Massium 2.0


By MuscleMarveler

The exposed skin of my studly body glistened in the hot sun as i walked across the parking lot of EVERGYM, my tank top and compression shorts hugging my manly features tightly. I had signed up to the club via the internet the day before. All I had to do was get my picture taken at the front counter, and i'd have a membership card by the end of my workout.

The building was huge, 2 full stories tall and a few warehouses in land area. The second floor featured a running track, which could be seen through the row of full windows flooding the aerobic wing of the building with sunlight. Everything i could think of related to fitness was encased in the big building, and i was ready to figuratively blow the roof off with my magic muscle gas!!!

I approached the front desk where a well built man was working. He was easily bigger than me, with a handsome face to boot. TOM was written across his name tag. My progressive sexuality took him in as well as I had the cashier at the sports store. He smiled as i approached, and proceded to take me through the normal ritual of initiation.

"Are you new around here?" Tom said after my photo was taken. He obviously wondered why he hadn't seen my exercise before, my body looking like i had worked hard to acheive it.

"Yeah! Just moved to town a week or so ago. Glad I found a new place to workout!" I lied, but only to get past him and on to the gym floor.

"Well, Welcome aboard. Have a good workout." He smiled again, and I was on my way.

I glanced down at my endowed physique as i was still awed by it. The bunching and relaxing of my firm, taught muscles caused my over-sized package to stir a bit. Looking around me, everyone was focused on their various exercises, the occasional member glancing up at me and returning to work as if they'd seen statures like mine many times before. I found that a preacher curl machine was empty, and headed over to it for a bicep workout i was sure NOONE in the place had seen before.

Pushing the pin into the 20lb plate. I sat down and ready myself. Gripping the handles and pulling up for my first rep, i noticed that the weight was not much of a challenge. As i pulled my fists to my chin once more, the tingling sensastion returned. As i pounded out more solid reps, my biceps bulged obscenely, growing with size to accomidate their new resistance. My biceps showed no signs of tiring, but continued to grow, by rep 8 fully exhausting the weight, making it feel like nothing. Releasing the grips. I pulled my arms down to have a closer look, and grinned as i witnessed it for the first time. The super-pump had added a solid inch to my arms, the heads of my bicep muscles roaring thickly below my ever-stretching skin. This was gonna be fun!!

I bent down and increased the weight to 100 lbs, knowing that someone would notice me this time. I slid my arms into position once again, and groaned as the weight seemed like more than I could bear. From a groan to a growl my mouth widened as i watched my upper arm do the same. Slowly the aparatus moved as they bulged, bigger and bigger in order to support the weight. i finally pulled my knuckles to my chin, and felt my triceps grow this time as my arm extended the excess weight back to the starting position. At least another inch of hard pump came through my arm as i began another rep, not quite as hard as the last one. Concentrating on my growing biceps, i pumped out another 14 strong reps, and marveled at the result.

Thicker than thick, Veiny to the extreme and pulsating bigger in order to adapt to the exercise, I took in my new power. I still felt invigorated, and stood up from the machine. my arms were now several inches thicker than before, and their forms overcrowded the rest of my strong torso.

I walked over to the batch of at-capacity chest machines, much to my discontent. I glared around at each of the butterfliers, the inclined pressers, and the rest of the pectoral cultivaters i was now surrounded by. Looking down at my overstuffed arms i gave them a supersized flex, which every one was sure to see. I turned my gaze to the exercisers once again and noticed a few of them bewildered by my freakeshly deformed upper arms. A firm turn of my wrists, and my lower arms began to expand, taking energy from my new biceps and triceps, now complimenting them in muscular harmony. I was ready for my chest, so i stepped over to the inclined press man, asking him if i could cut in. The slimmer man seeing my already dominant body with overdeveloped arms didn't give it a second thought and stepped off of the machine.

"You can have it back real soon" I grunted, now knowing my formula for quick muscle growth. I pushed the pin into the 200lb mark, almost to the bottom of the rack, and got into position. By now, everyone was spellbound over the well-built chest on the inside of my tank top straps, but unheard of arms pushing wide to the outside of them. I gripped the handles on the machine, and pushed with all my might. As i cranked out 10 fierce reps, I grunted and smirked as the rapid growth took over my pectoral muscles. Each rep adding poundage to their already billowing forms. By the time i'd finished 15 reps, the firm, thick shelf of my chest formed a perfect segway between my enormous arms, each muscle mapping out its own veiny surface, and the indside edges plunging together to form a deep cleft between them. They pressed against the straps of my tank top, which highlighted their might even more sexily.

Gasps and moans ensued as hard-bodied men and women alike stared in wild wonder at my bewitched body, seemingly able to grow muscle by leaps and bounds in just a single set of repetitions. I flexed my boulder chest hard, stretching my shirt even further, the rouned edges of my chest jutting through the arm holes as they completed their immense transformation. my nipples were now prominent through the straps of my ever-constricting tank, and another sharp flex made them almost poke right through. I waltzed over to the lat tower, everyone around me now entranced by the mighty growing man in their midst. Widemouth stares as well as sexy grins met me as i passed by the various audience members, patiently awaiting my next trick.

Sliding the pin near the bottom again, i pulled the widest parts of my bar down slowly until it grazed my barrel chest. Returning to it's original position, my deltoids caried the bar with equal strain back up, causing them to balloon in succession. Once again it happened: 15 solid reps, and muscles twice as big as before were the result. My back stretched wide as my newly expanded lats drew the stretchy fabric holding them to it's limits.

With my shirt stretched taught against my engorged upper body, I pulled my hands behind my head, flexing my already-visable abdominals. The surrounding muscles paired with the stockpiled magic vapor caused them to bulge in size. I reached one hand down and lifted my shirt, showing my deeply cut stomach muscles separate and get thicker in every way. Gasps and gaping jaws surrounded my now studly upper body sat atop scrawny-looking legs.

The noticing eyes followed me over to the thigh machine area. My upper body swung wide around with each step, causing the taut shirt i sported stretch around each individual muscle. Repeating my previous drill, i pushes the pin to the bottom of the weight stack and jumped into position. The leg extension held 200lbs of it's own, and i followed my previous efforts slowly pushing up the first rep. The legs of my tight, stretchy shorts bunched up at the bottom as they began to give way to my amplifying quad muscle. Each ropey striation became more apparent, and a fifteenth rep caused the full effect to occur. Veins ran down their length as my firm, fleshy upper legs bulged with power. My hamstrings and glutes popped up to match them as I stood up from another conquered machine. Standing up on my toes caused my calves to widen into sharply cut diamond heads after being forced to lift the increased weight. Putting on one final show for the crowd, i flexed my entire body all at once, causing every singular muscle to almost pop right through the skin.

A workout wasn't a word for this. Sweat covered my bulging body, but the lack of energy normaly felt from such an intese workout was far from present. My newfound power to change my appearance just by lifting weights and flexing was getting me really horny. Ignoring my onlookers, i decided to head towards the showers, not caring who followed me. Flexing my mighty cock for them all before i turned revealed the next feat i was about to perform. My rapid transision from a tight athlete to an even tighter amature bodybuilder had to sparked someones interest. This warm-up act was nothing compared to the main attraction and severl encores there after. I noticed all of the bigger guys working out as i passed the free weights on my way into the lockerroom, as well as the female admirers they had. Some of the studs surely had foreseen they were in for a surprise. I beamed with a super-powered aura as i strutted past.


Entering the showers, i grabbed a clean towel from the rack by the enterance, and headed past the rows of lockers to the shower stalls. Turning to test my admirer theory, i found that my growth didn't go unnoticed (how could it have!) with two nicely built young men trying to pretend they hadn't followed me from the weight machine area.

I flexed my back muscles as I walked, causing the winding muscles to become even more visible through my streching shirt. I reached down to my waist, and pulled the stretchy fabric away from my tight waist, then up over my head as my "hard work" was finally revealed in all of it's glory. I bunched my pecs loudly as i strolled throught the well-inhabited room. The men looked up to take notice of my impressive phisique, now only covered by a tight pair of spandex shorts, just begging to be stripped away as well. I threw the towel and my tank top over one of the bars handing from the wall as i approached the shower room, selected an unoccupied stall and entered it confidently. Once inside and the curtain closed, i could see at least one pair of feet come to rest outside, surely curious about my bewildering body.

I stripped out of my shorts and speedo style briefs as i turned on the warm water. It was a challenge to heft my oversized meat and potatoes out of them and down around my bulging thighs, but i managed and swung them over the smaller railing inside the stall. squeezing the soap dispenser on the wall, i rubbed my hands together and proceded to soap my mighty pecs. Massaging their solid forms was starting to turn me on even more than I already had been, and my partially-erect cock started springing to life.

Each heartbeat filled my heavy meat with size and hardness as i pinched my nipples and audibly moaned, running my entire body under the hot water as i squeezed out another dab of soap. running both hands from my nipples, down my abs and towards my crotch, the growth quickened as my body anticipated my next endeavor. rubbing my right hand down the long shaft, my left reached under my low-hanging ball sac and hefted their weight, both the size of walnuts and filled with man-power. I slid my fingers up and down the increasing girth of my cock until it became fully hard. i flexed it's mightyness as is pulsated to at least 10 inches in length and obscenely thick. Each stroke sent a jolt through my body as i began to flex each muscle one by one, their intoxicating size adding to my hornyness by the second. My super libido showed as increased sensitivity and strength were more than apparent in my cock. As i continued to jerk off, i grunted loudly for my spectators to hear.

I heard moans being volleyed back at me from outside the stall. I obviouly had an audience, and they were getting off just dreaming about my stroking session. I reached up and thrust the curtain open, revealing my fully naked body sporting a mighty erection to the gathering crowd. 4 guys had followed me over to the shower, hypnotized by my body and now watching it bulge without restraint. I grabbed ahold of my member again as i began to flex my entire body for them, the amazing pump sending more Massium power to each muscle, inflating it slightly. I used my left hand to stroke myself all over while my right continued to jerk my meat. I grinned at groaned at the spectators in front of me as the one who's body neared mine in definition and size stepped foreward and dropped to his knees. The smaller men threw any inhibitions they had left out the window as they pulled their own units out and began to stroke.

"You wanna suck that Alpha-Cock or what, man?" I asked the dominant onlooker, winking at him as i flexed my beefy pecs again, the pump becoming permanent as they were infused with more of my stored power. I pulled my hand away from my extra hard cock and put my fists on my hips, flexing it and causing it to bulge and harden even further. The thinly stretched skin revealed each striation and vein, the whole ensamble twitching to the rhythm of my pulse. The big man dropped to his knees and gripped the rock solid erection in front of his face, causing me to shudder as my dominance became know.

"You guys want some of this, too?" I beckoned, glaring at the smaller men stroking off to the show. "The real entertainment is about to begin!" •

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