Fitting Room


By tjstoys

Hi, this will most likely be my one and only couple part story ever. Iím just going to relay the best 2 days of my life a week apart the best that I can. I hope you enjoy it almost as much as I did.

I was in my late 20's and working 3 jobs to get by. I worked in an office, ran my own internet business and had a Department Store job on 2 evenings and Saturdays. I liked to hang out or work out when I could but was very inconsistent with working out and had the average body so I never got or wanted much attention. It was what we call the mid winter lull in the Department Store business. Nobody was ready to shop for spring and most people didn't want to come out in the Philly Winter weather. I was working my usual 1pm to 9pm shift on another bleak winter day with hardly a customer or other employee in sight. I was folding the sweaters that I had folded and refolded 6 times this shift without anyone touching them but me, when someone came up behind me and asked "excuse me where are the summer t-shirts. I turned and saw a mountain of a man. I was 6" even almost and this guy was at least 6 inches taller than me. I weighed about 170 and this guy must have weighed 100 lbs more than I did. I just looked at him and he repeated his question. Oh I said we just started getting that stuff in it over here and I led him to it. "Little anxious for spring" I said. "Just getting ready to head to Florida for a Month" He said.

The stuff was just put out so there still was the few XXL that we get in the piles which he was pulling out in every color I might add. I couldn't tell if he was gay or could he tell I was gay, I just didnít care this was the highlight of the past month and I just kept staring and asking if he already had this color or that color. I'm not used to doing this myself he said. (Damn!) Girlfriend Helps I said, Not exactly he said. Not Exactly they were the 2 best words I ever heard. Before I knew what to say to that he asked where he could try these on. I pointed to the fitting room and he started towards it. My heart was beating faster than I ever thought it could until he stopped turned around and said well aren't you gonna come with me and let me know how they look. I honestly couldn't get my feet to move for what seemed like an eternity and he just looked at me kinda dumb founded. Then he kept walking I guess since I had no answer to that and moments later I was finally able to follow. He went in the archway and down the hall to the biggest fitting room at the end and left the door open a bit. I stood just outside the door waiting for him to come out and show me when he had the first shirt on. I couldnít wait to see him in a t-shirt instead of a winter jacket and sweatshirt that he was wearing now. All of a sudden he opened the door with the jacket off but the sweatshirt still on and said not out there you Nimrod in here and pulled me into the fitting room with him and closed the door. His hands were like hot coals he was so warm and soft. I was so nervous my teeth started chattering. He looked at me and chuckled. "What's so funny" I said. You are adorable "he said". Wha wha what I said. Youíre really cute and I think you like me he said. Then he pulled his sweatshirt off to reveal a huge chest and melon sized biceps, his blond hair was sticking up all over from that winter static and when he reached up to push his hair back his arms just exploded, his abs were nice not totally ripped but obviously there.

I blanked out for a second and then realized something and made sure that my suit jacket did not open much because I could feel the hardest boner in my pants that I ever had. Still a little shy are we he said, Fine let me try one of these shirts on. He pulled a shirt over his head and it fit like a glove you could see everything even the bumps where his abs were. Now the test he said and he did a Double Bicep. "Oh my GodĒ I whispered to myself as the shirt sleeves ripped under the arms. "Shit" he said. I have to get XXXL. I'LL get it, them, the shirts I muttered like an Idiot and then grabbed the door went to pull it open and stepped at the same time and hit myself in the face with the door and knocked my glasses off. I said fuck as I grabbed my face. He bent down and picked up my glasses (His ass was nice from what I could see without my glasses) while laughing hysterically. I ran out of the dressing rooms as fast as I could totally embarrassed, not even stopping to get my glasses back. I heard him yell stop you forgot your glasses. Iíll be back I yelled. Luckily the store was still quiet as I held each shirt right up to my face so I could see the size. After what seemed like it took an eternity but was really about 10 minutes I came back. Very Very Slowly I went back down the hallway to the dressing room with the door open. I couldnít see him but pushed the door open a little more and stepped in and looked around the corner when all of sudden I felt someone behind me. Aha now I have you were I want you, you canít run out the door he said. As he nudged me into the dressing room and closed the door behind me. He was still wearing the ripped shirt. It was even more ripped I donít know if he did it on purpose or it was from moving around but it was hot, revealing skin here and there. When I realized I was staring at him I quickly darted my eyes around the room like I was looking nowhere in particular and then realized I was we were just standing there and I had the new shirts in my hand. Oh I said like an idiot ďhere are the shirts I could find in Triple XLĒ. He handed me my Glasses and said you might want these and I said oh yea that might help. Ok Lets try these shirts he said but this one on me is a goner anyway so we might as well put it out of its misery and grabbed the shirt by the collar and ripped it down the front. OH MY GOD! My dick wanted to rip out of my jeans. I was just mesmerized I just was so fucking in Awe. I couldnít say anything for a moment and then finally I said hereís one to try on and went to hand him one when he said forget the shirts and pushed them out of my hands on to the floor what about this Arm he said and flexed his bicep. It was the biggest thing I had ever seen. Go ahead I donít mind if you touch. I was very nervous but somehow thought it would be funny if I said ďdonít mind if I doĒ and went for it. It was so hot (to the touch that is) and so smooth. Now how about the chest he said and started bouncing his Pecs, well that made me start to cum a little in my pants. He realized what was happening and said a little early for that donít you think. I was wearing my suit and just decided I better take my pants off before they get wet so I did. Hey now he said I donít know you that well yet. I stopped and said sorry and he laughed and said Iím only kidding. When I got my pants off all the way he said donít mind if I join you and took his pants off. He was wearing a pair of boxers and had quite a nice bulge in them. Now where was I he said and started flexing his thighs. He looked down and said maybe you better take of the tighty whities too. WellÖ is all I got to say when he said Iíll help you and ripped them right off me. He stepped back and said I think heís happy to see me looking at my dick. Then he laughed again and I said What afraid he was laughing at my size which I thought was average. He knew what I was thinking and said oh no no, you look funny in a Dress shirt, Neck Tie, Suit Jacket and nothing below the waist but some socks. Letís get this stuff off and he helped me take everything else off. Very slowly and erotically I might add. Then he put his hands under my arms and lifted me up onto the bench in the dressing room making me taller then him by a few feet and said ďPerfectĒ bent down a little and took my Dick in his mouth just long enough to take the initial spurt of cum of my dick.

I canít believe this is happening I said. Believe it he said and bear hugged me and backed up taking me off the bench. His mouth was right at the level of my chest and started playing with my nipple with his tongue, and then he lifted me higher, tensed his abs and started rubbing my dick up and down them. I was trying to hold it in but I felt like I was going to cum any second. He then stopped when he felt me tense up and told me to hold it. Iím trying I said he backed away for a second and let me calm down. He then pulled off his boxers which still were on. His Dick sprang out and was about 9 to 10 inches I would guess 3Ē+ longer than me and thicker. This time I moved first, knelt down and took as much as I could in my mouth. He let out a Groan and tilted his head back. I worked hard at trying to get the juice out but when he was close he bent down and picked me up right off his dick and started kissing me again. Then he set me down on my feet and walked me backwards into the wall and pressed his chest right against mine he bounced his pecs again some so I could feel it right against mine and it was against my shoulders too. I realized at that moment that the outside of my shoulders fit in the middle of his chest area. That his shoulders and arms were way out on either side of me. Wow! He is wide. He then lifted me again and told me to bring each of my legs on to each of his shoulders. (remember I am still facing him) as I did this of course my waist/hip area is right against his face and then he slipped my hard dick all the way into his mouth. He is standing holding my weight on his shoulders with my dick down his throat. He started to suck and I started to cum immediately if not sooner. He just leaned my back to the wall and sucked so hard I thought my dick would come off. Put if felt amazing. When I was finished he took me off his shoulders and laid me on the bench face down. Just then we heard someone go into one of the other dressing rooms. He went over to the door and peeked out. Is someone coming I said No but I will be in a minute. He smirked and put his finger up to his mouth to sush me. A few minutes later the other dressing room door opened and the person left the dressing room area. On his way back over to me he stopped and pulled a condom out of his jeans pocket. He ripped the package open and placed it on his dick he rolled me over to be face up and flexed his biceps. I couldnít believe it and he looked surprised too as I started to get hard again. He said hey Itís my turn and lifted my legs up and slid his dick into my hole. It took a little work but he got all the way in and stuck his tongue out far enough to lick the head of my dick while ramming me. He held back for a good ten minutes and then came so hard it made me lift up a little off the bench.

We lay on the bench for a little while until he got up and said gotta go. I was obviously disappointed but he said do you work this shift this time next week and I said yea 1 to 9pm. Iíll see you then he said and I smiled. He put his clothes back on flexing his pecs and biceps for me during the dressing phase and then came over and stuck his tongue down my throat for a minute a then winked and said I had fun and I came back with an astoundingly stupid me too and then he turned picked up the new pile of shirts and left the dressing room and closed the door behind him. I collapsed with a grin from ear to ear. Then I heard my boss calling my name outside the dressing room area a minute later and I tried to quick get dressed again shoving my ripped in half underwear in my pocket. It took me a couple minutes but I got dressed quicker then I had in my life and went out of the dressing rooms. There you are my boss said just as I came out to the sales floor. Yea a Sorry I said but I was checking the dressing rooms. Well fine he said but thereís a customer waiting at your register. Oh sorry I said and went around the huge display wall of shirts to the other side where my register sits and there he was again waiting for me to ring him up. My boss was still in ear shot as I said, Iím sorry for the wait sir and he said thatís Peter my name is Peter. Oh and Iím Tim, lets see what you have here. 5 T-Shirts are we anxious for spring. No he said I am heading for Florida in about a week. That will be nice I bet as I started to ring up the shirts. How would you like to pay for that, I said. With cash he said and reached into his pocket. Thatíll be 58 dollars I said and he handed me the money and said Thanks as I put the money in the register and handed him his bag. Thanks for Everything Tim he said as he bounced his pecs under his open jacket. I tried to keep my composure and said No Peter! Thank You for everything and Please Please come back again soon. Just before he turned to walk out his said Your Welcome he said with a wink and I got to say It was my pleasure I assure you and then he turned and walked away and out of the store. I came back around the corner to fold the t-shirts I had made a mess of earlier and saw my boss walking away but my buddy John who had come in for his shift was just on the other side of the shirt display and said your quite the Ass-Kisser with the customers arenít you? You have no Idea I said and then started folding shirts as he looked at me kind of puzzled. •

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