When I Grow Up


By Leminnes

I woke up at about 5:00 in the morning a bit dazed, though the first thing I thought was, "That was amazing sex!" Then I turned over and saw Isis was still on my bed. I had always told her that she had to leave before 3 o'clock or her daddy would get pissed.

I decided to take a shower really quick and clean the cum off, but while looking down at myself and seeing my abs, pecs, and my amazing fuck-stick, I ended up jacking off again in the shower. I finished and went back into my room to wake up Isis.

"Isis," I nudged her a bit. "Isis, it's past 5:00. If you don't go home, your dad will get so ticked!"

All I heard her say was, "Fuck off..." I nudged her again, but after a few more tries I just gave up, got in bed, and fell back to sleep.


I didn't sleep all night because I was way too busy playing with myself. I was sure it felt like everything was new to me. I knew that I have been the best football player since I was born, but everything still seemed like I had just gotten it today, like I'm fucking my rod for the first time. It was fucking weird.

At about 6:30, my alarm went off. The fucking thing sounded like a chipmunk. I just took it and threw it on the ground. That made it shut the fuck up. After about 10 minutes of trying to get back to sleep, I just couldn't do it, so I just got up. When I stood up and felt all my weight, from the load of my black pecs to the mass of my ebony cock, it felt fucking amazing!

I looked at myself in my bathroom mirror, and I got a hard-on just from staring at my reflection. I couldn't help but fuck myself right there and then. I sat down on the tub rim and used my pre-cum for lubrication. There was enough of it to fill the bathtub anyway. I finally let out a moan as my giant load spewed out, so much that it hit the mirror on the opposite side of the bathroom. I looked down at my throbbing black cock. It wanted more, so I gave it more--3 more times.

After finishing my fuck session, I stood up and got ready for school. I opened up my closet and got out my wife beater, my cap, and my low-ridin' jeans. I put them on and looked at myself it the mirror. I adjusted myself a bit. I was the image of masculinity, and I'd be making sure everyone at school knew that.


My mom caught Isis and me in bed. She really didn't care though; she had gotten used to me sleeping with girls. I still didn't understand Isis's dad though, why did he give a shit what time she got home?

Anyway, Isis and I did our daily "make-out in hallway" session before we went to class. Thank god mine was Football. I made my way to the football field when I met Rile en route.

"What's up, Rile?"

"Oh, the same fucking thing. Sex, women, football. What about you?"

"Same here. I slept with Isis last night. My fucking mom caught us, but she didn't seem to fucking care."

"My mom doesn't give a shit either. In fact, she the one who told me I should fuck every person I can get my hands on."

"Your mom seems full of wisdom," I said with a sly grin.


I could only think, "Why am I, a freshman, doing out here?" I seriously didn't know. Today was football tryouts, and I had finally got the guts to show up. I would've done it earlier, but I was afraid because I was an overweight dork with no friends. I didn't get much support; my parents didn't even like me. Since I was born, they wanted me to be stupid and a jock, so when I turned in to a straight A Geek, I was whipped for it. Finally, after many beatings, I mustered up the nerve to try out.

I was looking through the football jerseys lined up on the bench. Since I had the last name Smith, they had to tag my first name on it too, John. That's right, John Henry Smith, one of the most generic names anyone could think of. I finally found my XXXL jersey and put it on. My fat still flopped out the bottom. I guess an XXXXL Jersey didn't exist.

I started walking out of the locker room when I saw 3 comic books on the ground. Comics never really interested me, but I thought why the hell not take a look. The comic was called "When I Grow Up", which was an extremely bad name for a comic, but I still looked just because I had 15 minutes before I had to get out there. So I looked at each one: Fireman, Football Player, and Policeman. I wasn't sure which one to read first, but the football one seemed most attractive. I opened it and read it.

It was the classic "Supermanish" story, nothing to do with football players. I got bored of the bad grammar and the bad story so I skipped to the end. I read "From The Author" which said: "For all those hopeful boys and girls, men and women out there. May this grant your wish." Weird was the first thing that came to mind. Why would I be hopeful and for what? I turned the page again to see one big box with, "Be Football Player, you can" on it. Not much really. It was wrong though. Football Player, I can't...

I started my way out to the field again when time stopped. I froze. Everything froze. I felt light-headed and fainted. The last thing I saw was someone coming through a door...


Rile didn't have Football first period so he had to go to some academic class. Who gave a crap about those things anymore anyway? Strange, when I thought that, I could've sworn I felt something inside me disagree, and it wasn't breakfast. Anyway, today was Freshman Tryout Week, and the coach asked me to help judge the freshmen.

"Hey Coach, how the hell is it goin'?"

"Hey Lyle. It's goin' fine. We're starting out with this big fat kid, John Smith, who said he was going to tryout first. He's still in the locker room. Can you go get him?"

"Fuck, whatever coach," I mumbled on my way to the locker room. I made my way through the door and saw a big fat kid lying on the ground. I was about to run out and call for Coach or something when I saw the kid levitate from the floor until only his toes were touching the ground. At that moment, his clothes disappeared, and I couldn't even move anymore, I was stuck staring at what was about to happen.

I saw something... weird... happen to the kid. All of his fat started melting away. His HUGE belly got smaller like a hot-air balloon deflating until you could see his ribs. You could really tell this kid didn't workout at all. Then all the lard left his face, his cheeks got pointier, his second-chin disappeared, his whole head shrank until it was about half its old size. The same happened to his calves, thighs, and his arms until all there was left were small twigs hanging from his body.

I couldn't believe this was happening, though it seemed very familiar. The next thing to happen started with his feet. They grew to about three times their old size, maybe an 18 or even 21. They were big though and muscular.

All the veins moved up, and I watched as these transformed his legs. It looked as if the skin was being peeled off like of an orange. The exposed muscles then grew, and the skin was set back in place. Small layers of skin would peel of one by one and let the muscles beneath expand, and his skin looked more tanned afterwards. When it was finished, the kid had PERFECT legs, maybe not for a quarterback like me, but perfect for a linebacker.

The veins then traveled up to the abdomen. The skin peeled off again showing his small scarlet abs, not much to look at. Then the veins began to "pulse", and the abs started developing. It started as a faint 2 pack, and then they doubled. The top four got larger and thicker as the two more abs still grew under them. He already had a perfect six pack but the veins weren't done yet. They pulsed again, and the last two abs grew to match the others. I couldn't help but gawk.

The veins traveled to his back. It was odd how his body turned around like it wanted me to see what was happening there. The back's skin peeled off and showed his pathetic muscles. The veins pulsed, and the muscles grew. His shoulder muscles widened, and his lats lengthened and broadened, turning into beautiful muscles Da Vinci would be proud of.

The body rotated again as the veins moved to the pecs. The skin peeled off again showing flat muscle. The pecs started throbbing and growing. Plates of steel shifted under the muscles, and the tendons widened and solidified into harder muscles. The muscles were so heavy that they kind-of hung down.

Done with the torso, the skin closed up and also began to change. It all seemed to still belong to a weakling. The veins pounded, and the skin started to change. All of the imperfections disappeared--moles, freckles, birth marks--all gone. The skin darkened until it was a dark, natural tan. The nipples hardened and poked out a bit like ice cubes had been placed on then, and all of the skin stretched to fit.

The veins then moved to his face that was still of a geeky teenage boy. They vibrated, and immediately the face changed. This time the skin didn't peel off; the changes just happened. The veins seemed to be moving somewhere else anyway, but the chin squared out and got wider as the lips got smaller and formed a cocky grin. The cheeks got higher and filled out more, and the eyes seemed to turn a bit and thin out, like he was squinting. At that moment his eyes turned into a dark stony gray. Then his hair changed from a blond mop-top to a black buzz-cut. Finally his face elongated a bit but widened to make it look like a combination between a circle and a square.

The last thing to happen was the MOST important. The veins traveled back down towards his abdomen and reached his fuck-stick and his ass. Both were still white and small. His dick only looked about 1 inch long, and he didn't even really have an ass, which was the first to change. His glutes became bigger and rounder until each was the size of a small boulder.

The veins moved back to the front were his fuck-stick was. What seemed like over 50 veins covered his whole dick and balls. They got larger and larger. His balls grew from two plastic rubber balls to golf ball to a couple of large egg to finally two oranges. His dick grew from 1 inch (which kinda looked like a mini-carrot in length and width) to 5 inches (almost like a jalapeno pepper) and to 18 inches (like three Coke cans.) Then a large piece of skin tissue covered the tip of his dick. The whole thing darkened to a dark brownish-gray color.

The transformation seemed done, and one part of it was, but the second part was yet to come. I stood, frozen, staring at the hot naked Asian kid, but my memories started abruptly changing. I remembered that I came in here to get a freshman who came from a middle school proud of its football players. I remembered that coach had told me that this kid, Jonathan, was supposed to help put us on the top of the league. I snapped out of my frozen haze and looked at Jonathan.

"So kid," I looked at the huge monster of a freshman, "are you ready for your tryouts? You need to get your gear on. We had to get an XXXXL specially made for you."

He just grunted and walked towards the jerseys. I watched his dick swaying back and forth like a pendulum with a heavy weight attached to one end. His abs protruded 4 inches from his body, and his pecs punched out 8 inches. It was an amazing sight.

He finally put on his jersey, which was still sort of small and showed everything that boy had on him: thighs, abs, biceps, and, mainly, his fuck-stick that jutted out 10 inches along with his balls. I couldn't wait to see how well his tryouts would go! •

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