Truck-Land, USA


By flex4u

Billy pulled up in his new truck in front of Lowry’s Dry Goods and parked a ways out in the parking lot. He hoped he remembered when Crystal was supposed to get off that day. He was remembering the morning when they had ‘gotten acquainted’, his massive dick twitched in anticipation of seeing her again. Billy had changed his clothes and was wearing a red muscle shirt, he made it out of an old tee, ripped off the sleeves himself, and the other seams were stretching over his incredible pecs. The window was down and he let his arm hang outside of the truck, God, he hoped she was there and was getting finished with work soon; his sweatpants were wiggling as his dick was getting hard. He looked around at the parking lot, and Crystal came out of the store. She started walking towards her car, and he waved, but she didn’t see him, so he quick started the truck, with a roar and a deep growl the engine revved into action. The vibration swelled through Billy’s awesome body, and Crystal looked over at him.

At first, she thought it was another one of those over-anxious boys wanting attention, but she soon recognized the muscleman she had the best orgasm with and she waved back, and started to walk over to the truck. “Hi, there Big guy” she said as she approached, Billy said ‘Hi” as well, and he asked how her day was. “ I had a good day, it started out really well”, with a giggle. “What are you doing here?” she asked. “I was hoping to give you a ride home, if you like” She walked right up to the driver’s door and stared at his amazing arm. She put her hands on the top of the door, where the window is, and said, “OK, I’d love a ride, this is a really awesome truck.” She let her hand ‘accidentally’ run over his arm, running across the swelling veins, as she answered him. “Great, said Billy, get in!” She started to walk around the truck and he leaned over as far as he could and opened the passenger door a crack. Crystal opened the door the rest of the way, and looked up at the seat. She found her footing on the outside footrest, or step as it were, and started to get in. Billy seized the chance and stretched out his hand to help her in the truck. She took a hold of his hand, and he helped her in. Billy thought how light she was, and how easily she got into the truck, Crystal was thinking how good Billy looked and how incredibly strong he was, taking the opportunity to grab onto his biceps as she was helped into the truck. “You sure are handy to have around, getting into a truck like this,” she laughed. She let go of his arm and settled into the passenger seat, buckling her seatbelt. Billy laughed too, sort of nervously, not really knowing what to say next, he thought he’d just shift the truck into drive and head towards her house. The truck let out a deep groan and vibrated at it started out of the parking lot. Billy didn’t want to show off too much at first, so he held the steering wheel, making sure his arm was fully flexed as he steered. Billy thought that she touched me twice now, I guess she likes muscle, I hope she likes really big freaky muscle, cause he seemed to be growing with ever hour that passed, especially when he was in the truck.

“So your house is on Elm Street, right? Billy asked? “Yes, it is” Crystal replied. This is an amazing truck, Billy, you sure look great driving it” Billy looked over at her, and she was staring back at him, not really looking at the truck. He gave a grin, and said “thanks, just got it today, you’re the first passenger!!” “Oh, you’re so sweet to think of me” she said. “I have been thinking of you all day” “Me too” he said, and then stammered, “Uh, I was thinking about you, that is.” Billy hated that he didn’t know what to say at the right time, he made a stern face, pissed off with his inept conversation. She giggled, unbuckled her seatbelt and slid over next to Billy. “Can I sit here? She cooed. “Sure” he said confidently, “you san sit anywhere you like” She once again took the chance of being so close to Billy that she took a hold of his right arm, one hand on the bicep and the other on the triceps, and began to explore the ridges, bulging striations and swelling veins with her delicate fingers. “I haven’t been able to think of anything else, actually”, she said as she placed her head on his delt. “Billy you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever seen” She couldn’t believe she actually said that out loud, what was she thinking? “Aaaww, thanks, Crystal, you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever seen, too”

At this point they were driving past a residential construction site, big houses in wooded lots, and he pulled into one of the driveways and stopped behind some bushes and trees.

He looked at Crystal, right in her eyes, and moving the arm she had a hold of around her and pulled her up to give her a warm deep passionate kiss. She was nervous, but more then willing to have this huge muscleman take control of her. As they were locked in a deep kiss, she worked her hand down to his throbbing fuckpole and began to slowly stroke it. Billy was nearly unable to contain himself after just a few strokes; they abruptly stopped kissing and were grabbing at their confining clothes. After a minute of a comical upheaval of thrusting and wiggling out of clothes, they were both naked, and staring at each other. Crystal took that as the cue to straddle Billy’s massive dick, which she took a hold of. She straddled him in one swift move, as though she was mounting a horse, and started to lower herself onto his fuckpole. Billy leaned back in a surprise, and moaned, and jerked. “AAAHHH, NO….NOT THIS TIME!!! I’M FUCKIN IN CHARGE THIS TIME”. He put one hand behind her with the other grabbed her hip, lifted her up, and laid her on her back on the seat next to him. She was gasping as this move popped his dick out of her eager pussy, and she was trembling with the anticipation of what might happen next. Billy rose up on his knees, crouched like a lion about to pounce, but raised up and hit a perfect double biceps pose for Crystal to look at. His dick was fully charged and lay against her pubes, and on her lower stomach. He held the pose, till she responded, staring down at her. “OH, MY GOD, BILLY, LOOK AT YOU!!! YOU HAVE TO BE THE BIGGEST STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!”

He slowly lowered himself towards her as she let her hands explore the muscles that were flexing just for her. Billy reached over her head and his hands found the armrest on the door, perfectly placed for what he was about to do. His feet were on the driver’s door and he had a tight hold on the passenger door. Billy smirked as he flexed even harder than before, holding onto something made his muscles rock hard, and he thought Crystal was going to really enjoy what was about to happen. With his legs, he pushed against the door, which forced his dick into her pussy. She was more than ready and with one forceful slow move he was fully inside of her. She screamed in pleasure as she squeezed his muscles. As she was gripping his arms, he tightened his grip on the armrest, giving her rock hard muscle to grip onto. Billy started to draw out of her almost completely out, and then drive back in. “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MUSCLEFUCKED BEFORE?” he roared. “NO, NEVER, OH MY GOD, NEVER..NEVER LIKE THIS….OH GOD, FUCK ME, BILLY…FUCK ME!” she squealed. That was what he wanted to hear and he threw all of his strength into high gear and started to fuck his woman. He was soon thrusting like a piston on a huge machine, both were groaning and moaning. Crystal was squealing, bucking and moaning and repeating “FUCK ME” and “YOU’RE SO FUCKING STRONG” and “WHAT A HUGE MUSCLE” as she was being penetrated deeper than ever before, and by a man stronger than she dreamed possible. Billy wasn’t sure if he heard the truck engine rev up with each thrust. He soon felt his own orgasm building, listening to what she was saying. All Billy could manage to say was “FUCK” ever so often. Crystal let out a squeal with another orgasm, she didn’t remember how many, and with that and Billy’s power, he started to squirt deep into her pussy, each one bigger than the last, she bucked and squealed as her pussy coaxed all of Billy’s juices out of him. They both fell into a collapse of passion as the sun peaked through the trees in the truck •

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