When Sims Become Real

Steve's House


By lemapp

I was almost running out the door. Chris was a bit slower but he was not too far behind. I know that I was driving too fast but I was excited to learn more about Steve's change. Chris and I were both at Steve's door when he arrived. Steve had peeled off his shirt revealing thick pecs and 6-pack abs. I'm sure Steve was taking his time opening his door, we was enjoying making Chris and I wait.

As soon as Steve stepped into his apartment, he kicked off his shorts and sandals. It was amazing seeing the thick snake of flesh that was his dick and the pair of baseball sized nuts. He was supporting a set of equipment that would be the envy of any porn star. Steve stroked himself a few times before walking over to his computer.

Steve called up the demo. There on the screen was a 3-D nude image of the current Steve. Steve pressed a few keys and an image of the previous Steve appeared. He said, "I can change back at anytime. But it will end automatically in 72 hours. So who wants to be next?"

I threw up my hand. Then I felt like a fool. Chris and Steve looked at each other and nodded. Then Steve said, "Okay, Bob you can go first."

Steve called up a new blank screen. After a few keystrokes a nude male image appeared. Then with more keystrokes the image altered to look more and more like me. I always thought of myself as being fairly thin but looking at the image I was fat. Then Steve stopped and said, "Okay. What do you want to change?"

Many different thoughts raced through my mind, but then a clear image came to mind. Then in rapid speech I said, "Deep dark all-over tan, smooth hairless skin, large body-builder muscles, late twenties, huge uncut dick and balls, short hair, "

Steve cut me off by saying, "Slow down! I can't keep up."

Steve then began to make the changes I had blurted out moments ago. The image on the screen adjusted with each change. The body changed from a middle-aged man into a young muscle stud. I was getting horny looking at image.

Steve broke my trance by saying, "Bob now you need to get undressed."

I was embarrassed. I had never been naked in front of my friends before. I'm used to being naked in the locker room. But I was feeling myself get hard and I now had to get naked. Steve and Chris prodded me, so I slowly peeled off my clothes. Soon I was standing there in my boxer briefs. Then the moment of truth as I dropped my shorts. My half-hard dick was hanging down three inches.

Steve and Chris applauded. I did a short bow. Steve then clicked a button on the computer and I saw a flash of light. I felt different but I was not sure what was different. The dropped jaws on Steve and Chris told me that something had happened to me.

I raced over to one of the mirrors. The reflection that looked back at me looked exactly like the image on Steve's computer. After the initial shock wore off, I began to explore the new body that was mine. I traced the track of the thick veins over my pecs under the paper-thin skin. I had no body fat. I slipped my fingers down the deep crevice between my pecs. My hands ran across my 6-pack muscled abs.

Soon I had my hand wrapped around my thick python of man meat. I was so horny that I forgot where I was and stroked myself to full staff. I was so thick that I could not completely wrap my hand around. I even had plenty of room for both of my hands to slide up and down along the length. My ball sack pulled up tight and a thick volley of cum erupted. My body jerked a few times as I felt the orgasm race through my body.

I was woken from my trance as Steve handed me a paper towel. He said, "Thanks for the show."

Now I was truly embarrassed, but I tried my best to play it cool. I bent down to clean up the mess as I saw that it was huge. I had never pumped out the much before. I was impressed with what this new body could do.

As I stood up, I saw Chris undressed. I knew that this was not going to be pretty. I left the room to throw the towels away. I returned just in time to see a flash of light fill the room. I looked over where Chris had stood only to see a muscle stud in his place. The stud looked at both of us and then raced over to the mirrors.

Then just like I had done moments before, the hunk began to explore his body. His hands gripped his stiffening cock and stroked it for all it was worth. Steve went to get some towels. He returned just as Chris pumped out huge amounts of cum onto the floor. •

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