When Sims Become Real

Coffee House


By lemapp

I was inspired by the SIM Online game here they have introduced celebrity SIMs. ENJOY

It was Saturday morning and I was sitting down for my first cup of coffee of the day. I was at my local neighborhood coffee house waiting for a few of my friends. We usually got together each Saturday to discuss what we plan to do for the day. I always got there first so that I could save us a table.

After a few minutes I saw Chris walk in. He was much like myself, a thirty-something balding professional doing well in his career. Unlike myself he had a beer gut because he was always in front of his computer night and day. Chris waved at me as he ordered his coffee.

Chris and I had talked for several minutes before we started to ask each other where was Steve. He was our third partner in this morning ritual. As we asked each other, we saw Steve's car enter the parking lot. But what really caught our eye was a hunk of a man entered a few moments later.

Everyone in the place was staring at this muscle guy wearing an extremely tight t-shirt that looked painted on, micro-shorts and sandals. He was in his late twenties with short hair and smooth skin. The bulge in his short was obscenely large. But the fabric was tight enough to show that it was real and not just a balled up sock.

It was amazing just staring at this guy. I didn't pretend to look at. I was in love with this guy's body. Then he turned around and smiled at Chris and I. With his extra large coffee in hand, he walked toward our table. A thought passed through my mind that Steve usually drank an extra large as well. Then the stud sat at our table. Chris and I were stunned as our jaws dropped open.

Finally after a long silence, the muscle guy spoke, "Hey guys! Don't you recognize me?"

Chris and I darted looks at each other and back at our mystery man. Names and faces raced through my head. I keep thinking that Steve should be here. I knew that he was into big guys. I keep coming up blank.

The hunk finally announced, "It's me. Steve."

Again Chris and I just stared at each other and back at Steve. Neither one of us spoke.

Steve continued, "Chris. Bob. It really is me. I couldn't believe it myself but I wanted to share this with you guys."

I spoke, "What happened? You must have lost 10 years, over 30 pounds of fat, gained 50 pounds of muscle and your face is gorgeous."

Steve chimed in, "I'm also hung like a horse." He shifted in his seat and I looked down. His dick head was peeking out from under the leg of his shorts. Luckily he was sitting in a seat that was facing a wall so that no one else could see his x-rated show.

I looked up at Steve and saw that he was smiling at the show he was providing us. Just to show-off he did some flexing making the fabric of his shirt strain, nearly breaking. I noticed how clearly I could make up his tits through the thinly stretched shirt.

Steve ended his muscle show and said, "I was out late last night at the clubs. I went home alone. So I hopped on the Internet to chat with some guys and have a bit of fantasy. Okay, I wanted to get my rocks off. There was a link for one of those SIM games, but this one toke images of yourself and put you in the game. Then you could alter yourself like change your age or body."

"When I got to the site that was a demo for a deluxe version that offer to make the SIM come real. I thought it was a gimmick, but I was willing to try. After the download I selected myself and made a few changes."

A big smile came across Steve's face. He continued, "In a second I was this new man. I did some posing in front of the mirrors. I was so horny. It was too late to go anywhere so I just wacked off a few times and went to bed."

"This morning when I woke up I realized that I did not have any clothes to fit this body, so I went back to the demo and selected a few accessories. Now I'm here."

Chris and I looked at each other in disbelief. How could this have happened? It did not make any sense, yet right here was Steve telling us his story.

Steve then said something unexpected, "Let's head over to my house and I can show you." •

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