.” was all Reggie could manage and then he walked out. There in the parking lot was a stretch Hummer , black and shinny in the sunlight , Fred opened the door and there was Dilton and Moose licking and caressing a these 2 gods, “ Shall we go for a ride?” Fred asked , Reggie nodded and hopped in. “ Car , take us to Muscle Builders gym.” the car started and they were on their way , all three teens not knowing that they’d not only see their friends again , but they would be their new fucking partners.

Part Two : A hunting we will go.

The two new gods entered the Muscle Builders gym as if they were male models even the song playing on the PA was even suited their swagger. The slaves trailed behind their bodies moving in tune with the Gods and the song “ Battleflag” by Lo Fidelity All Stars. “ You and Archie hit the free weights, I’ll hit the machines with Yusuke and see what we find. Meet us here at the main desk.” Goliath said and they moved to their designated areas. It was at the free weights that Peter found pay dirt 3 men working out together. “ Show time Arch, lets get started.” “ 23, 24 ,25, 26,” Phoebus said as he bench-pressed another 30 reps, “ 27, 28,29,30! Whew! That was a great workout, Thanks for spotting me Milo!” Phoebus said as he gave a high five to his workout partner Milo Thatch. “ Ya know you guys, I’ve been thinking,” Kazuma Kuwabara said as he did another bicep curl “ I’ve been thinking about all those guys that have disappeared since that Jones guy came to town.” Milo wiped the sweat from his brow “ Me too. I mean there has been a lot of talk at the juice bar that people keep disappearing left and right. Ol’ Madge Andrews said her son left last night and didn’t show up.” Phoebus looked surprised. “ They said the wrestling coach was with him too. They both disappeared .” Phoebus said , Kuwabara just laughed “ Probably in some faggot commune in San Francisco fuckin the living shit out of each other.” he said with a chuckle, the others laughed. It was then they saw Peter and Archie enter the room both clad in singlets and lycra shorts. “ Holy Christ on a fucking ponies , look over there!” Phoebus said , the other’s turned and were faced with the sight of the god and his slave. “ Archie Andrews? Is that you? My you’ve gotten big!” Milo said, Archie winked and hit some poses. “ How the hell did you get so big?” Kuwabara said not noticing that his dick was getting harder than a concrete dildo. “ You like what you see?” Peter said as he hit a crab shot and then flexed his abs and lats. The 3 men were spellbound “ Come over here big boy,” Peter said to Phoebus “ Worship your new god.” Phoebus did as he was told and began to kiss Peter’s huge biceps. moving then to his pecs and abs. Archie moved towards Kuwabara and began to kiss him , nuzzling and nipping at his neck , smelling the sweet scent of muscle , sweat , and Axe touch deodorant spray. Milo moved towards the love fest between the slave and then began to lick and kiss Archie’s biceps. “ Master , what do you wish of me?” Phoebus said as he moved down and kissed Peter’s calves and thighs. “I want for you and your friends to come with me!” Phoebus nodded and then motioned for his friends to come with him and the party left the free weight room for the main desk

Yusuke and Goliath noticed the two teens right away, how could he not , they were just his type young and lean. Jake Long and Ron Stoppable were working on their legs at the time fitting in a little bit of conversation in between. “ Ya know , things have been getting pretty freaky here since that Jones guy bought the old Weatherwax place on Raven Lane” Ron said. “ I know,” said Jake “ these guys keep showing up at the gym , all built and stuff, and they take people home with them. The funny thing is , the people they take never come back” “ Takes who back?” Goliath said as he bounced his pecs in the mirror and Yusuke rubbed oil on them. The boys were now at Goliath’s mercy and he would take no prisoners. He hit a double bi, then a lat spread , and then ended in a most muscular. “ Master !” Ron shouted as he moved towards Goliath and then he and Jake began to worship him at each end of his torso nuzzling and licking his pits, nibbling his nipples , and licking his abs. “ Come now slaves,” Goliath said with a laugh “ Save some for the party” and then he strode out the boys in tow , the mission was complete. Peter and his slave met him, it was then Goliath noticed the black hummer outside. “ Lets go boys, time to meet your new master.” peter said with a smirk and they all walked to the Hummer and it was then they saw Fred’s new slaves he picked up at the match, “ Ready for a party?” Fred smiled. “ Hell Yeah!” Goliath said and jumped into the Hummer.

Part 3 Romance Blooms

The expansive hall was lit softly candles that smelled faintly of jasmine and vanilla, it was there the 8 new slaves, would be apart of the now traditional orgy that followed when new slaves ,or gods were created. “ Gentlemen,” Fred said “ welcome to the fold, what you’ll experience, as a slave here is beyond anything you would have imagined. Here you will be our worshipers , our love slaves if you will. Are you all willing?” The 8 men nodded . Fred smiled “ Good , now if all of you could just step forward and take a few drops of this liquid here. Then the orgy will begin!” they stepped forward and stuck out their tongues and the drops were placed. “ Unnh , what’s going on? I’m getting stronger” Moose said as he began to flex his new biceps that had grown from a meaty 18 inches to a whopping 24 inches. The others were checking out their bodies too , flexing new muscle and moaning as they touched each other . Gaston walked towards Moose and flexed a bicep “ Feel this!” he said and Moose moved his hand all over the huge muscle. “ You like this slave?” Shaggy said to Phoebus as he hit a most muscular “ Yes master.” Phoebus said. “ Tell me how much you want this muscle slave!” Shaggy said as he then hit a double bi. “ Oh master, I want you so much.” Phoebus said and with that began to lick and nuzzle Shaggy’s massive chest. Gaston now was bent over the bed as Moose was licking his ass. “ NNNGH yeah slave lick my ass yeah!” Gaston moaned and began to writhe under the tingling sensation of Moose’s tongue. Fred at the moment was busy with slave Dilton , mouth fucking him while Goliath was licking Dilton’s ass. Beast Boy had his huge monster stuffed up slave Archie's ass “ OOHH MASTER, FUCK MY TIGHT SLAVE ASS!” he said , Beast Boy just grinned and began to fuck him harder. Robin on the other hand was double-teaming with Peter, as he fucked Jughead at both ends. “ Yeah slave take my monster cock!” Peter said as he moved in and out at a quick clip. Slaves Link and Kurt were licking Wolvie’s huge furry body, nuzzling and licking every inch. “ Yeah , good slaves! Lick my furry body!” Slave Aladdin was now the bread in a Gaston sandwich was he fucked the god’s mouth while Moose fucked his master’s ass. “ HAHHHH , that’s it Link lick my cock yeah!” Wolvie moaned as Link bobbed up and down on the god’s prick. “ Yeah , OOH, yeah that’s it . Take it Juggy, take up the ass. ERRAH!” Peter said as he shot his load into the slave’s ass. Fred was now jacking off and soon shot his load all over Dilton’s face “ Come here Goliath and lick this cum off his face!” Fred commanded and he pulled out and began to lick the boy’s face “ Tasty Fred , very tasty!” Goliath said and then kissed Fred deeply. “ Dilton lick my cock. Make you master cum.” Dilton smiled and began to lick and suck the gargoyle’s cock. Meanwhile Robin was cuming and was also being worshipped by Jake and Kuwabara. “ YESSSSS that’s it slaves worship me! Hey Jake lick my pits dude!” and Jake obeyed. Milo was now involved in a 4 way with Wolvie , Link , and Kurt as Wolvie licked Milo’s ass and was getting his dick sucked by Link and he was being fucked by Kurt. “ Oh yeah master , lick my hot anus. Yeah good boy!” Milo said as he squirmed as the god tickled his balls. Tarzan was also getting into the mix as he fucked Ron up the ass. “Yeah, That’s it Stoppable, Take my jungle cock!” It was then that a loud “ UNNNNNNGH!” was heard from Wolvie’s 4 way as Kurt shot his load. Wolvie then followed suit as well, letting out a wolf like howl. “ Yeah , you want my cum , don’t you Wolvie?” Milo said as he jacked his cock in front of Wolvie’s face . Wolvie grunted as he took a lick of Milo's cockhead that made the slave shudder. “ Oh master!,” Kuwabara said as Robin licked his cock “ I’m Gonna cum!” Kuwabara said and then shot his load all over his master’s face. Jake shot his load all over Robin’s chest and then began to lick the cum of his master's face. “ Slurrp, Slurrp! MMM Your cum tastes good coming out of your ass Archie!” Beast boy said and soon the orgy was finished. “ Alright slaves , Retire to your chambers” Fred commanded and the slaves troddded off to their rooms for a good nights rest. The slaves chamber’s was not exactly a large room , but several rooms divided into a bedroom and a foyer. “ Here’s yours and Dilton's room Moose.” Archie said. Dilton was shocked “ how can someone afford a place like this? “ he asked Kurt smiled “ He has Meelions und Meelions of dollars!” Kurt said in his German accent and then moved towards his and Tarzan’s room, “ good night” he said and shut his door. Moose yawned and soon him and Dilton entered their new room. “Moose?” Dilton said as he shut the door, “ Yeah Dill, what’s up?” Moose said. “ There is something I need to confess. For years i have secretly watched you from afar and have dreamed of the night when we’d be together, and now that time has come.” Moose was confused “ What?” he said. “ I love you Moose , I love you more than anything in the world and I want to be with you!” Dilton exclaimed and then began to cry , his hands covering his eyes. Moose picked up Dilton’s hands and kissed them. “ Don’t cry I’m here it’s all right.” he said tenderly as he kissed Dilton’s cheek softly. “ I’ve been waiting for those words.” Dilton looked up and smiled “ I love you!” and then planted a kiss on Moose’s lips. “ Lets go to bed. We’ll take care of it later.” and with that the climbed into bed their body’s intertwined in a lover’s embrace.

In Fred’s room a meeting was being called. Fred was standing at his computer and was looking at a printout. “ This my friends is the day we’ve been waiting for!” he said and turned around and showed the council the poster. It said , “ Mr. Animation, Bodybuilding contest coming 06/ 13/05” Fred smiled “ It ends here” •

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