Gaston's Growth

Three little bodybuilders


By musclefreak4559

The printout was in garish colors, lots of electric blue’s and cyber pinks and covered with pictures of muscular bodies in various poses. “ This is going to be our next mission; we are going to bring home the top 3 in this contest!” Fred smiled and the laughed. “ Fred, this is crazy! We can’t kidnap 3 men from a secure facility in the middle of town. This is sure suicide!” Gaston shouted frantically, “ Sure we can; I have connections in this town.” Fred said and pointed to a large map of the stadium tacked on the wall. “ Here is the plan, Gaston, you Shag, Beast Boy, and Goliath, will watch the show until the final 3. There you will kidnap them and take them to the Hummer; its GPS will know a secure route out of town where no one will know where we are.” Fred said. “ This mission will be very dangerous, so no slaves will go. I must remind you of the climate of this town at this moment. They don’t assume anything, but they are worried, so be careful. Now lets roll!” Fred said, and the boys left for the most dangerous mission yet.

The Disney center in T-town’s arena district was a large steel, glass, and concrete mass that rose out of the town like a giant pimple. The stadium was named after the famous animation studio that employed they town’s founders and it hosted many types of programs, from Basketball games to the event stationed now inside its hallowed halls. The stretch Hummer pulled in at 11: 50 ten minutes before the show started and the boys were nervous. “ This is pretty risky, are you sure we should do this?” Beast Boy said as he adjusted his Bill Blass Suit, so that it fit comfortably on his huge frame. Gaston moved his Ray Bans down onto the bridge of his nose “ I’m sure that it will go off without a hitch, don’t worry!” He said and they were walking into the building to the sound of gabbing locals, and then the show started. “ Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for some Muscle?” The announcer said “ I am.” Shaggy said sarcastically and watched the stage with a keen eye and a stiff dick. “ Welcome to the 45 annual Mr. Animation bodybuilding contest, ” the voice said “ now will you welcome, our first competitor, Clark “Superman” Kent!” And out on the stage came the most well built man Goliath had ever seen, His pecs were huge, his biceps were the size of baseballs, and he looked from at least where they were sitting, a huge package. “ Look at him, he’s already a god!” Beast Boy whispered to Shaggy, “Nah,” Shaggy said “ He, isn’t as big as us, but I hope to god, he’s in the top 3!” Superman hit al most muscular and then a double bi, before doing a back flip and moving into a crab shot. He then shot a peace sign and then walked off the stage “ Amazing, Simply amazing.” Gaston said as he rubbed the bulge in his khaki shorts and closed his eyes. “ Now, will you give a warm welcome to Wally “ Flash” West.” And out came a young man a nice set of abs and pretty meaty biceps but it was clear to all four of them, that he wasn’t going to win. The next few bodybuilders were about the same; there was Bobby Drake, Scott Summers and some guy named Thor, and 6 other men that didn’t really matter. It was then that they welcomed Hank McCoy to the stage and the 4 gods nearly creamed their shorts. He was huge, his body covered in a fuzzy blue fur and he sported huge biceps that looked as if the were huge hilly masses of muscle that sprouted out of his arms. His pecs were ripped and shredded, his back was a weaved tapestry of corded muscle and he hit a most muscular, the 4 gods gasped and noticed the little wet spot forming on their pants. When he left the stage, the gods looked at each other and smiled, they knew who would be in the top 3 without a doubt. “ Well folks wasn’t that interesting. Now will you welcome, Bruce “ Batman” Wayne to the stage.” The announcer said as a dark haired stud walked on the stage and sent a wink out to the ladies that made then scream in frenzy. He hit a most muscular and then flexed 1 bicep, then he flexed his triceps before moving into a lat spread and a most muscular before doing a double bi and then blew the audience a kiss and with that the first round was over.

The second round eliminated all the riff raff, the ten others between Superman, and Hank, were gone which left Hank, Bruce, and Superman. It was then the plan came into action and the gods went out to the lobby, and went to the bathroom. They did a quick equipment check; they had chloroform, Tasers, and smoke bombs, that’s all they needed to get them subdued, they hoped that Fred’s contact would come through. “ You, Fred’s boys?” The voice said the gods turned around, it was the owner of Muscle Builder’s gym Bam Bam Rubble. “ You Fred’s boys or what?” The huge caveman said Gaston looked at him, he had always remembered Bam Bam to be a huge, strong boy but he was now as huge as Fred maybe larger was. Beast Boy spoke up “ Yeah, are you Fred’s contact?” Bam nodded “ Now hurry up the shows about to start, chop chop hop sing!” And with that they headed towards the dressing rooms. “ How’re we gonna get in man?” Bam Bam pulled out a card and slipped it into the lock, the door hissed open, and the muscle gods entered, “Make a left.” Bam said and then they stopped in front of a door that said, “Bodybuilders only” written in bold black letters with a huge red exclamation point. “ I’ll watch the door , you guys go in, and be careful!” Gaston nodded and soon they entered the door. “ So I said to Jean Grey , Take that Telekinesis and shove it up your ass!” Hank said as the gods entered the door “ Hello boys!” Gaston said, they turned around. “ Who the..” Hank said , but it was too late as they began to work. They slipped the Chloroform soaked rag over Hank’s mouth he struggled under the strong grip of Gaston’s biceps that kept the blue beast locked in tight. Superman tried to land a kick on Beast Boy’s chest but all he it was a solid wall of muscle, Superman crumbled to the ground and Goliath got to work with the rag knocking out the huge muscle stud. Bruce moved towards the door but Shaggy blocked the door “ going somewhere?” he asked and then hit him with the taser, now all the men were down for the count, “ Pick them up and lets go , Fred doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” they hefted the bodies out of the door and Bam Bam signaled to them “ You got them,” Bam said, they nodded “ Then come with me I know a way out” They followed the caveman carrying out the huge bodies over their shoulders. “ How do you know Fred?” Goliath said “ He met me at the gym when he first came here. I was okay muscle wise , but I wanted to be a god. When Fred showed up I thought I had seen it all. He promised me I could be a god, If I did him a favor. Give him a list of gym patrons every 5 days and he’d let me become a god. Of course I said yes.” Bam Bam said with a snicker as the hummer came in sight. “ Let’s go!” Beast Boy said and threw the door open to the Hummer, and threw Superman in. As soon as the others were thrown in the 4 gods entered in and drove off, Bam Bam walked in to see the chaos. “ Ladies and Gentlemen, We seem to have a problem , our top 3 bodybuilders have disappeared!”

Hank woke up , his mouth dry and sticky , his head throbbing and soon the dizzy feeling passed. What had happened , who were those guys anyway. “ What Happened?” said Hank looking at his captured cohorts. Bruce looked around “ what the fuck is this place? I feel as if I just been hit by a Mack truck.” he said as he tried to move his arm to scratch an itch. He couldn’t move , he struggled but it was no use. “ What the fuck is going on?” Hank yelled, it was then that they heard a laugh. “ Well , Well, Well, what do we have here? What’s a matter hank can’t move? Don’t worry your nightmare is almost over.” Fred stepped out into the light, the bodybuilders gasped. Then the growth council stepped forward followed by the slaves. “ This is my harem,” Fred said as he waved his hand to point out all the members “ you have been selected to join my slaves. If you don’t say yes now then we’ll have to torture you. Will you join?” Hank struggled against his ropes “ never! We’ll never join you” He shouted. Fred smirked “ Very well, let’s get to work!” He said and walked over and planted a kiss on Gaston’s lips rubbing his chest with his hands. Shaggy joined in and began to lick and caress slave Archie’s body moving towards the slave’s fuzzy orange armpits. Beast Boy was busy licking Wolvie’s hot furry body with his tongue Moving down to his balls “ MMMM , you know how to please me green guy, Oh yeah lick me all over!” Jughead and slave Aladdin were 69ing each other, slurping audibly. Kurt and Tarzan were worshipping Robin , the slaves licking each pec and ab making the Teen Titan moan. “ Bend over slave Kurt and let me taste your hot anus!” Kurt obliged and soon began to writhe at the touch of his master’s tongue. Slave Archie was now being mouth fucked by slave Link while his ass was being rimmed by slave Kuwabara “ Yeah , you like your tongue in your ass Arch?” Kuwabara said as he began to rim again. Dilton and Moose were sharing a passionate moment together as moose licked Dilton all over then he moved down to his cock. “ UNNH yeah lover , lick my cock!” Dilton moaned as Moose began to lick suck. Peter and Goliath were now fucking Slave Yusuke at both ends, “ Yeah OHH , Take my Gargoyle cock Slave! UNNG, you like my balls slapping against your ass, OHH yeah!.” he moaned “ His mouth feels like velvet! , Yeah lick my cock like a good bitch, OHHH YEAH!” Peter said as he began mouth fuck Yusuke at a quick pace. Phoebus was being fucked by Jake and Ron “ Yeah HAHHHH, your goatee tickles my balls!” Jake said as the new slave licked the American dragon’s cock. It was then that Milo who was now in the middle of a Fred and Gaston sandwich noticed that their captive audience had huge hardons, “ Masters, I think we should go over there and really torture them!” Milo said , they both stopped . “ Great idea Milo!” and the 2 gods pulled out and walked over with Milo. “ Please let us go, we’ll do what every you want just let us go!” Superman said but it was too late , Milo had engulfed the bodybuilder’s cock in his warm wet mouth. “ UGHHH! Please,” Hank said as Gaston began to tickle his fuzzy blue balls “ Don’t , I have a girlfriend. I’m not gay!” Gaston smirked “ My Give a damn’s busted and the repairman won’t be back till hell knows when” and swallowed all 12 inches whole. Shaggy stopped what he was doing as and motioned for Archie to come over. They stood next to Hank and Bruce and presented them their cocks “ Suck!” Shaggy commanded and soon faced with their situation the two men began to suck. “ Yeah , that’s a good boy! See what happens when you cooperate!” and then Ron came over and presented his cock to Superman which he happily accepted. Meanwhile the others were moving towards the 3 men jacking their dicks. Moans filled the room as they watched the 6 gods and slaves work the captives over. “ Yeah I bet his mouth is just as soft as Yusuke’s!” Peter said as he pointed to Hank, Goliath just grunted. Then a audible moan came from the far end and everyone watched as Jake shot his load all over Hanks fuzzy chest. Then Jughead followed suit shooting his load all over Bruce’s face. Soon cum began to flow as if it were a fountain of cocks. “ Yeah you want my cum fuzzy balls?,” Shaggy said “ Here it comes big boy, ERRRRRRAHHHHHH!” and with that Hank and shaggy shot their loads at the same time. Soon the others followed suit and the floor began to be filled with cum that missed the 3 bodybuilder’s. “ Ready to join now?” Fred said “ Hell Yes!” Hank said and with that the orgy ended and the ropes were untied. The 3 cum drenched men accepted the potion as if it was their first communion.

Yoko Kurama woke to the sounds of Timmy Turner and the early morning music buffet. “ The biggest story out of T-town today the disappearances of 3 bodybuilders from the Mr. Animation contest yesterday afternoon. Was it aliens , kidnappers , loan sharks , or my favorite , God himself give me a call a t 1-500-999-TOON let me hear from you.” His eyes were wide in horror , it had happened again. •

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