When I Grow Up


By Leminnes

I stood in the middle of the hallway while waiting for my girlfriend. She never seemed to be on time. I got tired of waiting and went to go talk with my friends instead. Usually all my friends were gathered in a large group next to Locker Room 2, but they weren't here today. Hmm... that was weird... oh, I just remembered! We had football practice today. FUCK! If I didn't hurry up, I was going to be late.

I wasn't even exhausted after running from one side of the school to the other. I didn't even break a sweat. At first this felt weird, but I let the feeling pass. I was walking towards the field when I saw Rily, the dweeb who was rifling through my garbage this morning.

"HEY RILY! I saw you pickin' through my comics today. What are you, some kind of bum?"

"Leave me alone Lyle. I just saw some comics on the ground, and I..."

"Shut up you fucking nerd! You were pickin' through my garbage like a tiny vulture. I'm in a hurry, but if it was any other day your face would be plastered to the ground." I turned and left him shaking in his boots.

I kept on walking towards the field. Coach Updike was going to be so mad at me, but why the fuck did I care? I was the best he had got. He'd always fuckin' nagging me about going into football for college, but I always told him I was going to be a fuckin' fireman like my dad and that I wouldn't want to be anything like him. That usually got him to stop bitching for about the rest of the day.


I sat down on the bench in the play yard waiting for Lynal to come to school, but he never did come. I guess he wasn't feeling good today. Or he played hooky. I went back into Mrs. Kimler's class. We were still working on our "What We Want To Be When We Grow Up" project.

"Ms. Isis, what do you want to be?" Mrs. Kimler asked.

"I would like to be a computer analysis technician!" I gave her the biggest grin I could muster up.

"Wow Isis, those are rather large words for your age. Well I'm happy for you."

A few hours later, Mrs. Kimler's class was over, and I had to walk back home. On my way I passed that new store Dream Works. I didn't feel like going inside today though. I thought that before I went home I would stop by Lynal's house.

I skipped up to his door and right before I rang the doorbell I felt a small shock go through my head that said, "I hope he's ready for me." And a tingling in my legs followed that. I looked down at them and could've sworn they looked... slender. I decided that something was happening, and that I should get out of here but when I was about to move, everything was paralyzed.

Next, I felt a tingle in my chest. Luckily, I could still move my head so I looked down and saw small bumps growing on my chest. Too small to REALLY notice, but they weren't there before. Then I realized that my clothes had disappeared. I looked down again and saw the bumps get larger and wider. They started to feel like they should be there now.

I had another feeling this time in my panties area. I again looked down to see that the ground was farther away and that there was hair on my legs and under my arms. Slowly that hair seemed to fade away until it was just soft skin. My vagina... vagina, ya, felt so good. It looked much bigger too, like from being used a lot. Ya, from a big dick going in to it and masturbating all the time.

Then another jolt went through my mind, and all of a sudden, everything was gone. My name, my age, and all the words I used to know, GONE! Then information about cheerleading, sex, and hot football players filled up the space. I remembered that Lyle was my sexy boyfriend, and that I was here at his house to have some fun.

Finally I had one last feeling, a soft feeling all over my body, and my clothes reappeared on my body, but instead it was a cheerleading outfit and a bra, everything an 18-year-old cheerleader needed for a fun day with her boyfriend.

"What? Oh right," I rang the doorbell and waited a minute when Lyle finally showed up.

"Hey baby, I've been looking for you all day."

"Oh ya, I was just at home. I didn't feel like going to school today. I went to cheerleading practice though."

"Oh, That's good. So are you ready?"

"Ya, show me the way master."

"Oh, I will," and with that Lyle led Isis to his room.


Man, I hated running into Lyle. He was the worst person to meet on your way to class. You never knew what could happen: face in a pole, head in the toilet, fist in your face... the list was endless. I decided that I would take a break and read those comics I found. A couple of them looked interesting. There was one about a Fireman, one on being a Football Player, and last on becoming a Policeman, but of all of them, the Football Player comic just attracted me the most.

I sat down next to door of Mrs. Hartman, the only teacher who didn't care if you were in her class of not, and I started reading. After about two pages though it just didn't seem interesting. I mean who wanted to read lines like "Oh no, go catch him or he'll fall!" I kept reading even though it had nothing to do with football at all. Then I got to the last page that finally had something about football on it. All it said was, "Be Football Player, you can", and it was done. I was really let down. I mean, it sounded like Yoda!

It was after reading the last page when I felt a small pain in my stomach, so I went to the bathroom. I thought I might had been something bad I ate during lunch. When I got there, I saw myself in the full-length mirror on the wall. It was just plain ol' me, plain ol' Rily. I was 5'5", 100 lbs, and skinny. I had milky white skin and greasy dirty-blond hair. I had NO muscle, never worked out a single day in my life. But even though I was only 15 years old, I was still the highest in my class. It was never what I wanted to be though. I always wanted to be a football player. I was by no means football player material. I was just a plain ol' computer nerd.

Man! That pain was getting worse, and it seemed to be going to my head. Ah! The pain felt like a sharp needle through my cerebellum. I couldn't think straight anymore. I could see myself in the mirror though. My clothes had disappeared.

I was gawking at my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't do much else because all my limbs were frozen solid. I watched as small veins crept up my legs, getting bigger and longer as they slithered up. Then my legs started getting bigger as the new blood was pumped into them. They became thicker and more manly as hair started growing on them too. Long thick black hair... black? I didn't have black hair. Then I noticed my skin becoming darker. Soon my legs were pitch-black logs with a bush of hair on them.

Then the veins kept on crawling up towards my dick. As they glided up my penis, I felt it get harder and bigger until it stretched out into a HUGE 19 in. fuck-pole. Then it to started getting darker and also a small piece of skin crept up the tip of my dick but only halfway.

The veins kept on traveling up towards my hips and abs. I watched as each new ab was formed one by one until I had a solid monster 8-pack. And again, my skin turned a jet-black color, and a thick bush of black hair traveled up from my dick and covered my abs in a thick patch of curly black hair.

Slithering farther up, the veins finally hit the part I was looking forward to--my pecs. They covered my sad, pathetic excuse for pecs that soon started growing. They were just small jumps of muscle at first, but they grew and blossomed into large slabs of hard steel. They turned midnight black, and I gazed at them as hair grew from in between them and covered them in a thin coat of curly black hair.

The veins traveled up my shoulders and down my arms. Soon my arms were larger and more muscular as my biceps grew to the size of two footballs. My hands grew huge just for catching footballs. Then thick curly black hair sprouted out of my arms and covered everything up to my bicep.

The veins hit the last part, my neck and head. The thick purple veins covered everything. They looked like they were about to burst but then sort of sunk into my skin. Soon after, my neck started to become much thicker. It looked huge compared to everything else and then my face started turning into an angular masterpiece. My jaw squared until it was perfect, and my nose pointed out but not perfectly straight though it suited my new face. My cheekbones became higher and more angular, and my eyebrows kinda lifted up, giving me a look that I was constantly full of myself.

One of the last things that happened was that I grew 14 inches taller to a huge 6'7". Everything seemed to stretch out. My neck and legs no longer looked out of place. My abs were the only thing not affected; they still looked like boulders under my skin. All my skin turned pitch black, stubble grew in perfectly and turned into a goatee, and at the same time my hair became a bit shorter and curled into a mini-fro.

The last thought I heard as a nerd was "Wow," and then my brain erased itself and new memories were put in. I remembered that I was the star quarterback for our team. I remembered that I had a girlfriend. I also remembered how many times I had had sex. Yeah, I kept track.

All of a sudden the bathroom changed into a gym shower. The toilets turned into wall showers, the sinks melted into the ground, and men materialized from nowhere. After it all changed, I remembered that it was after practice, and we were sent to the showers. I looked down at my manhood, all uncut, soft, 14 inches of it. I swaggered through the shower while whipping everyone's asses with a towel, just to let them know who was the boss. •

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