Muscle Sponsorship Out of Control


By sunquestor

Ted was one of those clever guys that was able to create a good fortune in the computer software industry in the 1990's At the age of 39 he was already a millionaire and approaching multimillionaire status. From that wealth he was able to build a 4000 sq. ft. Mediterranean home in a Miami suburb. He was the envy of his gay friends, because he had a prosperous business and a spacious home. Ted was proud of his achievements but craved more excitement, and the desire to have someone share his wealth. Ted tossed around the idea of becoming a bodybuilder sponsor. This would offer him a relationship based on his lust for muscle not love. He's been through a couple of love relationships, but they were not for him. Ted was a muscle fanatic. He attended almost all body- building competitions, and there were a few bodybuilders he worshipped from afar. Now at the middle age of 39 he was ready to get into male muscle at a more intimate and serious level. The Internet was the first place Ted looked for a lead. The timing was perfect, because on one of the web sites was a post that read:

NEED SPONSOR TO CREATE A MUSCLE MONSTER Young Puerto Rican, 25yo 6ft 235lbs. needs generous man to create a muscle freak over 300 lbs. Need home, large amounts of food,supplements and gym membership in US. Approx. $3,000 per month. Reciprocation wil be muscle worship and some sex.

Ted thought "$3000/month" Who is this cocky, opportunist bodybuilder to think someone would give that much. But Ted was intrigued by the stats and he adored dark skinned Puerto Ricans. "It wouldn't hurt to interview the guy" thought Ted. Saturday morning was when the Puerto Rican bodybuilder was to show up at Ted's place, and show him what he is all about. To Ted's surprise an old Firebird drove up the driveway. Out emerged two men. One huge , the other average. The smaller man introduced himself as Pedro, the brother of the bodybuilder Rico. It was apparent that Pedro was the spokesman for Rico who was a recent arrival from Puerto Rico, and therefore spoke Spanish with little English. The smaller Pedro was probably the guy who placed the ad. Hello Mr. Ted.I would like to present my little Big brother Rico who is looking for a sponsor. Rico stood aside, dark, good-looking with a serious expression. He was wearing a loose sleeveless shirt and shorts. He certainly was big. Heavy tanned arms hanging from the sleeveless shirt. Thigh muscles so thick and heavy they hung over his knees. "Rico, strip down for Mr.Ted" One sensed Rico seemed out of place being a new arrival to Florida, but he had the confidence of a bodybuilder. Without hesitation Rico dropped off his shirt exposing one of the most god-like body Ted has ever seen. And Ted saw many at bodybuilding competitions. Rico approached closer to Ted standing between his older brother and Ted. At 6ft. and 235lbs he dwarfed both. Ted was only 5'9" at 165 lbs, and towering next to him was this ultra-masculine, yet boyish muscleman. Pecs broad and heavy. Arms peaked even when relaxed. Hemispherical butt cheeks separated by a deep crack that was evident against the tight athletic shorts. Stallion-like legs with brown curly hair. And that face was handsome. Square head with hair cut very short on the sides except top. A thick neck resting on mountainous traps. Ted gasped in disbelief at the masculine prescence before him. "Let me tell you about my brother, Mr Ted" Pedro was ready to make the sales pitch. "Rico started lifting weights as a teen, and with zeal continued until his present age of 25. This was back in Puerto Rico. Just look at him. He has already won bodybuilding contests in Puerto Rico. In fact, my brother blew away the competition. He is probably the biggest guy on the island, and to get this large requires alot of food. But we come from a poor family" Ted was in Puerto Rico and knew of the poverty. "My parents could no longer feed him. Rico was able to find extra meals by being friendly with tourists, gay tourists. But that was unpredictable. So I urged him to come to Florida, because I know there are men like you that could afford to adopt him. He wants to grow to over 300lbs. Look at him! A body like that takes maitenance, because he eats and sleeps on getting huge for himself and someone willing to be his sponsor, master, friend." "How about Mr. Ted. Take Rico and provide him with what he needs. And watch him grow. I guarantee you he will grow to twice your size. Lifting weights excites him, and he pushes himself more everyday."

Ted heard Pedro's sales pitch of Rico in bits and pieces, but was really distracted by the beauty of Rico's physique, and the masculinity it exuded. Rico standing so close to Ted made him get a scent of Rico's man sweat, and his thoughts were more below the waist. "Hey Mr. Ted are you listening to me?" "Ahh ya. Well I'll think about it today" " Hey Mr. Ted my brother can go elsewhere if you don't decide quickly" said Pedro agitated "Rico, give Mr. Ted a final lasting impression" Rico stepped forward, his chest heaving next to Ted's slim flat chest, and raised his arms in a double bicep pose" "Go ahead Mr. Ted feel his arms" Ted looked at the arms that were about 19.5 in, and the armpits were blackened with armpit hair. "Incredible" gasped Ted as he reached up to squeeze. Pedro grabbed Rico's clothes and nudged Rico to get back in the car. Pedro didn't want a rich faggot to get a thrill for nothing. The last thing Ted saw Rico's brown. wide back against the small car. Upon which when Rico entered seemed to strain the shocks. Both drove away. Ted was left standing in the driveway still mesmorized by what he saw. Rico was his fantasy man- young,handsome,muscular, brown. Ted was approaching 40, and the mid-life panic was settling in. This may be his last chance to live out a fantasy. To be with one of the most muscular, handsome man he has ever laid eyes on. He would live vicariously through him. Ted wasn't muscular. He did have little muscles from tennis, raquetball and golf which he was required to participate in for clients. He didn't have the knowledge or genetics to build beyond his 165lbs. But through his wealth and Rico, he could vicariously live a muscleman. •

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