Massium 2.0

The New Formula


By MuscleMarveler

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief as i squinted at the tank. "Massium 2.0" in big, red letters with a large yellow sunburst beneath the logo: "Enhanced Formula!"

I had last read the Massium story (for what seemed like the millionth time) about a month earlier on the Evolution Archive , and now i was within arms length of the real thing.

'But that was just a story!' I thought, "This can't be real." I slapped myself lightly on the face, establishing that it was. I loved the tantilizing tale, hooked the first time i read it. looking further down the long, thin tank i saw a price tag that shocked me even more: "Clearance: $50"

"What the hell!" I whispered to myself. Even if it was fake, I just loved the look of the thing, and the nostalgia of the tank sucked me in. wrapping my hands around the tank, i picked it up with ease. it only seemed to weigh about 20lbs or so, but felt completely full. I placed it in my shopping cart and headed for the front of the store.

"How was your shopping experience at The Sports Emporium, Sir?" The sexy, hardbodied cashier beamed. Her uniform consisted of a body hugging tank top and biker shorts featuring prominently the store logo. It was as if she'd been there to exercise rather than sell sporting goods.

"It was great!" I smiled back at her, "This place is pretty big though! Almost got lost back there!"

Man was I a dork! The cashier chuckled along with me anyway. The place WAS big, but pristine and carefully laid out. Everything was clearly marked and in order, and I was sure to be back again.

"Oh, I see you're taking that tank off of our hands. It was the only one we had, and it's been sitting on that shelf for a while now. No one seemed to want it, even though our supplier sent it to us one day. I knew we'd sell it eventually!" The cashier grinned a friendly grin, obviously just doing her duty as a good cashier.

I could see what she ment, now noticing the layer of dust on the top of it, and the slightly worn labels around it's circumference. "Well, It caught my eye, and I'm curious as to what it is, so i thought 'What the hell' and grabbed it!"

"We weren't at all sure what it is either. But it came from a reputable distributer, so we put in on the shelf hoping for the best."

I could tell the lovely lady also knew the store pretty well, which surprised me for a large chain store like this one.

Actually, i remember whispering that outloud back in the aisle. MAN why was i such a dork. It couldn't possibly have been my scrawny stature or constant internet surfing!! I had decided the day before to join a gym, and i had entered the store to attain some exercise stuff. I'm just glad i didn't divulge my real reason for purchasing the unusual item.

"Ha Ha!!" she chuckled again

"It was the only one?"

"Yep. we don't really know where it came from. Well, heres your reciept sir. have a great day!"

"Thanks a bunch..." I glanced at her name tag, also sneaking a peak at her nicely-developed chest. "...Lisa." I exited the store, nearly racing to my car to get home and see what i had on my hands. DAMN that girl was hot, too. Maybe if i can REALLY grow muscles, I could see more of her!!

I did the speed limit, but fidgeted the whole way home. What if this thing was real? What if I really COULD get freaky, just like in that story? I grabbed the tank and my bag full of goodies, and headed into the house. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, and dumped the contents of the bag onto my bed.

A few each of Cotton shorts and muscle shirts, as well as breathable lycra shorts and shirts spilled out. I had been wandering around that store for almost an hour, picking out every thing i think i might need for a work out. The large gym bag spilled out last. I stripped naked and ripped the tags off of a pair of skin-tight bike shorts, and slid into them with much less effort than i thought i'd have. My matchstick legs couldn't even fill the fabric, really reminding my why i needed to start exercising. I looked up and glanced over to my full length mirror, and next at the cylinder next to it. I was ready to see once and for all what i had on my hands.

Following the story, a nozzled hose stuck out of the top of the tank, coming out of a twist knob just like you'd find on a helium tank. I smiled at the silver tube and it's MASSIUM decal as i pushed the end of the hose into my navel. My skinny, hairless waist and twig of an arm dampered my glee slightly, but never the less i reached up and turned the knob slightly untill i could feel it HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

The tingling feeling was also as it was described in the story. each muscle (Well, lack thereof) in my body tingled, and bulged as though i was flexing it. I grinned slyly as my abdominals were the first to take shape. THIS WAS REALLY WORKING!! I set aside my disbelief completely as my 4 bumps pushed outward against my flat stomach. Slowly i flexed them, being able to see my abs bunch up for the first time ever. The growth crept up and down the rest of my body, slowly but surely filling me with size and strength. Within a minute or so, i had filled out the gym shorts and was glaring in the mirror at a sexy male fitness model. I turned off the valve, and pulled the nozzle out of my tight navel. I had to take this all in before growing any further. Looking down happily at the tank again, i noticed a small, clear plastic pouch on the back I hadn't seen at the store, and turned the cylinder around, bending down to it for a closer look. Peeling back the pouch, i pulled out the folded up paper it held, unfolded it and began to read the tiny lettering:

'CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PURCHASE OF MASSIUM! This newly improved formula will not cause substantial changes as the previous version did until your body is exercised. Any muscle that is worked will begin to use the Massium formula, and work to exclusivly build any implimented muscle group until the ingested amount of the formula is fully exhausted. And remember, a little goes a long way. Now Ready, Set, GROW! For assistance and additional info, please visit or call 1-800-MASSIUM.'

Well, shit! If only i'd have thought to punch in the website before, i would have still been reluctant to buy the stuff, YES! But i would have know this product was real before today.

I stood up once again and headed for my bathroom. once in front of the mirror, i really felt the effects of the gaseous elixer i was now in possession of, and the only person for at least miles around i was sure. Each muscle in my body was now begging to fill my skin, the slightest outline of each shining and actually casting tiny shadows over neighboring body parts. I wasn't cut or huge by any means, but it was enough to make me sexy and confident in my self for the first time ever. Pulling my still-skinny arms up into a bicep flex actually ment something now, and as i flexed them, they began to tingle again. A noticeable bulge now popped out of my arm, showing me what the slip of paper ment. I flexed harder as my upper arm inflated like a balloon, slowly increasing in mass and volume. I dropped my left hand down and felt my right bicep growing under my fingers, smiling as my ego increased as well. I stopped flexing my right arm as i noticed it was slightly bigger than the left. Issolating my other bicep, it quickly matched it's partner. I glared into the mirror as i flexed both arms again, watching the biceps fill with slightly more mighty!

My triceps remained small, though, so i extended my arms and turned them out, causing them to bunch up along with my twisting shoulders. They grew in proportion to my bicep, giving me an impressive upper arm, but the rest of me still skinny. I bent my wrist as i dropped my arms to my sides again, causing my lower arms to swell slightly to match their relatives. Keeping my fists clenched, i pushed my arms to the side and firmly bent my arms and pushed my knuckles into my waist. Watching many bodybuilding contests on TV taught me all the flexes, and i would be sure to do them all during this session. My pctorals finally became apparent as they bunched up hard and firm, filling with muscle each time my heart beat pumped them with blood. My lats followed, pushing against my shoulders and causing my torso to widen a little. Pulling my arms up and my hands behind my head, a quick flex of my abs blew them up as well, a third row now popping through the skin beneath them, which dove down into my shorts.

Returning my hands to my waist, i pointed my right toe and flexed my quadricep, all four muscles showing themselves as my skin stretched around them. I raised the left leg in the same manner, holding the flex for an even 5 seconds to match my right leg. I finally pushed myself up on all ten toes, flexing my calves and watching them shyly creep out from behind either side my shin bones. Returning to a flat footed position, i flexed my toes and watched as my feet responded with a little growth of their own. I turned around and twisted my neck to see the mirror again. First to the right, then to the left, increasing my trap muscles each time. One more flex of my entire back pushed each muscle through, causing my entire body to now be ripped with a thin, yet packed and solid layer of muscle.

I ran back to my room and grabbed the tape measure off my bed, and wrapped it around each part. 12" arms, 35" chest and 30" waist. 18" thighs, 14" calves. I was far from being a muscle monster, but my body now looked like that of a genetically-blessed man, just pleeding to grow even more. One more flex of my whole body caused all my muscles to pop, their growth maxed out for now. Turning to leave, i paused, remembering one last thing.

I returned to face the mirror, and found my inner PC muscle, and began to flex it. I had heard this muscle controlled my penis to some extent, and that theory became evident as the slight bulge in the skin-hugging shorts began to blow up. I flexed hard untill the bulge became thick and meaty, now leaving not much to the imaginaton. i slipped the shorts down with much more effort than when i put them on, revealing my now studly manhood in all it's glory. The ropey veins visibly pumped it up with blood, causing it to rise up over my egg-sized balls, and quickly inflated to full hardness with another firm flex of my PC. The shaft was thick and fleshy, and the head was as big as a prune, nearly as purple, too! I wrapped my hand around it, smiling even bigger as i looked back in the mirror at the studdly man jerking himself off, staring back at me with equal delight. Stroking my meaty member and nearing orgasm, i flexed that illusive inner muscle causing it to bulge even more, and my balls to raise up into my crotch. I blew a generous load up onto the mirror and groaned with pleasure at my new found ability to cum on command. I had not only increased the size of my cock, but also my ability to get it hard and ejaculate.

Another effect of my orgasm became apparent as my entire body tingled again. The rush of testosterone through my already pumped body caused another wave of muscle growth using the remaining reserves of Massium it was storing up for later. Pushing outward in every direction, each muscle became more cut and harder than before, now giving me the appearance of an athletic muscle jock. I truly was a stud, and measuring my 10 inch hard cock reiterated it. Now i needed to see what the true potential was of the Massium. I slid the trunks back up around my slowly deflating member and ran back to my room.

I slipped on a tank top and to and pair of workour shorts, and glared back over at the potent canister standing next to my bed. "Fuck It!" I huffed, pounding back over to the tank, reinserted the nozzle and twisted the knob.

The tingle came once again as the desposits of this magic elixer were being amplified within my already charged body, and another wave of growth followed. I went from a sexy stud to a hefty, lightweight ameteur bodybuilder as a half minute or so passed, Stretching the fabric of my muscle-bearing shirt and second-skin shorts. The V-shape of my torso became exagerated as solid, tightly packed muscle pushed outward in every direction beneath my super-stretching skin. Twisting the nozzle back to the OFF position, i gave my body a final flex, grinning slyly as I grabbed my car keys of the bed and headed for the front door... •

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