Muscle Soldier

By musclemike05

I just finished drying myself off in the shower when James came in on the double. Commandant O’Connor wanted to see me ASAP. I pulled on my combats and tee shirt, hopped into my boots and followed James to the commandant’s quarters.

James nodded to me at the door as I went in. I grinned back – thinking to myself – “What this time?!” Our esteemed commander was known for his eccentricities.

“At ease Soldier”, he barked. I obeyed. He looked at me for a minute, went to say something but seemed to think better of it. He made to stand up, but then sat down again.

“You wanted to see me Sir?”, I suggested helpfully.

“Yes, yes I did.” A pause.

“You like to – to keep yourself trim – keep fit and all that don’t you soldier?”.

“Yes, Sir. Work out 4 times a week on top of training Sir.”

“Yes. Good. Well – you see the thing is – we’ve got some Pentagon guys here, and they’re looking for – well for volunteers – people who’d like to join a… a program.” I didn’t know if it was my cue to reply.

“And when I asked Private James for suitable candidates, your name came up. What do you think, Peters?”

Mentioning my name – this was his version of grovelling. “Well, I… er… what’s the mission Sir?”

“Yes – good question. Well why don’t we let our visitors explain.”

He motioned to a private at the door who opened it. Three men walked through, one in a suit and two in uniform. The guy in the suit came up to me and shook my hand.

“Let me assure you, Private Peters, that whatever transpires in this room is confidential”. He motioned for me to sit in a chair, and nodded to the two soldiers. One of them opened a case and took out a pair of goggles – like those virtual reality goggles you wear when playing computer games. One of the soldiers put them on.

It was dark for a moment, but then there was a flash before my eyes. The screen cleared and from the distance, a picture that at first I couldn’t make out but as it got closer I realised was that of a man, came closer and closer to my eyes. As it got closer I realised that it was no average Joe – this guy was built. Big muscles. Ripped too. Like guys you see in Flex. As the picture approached, the guy’s back was facing me. It got so close that his entire body filled the screen. Fuck man that was a broad back. Real big V. Big ass too – in fact – he wasn’t wearing any posers. The picture was still for a moment, and then the guy turned around. Side profile – he was fucking enormous. Bigger than any picture I had seen. Looked morphed. But most obvious was a big cock – shit it was as big as my arm, hanging flaccid. Enormous chest. So much I couldn’t take it all in.

I’m not gay. I love working out, and am used to looking at magazines with pictures of bodybuilders purely from an interest in bodybuilding. But I couldn’t take my eyes of that cock. As the guy turned, his face came closer and closer to the screen. Then his eyes. Last thing I remember was as if I was on a rollercoaster going through his eyes, with thousands of images flashing before me – mostly of muscle flexing bodies, muscles of every type.

When I came around, the room was empty. I had a large wet patch on my combats. There was a card on the table beside me with a contact number.


Later that day James asked me what the boss wanted. I laughed him off, saying “Oh you know him.” I felt very horny, and had to go jack off in the toilets. After I came, I was even hornier. I knew what I had to do. My mind knew the number. Nothing else mattered now.

I rang.

“Do you agree to the program as it was outlined?”

“Yes”. I replied what I knew without knowing.

The line went dead. I went to bed that night and slept deeply.


Next morning I woke up. After showering, James came into me and said that the Commandant wanted to see me, again.

I didn’t know what he meant by “again” – it had been weeks since I last saw him. I went into the office.

“At ease, Soldier.”

I obeyed. “Do you want to engage in the program?”

I didn’t know what he was talking about but I know the answer. “Yes Sir.”

The commandant nodded and three men came into the room. Two soldiers and a guy in a suit. The suit came up to me and told me to sit down. He nodded at the soldiers who took a vial and a syringe out of a case. The suit took the syringe and injected it into the back of my neck.

“Stand up Soldier”

I obeyed. I felt a little dizzy and the room was swirling a bit. The Commandant was speaking, but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying.

“…. Good………. Will make……… proud…… future…… army….. battleground…..”

My mind began to clear. My body felt extremely warm. My collar felt a little tight. I tried to loosen it with my hand but my arm was heavy. I looked at it – as if in a daze – and saw that my arm seemed to be getting bigger. Fuck it was getting bigger.

“What have….?”

My mind cleared instantly. All of the images that had gone by my eyes in a thousand flashes suddenly seemed clear. They were all me. The two soldiers carried out a huge mirror and put it in front of me. My tee shirt had tightened. My pex – not too bad to start with had pushed the fabric out – in fact they were pushing the fabric out more. I put my hand up to feel them, rubbing the instinctively. I could feel them swell slowly under my palm. My arms were expanding too. I pulled a double bi, and the tee ripped at the sleeves.

“Fuck… FUCK man look at my guns! Look at my fucking cannons” With one hand I fingered a big vein that was swelling on my bi. “Oh yeah… fucking bi – getting real fucking big…”

My shoulders were broadening too – stretching the tee further and further. I noticed for the first time my audience – the Commandant and three Pentagon guys, staring at me. I spotted a lot of hard ons.

“Aw yeah you fucking like watching this don’t you? Fucking like turning me into a muscle freak? I saw those pix – I know what I’m gonna become. Fuck yeah – gonna be fucking huge – look at my fucking body. Fucking muscle god… Fuck yeah huge cannons – measure them measure my fucking cannons.”

My tee ripped apart at this moment, unable to take the strain. One of the soldiers obliged with a tape – measured my arms to be 25 inches. “Fuck yeah – gonna be bigger.” My whole body was growing. Quads were expanding under the combats. I could feel them – the rush of muscle swelling and pushing against the fabric. Eventually they gave way too. “AWESOME… FUCKING MASSIVE TREE TRUNK THIGHS. GET DOWN THERE AND MEASURE THEM.”

The soldier obeyed and when he was down there, measuring my 35 inch quads, I let my growing semi flaccid dick which had ripped outta my briefs slap off his face. He seemed to enjoy it. I forgot abou thim and turned my attention back to my body which kept growing. My height had stayed the same – my musacles were just expanding around my frame – getting so huge and wide and so fucking MUSCULAR!

“Fuck yeah you fucking like this muscle god – jack off your fucking cockcs to me – fucking admire my body – you fucking want to touch it – feel it – WORSHIP IT. Oh yeah – fucking flex my huge cannons – 30 inches. 70 inch chest. Fucking massive muscle soldier. Nothing can stop me”

My audience couldn’t help themselves. They were all furiously jacking their cocks, cumming several times as they admired me. I stood their – oblivious – lost in my own amazing body – as it continued to grow. •

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