First Meal

By Ty Blair

"Dude! Check out that guy over there. the one in the flannel shirt," I said to my best friend Craig as we walked through the park.

A game of football was going on in an open area of the park and in the middle of the fray was one of the most incredibly well built men I had ever seen. Tall, dark hair, and massively muscled and tan. The game seemed to be coming to an end and Craig and myself nearly died when he started walking toward us with a big smile on his face.

"Hi, guys. Ya'll come out here a lot? Noticed you guys watching the game. You ever play?" he said to us as we stood there looking stupid and open mouthed.

I prided myself in my body, and I was pretty close to his size, but he was clearly cut out of a different mold, perfect in every way. And he looked so familiar for some reason.

"By the way, I'm Tony," he said as he extended his huge hand toward me.

"I'm...uh.....oh....I'm Tyson. Friends call me Ty, and this is my buddy Creig," I stammered as I took his hand and shook it.

"Yeah, I know who you are, Ty. We went to high school together, but I knew you wouldn't recognize me. You might say I've done a lot of growing up since high school when you starred on the football team, but I think I've aged quite well, don't you think?" he said as he flexed his chest a little.

That was the understatement of the year! Now, that he told me we went to school together, I realized who he was. No shit he'd aged gracefully! In high school Tony had been the picture of puniness. He never came out much and was always pale. He was only about 5'5" when we graduated from high school and he weighed maybe 110 soaking wet. He was the classic geek with greasy hair and big glasses, and he wore clothes that had to have been bought at the Salvation Army because they were so outdated. But somehow in the 8 years since high school he had undergone quite the metamorphosis!

"Why don't you fellas come back to my place, and Ty and I can catch up on old times. I only live about a block from here."

We eagerly agreed. No way was either of us going to miss a minute of looking at this dark haired god. We walked back to his place and chatted about just about anything as he unlocked the door to his apartment and ushered us into a very stylish and elegantly decorated apartment.

"Either of you boys thirsty? A good game of pick up ball always dries me out big time!"

"Sure, man. I'll take something to drink," I said.

"Me too, dude," Creig echoed.

He went into the kitchen and moments later emerged with tall glasses of what looked like kool-aid.

"Sorry, man. It's all I have left. Gotta hit the store this afternoon. Drink up. I'm gonna go clean up a bit and I'll be back in a few." He went into his room and closed the door, and I downed my drink in a few gulps. Not bad, I thought. Got a little kick to it. Creig set his drink down without touching it and wandered around the room looking at Tony's stuff while I plopped myself down on the couch and looked through a magazine.

10 minutes later Tony emerged and he had to notice us both staring at him. He wore only a pair of cut off jean shorts. His wet hair dripping a bit. "Laundry day," he said casually as he walked over to a full length mirror and checked himself out.

He turned back to me and leaned back against the wall and looked me over for a minute. "Man, you look like you still work out pretty hard. What's your current stats, man?"

"Well, Tony I measured and weighed last week and I was 6'2" 230."

Tony grinned. "You must have cut off the first several inches of that tape, man. No way, you're 6'2". I'm 6'2" and I can look at you and tell I'm considerably taller than you are."

I stood up and Tony walked over to me and I looked up into his eyes. But that's not possible, I thought. In the park I know we were eye to eye!

"Whatdya think, Creig? Does he look 6'2" to you?"

Creig looked over at me quizically. "That's weird. Ty's always been a little taller than me. I'm sure of it, but......" Creig walked over and looked down at me! "What's happening to him?!"

Tony laughed out loud. "Liked my new drink did you, Ty? Looks like it agreed with you too. That was a lot more than kook-aid, little man. It contained a byproduct of some of my college research. You see fellas, I've never worked out a day in my life. In college I became obsessed with finding the key to human growth, and after 3 years of failed attempts I isolated out the genetic code for size and presto! I created a growth formula and after some successful lab animal experiments I tried it out on myself. I rubbed the cream into my chest and went to bed one night at 5'5", 110. and when I got up the next morning, there stood the new me! 6'2" 245 pounds of massive muscle. Needless to say I was an overnight sensation on campus. One of the lucky byproducts of my research was that I was also able to reverse the process and create a reducing formula. In small doses I was able to return myself to my 5'5" size, but in large doses I figured it would super reduce. I concentrated the formula and used it on a gorilla in the lab. Within about 20 minutes he was the size of a lab mouse. As you can see it works well on people too," Tony said motioning to me.

By now I was only about half my normal size and I stood looking up past the two giant's waistbands, my eyes wild with fear.

Creig looked down at me with a strange grin on his face and tousled my hair with his giant hand. "Ty, you are kinda cute like that. I must admit I like the new look, little man."

"Oh, he'll get a lot smaller yet, Creig. I have managed to develop some control over the rate of shrinkage. Watch this and freak out, man." He looked at Tony as Tony raised his arm and prepared to flex his massive bicep. Creig reached out and touched it as Tony flexed and I felt my shrinkage increase as he held the contraction.

By now I was barely knee high to the two giants. They looked down at me as I continued to drop in size.

"And to think he used to be the big man on campus, Creig. Not much big about him now, huh?"

Creig knelt down and looked at me with a sinister grin on his face. "Nope. Definitely nothing big about him now." Creig reached out and pushed me with his finger. "Look up at a real man, runt." And with an exagerrated motion, Creig stood to his full height. I was now dropping below the thick bulge in the giants calves and Creig backed away to let Tony have his fun with me for a while. Creig wanted to enjoy this show to the fullest!

Tony bent and wrapped his now giant fingers around me and I felt his hand close as I was lifted from the ground in the giant's hand. He held me up to face level and grinned his evil grin.

"Well, well, well, little runt man. What am I going to do with you now?" Tony began as he stole a glance at Creig.

"Creig! What the hell are you doing, man?" He said surprised. I turned to see Creig sit his glass down on the bar. "That drink has the shrinking potion in it too, man."

"NO!" Creig cried. "Please tell me you're lying." but already it had begun. I allowed myself a grin as Tony moved to stand near Creig who was now only as tall as Tony's mammoth shoulders.

"Tony, do something! Make it stop, man!" but already Tony was beginning to grin as Creig dropped below Tony's massive chest.

"Nothing I can do for ya, buddy. Guess you'll just have to enjoy the ride," and Tony raised his arm and prepared to flex which would speed the rate of Creig's shrink.

"NOOOOO!!!!!" Creig wailed as Tony flexed and Creig rapidly dropped to waist high to the massive giant.

Tony reached out to the coffee table and dropped me on a coaster. He stood up and unzipped his cut offs and began to peel them off as Creig dropped to mid quad to the giant. By the time he had slipped the shorts off, Creig was only knee high. Tony stood to his full height and stood directly over the shrinking Creig who now wore an expression almost of some pleasure as he dropped past the bulge in Tony's enormous calf. Tony reached down and lifted Creig in one hand and reached out and retrieved me in the other as he lay back on the sofa and dropped us both onto his ripped field of abs. We could feel each breath as the skin expanded as he inhaled and returned as he exhaled. I looked around for some avenue of escape, but none was to be found.

"Well, my little friends, how do you like your new look?" Tony questioned. "Ty, you were always threatening to make me suck your dick in high school, now let's see if you can climb mine." and he motioned to his crotch. "And Creig, why don't you go join him. There may be a surprise in it for you if you do a good job."

Creig turned and looked at the phallus that was rapidly filling with blood and growing stiffer and longer every second. He began to walk toward the giant organ. "Come on, Ty. Let's go have some fun," he beckoned.

"Fun!? This isn't exactly my idea of fun, little man." but seeing no choice I began to follow him down past the giant's navel and into the thick pubic bush.

We stopped at the base of the giant penis and looked up at it's house sized proportions towering over us both. Creig reached out and began to rub the giant penis. "I can't believe how huge it is. God, this is so hot." and he began to stroke harder. He wrapped his arms around the huge organ and began to try to jack the giant off as best he could.

I stood back and watched in horror as Creig was getting into this giant jack off session. He was rubbing his whole body all over the giant's dick. "You are one sick little fucker," I said in disgust. "You actually enjoy being 4 inches tall. Well, you enjoy it, man. I for one plan to grow back to my full size somehow and teach this idiot a lesson he'll never forget. Maybe once I've taken care of him, I'll let you play on my dick, since you seem to like it so much."

But Creig seemed totally lost in his job of getting the giant off. He began to climb the giant dick and struggled to get on top of the giant organ. He spread himself out on the giant head and pushed his tiny dick into the giant's slit and actually began to fuck the giant's dick.

"Oh, God! Tony, this is so hot! I never thought it could be like this, baby." Creig panted and screamed out with each thrust of his puny dick. Tony reached down and began to stroke his giant dick, and I was nearly thrown off of him as he arched his hips into the motion of his giant hand. The sight of the tiny Creig fucking his giant dick was clearly getting the giant off and the tell tale signs of a rising orgasm were clear as Tony's dick began to jerk.

He pulled the dick down against his abs and Creig backed away as a shot of hot, white jizz exploded from the giant cock and covered Creig in milky whiteness. He found me and aimed the stream at me as well and I too was covered in his giant spunk as he milked the remainder of his giant cum out of his swollen cock. Creig rushed to the tip and rubbed himself in the thick whiteness as Tony's hand reached out and lifted me with just two fingers. I looked down as Tony moved me across his massvie body toward his face. When it became clear what Tony had in mind I began to struggle and to scream as he dropped me into his waiting mouth. I thought for sure he was going to eat me, but instead I felt his tongue all over my body cleaning me off. He lifted me out of his mouth with his tongue and once more his hand lifted me up and out and I was deposited on his smooth, hard, left pec.

"Well, Ty, how are you enjoying life at your new size? You seem intent on not obeying what you are told. Now lie down on my nipple and jack yourself off. DO IT NOW!!!" the giant's loud voice sounded like thunder and I was thrown to my back across his nipple as he began to flex beneath me. I took my tiny dick in my hand and began to slowly stroke it.

His hand reached down to his crotch and momentarily I saw Creig pass above me as he was lifted to the giant's mouth as well.

The giant lifted Creig from his mouth and deposited him on his chin. For a moment he just looked down at the diminuitive Creig and just smiled in satisfaction. "You have performed well my little friend. Now I want to reward you if you want it." and he grinned waiting for a response from Creig.

"Tony, that was the hottest thing I've ever done, man. Totally fuckin' awesome."

"Buddy, you make a great tiny lover, but I was thinking of maybe taking you up to full size. Not just normal size mind you, but full size. Like me. Whatdya think about that?"

Creig turned and looked down at me beating off on the giant chest. He turned back to the giant with a grin. "You mean it, Tony?"

"Yeah, I mean it. If you're that good at sub munchkin size, I can't imagine how good you'd be at full size. So you wanna do it? It's your choice, man."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing above me. Tony was giving Creig the chance to be full size. What the fuck about me, I thought.

Creig turned back to the giant with a grin. "Let's do it, man."

Tony scooped Creig up in his hand and lifted me from his chest and dropped us both on the coffee table as he went out to his room.

"This is bull shit, man," I began. "No way he's gonna make you big, you idiot. You gotta know that. What's going through that crazy head of your's, Creig. Do you honestly think that crazy idiot is going to make you as big as him. You not only shrunk, you got stupid too!"

Creig started to say something but then Tony came around the sofa and sat down. In his hand was an eye dropper. He grinned down at Creig. "Well, buddy. You ready to get big?"

Creig stepped off the coaster and tried to look brave. Tony leaned over with his elbows on his gargantuan thighs. "Yeah, Tony," he turned and gave me a weird look and winked. "Let's do it."

Tony lifted the eye dropper over Creig's head as I stood back and watched and shook my head. He squeezed the bulb, and Creig was coated with a slick liquid that instantly was absorbed into his skin. He lay the eye dropper back on the sofa and reached out and quickly lowered Creig and myself to the floor. Creig came over and stood looking at me with this really funny expression on his face. Tony stood and planted his feet on either side of us.

Creig looked down at his hands and then down across his chest. "It burns," he said. "I feel really weird," he said and then I noticed he was getting ever so slightly larger! "I'm growing!" he yelled excitedly. He came over and looked down into my eyes as his growth sped up. Within moments I was only chest high to him. But that wasn't all. His muscles were rapidly growing as well. By the time he had doubled in height, his chest had grown massive and his arms were quickly filling out as well. His belly knotted into a hard, tight 6-pak of muscle and his quads thickened. He looked down at me as he grew, and Tony stepped back to give his expanding frame room.

I stepped back, unable to believe that Tony had actually given Creig the growth drug.

"Oh, shit! This feels incredible," Creig exclaimed as he stood over me. He lifted his arm and flexed his bicep and with the contraction of the muscle the speed of his growth increased. By now he was waist high to Tony, and there was no indication that his growth was slowing down anytime soon. He began to rub his hands all over his now huge muscles as he grew taller and taller. Tony reached down and began to rub his body as well, as Creig grew to chest high to Tony. Tony tilted Creig's face up to his and kissed him deeply as Creig grew to Tony's equal and then passed him by about 3 inches so that he now stood taller and more massive than even Tony.

His hands were all over Tony as they continued their kiss. Their giant bodies pressed together high over me. And then Tony broke the kiss and their eyes met for a second before Tony looked down at me and then Creig's eyes followed. Tony backed away as Creig spread his legs and looked down at me. He threw back his head and laughed a huge, deep laugh that shook the room like thunder to my tiny ears. "So Tony wasn't gonna make me big, huh? Well, whatdya call this then, runt?! and he hit a massive most muscular pose over me before he reached down and wrapped his fingers around my tininess. He lifted me and dropped me on his immense cock. "Now, who's gonna work who's giant cock?" He laughed again and his giant body shook with the sound. Tony knelt down and looked at me on Creig's immense dick before he opened his mouth and took the giant cock into his waiting mouth. He took it deep and his nose pushed me deep into Creig's pubic bush before he pulled off the giant dick. He reached out and lifted me with his thumb and foreginger and held me wriggling in front of his face.

"Well, Creig. What shall we do with this useless morsel?"

Creig got a wicked gleam in his eye. He reached out and took me from Tony. "I'm really hungry, Tony," he said. "My body needs some protien."

Tony was getting into it now, too. "Yeah, you're starting to waste away, man. Better eat something quick."

Creig threw his head back and opened his mouth and held me over the yawning chasm.

"Do it, man." Tony said. and I began to struggle as Creig brought me closer to his huge mouth.

"Creig, man. Don't! It's me, man! You're buddy, Ty!" I could feel the heat from his breath as his mouth closed around my legs.

Tony began to stroke his cock as Creig began to suck me in like a spaghetti noodle. I could feel the wetness of his tongue caressing me as he pulled me further and further into his mouth. and then I was totally inside. I felt his tongue push me back against his throat and then his teeth closed down on my left arm. I screamed as the pressure of his teeth increased until I felt the blood streaming down my arm on to his tongue. The sound of my agony was lost as he bit down and my arm was rent from my body. I passed out as his teeth closed on my legs, and the last thing I remember was the sight of my arm disappearing down his giant throat.

His first meal. •

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