Muscle Smoothie


By Paul

Jake looked more muscular, and more defined, and also he was growing his shirt was starting to show huge bugles of muscle forming on his arms, they were becoming like cannons, his shoulders started widening to the extent of starting to rip his shirt off. Then his chest started expanding, Two huge pecs were forming under this shirt, he flexed his arms "riiiiiippppp" "Oh yeah" Jake Moaned. He was approving his changes. He pushed his chest forward, it split right down the middle, his back expanding to the point where it couldn't contain the shirt anymore, "riiiiiipppp" the shirt was shredded, under his still growing body, now his legs started expanding, you could here the fiber making a loud and tetious noise, then the button flew off his jeans, his pants split, showing huge quads. "Fuck Yeah" Jake moaned. His pants were ripped off by his huge arms, they must have been 24" by now and still growing. After his pants came off he noticed something else, his cock had grown too, he now had a 10" piece of meat there. he then stood up, admiring his new body, he also realized he had grown in height he was now a little over 6'5", he flexedi n front of the mirror, "I'm Huge!" he said with a new low barritone voice. He didn't know what to do though, what would his mother think? He then looked over and realized he had 28 more cans of muscle smoothies, he took them with him as he sneaked out of the house. He managed to get some clothing, that barely fit, and he ran away. What would he do now? He still has 28 to go? How big will he want to get? •

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