Gaston's Growth

Search for Jughead


By musclefreak4559

This chapter is dedicated to buzzard, rowan ,and elysiumfields who gave me new ideas for this story. Thanks. and now the fifth chapter in the on going saga of Gaston and Fred Jones' muscle harem.

“ Where in the hell is Jughead?” Archie thought to himself as he walked the streets looking around for his friend. It had been 6 hours since he saw his friend walking to the gym to keep himself in shape over the summer and they were supposed to meet for a milkshake at the local at the local diner but he was a no show. Now he was worried, how could Jughead skip there meeting together and not only that but where in the hell could he go for six hours? As he walked down the street he saw a red Cadillac convertible moving down the street he noticed that the 3 people in the care were vaguely familiar. He couldn’t place the faces as they moved down the street but as they got clearer as they made a stop right in front of him, he knew who they were. It was his wrestling coach Goliath, a gargoyle who was a champion wrestler and was also the algebra teacher, Goku a wrestler who was Archie's favorite practice partner, and Peter Pan, a gymnast who was also know for his acrobatic moves in the air as a school mascot. “ Hey guys, have you seen Jughead? He was supposed to meet me at pops and he didn’t show.” The three guys in the car looked shocked. “ You mean someone you know didn’t show either? I can’t find my buddy Casey Jones either .” Goku spoke next “ I cant find Yusuke anywhere!”, Peter spoke “ I can’t find Link anywhere at all!” they all thought for a little and then Archie got an idea. “ Maybe they were at the gym where Jughead was, he said that they frequent it a lot.” They all agreed , “ Which gym was it?” Goliath asked “ i think it was the Muscle Builders gym on Marquand and 4th.” archie said. “ Let’s go!” said Peter and with that they were on their way, little did they know that their friends were in the possession of a god and they’d never come back.

Muscle Builders gym was a large expansive gym filled with the usual machines , treadmills , and free weights but it had its own unique spin to things. It had a posing room for those who wanted to show off, and it had the nation’s largest sauna. As the four walked in they were greeted with the scent of masculine sweat and Windex , not exactly a pleasant scent but the smell was not the focus , their friends were. “Hey boys, what can I do for you?” the night manager said as they walked into the foyer of the gym. “we’re looking for our friends. Have you seen them?” Archie asked. “Yeah, I seen them . they walked out of here with some guys in a stretch hummer going east.” Goliath looked confused. “ Why would they do that?” he said and turned to the others who shrugged their shoulders at the question. “ We’ve got to go there!” Peter exclaimed , Archie looked confused “ we don’t ever know where they went , all we know is a direction!” he said Goliath nodded and turned to the night manager “ Do you have any security tapes we could see?” the manger nodded “ what time?” he said. “ from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm” Archie said and followed the man into the security room. The tape was a clear digital picture of the different rooms in the gym and it was they that they spotted their friends walking way with these huge guys. “ They look like huge gods!” Peter said in shock, “ Yep, those are Fred Jones’ boys. they come here every day.” the night manager said. “ Where does he live?” Goku exclaimed. “ 6969 Raven Lane, in a huge castle.” the night manager said and it wasn’t long before they all hopped in their car an headed down the road.

The car screeched to a halt in front of the large castle and everyone hopped out only to stop in awe at the expansive castle and it’s ornate statues of gods flexing and fucking in front of the house. “ What the fuck is this?” Archie exclaimed as he strode towards the castle. “ I’m gonna fly up to the window and see inside. I’ll tell you what if find.” Goliath said and took off. Leaving the rest of them to sit and contemplate the fate of their friends. “ What would they be doing here? This place is fucked up!” Goku said as he crossed his arms and began to pace. “ I know , what would my Link be doing here?” Peter said and then the turned and faced the others. But they were gone . “ Guys? Where did you go? Guys?” and then he felt the rag cover his mouth and he blacked out. “ Slave Aladdin, Slave Casey , take them to the master, I’ll handle the gargoyle.” Gaston said

The view from the window was perfect , the sight of what had become of their friends was not. There in the window was a room lit softly with candles, and there on the red silk bed was Peter’s friend Link and Archie’s Jughead cuddling together , occasionally nuzzling each other’s neck or kissing each other deeply. As he floated down he thought he smelled a strange musky scent. “ Hello Goliath, welcome to the party.” as he turned to face the voice, he saw the largest man he had ever seen , and then the rag hit him. He struggled, kicking his large feet against Gaston’s legs but the man was too powerful “ Relax Goliath, I’m not going to hurt you, just be a good boy.” then the gargoyle went limp and was carried into the castle.

“ Welcome ,” the voice said protruding through the darkness “ I’m sorry we couldn’t roll out the red carpet boys , but you were trespassing” The blackness in the four guys eyes grew lighter and it was there they saw Fred and all of his goons. “ Slave Link , Slave Casey, Slave Yusuke , and Slave Jughead, you know what to do!” Fred smirked and then the boys looked down and saw that their pants had been removed and the boys were moving slowly towards the dicks. “ No Jughead, Don’t , its me , Archie” but it was too late Jughead took Archie’s cock in his hand and began to suck. “MMMM, your cock tastes good Archie. SLURRP, SLURRP!” Jughead said as he began to suck Archie looked over and saw Goku being serviced his head thrown back in ecstasy “ Oh yeah Urameshi , suck my dick, OHHHHH yeah.” Peter loved the feeling of Link’s mouth on his dick “ Oh Link,” he said as he stroked the Hylian’s hair “ Suck that cock, Make me cum!” Goliath was also enjoying his blow job was grunting almost every single time Casey’s tongue caressed his large cockhead. “ Oh man I'm gonna cum!” Archie said it was then that jughead stopped. “ Why’d ya stop?” Archie said , Fred just laughed “ You’re not allowed to cum!” the other slaves stopped as soon as the others just about to reach climax. “ You boys have to make a choice,” Fred said “ either join me as a slave or a god, or be our sex toys , never allowed to cum , slaves to our every whim.” Archie gasped “ You’re nuts, I’d never want to join you.” Jughead smiled “ Come on Archie! It’s fun.” Jughead smiled as he hit a double bi pose. Archie stood up and began to kiss jughead’s biceps and nuzzling his neck. “What do ya say Arch?” Archie moaned “ yes , yes , make me yours.” Fred looked over at the others “ and you? what is your choices?” Goliath and Peter stood up “ We choose to be Gods!” they both exclaimed Goku stood up and smiled “ I want to be a slave , I want to be the ultimate muscle slut!” Fred Smiled and the others clapped. Fred spoke to the others “ this calls for a celebration everyone into my chambers.” The others followed their master into his room and the ceremony began. “Will the god candidates step forward.” Fred said , and Goliath and Peter stepped forward and took long drinks. “OHHH YEAH! I feel buff already look at my Bi’s!” Peter said as he flexed his now expanding bi’s. His Green shirt began to rip at the seams and he began to flex his now expanding his pecs “ UNNNGHHH YEAH I’M HULKING OUT!!” he said and then everyone watched in awe as his shirt was ripped to his shreds. Goliath on the other hand was now looking at his ever-expanding dick. It was growing now from 12 inches to a whopping 28 inches. Peter was also looking at his cock and noticed that it had grown now to a amazing 29 and 1/2 inches . “ Good job boys. Nice show Peter , will the slave candidates come forward.” Archie and Goku stepped forward and extended their tongues. Fred dropped 16 drops on each of their tongues. “ OHHH I feel so hot! What’s happening!” Archie said “ Don’t worry Arch , You’ll love how look afterwards.” Goku was busy flexing his biceps looking at his new form “ Wow , my dick is huge!” Goku said and began to look at Archie and noticed that they had finished at the same time. “ Man you look so hot!” Goku said as he walked over to Archie and began to kiss him deeply licking his biceps and then moving to his nipples licking and sucking each one . Then Goliath moved towards slave Aladdin “ Bend over little slave, and let me lick that hot anus.” Aladdin obliged and spread his buttocks , Goliath took in the manly scent and begin to stick his tongue in and out of his ass, Making Aladdin writhe and moan “ OHH master , Lick my hot ass! UNNNNGH YESSSSS!” Aladdin moaned and then Beast Boy moved towards the new Peter and began to nuzzle and lick his underarms covering them in saliva. “ UNNNGH yeah lick my fuzzy pits.” Beast Boy moaned and then watched as Wolvie began to let slave Tarzan and slave Link suck his cock at the same time. “NNNNNNNGH Yeah! That’s it boys lick my cock! Don’t be greedy Link share with Tarzan.” Wolvie said as Tarzan began to lick his apple-sized cockhead. and swallowed it almost to the hilt. Fred and Shaggy were fucking Slave Kurt at both ends “ NGGH Yeah slave Kurt take my monster muscle prick!” Shaggy moaned as he moved in and out of the fuzzy blue elf’s ass. Meanwhile Slaves Goku and Archie were worshipping Robin. “ NNNNNNNNNAAAHHH, Yeah Lick my Sweaty pits you studs! Yeah worship your God!” Goku moved down and began to lick and caress Robin’s monster prick that was drooling precum like a fountain. “ Yeah lick My muscle prick!, Slave Archie , lick my ass!” he said and then shot a wink at Gaston who had Casey Jones sitting on his muscle prick “ NNNH ! Yeah master , fuck me , fuck , I love your hot muscle cock in my ass.” Slave Jughead was now fucking Aladdin's face as goliath rammed his monster pick into the street rat’s hot ass. “ That’s it Street Rat , lick my hot cock! Lick my fucking hot cock yeah!” Shaggy said “HANN HANN HANN! Yeah , you like this gargoyle cock up your ass? Huh you like this monster prick up your ass Street Rat? Tell me how much you want my cock!” Goliath commanded. “ Oh Master, I love your cock , Fuck Me , FUCK MEEEE!” Aladdin moaned and shot his load on the carpet. Gaston roared loudly and began to shoot his load into Casey’s ass “ bend over slave and let me taste my cum in your ass!” Casey did as he was told and he moaned loudly as Gaston stuck his tongue into the slave’s ass. Shaggy was now shooting his load all inside Kurt's ass while Fred shot his load all over Kurt’s face. Robin had now just placed his cock into goku’s ass moving at a steady rhythm while beast boy began to lick Archie's ass and peter began to mouth fuck Archie. “ Oh master Robin, Fuck me harder !” Goku moaned as Robin quickened up the pace and began to stroke Goku off as he fucked him. Then beast boy began to ram his cock up the redhead’s ass at a quick clip getting moans of approval from Archie who had 24 inches of Peter's monster in his mouth. Then with a loud moan, Goku shot his load all over his new 8 pack and meaty pecs. “ Aww , did the widdle swave mess him self?” Robin cooed “ Let me clean it up!” and with that wiped the cum off of robin's stomach with his hand and licked it up like a hungry animal. “MMM , Your cum tastes good Goku!” Robin said and then and then Robin let out a long moan and shot streams and streams of cum up the slave’s ass. then began to walk over to Beast Boy and kissed him as he fucked the hell out of Archie's ass. It was then that peter shot his load then followed by Beast Boy. The scent of cum , sweat , and bulging muscle filled the air and there would be more to come, for Fred had a more devious plan to bring more to the fold, and his dream soon realized . as he dreamt of having the largest harem in the world he knew he had to think fast. Who’s next the voice inside him said , who’s next! •

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