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By MuscleMarveler

My tight, built physique glistened from the hot shower, and my massive boner began to drip with precum as i smiled at my four onlookers. The biggest one easily equalled me in muscle size, but with a slighty smaller cock. all 4 men now pulled their cocks out, ready to get off on my big body.

My mighty erection topped off my packed muscles, veins begining to pop through all over, feeding their super strength. I pulled my fists from my hips and crouched over into a crab flex, feeding the magic elixer into my big frame. Flexing hard added more size and vasularity to my body as my skin stretched around each muscle, racing to catch up and cover them. My power and size visibly increased in all directions, each passing second adding pound after pound to my already packed frame.

The 4 men gasped as i grew larger, now easily passing the biggest one in size. I flexed my cock hard, and watched as it became engorged with even more blood, adding an inch in length and thickening it to the size of the other men's wrists! I gripped the mighty meat with both hands, a few inches sticking out the end and my big fingers barely fitting around. i stroked hard as i neared my orgasm, which threatened to add more size to my bulging body. I now outsized the biggest man by at least 20lbs, my meat nearly twice as big as his.

I stroked and grunted as my onlookers did the same, my balloning balls filled with more and more cum with each stroke. UUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGG!! I screamed as i willed my penis to blow it's load, jetising up into the air and landing on the biggest mans chest. I aimed at the other 3 men as i squeezed out equal rounds onto their pecs. My jacking session sent all of them completely over the edge, all 4 men shooting gobs of their own in almost complete unison.

As my mighty member deflated and came to rest on my melon-sized nut sack, i dropped my arms to the sides and grinned. My enhanced lats paired with my bulging biceps caused my arms to bend outward, my entire body now resembling that of a seasoned ameteur bodybuilder. Each muscle was fully visable as they all fought for space under my taut skin. I bounced my pecs and curled my arms into a double bicep pose, causing the already orgasmic audience to groan with even more pleasure. I was completely dominating them, and would soon be taking over the rest of the gym as well.

I slid the speedo and shorts back around my hard legs with quite a bit of resistance, not leaving anything to the imagination once i got them up to my waist. Even the veins in my legs popped through the shorts as they neared their breaking point encasing my tree-trunk thighs. the head of my cock made a noticeable lump at the bottom of the bulging fabric that held my mighty basket, the waist of the shorts riding low and showing off my impressive abdominals. All 6 muscles were stacked neatly and shown clearly beneath my shelf-like pecs, an equally remarkable crevace between them and my nipples forced to point towards the ground. sliding on my tank top was an equal struggle to my shorts, hugging every muscle of my torso like a second skin. It was time for another fierce workout!

I exited the shower stalls and strolled through the locker room i had entered as a slightly smaller man before. The change in my appearance was noticeable on everyones face as i walked by. Double takes and mouths agape as they realized they were looking at the same face who entered just minutes before, but with a good 30lbs more muscle holding it up. My legs slid around each other with each step, causing my package to sway back and forth and the fabric to do some groaning of it's own. My well developed hamstrings and quads pushed against each other, seeming to battle for the ever-narrowing space between my legs. I was a complete stud when i entered the locker room, but was now a bulging hulk and an undeniable force to be reckoned with. But it wasn't enough. The growth i'd been experiencing all afternoon was feeding into my hunger for muscle. Each pound of muscle made me want ten more. I was loving every minute of my new exposure, and by the looks of it so was everyone else.

The scale next to the wall invited me on. 212 lbs! I exited the changing room and wandered into the free weight section of the gym. The stench of sweat and the humid breath of all the big men caught me a little by surprise. I figured that a great deal of testosterone was seeping through bodybuilders' pours, but never experienced it first hand. All the big men were turning to marvel at my chiselled body, and watched as i approached a squat machine, flexing and readying them all for an impressive show.

I loaded 200 lbs on each end of the bar, and pulled my feet up to my bulging ass for a little stretch one at a time. I smiled at all my onlookers, some of whome had stopped their workouts. It seemed like word got around of my growing sessions in the machine area as well as the showers, and they were just as ready for more as I was.

I pulled my wide shoulders underneath the bar, flexing my biceps as i wrapped my hands around the cold steel bar. releasing the latch and freeing the bar, my legs began to quiver as they readied themselves to handle the weight. I bent down and did a solid rep, becoming more fluid as i reached the top again. The shorts snugged tighter around my thighs as the leg holes strained, another rep causing a slight yet audible tear in the threads holding them together. Looking down past my bulging chest, i watched as my boulder thighs blew up like balloons, pushing closer and closer to eachother with each rep i completed. I stopped after the 10th rep to widen my stance once my quads started to crowd together with no space between them. I placed the hooks of the bar back on the stand and sauntered over to the weight racks. I grabbed a pair of 45lb plates with little trouble, hoisting them on to one side of the bar and returning for another set. I finally finished loading the up the bar with nearly 400lbs of weight on it, solid cold iron just waiting to be subdued.

I did my little show once more, widening my stance to almost the width of the upright support beams. The CLANK of the weights shook through the entire gym as i began another impressive set. Groaning and struggling slightly at the bottom of the first rep. My shorts popped a few more threads as my quads again ballooned outward, allowing me to finally complete a full rep with the impossible weight. i pushed out 9 more champion squats as i felt my legs growing with size. Each time i inhaled and readied myself for another repetition i could feel them pushing out in all directions, more defined and packed than ever thought possible. Threads continued to pop one by one as the bottoms of my shorts crept up my inflating thighs, ready to split wide open at any moment. The back of the shorts pulled with equal force as my glutes and hamstrings followed right along with my thighs on each thrust. Pumping out the final rep with ease, i slammed the weight back on the rack and marveled at redwood legs, stomping over to the neigboring mirror for a better look.

The shock even hit me as i looked at their size. Muscle on top of muscle swelled outward and downward from my still-small waist, which added to the wonder of the super-endowment of my powerful legs. Each cord and vein showed clearly through the skin and painted-on fabric of my shorts. Giving them a flex, each individual muscle responded by appearing to double in size. I stood up on my toes as my calves caught up with the growth, pushing wider around my thick calf bones and encasing them with rock solid muscle. Turning and craning my neck to see them in their full glory, i noticed the deep crevace most men would kill for between their pecs slide in between the heart-shaped mass on the back of my shin. My bloated hamstrings guided my gaze to a granite bubble butt, which was barely held in the confined of the inadequate fabric surroung them. My feet were begining to feel tight in my shoes as i realized the growth spreading to my tendons and bone structure, allowing more room for muscle size to be added later. The inequality of my upperbody showed even more as i turned to face my reflection again, making me grin as I eyed the image of a bench press calling to me through the mirror.

I turned and swaggered over to the empty bar, smirking once again at the thought of conquering yet another set of weights. The bar already held 200lbs, so I placed another 90 on each side. I leaned back on the bench and positioned myself underneath the bar and gripped it once again with my mighty hands. Lifting the bar slowly off the rack, my whole torso quivered as it was being infused with strength and size. I gently lowered the bar to my chest, and focused on the weight as i watched the bar creep back skyward. 1!! I pushed the bar up, and lowered it with much more ease the second time. This time, i pumped out 15 reps, each easier than the first. As each one was completed, more and more mass piled on to my torso, the veins around my chest and arms pushing further through the skin with each press. I could feel my veins thickening and sending more blood to the newly developing muscles all over my frame, and i smiled as i completed the amazing set.

As i curled up and rose from the bench, i felt my abs strengthen to lift the new weight of my upper body. i stood up from the bench and turned to face the mirror once again. I placed my hands on my hips and smiled at what i saw. The tank to was being stretched to it's limits around my bulging lats, and my pecs now pushed the straps outward and stretched them thinner around my shoulders. The individual muscles of my biceps and deltoids were clearly defined, and formed a rocky mountain range coming out of each side of the tank top. I flexed my pecs one at a time, causing the tank to stretch further around my frame. The bottom now crept well above the waist line of my pants, and hugged the expanded muscles poking out of my ready-to-explode shorts. The entire bottom row of lengthy abdominals bulged out in full view, my belly button deep between them. The tight skin dove deep into my sides before creasing back out around my bulky obliques, which also dove into my shorts, the crevace continuing into the taut fabric. giving my waist a flex caused the other 2 rows of muscle become visible through the shirt, and a fourth row which was beginning to form above them snuck out from under my meaty pecs. The valley between my chest muscles was at least an inch or two deep, sinewy and cut. I turned to see all the faces staring at me through the mirror, and grinned bigger than I had all day.

Then i thought about going home, and getting another "dose" of the muscle gas. The first big dose had turned me from a skinny 6' tall twerp into a bulging, 6'1" muscle jock, a body that could have easily won me an ameteur bodybuilding contest, and twice as strong as the closest competitor. My muscles weren't super large, but seemed denser that any other persons with their enhanced strength i had just showcased. Their rock hardness easily made up for their lack of increased volume, which was already impressive on it's own. I gave my body one final flexing session before i walked passed the dozens of wide eyed stares that followed me to the exit. Each muscle writhled under the tight skin, and my cock jumped visibly in my shorts as I realized i was getting turned on by all of this. I had already grown big, and was ready for more. Much, much more!! •

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