Truck-Land, USA


By Lemur1

Crystal sat behind the counter at Lowry’s Dry Goods on yet another quiet Saturday Morning. “Why does Papa make me open this place 8:00 am,” she said to no one but herself looking up at the clock noting she had managed to kill an hour without seeing a single customer. “I swear nobody comes in till past 11:00.” She mumbled. She wished he’d let her move to Layette Ville and work in the store there, but he wouldn’t have it. Daddy had laid down the rules long ago that she wasn’t leaving home unless she was married. She quietly sighed about that option. She wasn’t too impressed with the slim pickins’ in Buck County.

Whenever the thought of marriage came to mind she thought about the first time she had sex - she was 16. Sam Cook was the lucky guy and she was in the junior varsity cheerleading squad at Earl T Wood High. It was hard to believe that was only six years ago. She remembered her disappointment when she saw him naked. He had a nice body for the most part, but since the only penis she had seen prior to that moment belonged to her Arabian stallion Regal, Sam proved to be a major let down.

Everybody in the church choir was always tellin’ her that she should run away to Nashville and join the Opry. She had a voice like and angel and was way prettier than Shania Twain. Now, Crystal was brave, but not that brave – so home she stayed. She picked up her copy of The Enquirer and started to read when she heard the bell ring as someone entered the store.

She peered over her magazine and saw what looked like a naked man standing just inside the door looking left to right. He seemed unsure of which way to turn as Crystal started to pick up the phone to call the police. Before she could dial he started walking towards her and to her relief she discovered he had pants on – well almost. Working in the store she had seen her share of big men, but this fella took the cake. He was huge and it looked like his sweat pants might give at any moment.

She stopped snapping her gum as her mouth hung open staring at the man’s chest that seemed as broad as the front of a car, and covered in thick black hair. He obviously had never missed a meal, and his thighs seemed to roll around each other as he walked. He was a wall of muscles, broad and husky with the look of a serious pro-football player only bigger.

“Excuse me Crystal, where do you keep the extra big men’s stuff.” Billy asked. When she heard his voice she took a second look at the burly man. “Billy Hawkins? Is that you?” She asked. “I’m surprised you remember my name Crystal” Billy said blushing. “Why sure I do Billy, you were a couple of years ahead of me in high school. I haven’t seen you in a while I guess. Boy you sure filled out nice.” She said as with a wink.

“Yeah I guess I have” Billy said feeling embarrassed standing there half-naked in front of the prettiest girl he’d ever known. “I tore me shirt up getting my truck out of a ditch.” He said knowing that wasn’t completely true. “Anyway, I need to pick up a few things – nothing seems to fit me these days.” He said shrugging his massive shoulders. “What sizes do you think you need sweety?” Crystal asked. “I don’t rightly know to be honest.” Billy replied.

“Well then I guess well need to get you measured then won’t we?” she chirped. She led Billy over to the area by the changing rooms where the three full-length mirrors stood to get a tape measure. As Billy followed her he caught his reflection in the mirrors whose angles allowed him to really see his body for the first time. “Damn,” he whispered.

He knew he was big, but to see himself, all of himself was awe-inspiring. His arms were fat with muscle and propped away from his body sitting on thick muscles of his back. His stomach wasn’t so much fat as it was just big and hard looking, and still out shadowed by his chest. His pecs were rock hard balloons of muscle so thick you couldn’t even see his collarbone and his thumb-sized nipples were pointing straight down. His pecs rolled into his shoulders that where as big as melons. The dark stubble on his face from the morning had matured into the begging’s of a beard. It was thick and well over a quarter-inch long. It started at the bottom of his neck and rose to the top of his cheekbones giving him the look of a beast. While Crystal was busy looking for something he raised his arms in a double bicep pose and watched them swell so big he could barely bend his arms to make the pose. He quickly broke his self-admiration session as Crystal came back holding a tape measure.

“This should help,” she said unraveling the sewing tape. “I guess we should start with your chest so we now what size shirt you need,” she said spreading her arms wide dangling the tape in her right hand. She stepped in close to Billy placing her pale white cheek in the cleft between his round pectorals. Billy could feel her warmth as his cock twitched. Try as she might she couldn’t reach around him. “Well, damn Billy how am I supposed to get anything done if I can’t reach around you? Here hold this end.” She said handing him one end of the tape. She then walked around him with the other end and Billy handed it back when she finished her lap around him. She pinched the tape tight across the bottom of his chest. “Jeez, Billy did you know your almost as big around as your tall?” she asked. “What does it say?” He asked. “Sixty-Five inches, Billy – can you believe it?” she said hardly believing it herself.

She dropped the tape down around his waist. “Thirty-eight around here – big, but nothing compared to your chest. Hold your arm up Billy?” she said. “Like this?” He asked making a bicep pose. “That’ll do.” She said smiling as she tossed one end of the tape over the arm and righted it around the peak. “Looks like we have another record breaker – twenty-five inches.” She said as she let out a whistle. “I guess I should measure your inseam too, eh Billy?”

“I don’t know if that be a very good idea,” Billy said his face completely red. He’d really been enjoying Crystal being so close and once again he was at full mast. His cock head was pushing out past his hip. He could hear his pants tearing some more, and then it was too late. Billy’s enormous cock freed itself and sprang up between them. His cock came up past his stomach, some fifteen-inches long now, and was as big around as most men’s arms. “Wow” was all Crystal could say.

“I’m sorry about that Crystal. It’s just you’re so pretty and having you rub against me like this was…” Crystal put a finger to Billy’s lips to quiet him. “Shhhhh – It’s all right Billy. Why don’t you let me help you with that.” Crystal grabbed on to Billy’s cock mid-shaft unable to get her fingers all the way around. She didn’t think such a thing existed yet here it was right in front of her – and she was holding it.

In Billy’s excitement it had already started leaking pre-cum so Crystal started stroking the long shaft spreading Billy’s juices. Billy started to stumble backwards his knees going weak from pleasure. Crystal guided him to the back changing room. With his back against the wall Billy started to slide down until he was sitting on his haunches. Crystal followed him down never missing a stroke.

Billy began to moan as waves of pleasure radiated from his cock. Crystal sensing the opportunity of a lifetime unzipped her jeans with her spare hand and shimmed a little so they could fall to the floor. Billy pulled at her top tearing it off not realizing his own strength. He stared at Crystal’s c-cup bra that was overflowing with her young ample breasts. He pulled at it with a single finger and it tore away.

Crystal righted herself and began to position her moist opening over Billy’s engorged cock. Billy held out his hand to stop her; “I’m too big” he protested. “Only one way too find out for sure,” she said as she slowly lowered herself.

“Oh, God” she winced. It was so huge it hurt at first as she tried to take the orange sized head of Billy’s fuck pole in. It didn’t happen quickly or easily, but finally the whole head was inside her, and Billy let out a deep moan. Soon she was half way down his shaft when Billy grabbed onto her and pulled her the rest of the way down. Crystal let out a gasp. She felt as if she was giving a baby in reverse. Billy started to take control now as he kept his large hands on her hips and started lifting her up and down his cock as if she weighed nothing. She watched his chest and shoulder muscle work in unison as he moved her up and down like a piston on his giant member.

Crystal could feel her whole body being opened up to accept Billy. As she relaxed and began to moan deeply. Billy touched her in erogenous places she didn’t even know existed. He started grunting as he increased his pace. He was getting close and she was too. Billy screamed out in pleasure as his horse cock’s spasms inside Crystal brought her to the same blissful place. He just kept coming, and coming his juices flowing back out of Crystal and running down between his massive thighs. After what felt like eternity for both of them his seed stopped flowing and his cock started to grow soft. Exhausted Crystal collapsed onto Billy as they both heard the front bell ring. •

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