By Musclebuff

As pecs have always been the hardest part for me to develop I naturally have an interest in this kind of fantasy.

His giant pecs loomed over me, as huge as the rest of his amazing physique: huge, hard, full and striated. I reached out from the sling and slammed my hands on to the massive meat, feeling them vibrate under my greedy palms before I grabbed two handfulls of muscle and twisted them as violently as my biceps would twist.

He responded immediately by twisting his fist viciously in the depths of my ass, grating his knuckles against my joy-button. Then he seized it and squeezed, causing my whole physique to buck in the air and my dick to jet a fountain of gism all over his face. He continued to fist-fuck me as I watched it slide off his chin and down on to those megapecs.

When I had finished jetting, I massaged it with both hands, not too gently, into those thick hunks of meat I desired so much. He grinned, yanked his fist out , not at all gently, and rammed his thick, tumescent cuckold up chute and started to speed-fuck me. As he did this, he gripped the chains behind my head and pulled himself up. I watched those already huge biceps bunch as he brought his pecs within reach of my mouth.

This of course caused his dick to ram even further into me. I knew what was expected of me: clean, suck and lick as much of my joy-juice off those heaving pecs as I could. Slowly he slid his torso down so my tongue could reach first his chin, then his cheeks and finally his mouth. I kept my eyes open to his even as our lips joined and his tongue started to fuck my mouth in synch with the demanding power-thrusts of his dick up my ass.

His nips pressed into mine. The contact with those red hot mini-pokers burned into mine and I could feel them respond by thickening and hardening like twin cocks as he rubbed his over them.

"So, you want pecs like mine, boy? Better be careful what you wish for - you might get them!"

I only responded by clutching his ever-thrusting cuckold with my butt-muscles. He responded to this by standing up so he could power-fuck me more effectively - and at some speed - and by grabbing my nips and twisting them as hard as he could. I started to gasp as my dick hardened again. The bastard knew all to well that my nips were my trigger-points. They were already swollen from the contact with his hard, hot ones and he teased them unmercifully, gritting his teeth and grinning through them as he tortured me beyond submission.

He sat astride my waist, folding his legs under the sling and fastening them around my swinging torso. My ass bitterly regretted the absence of his monster dick and I started to groan as I was now getting all the pain without the pleasure of being fucked.

"We have to pay for what we need, boy, and what you need is my dick and my pecs. Well, here come both!"

He hoisted himself even higher on the chains until his dick was demanding entry into my throat - which received it willingly. My tongue wrapped itself in ecstasy round the swollen, satin shaft as it pushed in. My teeth delayed its entrance momentarily as they gently bit the massive corona. With a growl, he pushed the whole velvety tree all the way down my experienced throat which he proceeded to fuck slowly and deeply.

Somehow he had gotten his knees beside my chest and stabilized his face-fuck with his legs wrapped round my ribcage. I grabbed his pecs and kneaded them, rubbing my thumbs on those inch-long red-hot nips.

"Are you ready for this, boy?" he roared as he thrust his engorged dick as far as it would go down my throat. A gallon of muscle-juice gushed forth: I swallowed and swallowed, and sucked and sucked, but I could not contain it all: too much erupted from my mouth on each side of that demanding dick and cascaded onto my chest.

Meanwhile, my whole being was roaring round the dick that penetrated me, my abs were spasming and causing my pelvis to thrust my dick impotently into the air. I say impotently but that's only because it was gushing spontaneously without benefit of a good hand job or a satisfying fuck. I don't know how he did it, but somehow, with his dick still gushing down my throat, he managed to reverse positions and grab my jetting dick between his mercilessly sucking lips. I rammed it in as far as I could and he collected it in his mouth.

When both our dicks had ceased to erupt, he stood up, grabbed the root of my dick and balls with one hand and thrust three fingers of the other up my ass. He stretched them open, then inserted his still-hard pole into my cunt between his fingers. Then he leaned over me and spat a full pint of my own gism into my mouth (and face) and rolled his tongue over mine. We both swallowed.

"Now, boy, you've swallowed us both, I've swallowed us both - the time has come for you to grow."

As he started to fuck me again, with slow, deep strokes, he placed both hands on my pecs, laid his huge torso on top of mine and, once again, joined our lips and tongues. He wrapped his arms round my chest, I wrapped my legs round his bucking waist and my arms as far as they could reach round his thickly-spreading lats.

Our bodies seemed to fuse together, each muscle responding to the other's until we became one huge and magnificent entity of MUSCLE.

As his fuck-strokes became more demanding I began to feel a warmth in my pecs, spreading from my already heated nips through the whole muscle. Our nips seemed to pierce each other as I felt the muscles swelling, grinding into his. Then my arms seemed to thicken and my bis seemed to be pulling my hands further apart round his back. I felt the warmth spread to my lats and his hands seemed to have to slip wider round my torso.

My pulsing dick was demanding more space as it slid between our cum-slimed abs; the quads which were wrapped round his waist were slowly pulling my ankles away from him. Once again he roared into my throat, joining my own frustrated yells as we both came simultaneously.

Suddenly the chains which were being forced to support out joint, ever-increasing weight gave way with a metallic screech and we were catapulted onto the floor with my body cushioning his. For a moment we lay there stunned. His dick was still up my ass as he pushed himself up on to his elbows and his handsomely grinning face looked down at me.

"Big enough, boy?"

"How do I know unless you get off me, you great..?"

"Try me!"

I rolled him over so our positions were reversed. I was about to get up when he wrapped a hand round my neck.

"Hey - clean all your muck off me first!"

He pulled my face down and, for the moment forgetting my own desires, my tongue began, lovingly, to lick its way across that wonderful, titanic frame. First I cleaned his dick, sucking the remains of both our outpourings, then up those incredible eight-pack abs, my tongue feeling its way under the slabs of pec muscles into the cleavage in the middle, across to the break between upper and lower pecs, into his pits where the very sex-laden aroma made me feel giddy, finally to his mouth.

"There now. I can't wait any longer to see what you've done to me!"

"For God's sake, man, FLEX! Can't you SEE?"

And flex I did, while he was sucking his own cum out of my ass. I had the double pleasure of flexing my new huge biceps, feeling my swollen pecs and thickened now-eight- or ten-pack abs, reaching round to grossly enlarged lats - but I'd had enough of this, I wanted to SEE.

"Come on - get off me!"

"Make me!"

I threw him on to his back, then slammed my fists into those mighty pecs, pummeling the meat unmercifully. I slapped the sides of his magnificently curved outer pecs, grabbed his nips and twisted and tugged. He grabbed mine equally forcefully, pushed me round and somehow got his arms under mine and round the back of my neck. Our strength was pretty equal, but I couldn't get out of the hold. Finally I somersaulted out of the hold and we both leaped to our feet. Like two bulls we rushed each other: he seized me by the balls and swung me up on to his wide shoulders, whirling me round and round a few times before dropping me to the floor and crashing down on to my chest.

My legs came up and wrapped them round his neck and pulled him back to the floor where I flung my whole weight on him. Muscle responded to muscle and, the more we grappled, the bigger I felt myself growing…

Once again we rushed each other, but this time he seized me in his powerful embrace and rammed our muscle together as he tongue-fucked my face once again.

"Now you're big enough to look! Now you are worthy of me!"

He turned me round to face the mirror - the two of us side by side, my right shoulder slightly in front of his left. We were huge, I was huge!

He wrapped one arm round me and fastened his hand on my pec, the other reached down and grabbed my Leaning-Tower-of-Pisa-like dick. I could see his dark-haired face over my fair-haired shoulder, his hands on my pec and my dick, but otherwise we seemed to melt into each other like nearly identical twins.

"Like what you see?"

"Do you like what you see?"

"Need you ask? You're what I've wanted all along and now you've got what you wanted all along. What more do we need?"

"Hey! The helluva lot more muscle!"

He roared with delight, grabbed me, flung me on to the mat, sat on my dick and I grabbed his.

Muscle to muscle. Dick to dick. Megapecs to megapecs. We were complete and always would be.

Happily ever after. •

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