Massium 2.0


By MuscleMarveler

My once just-right sized tank and shorts were now super-tight. As i strolled towards the exit, gawking guys and smiling girls followed me out. I bunched up my pecs for them all as i strolled through the front door. I got in my car, and drove back to the Sports Emporium, hoping to find the tight-bodied cashier i had encountered earlier. I entered the nearly empty store and spotted her at her register, and strolled briskly to where i had found the tanks and shorts before.

I found the aisle and grabbed an XXL tank and the same-sized shorts. I heard footsteps coming around the corner, and glanced over to see the sexy cashier at the end of the aisle with a confused look on her face.

"Are you...? No! Are you the guy who was in here earlier?" The look on her face told me she was thinking 'it can't be!!!!!'

I smiled as i turned and faced her in all my glory. "You know that tank i bought today...?" I beamed as i flexed my chest for her.

"So thaaaaats what that was!" she smiled, seeming to be attracted to my buff body! She didn't seem to be all that surprised, but more like she was happy about the transformation!

"I can't believe it either!!" I beamed, "I'm gonna go home and use some more of it!!!" It kinda slipped out of my mouth.

She smiled again. Her eyes twinkled as she looked me up and down, staring slightly longer at the bulge in my shorts. "Can I join you!" she said in a slightly sexy voice. "I get off work in a few minutes."

I was stunned. She didn't even seem the least bit nervous about my ability to grow muscle. "Sure!" I quickly replied. I began to feel the power of my new physique, and shot back and equally sexy and ultra-masculine response.

She bit her bottom lip and walked over to me. She put one hand on my waist and the other on my chest. She gasped as she felt their hardness, and again as i flexed the pec she was holding. She moaned silently as she followed my chest up to my shoulder and then down my arm.

"I've always fantasized about a man with big muscles!!" she whispered. "And these are kinda small, wouldn't you say?"

I was ecstatic. I still could not believe this fit hotty was gettin all bent outta shape over my superpowered body. Then I remembered: I had just gained over 50lbs of muscle since she saw me last!! Her fetish for men with size had now come abundantly clear, and I was about to rock her world.

"I'll meet you at the front of the store when your shift is done... um, what was your name?" I'm STILL A DORK! I glanced down at her name tag as she blirted it out.

"Kristen. and you are...?"

"Joe. How long till you're done?"

She looked at her watch. "About 20 minutes. 'Gotta count my register and I'll be done."

I put my hands around her waist, feeling how fit she really was. "See you then!" A strong squeeze made her beam as she too had some serious definition to her body as well. I watched her drum-tight ass as she walked away, making my cock jump and my shorts groan into submission. I shopped around for the 20 minutes, grabbing a few more shirts and shorts, pants, socks, etc. Nothing too exciting, actually, for a guy that was about to become a Muscle God!!! I figured XXL would be a good size to start with, and headed for the front. I got Kristen to check me out (in more ways than one) and i stood at the entrance of the store as i waited for her to finish.


We arrived at my house, and I picked her up in my arms to climb the stairs. She didn't seem to weigh anything. I put her down as we entered my room. I reached down to pull of my tank, and she darted over and grabbed my hand.

"Leave it on!" she smiled, knowing that I had more and obviously wanting her complete fantasy to be fulfilled. I decided i would let this hot little thing give me a few commands, as she would be taking a few from me shortly. I moved over to the tank. I plunged the nozzle in my belly button once again and reached up to turn the valve. The rush of the magic gas into my body was amplified this time, and my body began to bulge much faster than it had before. I thought that it must be the mass i already had making the growth happen instantly this time. The bottom of my tank top was drapped over the hose, and it began to slide up towards my waist as the tanks stretched around my body. I looked down to see my chest pushing outward, the gap between my pecs deepening as the skin stretched around them once more. I looked over at Kristen and smiled widely, as she was already doing the same.

She pushed back her dark brown hair as her bright greenish-blue eyes sparkled. This girl was definetly a site to be seen, but having this sort of fantasy made her even more attractive. She slid her hands down her legs as she licked her lips, obviously getting turned on watching me grow.

My arms were now being pushed away from my torso as my lats widened and my biceps and triceps inflated. The tingle spread all over my body, and was intesifying with each passing second, as my muscles continued their growth. I flexed my arms and chest once more, feeling the rush of power to them as the bulged slightly bigger than the rest of me, and continued the growth once i stopped, but slightly ahead of the rest of me. I smiled as i realized what happened, and squeezed my abdominal muscles hard.

The gas seemed to become concentrated on my stomach as i flexed it, and the tingle became stronger as i felt them fill with extra size. Kristen noticed what i had done, and made her way over to me to get a closer look!

"Nice 8-PACK!" she cooed as she rubbed my stomach, each muscle now inhumanly large and cut. Her eyes wandered all over my body as she finally came to rest on my face, now looking up higher as i grew taller. My extra large pecs pushed the straps of my shirt further out in front of me, now lifting away from my collar bone as my pecs and traps pushed outward around it. The definition was already unbelievable, and now i was becoming insanely cut. I reached up and twisted the valve open even more as my tank stretched to almost full capacity on my massive torso, and my legs were getting much too big for my once-roomy shorts. I felt my legs finally touch each other as they billowed with power. I stepped out a little to allow more room, as my big muscle jock frame was slowly transforming into that of a well-seasoned body builder. Pounds of muscle piled on each second, and the wandering hands of my admirer grabbing on for the ride. I could feel my torso lengthen and widen as the tank top neared it's limit, the seams now being pulled apart slowly.

"RRRRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!" A long tear cut through the back of the shirt as it submitted to my expanding lats and shoulders. The fabric hugged tight around my waist as it crept to the broader portion below my chest. And WOW what a chest it was. Every single vein feeding power into their meaty, bulging forms was now visible through the shirt. They widened and pushed their way around the tank top, now popping through the arm holes obcenely. A quick FLEX caused the straps around my shoulders to POP! as the plates of muscle atop my chest were revealed in all their glory. i reached up and gripped the waist of the shirt, tearing it off with not an ounce of effort. My shorts were also nearing breaking point as my legs grew with size.

I had to bend my neck to peer at them over my pecs, but looking at Kristen's face also told me what was happening. THe leg holes of the shorts had been slowly creeping up my leg and tearing apart at the seams, revealing the deepening striations of my quadriceps. Oaks were slowly becoming redwoods as they lengthened and thickened with each pump of blood infusing them with the magic vapors. My shoes quickly went from uncomfortably small to leather shrapnel as another loud RRRRRIIIIPPPP filled the room. A reach to my crotch and another effortless pull revealed my body-builder physique in all of it's glory. The posing strap held firmly around my giant cock and balls, but the straps were stretched thin around my waist and bulging ass. I let the gas seep into me for a few more seconds before shutting of the valve.

At least 50 more pounds of muscle were added to my body, giving me the build of a seasoned competitor, but much more filled out and hunky. I bounced my pecs as Kristen's hands made their way back to them, and she groaned with pleasure as their rock-hard forms filled her palms. "That was fuckin'..HOT!" she sighed, almost drooling at the sight of my well developed body. She followed my naked chest and abs down to my waist, and the bulge that sat between my hips. It began to quiver as her warm hands grazed over it, and the fabric began to writhe and creak.

"You're not to bad yourself, baby!" I boomed as i gripped her ass with my giant hands and lifted her face to mine and her feet over a foot off the ground. She immediatly wrapped her own strong legs around my waist, and continuned to fondle my chest, grabbing my nipples and licking her lips with anticipation. My cock jumped outward as it got hard, causing the stretching fabric to finally SNAP and flutter to the floor. My oversized man meat had to be bigger than anyone else's in the world, almost a foot long and super thick when soft, I could only imagine how big it'd be hard. As blood pumped into it and it began to point skyward, I felt it begin to wedge itself between the fit brunette's ass cheeks. She immediatly leaned back and pulled off her top, exposing her nice musular build and bulging busoms. She kicked her legs up as she sat on my dick, now fully hard and strong enough to support her weight. My now free hands reached up to pull her shorts off. She slid up and down the length of my mighty penis and finally jumped off of the end of it, leaving her warm pussy juice on its entire length. She stuck her finger into her cunt as she gripped the shaft, only going halfway around it with her fingers. She dropped to her knees and pushed the end of the tip in her mouth, swirling it with her tongue and sliding her hand up and down the length.

I just stood there enjoying the ecstasy as i scanned over my new body one more time. The sight of all the overgrown muscle was topped only by the sexy face attached to my cock, giving it her all. She groaned and moaned as she was enjoying it as much as I was. She reached up and began to massage her breast with the free hand. I grinned down at her as I flexed my cock. It startled her slightly as it pushed it's way a little deeper into her mouth, but she grinned sexily back up at me.

"Oh, baby!! You're my fuckin' fantasy! Your big muscles make me soooo... hot!" She rose to her feet and peered deep at me with the biggest bedroom eyes. She laid back on my bed and began to massage her pussy lips again.

"FUCK ME, DADDY!! PUT THAT BIG COCK IN ME AND FUCK ME RAW!!" She begged loudly, breathing deeply and almost commanding me.

"You're a sexy little bitch, you know that?" I gave it back to her as she grinned at me. I gripped my cock and stroked it hard as i neared orgasm from the awesome power and the worship i was receiving. I flexed my cock hard as I commanded it to spew, and it shot a healthy load all over her tits and tight belly. I rubbed it in as she moaned and wiggled around on my bed.

"OH, YEAH!!" she yelled.

I stood back for a moment with my cock still erect and placed my hands on my hips. "Am i big enough for you NOW?" i growled at her while she continued to rub her tits and lick the cum off of her fingers.

"Youre fuckin' Massive!! And so... damn... UGHN!!!! HOT!!!" she pushed her finger deep into her cunt as she also seemed to will out more juice, leaking out on to my bed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" she arched her back and squeeled as she creamed big time, like she'd been saving up for this exact encounter, training herself to cum in worship of whatever muscle man she might get with. I could tell she worked her body both inside and out, her tight pussy lips contracting as she squeezed out a few more drops of her woman-cum.

I pushed the head of my cock against the opening of her snatch, and flexed it hard again as i slid it slowly into her. the walls of her pussy seemed to stretch around my cock while her lips hugged it tight, but still allowed it through. I had half of the 16" length of it inside her, and slid it back out as she moaned again!

"AAH!! OH YEAH!" was all she could muster from her quivering lips as i pushed deeper into her on my second thrust, feeling the length get squeezed by her own well-developed musculature. she pushed her legs up into the air as she tried to work my cock to her g-spot, and found it with the loudest moan yet. "MM! RIGHT THERE! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG MUSCLE DICK!! MMM!!"

i wrapped one of my hands around her firm waist as i grabbed one of her legs with the other, i gripped her body like a fuck toy and began to thrust faster and deeper, finally hitting the deepest part of her cunt and pushing a little harder. she wrapped her legs around my waist again and pulled my in and out in rhythm to my thrusts, groaning on each one. I flexed my cock hard, and felt her cunt tighten as it grew inside her.

"AAAAAHH!!" she yelled in pain as i increased the size of my member, thichening it and pushing it deeper into her dripping pussy. Her whole body shook as her orgasm finally gave way, seeping warm cum all over my cock and down my crotch. She moaned and grunted more, and finally went limp, breathing hard and rubbing her own nipples. I pulled her off of my cock and laid her on the bed, smiling at my accomplishment.

"oh, fuck!!" she was in heaven, She continuned to rub herself up and down as i willed my supercharged cock to a flacid state. I pulled the strap back around it and found that the added size made it also near breaking point.

"This cock is too big for such a little amount of muscle, wouldn't you say? I need to go 'workout' some more." Stressing the fact that the task of adding size to my body took very little effort. She was done easing out of her extasy and looked up to give my another sexy grin.

"My boyfriend doesn't have a cock that big! But his muscles are way bigger!" Boyfriend? it only made sense for someone who looked that good, but BIGGER THAN ME!! he must have been a super-heavyweight bodybuilder.

"Does he compete?" my tone slowly changed gears.

"No, but..." she looked at the clock. "He should be at the gym right about now! I say we go over there so i can dump him!" I knew she was implying her lust over a far superior man, soon to be anyway.

"I say we have a little fun with him first! Let's go!"

She grabbed her clothes and eagerly replaced them. She grabbed my shoulders and jumped up to give me a kiss. "He's not as tall as you, either." Fuck-me eyes returned as she grabbed one of the XXL shirts i had just purchased. I pushed it over my sizeable torso, and did the same with a pair of spandex shorts that hugged my well-developed legs nicely. I grabbed my car keys, and we were headed back to the gym!! •

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