Fitting Room


By tjstoys

A week had passed, quite possibly the longest week of my entire life. I was working my shift, yes folding and refolding and refolding the same damn sweaters for hours waiting and getting excited every time I heard a voice or saw someone in the distance thinking it could be him. Waiting and Pacing and Waiting and Pacing and the night was over, he never showed up. I was very disappointed as you can imagine. I thought it was me I was not that exciting to him and why would I be he was gorgeous and hot and built like a tank, I was thin, average looking, and now very down on myself. I turned in my cash drawer, clocked out and went to the parking garage to drive home and drink enough to forget how depressed I was.

As I dragged myself through the parking garage with my head down I passed a cement support pole and a voice said behind me "What's wrong did you think I forgot you" I turned around to see Peter standing there against the poll. "Peter" I said like I was 5 and he was the Uncle that brought me candy or something. "Sorry he said it got a little late, time got away from me today packing to go to Florida" I started to get a little depressed again just knowing he was leaving soon and I had only known him for one week and really for about 20 to 30 minutes. I looked closely and between his leather jacket I could see the sweater he was wearing it was so tight you could see the ripples in his stomach area right through it. He gave a big grin and said plus I didn't want to get you fired tonight and I though maybe we could really spend some time together. "Sure what did you have in mind I said with a little wink" and he said "Dinner, I haven't eaten yet and I'm Starving" Not exactly what I had in mind but anytime with him in this fantasy world was so much better than my real life so I responded with "Sound Great!" still in the excited voice.

We went to the TGIF on the other side of the mall in his truck (it’s a big mall you have to drive, it would take you 20 minutes to walk) It was amazing just watching peoples faces as he walked past them. We sat down and behind his back were two guys who were obviously staring at him and for a second I thought what they were all thinking, what am I Doing with this guy? Why did he choose me to spend some time with when he could obviously have anyone he wanted and probably two or three or four of them at the same time. I quickly put it out of my head because I noticed he was staring right at me and I just noticed. “What you thinking about?” he said “Oh nothing” I said (good answer idiot now he thinks you just stare into space for no reason) “Just worn out a little from work” I tried to cover. “Busy” he said “No I was just worrying all day you wouldn’t show up, Did that sound pathetic” I asked “No it’s sweet, you don’t know how refreshing it is to hear someone thinks about you, guys that are built like it am they could care less if its you our just another guy with muscles” “Yea right I said first of all there is no one I have ever seen built like you and bodybuilders slash muscle guys are always into each other and nobody else usually exists” He interrupted with “that’s not true, well in my case at least” Just then the food arrived and he chowed down and there was no talking until he was done.

We ate, well he ate like he hadn’t eaten in a month. Every once in a while I would look up to catch me smiling at me and then my eyes would drift over his shoulder to see the two guys staring at his back or his arm when he would lift the glass to his mouth and I would have been doing the same thing. “What do you keep looking at back there and please don’t say Oh Nothing again” “There are two guys back there that are obviously family and I think they have the Hots for you” I said “Oh really” He said and he stood up took his jacket off and stretched putting his hands behind his head and making his biceps pop like you wouldn’t believe. Instantly got hard and I know they must have too. Then he unexpectantly turned around and caught both of them gawking and they were so nervous it actually made me giggle although if I was them I would have wet my pants. He stepped over to they’re table and said “what are you guys staring at” in a harsh tone and I got worried and they were obviously totally thrown by this and started muttering and he said to my surprise “are you staring at my date, (as he put one giant hand on each of their shoulders and I thought they would piss their pants.) He is kinda cute isn’t he. I blushed and turned away. He laughed and said “You guys have a good night and came back to our table. Our check came a second after that he paid the bill and wouldn’t let me contribute and we left. As we left I looked over and the guys grinned at me. This was the first time in my life I think somebody was ever jealous of me and it sounds horrible but it felt good.

We walked out to the car and I said “Thanks for dinner” “Sure, Hop In” he said as he unlocked the car. When we sat side by side I could really see how Thick he was. There was so little room left between his chest and the steering wheel it was almost scary. If he had flexed his chest he could have steered with his pecs. “Should I take you back to your car” he said. This was it I thought to myself now I supposed to go, No! No! “NO!” I accidentally said one out loud. “Well Ok” he said “I just thought you might want to follow me back to my place instead of leaving your car here all night” “Oh! Yea aaahh Good Idea I will follow you back to your place” I Said while saying in the back of my mind YOU IDIOT he just didn’t want me to leave my car here all night. We went back around the mall to my car and then I jumped in my car and followed him to his house shaking in excitement the entire time. •

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