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By lemapp


I arrived at the gym and the parking lot was nearly empty. The person at the front desk was fast asleep. I found my way to the locker room without seeing anyone else. It was as if I had the place to myself. I threw my stuff in a locker and decided to have a workout and see how my new pecs worked. I posed in front of a mirror and headed to the free weights.

I found a bar and popped on 400 pounds. I knew that it was a stretch for me because I struggled with 200. I positioned myself under the bar and grunted as I lifted. I was shocked at how light the bar felt. I didnít even think I would have been able to lift it but I was pumping reps like it was tiny. I continued to do sets of other exercises, each time moving the heavy weights with ease.

After nearly 45 minutes I had seen any other members. I thought that my plan to show-off had backfired. I wandered back to the locker room to find someone else was there. It was some young college kid with a nice toned body. He quickly wrapped his towel around him as I entered. We nodded briefly as I noticed his eyes swelled looking at my chest. I adjusted myself in my shorts and this brought his eyes to my bulge. Now his chin dropped open. I stood there smiling until the kid looked back up at my face. Then a bright red blush crossed his face. The kid nearly ran away and then I heard the steam room door close.

I decided to have more fun with the kid. I stripped naked and left my towel in the locker. As I approached the steam room I noticed that there was no towel there. The kid must still be wrapped up tight. I entered to the loud hissing of steam filling the air. It was very difficult to see because most of the lights had burned out. I wandered through the long L-shaped room trying to find the kid. I finally found him sitting in the furthest corner still wrapped in his towel.

I walked over and began to make conversation. The kid was very shy. Slowly he began to answer some of my questions. I could make out that a tent was forming under his towel. I knew that I was getting to him. The steam was too hot and I needed to cool off. I excused myself when the kid suggested I use the showerhead in the steam room. I had not seen it before so I looked confused at the kid.

The kid hopped up and his towel fell away. I got a glimpse of a decent sized hard-on as the towel was replaced. The kid walked me around the corner and pointed to the wall. I grouped the wall to find the handles and started the water. It was a shock at how cold the water felt. I adjusted the temperature to something a bit warmer and allowed the water to flow over my body. I was getting aroused because it felt so good. I stroked my cock a few times and I was hard. As I turned off the water I found that I still had an audience. I had assumed that he had left.

Then the most brazen thing happened. The kid reached out and grabbed my throbbing dick. His gripe was tight on my manhood. I instantly knew what he wanted as I simply walked backwards to our previous hideaway leading the kid with my cock. I sat on the highest bench and the kid knelt in front of me.

The kid was no stranger to cock sucking. He worked my cock like a pro. Each time I felt like I was close he backed off and allowed me time to relax. I soon wanted to cum so badly and this kid was controlling me. I was at his mercy. I reached down and pulled his towel away. Then with little effort I hoisted him into the air as I laid back on the bench. I positioned the kid into a 69 and sucked hard on his dick. I guess that was all he needed because he shot a huge load down my throat. Then the kid brought me off.

We laid there for several minutes before moving. I stood up and grabbed the towel from the floor. The kid quickly wrapped it around himself. I turned away and headed for the showers. A burly construction worker wandered in as I was getting dressed. I knew that I wanted to fuck his ass but I was very tired and decided that sleep was more important.

When I got home I found the card the stripper had given me earlier. I decided to go visit them the next day but first I needed to go to bed. I crawled into bed thinking that the sun should be up any moment. I only wanted a few hours. I closed my eyes from exhaustion. •

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