Truck-Land, USA


By Lemur1

If last you recall we left our protagonist in the throws of passion in the dressing room of Lowe’s Dry Goods. We now return to our tale but a short while before in time across town.

Buz enjoyed catching his reflection in the automatic doors as he was carrying his groceries out of the Piggly Wiggly. Damn his guns were getting big. He loved the new stuff his Dad was letting him use. He put on five pounds in the last three months – all muscle. He watched his biceps bounce and bulge as he moved the two bags of groceries around in his arms. He loved checking out his body. He easily had the biggest arms in the county at nineteen inches. Sometimes he secretly wished he could just walk around naked all day just so everybody could see all of his big fucking muscles.

He thought about when his Dad first agreed to let him try the steroids intended for his cattle business - Turner Live Stock. It was back in his junior year when he started playing ball. He had been complaining about wanting to be a defensive lineman but that he needed to put on more weight. He was real subtle in his hints and let his Dad think it was his idea that Buz start trying “the juice.” The gains came quick back then. If he wasn’t lifting he was eating or practicing. The other guys started talking, but he put an end to that. One head quickly mashed into a locker resulting in 17 stitches and they all stopped talking – at least not so he would hear about it.

It was the following year after putting on some serious weight that he started dating Crystal Lowe. She was the hottest chick in school and she looked real good on his arm. Of course she would never be the number one love in Buz’s life as that spot was reserved for him. Nothing got Buz as hard as looking at his own body, and as the years passed there was just more of him to love. He wished the juice could give him a dick to match his buff body, but no such thing happened. It was the one thing he hated about himself – his four-inch cock.

Thinking about Crystal reminded him he hadn’t seen her all week. Maybe he should pay her a little visit? She could do with a little refresher that she was dating the hottest stud in town. Their Dads kept hinting on about the two of them getting married - joining the wealth if ya’ know what I mean. Buz just couldn’t seem to pop the question. He liked Crystal enough he guessed, and sex was good and all – she was certainly pretty enough, but he still felt something was missing.

It was a short drive from the Piggly Wiggly over to Lowe’s Dry Goods. Buz walked in the store and heard the bell ring, and thought he heard Crystal’s voice but didn’t see her anywhere. “Damn,” Crystal whispered “the one time somebody decides to get their lazy butt in the store before 11:00 am.” As she tried to pull herself off Billy’s still half hard cock she began to realize just how big it was. As much as her arousal had eased Billy’s cock in, her panic now made it difficult to get out.

Billy witnessing her struggle tired to help, but the discomfort in her face made him wonder if they were stuck this way. With some cautious effort and patience Billy’s cock finally swelled down enough to allow Crystal to be autonomous again. As they worked at solving their human Chinese puzzle Buz called out, “Hey, Crystal where ya’ at honey?”

“I’ll be right there,” Crystal called out. “Shit,” she whispered as she struggled to get back in her clothes. “Billy, if ya’ stay low you should be able to sneak over there,” she said as she pointed to the men’s area of the store from where they were hiding by the dressing rooms. “You should be able to find something to wear that’s big enough for you.” She said as she straightened out her clothes and stood to leave the small dressing room. “Thanks Crystal” Billy whispered.

“Well, hey Buz,” Crystal said in an overly happy voice as she walked out to greet him. Buz decided to give her a thrill and scooped her up in his powerful arms giving her a wet kiss, and immediately sensed something had changed. “Buz, please,” she said as she struggled out of his arms “not right now.”

“Well if not now when?” He asked setting her down. “What’s goin’ on Crystal?”

“Buz, we need to talk.” She said quietly not looking him in the eyes. “We’ve been datin’ a long time and well… I just have to wonder if we should keep on doin’ that?” Buz stepped back his face turning red. He wasn’t sure if he was hurt or just angry, but he didn’t like what he just heard. “Where the Hell did that come from? You think you’re too good for me? Hah! As if. You’re just dreamin’ if you think you can do better than me in this town or any place else!” Buz was getting angrier and stepping in towards Crystal when Billy stepped up behind them.

“Heh! Back off Buz. She’s just trying to be honest with you.” Billy said. “Who the Fuck are you getting’ in our business Mac!” Buz said spinning around ready to punch the man behind the voice. His fist dropped as he looked up at Billy not quite believing what he was seeing. All of Buz’s bravado evaporated, as he looked straight on at the widest set of pecs he had ever seen. He felt his cock stiffen marveling at the colossus of muscle wearing a t-shirt and pair of jeans that looked painted on leaving little to the imagination.

“Let’s just say I’m a friend, and leave it at that.” Billy said taking a wide stance in front of Buz his thumbs stuck in his front pockets tugging down, drawing attention to the overstuffed crotch of his jeans. Buz was confused and conflicted. Part of him wanted to punch this guy for interfering and part of him was drawn to the stranger. He was feeling something he had never felt looking at a man before. He didn’t know if was jealousy or something else, but he didn’t think he liked it. “So you know Crystal, hunh?” Buz asked.

“Of course he does,” Crystal interrupted. “He’s Billy Hawkins – you know from High School?”

Now Buz was sure he was mad. He knew Billy Hawkins all right. He knew he worked down at the mini-mart and he knew he was a nobody, a scrappy looking nobody. There was no way this giant of a man was Billy. “I guess he doesn’t recognize me eh Crystal. Can’t say I blame him lately I don’t recognize myself.”

“You’re a liar!” Buz shouted. “A filthy stinkin’ liar. There ain’t no way you’re Billy Hawkins. Your both lyin’ to me, and I don’t play nobodies fool.” Buz said and then turned to Crystal. “And we’re through! I don’t date no liars – you hear me? I’m breaking up with you.” And before Crystal could even respond Buz stormed out of the store. Billy and Crystal just stood there speechless watching Buz tear out of the parking lot and leaving a trail of rubber in his wake.

After a few moments of silence Billy placed his large hands on Crystal’s tiny shoulders and spoke. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It was time to end that relationship anyway. We’ve been dating for so long, and everybody just assumed I was happy - Buz loves himself more than he ever loved me. It’ll all work out for the best I suppose.” Crystal turned and looked Billy directly in the eyes, and said; “Listen Billy. I can’t explain what just happened between us. I’ve never been so carried away in my life, but what ever happens I would like to find if there is more to it.”

“I would too.” Billy replied. “I can’t say that I’m not worried about you though. Buz has always been a hothead. I just hope he doesn’t go and do something foolish.”

Buz tore down the street in the bright, red F-250 truck occasionally running up onto the curb as he cussed and pounded the dashboard with his fist. His face was almost as red as his truck as he speed home a wicked plan brewing in his brain. If that was Billy Hawkins he just saw he’d be damned if he was gonna be out muscled by the likes of him. He skidded to a halt in the drive of his parent’s property sending gravel and dust into the air.

He ran into the main house carrying a crowbar and broke the door in on his Daddy’s office. They were both out of town at a cattleman’s convention leaving him free to unleash his plan. He wasn’t too worried about his Dad being upset. What could he do to him? He could take his Dad easily with all his muscle

A while back his Dad had made mention of getting a new steroid to try out on bulls, but he was shopping around for cheap steer to try it out on. He also sternly told Buz he could not have it. It was experimental and he was not going to let his son risk his life on something as extreme as this stuff.

The denial only made Buz want it more. How powerful could this stuff be, and could it be any riskier than any of the other stuff that had worked so well for him? He smashed the cabinet door where his dad kept all the stuff, and grabbed some needles and the blue box that contained his prize. He tossed down the crowbar and all but ran out to the barn where he had his own private gym.

Once out there, alone on the property, he pulled off his dress shirt. He opened the box and retrieved one of the vials. Using one of the syringe packets he tore open he extracted the contents from the vial. His hands shook with anticipation as he lowered his jeans exposing his round muscular ass and plunged the needle in. The stuff was thick and hurt going in as he slowly injected himself. “Now, let’s try this shit out!”

Buz stepped over the weight bench and racked up the bar with a 150lbs to warm up. After about twelve reps he felt a little light headed, and sat up for a moment. He shook it off and added a little 50lbs to that bar. After 20 reps it felt like nothing to him so he pulled off the two 25lbs plates and re-placed them with four fifties. He lay under the 350 bar and with some effort lifted it off the rack and slowly lowered it. “ That’s better! He grunted out and took a depth breath and pushed the bar back up. After a few reps he was moving the bar smoothly up and down like a machine. “Fuck yeah!” He shouted after he racked that bar after thirty reps. He sat up and squeezed his left pec felling the tightness of his pump. He undershirt was stretched tight across him and the sleeves were getting tighter too as his triceps so engorged from a pump yearned for more weight.

He reset to bar with the heaviest plates he had bringing it up to 500lbs. The sweat was pouring off of him as he laid back on the bench. His whole body seemed to be itching and hot with a fever as he hoisted the bar and pounded out more reps. After 20 reps he heard and felt the tearing of the shirt’s armpit seams. “Fuck Yeah!” He said again as he rack the bar. We’re gonna show that Billy who’s the biggest stud in town. Billy decided it was time to do some squats with the 500 lbs bar. The warmth and the itching had become more intense as Buz performed rep after rep. He moved from exercise to exercise working every muscle without rest – egged on by the sound of more seams splitting. He couldn’t believe he was growing so fast he was busting out of his clothes.

He was feeling a little exhausted and decided he needed something to eat, and bring his strength back up. Luckily he kept bottles of protein drinks in a fridge he had placed out in the barn for easy access when he worked out. He gulped the first one down and then another, and another. He felt so re-energized and stronger than ever, and he wanted more. Somewhere in the back of his brain he knew he shouldn’t, but his body vetoed his brain and before he mind could intervene he had injected himself again.

Buz walked over to where he’d set up a few mirrors and admired his pumped up physic. He grabbed the tattered t-shirt and pulled it away and made his most-muscular pose in front of the long mirror. He squeezed his muscles as hard as he could and watched as a road map of veins came into display. He marveled at his swollen pectoral muscles and rock hard abs. Was it just his imagination or did his light blonde chest hair seem thicker? He didn’t recall it spreading down his stomach like that before. He continued to squeeze all his muscles and was rewarded with the sound of more tearing. Soon his jeans were being pulled apart at the seams. He grabbed the waistband and pulled them away. Exposing the stiffening cock in his boxers.

“Fuckin’ A, That’s what I talking about. Big Man muscle!” Buz hollered at his reflection. “Billy Hawkins is gonna beg for mercy, and to think, Daddy wasn’t even gonna let me have this stuff.” Buz worked from pose to pose as he felt his muscles get harder and harder. His cock was swollen with a tightness that hurt. Soon the glorious pump he was having gave way to incredible pain. “Oh, shit!” He cried as his body was racked with agony. He felt like he was having a full body Charlie-horse. He tried to stretch it out but the pain only became worse. He watched the mirror in shock as his muscles started to bloat and swell almost deforming him as they grew out of control. The pain in his groin got worse as his boxer shorts exploded from his body his ass muscles and throbbing cock becoming too large to contain. “Shit…” Buz whimpered as he looked at his cock so painfully engorged with blood it was solid purple. It grew fatter and fatter, only growing longer looking more like six or seven inches instead of his meager four. But, it was so thick it seemed as round as a beer can.

His muscles continued to grow. Even the muscles in his face became thicker making him look like a Neanderthal. Soon his whole body began to spasm unable to control it he fell down convulsing as his muscles continued to grow larger. His traps soon engulfed his head rising up just below his ears. His biceps and triceps grew so thick they pushed out at against his swelling lats no longer able to rest against his sides. His thighs swelled pushing his legs apart thrusting his fat prick straight out as it rested on his tennis ball sized testicles.

Even though Buz wasn’t touching his cock he could feel the pressure building in his groin until finally his stump thick cock erupted like a volcano. His eyes rolled back into his head as waves of pain and euphoria swept over him and then everything went black. •

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