Mega Parts Shop


By lemapp


Recently a friend of mine had a wild party at his house where he hired male strippers to entertain the crowd. I arrived early to help set-up and ended spending most of the time in the kitchen. I broke away to see the final stripper as he came out on stage.

There stood a guy in a tight policemanís uniform that was bulging with muscles. This guy was an amazing bodybuilder. When he took off his shirt, all I could stare at were his huge pecs. They looked perfect, full and thick. The groove between the flesh mounds was deep.

I must have gone into a trance because I came to as the muscle man left the stage in a sheer micro tong. I was so horny and I wanted to get that man. I saw him disappear into one of the bathrooms. A plan hatched in my mind that I could sneak in from the share bathroom. I found the bathroom unoccupied and crossed out to the bedroom door. Then using the technique my friend had shown me earlier, I unlocked the door.

I walked into the bedroom too late because the bodybuilder was slipping on a baggy shirt over his oversized pants. I apologized that I had exited the bathroom from the wrong door. He was fine with that. I then mentioned how much I had enjoyed his show earlier and how great his pecs looked.

For the next hour we talked like we were long lost friends. We both talked about bodybuilding, sports, and beaches. My new friend told me that he had always had a weakness in forming great pecs. I corrected him, that they did not look weak. He told me a secret that he had cheated and had purchased advanced strap-on parts from a store in downtown. He reached into his bag and gave me two boxes. The first had a photo of pecs just like the pair I had seen earlier. The next box showed a huge thick uncut penis.

My friend announced that he needed to leave, but since he felt like I was a brother to him he wanted to share with me. The boxes had been given to him for free because he had purchased a similar set on sale. Then my friend handed me a card and suggested that I visit the store to see what else they offered that I might enjoy. Then he left the room.

There was a great deal of commotion as people entered the bedroom to collect their jackets. I slowly swarm upstream through the crowd tightly holding my boxes. After what seem like an eternity I finally made it home.

First Fitting

When I got home I could hardly wait to open the boxes. I threw my coat on the chair as I popped open the box with the amazing pecs. I was surprised when a white rubber object fell to the floor. Then followed by a booklet and dozens of small color swatch cards. I grabbed the white rubber and found that it was roughly shaped like a womanís running bra but it was molded like my friendís chest I had seen earlier. I grabbed the booklet is see if it could explain why it was white and not flesh toned.

After a few moments I determined that the color swatches on the floor were part of the puzzle. I needed to locate the color swatch that most closely matched my own skin tone. I would then slipped the selected color into a slot of the white rubber.

Iím not exactly colorblind but color is not a strong point. It was struggle going through the swatches but I found one that looked invisible when I placed it on my skin. I slipped this swatch into the white rubber. Slowly the white began to change to what matched my own flesh tone. It took several minutes as the color spread over the entire pecs. I guessed that I understood how to put them on and I slipped the pecs onto my body. They felt so life like, it was as if they were real.

I raced to the bathroom to see my reflection. There I stood with my average body and a muscular chest. I felt my dick begin to get hard which made me think about the other box. I went back to discover another white rubber object, booklet and color swatches.

I repeated the process that I had used earlier and in a few minutes I was slipping onto my hard small cock a huge uncut dildo with a massive set of balls. The rubber seemed to suck me in and locked in place. I could not shake it loose. I was not sure how it had done that. Again the feeling was like a real cock with soft skin and a hard core. It was as if I could feel trough the skin of the new cock. I felt my touch as I stroked my hard pole.

I went back to the bathroom to look at my reflection. I was greeted by an amazing reflection of a thick chest, a huge dick and big balls. I got so horny looking at myself that I quickly stroked myself off and shot my load on the mirror. The amount of cum was larger than anything I had ever seen. It was like from a porn movie where they replay a cum shot several times to stretch it out.

It was early in the morning and I knew that I wanted to go to bed. But an idea can into my head. My gym is opened all the time. I could be an exhibitionist and show off my new body. I went through the back of my drawers to locate tight shirt and shorts to show off my equipment. I found a shirt that outlined my pecs like it was painted onto my body. The shorts cupped my new balls and did little to hide the outline of long cock. I grabbed my gym bag and coat and headed for the door. I took a deep breath and then started my adventure. •

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