MassX 5

Halftime at the X'dFL

By Max Mann

As I slid my uniform on, feeling the Lycra stretch over these newly-huge muscles, seeing my jock bulge obscenely inside my pants, I looked over to my dad, smiling at me, looking so damn hot and built I wanted to fuck him again. But we had to get ready for our debut as Toronto Toros with the X'dFL.

No, not that wrestler/football league. This is a new one featuring the most muscular, toughest, and - may I say - hottest men in football. Some would say we're not pro, but I think we may one day overtake the NFL for popularity. Certainly the uniforms they've created for us have been designed to highlight every inch of our bodies. And a few pro players have entered our ranks after the NFL decided they didn't want men that huge and designed a test for MassX to weed them out. So they're here now, with all us other guys who've taken MassX and now want to show off our abilities.

Oh, did I mention I'm eighteen? With this league, as long as you're my age, even if you're in high school, you can play. I know at least one player who's a linebacker for the Minnesota Bunyans and had to go to summer school to graduate because the league took so much of his time. I know they'd like to get as many X'd teens as possible since the juice really affects us most. You should see how big I am! Arms over 70cm, a chest over 180cm, each of my thighs over 100cm, and you've probably heard how big X'd cocks have no idea!

And all this happened just last week, at the fifth home game of the season. There's been a promotion going on all season for each team; every season ticket holder has the chance to get X'd in front of the crowd during halftime if they qualify based on their blood tests. My dad bought season tickets with a buddy from work, and he said the fans go wild when some regular Joe turns into a muscleman right in front of them at the 50-yard line during halftime. The MassXtron shows him as he's growing, and the crowd chants as they watch every muscle pump bigger and stronger. I saw it on television and even the guys announcing the game get into it. Who wouldn't, it's an amazing sight.

So the week before the Toros-Portland Pacifics game dad says his friend can't use his ticket cuz of his brother's wedding and asks me if I want to go. Of course I said yes (I wouldn't be telling you this if I hadn't). Dad's seats were in the end zone, and he introduced me to some other season-ticket holders. I counted five guys next to each other in the row below who had taken MassX; they were shirtless and had their huge bodies painted the team colors of red and silver. I knew the television cameras would be focused on this group. One of them turned around to my dad and said, "So, James, this gonna be your week to turn into one of us?"

Dad laughed and said, "If only, Greg. There's over 20,000 season tickets, and at least a fifth of those guys can get X'd, from what I've heard."

"I'm telling you, man, if you can then do it. It's been over two years for me, and I still can't believe this body." He flexed, then his buddies joined in, and suddenly there they were on the giant screen posing down for the cheering crowd.

The teams were introduced, and the Titans jumped to an early lead thanks to a 74-yard field goal; there's almost never any punting since the kickers have such powerful legs. The Pacifics got a 68-yarder, then the Toros scored the first touchdown when Chip Ford, the all-star running back, ran 59 yards carrying two of the Pacifics who tried to tackle him on his back. I don't know which got more screams, the touchdown or when Chip flexed his mighty arms for the fans.

At the end of the first quarter, Dad went to get some beer and a hot pretzel. As I sat waiting for him, a security guard and a bald X'd man in a business suit started walking down the row. Suddenly they stopped in front of me and the bald guy asked me, "Are you James J. Logan?"

His stare intimidated me, so without thinking I said, "Yes." See, my dad is James Joseph Logan, and mine is James Jonathan Logan. Dad always goes by James, and I'm usually called Jamey or JJ.

He flipped open a cell phone and said, "Found him. Cue camera one. Three, two, one." Suddenly the stadium announcer said, "Congratulations, James Logan, get ready to get X'd!" Then there I was on the MassXtron, my shocked face visible to everyone. The X'd guys in front of me started high-fiving me as I was led from my seat to the Toros' training room. I didn't pay attention to what the announcer was telling everyone, I was in such a euphoric state.

Me. I was going to get X'd in front of over seventy-thousand people, and millions more on tv. And to think dad missed the whole thing because he walked away...

"Omigod!" I yelled as I sat in front of the trainer, arms threatening to burst through his polo shirt sleeves. I had been rambling excitedly when I realized that I wasn't the James J. Logan they were looking for. And I had to tell them Dad was the season-ticket holder, Dad was the one they wanted. Dad was meant to grow, not me. And I hung my head, partly in shame that I had taken his place, and partly because I wanted so much to be the one.

I paced the floor as I waited for them to find him, and when he walked through the door I gave him a big hug. "Congratulations, James Logan, you're gonna get X'd." And the sniffles started.

"Aw, JJ," Dad said, "don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"No, it's not that, it's just...I was so excited when I thought it was gonna be me, and they showed my face, and then when you walk out there to get X'd everyone's gonna think I was trying to take your place. I didn't mean to steal your spotlight."

The bald X'd guy who brought us here, whose name I learned was Scott Lowe, said, "Don't worry, there'll be enough for both of you."

"What?" Dad and I looked at him.

"Don't you get it? Haven't you seen how many father and son combos are in the league? If the dad can get X'd, so can the son. And thanks to this fortunate accident, you two are going to be the first duo to get X'd. So come on, we have to prepare you to star in the hottest halftime show ever."

I think my jaw never reached my mouth as we undressed completely (even the underwear, which they said would just snap off anyway) and each put on a pair of oversized sweatpants and a tee with the Toros' logo on them. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror; swimmer's build all the way. I laughed as I flexed my then-average biceps. How would those bizarrely huge muscles look on me or my dad? All the other guys seemed as though they were born with them already.

Dad kept himself fit by going to the gym regularly, and the sweatpants seemed to fit him better than me. Although he sported some grey flecks in his full head of hair, he would sometimes be asked if he was my older brother. He watched me flex, then lifted his arms for comparison. "I can't believe this is happening, JJ. Your friends are going to be so jealous."

"Of my body? Or of the wonderful father I'm going to share this with?"

"Aw, son." He hugged me for the last time with his regular body, and we held each other longer than we expected. Maybe we wanted to remember our former selves as long as possible.

We heard the cheers from the crowd as the first half ended, then the bald guy came in and said, "Showtime, fellas." He handed us earplugs, and I understood why as Dad and I walked onto the field. Seemed like no one moved from the stands to go to the bathroom or get snacks. Seventy-thousand screaming, clapping, stomping fans awaited our growth.

Dad and I stood on a platform with several cameramen surrounding us. Between us was a table with the logos of MassX and MegaConglomera it, and a couple of glasses filled with protein drink and our life-changing elixir. The stadium announcer, a local weatherman/X'd man named Kevin Black, stood between us wearing a turtleneck and chinos, both pulled taut over his mighty frame.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and X'd men, may I introduce to you James J. Logan," as he pointed to me, "and James J. Logan," as he pointed to Dad. "Welcome our first father and son to the stage." A huge roar went up from the crowd. I looked toward the end zone and saw the painted bodies of Greg and his friends flexing, the red toros' horns just touching their nipples.

"Nervous, guys?"

I said, "Yeah, a little."

Kevin laughed. "No need to worry, you've got lots of fans here ready to cheer you on." Kevin pointed his microphone to the crowd who cheered louder. "And remember, we have two more home games left, so one of you may be on stage with me getting the chance of his lifetime to be the biggest, the greatest, the ultimate X'd man." And as he flexed his arm, the peak of his bicep tore through the cloth. The crowd noise reached rock-concert level decibels, so I was glad I had those earplugs.

Dad and I stepped up to the table and grabbed our drinks. Kevin said, "Ready, men? Three, two, one...go!" The crowd chanted, "Chug, chug, chug," like we were frat guys at a kegger. I glanced over at my dad and he at me as we drank; we matched each other gulp for gulp and finished at the same time. The crowd cheered again as we set our glasses down. I looked to my father, and we smiled. I could only read the words from his mouth.

"Get ready, my boy."

I felt the first signs of growth in my churning stomach, and soon MassX was passing through every system. I could tell its effect immediately on every part of my body, from the lungs and heart to parts I didn't think would be affected such as my eyes and ears. And no matter where I sensed it, the rush was fantastic. I began sweating as my muscles twitched under my thinning skin. I ran my hands over my chest, abs, arms...oh, yeah, bigger. So much bigger! I saw my dad doing the, his abs were so ripped, and his shoulders so round and wide...did I look as good as him? I turned to face the MassXtron and saw...ME! My squared jaw dropped as I saw my enlarging self, already the size of a champion bodybuilder and still incomplete.

"Come on, guys, flex for us! Let's see you in a posedown." Kevin put his microphone down, ripped his shirt off in one swift motion, and hit a double bi that drove the crowd wild. My magnificent dad slowly brought his mighty arms up and did the same. Then it was my turn, and thanks to my youth my muscles had enlarged even more. The audience roared louder as I flexed, and my image on the MassXtron seemed like some morph, but there I was squeezing the pump into my oversized guns and loving it.

Kevin, Dad, and I kept posing, following his movements as the cameras followed us. Every time I walked my legs rolled over each other; I couldn't even look down at them directly as my pecs grew the size of two sourdough loaves. My back felt like I'd grown wings, the V shape almost at a ninety degree angle. Dad and I continued flexing for the crowd, and for each other. By the time the changes had completed the two of us had created history. In just thirty minutes my dad and I had been transformed into two hypermuscular, ultramasculine, godlike studs who had whipped the audience into such a frenzy I wouldn't have been surprised to see many of them dash onto the field to try to get the last drops of MassX from our glasses.

But just before we were ready to get off the field, I had a "wardrobe malfunction". I guess I grew bigger than expected, for I heard something tearing next to my thighs, and the next thing I knew I felt something slapping between my knees. The crowd gasped in shock, and I saw both my dad's and Kevin's eyes widen as they looked down. I peered over my chest...HOLY COW! Or...holy bull, or horse, or elephant! From a hole starting halfway up my right thigh appeared my penis, dangling heavily and stretching to a spot a couple of centimeters below my knee. Before I could react I was hustled off the stage along with my dad, my gigantic cock flopping with every step.

Back in the training room, Scott said, "Now that you've grown, here's your chance to see how strong you are. You can use all the weights here, and flex in front of the mirrored wall. I'll be nearby in case you need anything."

I said, "Thanks. I'm...I'm sorry about...this." I pointed to my crotch.

"Eh, that's okay. It's happened in Orlando, and Austin, and just last week in Las Vegas. We have a standard size we use at each game, but sometimes a man just outgrows our expectations. Don't worry, the national cameras weren't focused on you there...but our internal camera crew managed to cover it. You'll receive a DVD a few days from now showing both of you growing into your new selves. Have fun, men." He closed the door behind him.

Dad sat down on a weight bench and said, "Well, JJ, those sweats won't be good anymore. You might as well take them off."

At first I was going to step out of them, til I remembered I've been X'd, so I grabbed the front and pulled hard...harder...and with a satisfying RIIIP tore my pants down the front. I felt like a male stripper, except their pants tear off on purpose. This was pure power. I kicked off the tattered remains and stood before my dad wearing only my sneaks and ankle socks. He wolf-whistled loudly.

"Damn, JJ, you are prime manhood. Take a look at yourself." I turned to face the mirror and saw the glory of the new me. My former swimmer's build had been overwhelmed by the grandeur of muscle, every millimeter changed to superhuman stature. I stood proud and tall as I moved slowly, capturing every sinewy flex. I gasped occasionally when I'd see just how much muscle appeared in places I never imagined.

"You are one awesome specimen." I turned to my dad, who gave me a sexy look. I leered back. "You ain't too shabby yourself. Why don't you take my place so I can check you out?" We exchanged places, and noticed my cock reached past my knee and fell over the end of the bench. It was thicker than my arm used to be. How much bigger would it get when hard?

Dad removed his sweatpants and proceeded to posedown for me and the mirror. His muscles and cock were smaller than mine, but about average for an X'd man. The fur on his chest and abs swirled perfectly around his pecs and abs, making them look even more defined. He grabbed a couple of 200 lb. dumbbells (I would've thought they'd be kilos here in Canada) and began curling. "Damn, JJ, that's too easy!" he said as he put those back and grabbed a pair of 300's. "That's more like it, eh?" As I watched my dad lift, seeing every fiber twitch and pump, I started realizing just how hot he is, and my dick began rising from the bench. Shit, I didn't want to get hard for him, so I looked to see how much weight was on the barbell...1000 lbs. I laid down, got into position, and began lifting. I counted each rep, and when I got to thirty I put it back. I was stunned by how easy it felt. Dad had watched me, and his cock was plumping up too.

We both knew what was happening, but neither of us was ready to face our lust, so we threw ourselves into more weightlifting. Yet with every set, every rep, we could see in each other's eyes how much our new bodies thrilled us, both as owner and viewer.

Our breaking point came when dad got on the weight bench and asked me to spot for him. He had put over 300 lbs. more onto it, so I watched him press and...oh, man...what a powerhouse! His arms, his chest, his everything. As I helped him put the weight back on the rack after his last rep, my cock dragged along his face. Once the bar was in place, he grasped it with both hands, opened his mouth, stuffed the fat head in, and started sucking me. I watched him from above, his mouth stretched beyond human capacity, centimeter after thick centimeter expanding his throat.

And it didn't feel wrong at all. Naw, not only was it right, it was perfect. Dad and I reached a new level of manhood, one that allowed us to free ourselves from inhibition. Who would dare say what we do was wrong? They could never be what we are, and if they could...oh, they would!

Soon my need to feel my father's cock became urgent. But I didn't want him just down my throat. I wanted to feel him the way Mum did when he created me the first time. And now that he recreated me, he would fuck me. I withdrew myself from his mouth, and when the entire length had finally exited I gaped at the astounding size. It had to be at least a good meter long, arcing from my groin at a forty-five degree angle. I held it against my body and had to look up to see the head.

"C'mon, JJ. I'm so hungry for you," Dad panted.

"My turn, James." I moved to the front of the bench, hoisted my dad's schlong from his torso, and began licking every single centimeter. He sighed softly as I worked up and down, preparing it for entry. When I finally let him in my mouth, I shocked myself by taking over half of it in one suck. Damn, MassX really gives you superhuman sexual abilities besides the magnificent muscles and penis!

I positioned myself above his groin, facing him so my cock reached his lips. He resumed sucking as his dick touched my rectum. I shivered with delight as I eased myself down and felt him enter me, taking my cherry ass. "Ah, muscle daddy...fucking his muscle son...sucking his muscle cock." I kept up the dirty talk as I slid further down his pole, filling me fuller, reaching my prostate..."Oh, shit, oh, fuck...fuck me, dad, fuck me like you fucked my mother the night you made me." His hips bucked under me as took him, and soon his pubes were tickling my glutes.

Suddenly the door flew open and Scott thundered in, naked from the waist down, cock hard and ready. "I couldn't take it anymore," he apologized as he grabbed my head and guided his meat past my lips. "I watched you two on the closed-circuit have no idea how hot you are! And the game is in the final minutes...I had to have you before the Toros get back to the locker room. Oh, yeah, suck it. So good...mmm..." I reached around and held his round, beefy butt as I vacuumed his hose.

If you'd told me this morning that before the game ended I'd become a cock-sucking, ass-fucked, muscle freak and love it, I would've laughed at you. But now I'd be kissing you, thanking you for your prediction. Every electric sensation flowed through my body, from the tip of my cock down my dad's throat, to the walls of my bowels that my dad thrust between, to my stretched jaw being used by Scott's schlong. Then all at once the nerves seemed to reach together and form one continuous link, and at that point I lost it.

I screamed around Scott's dick as the first volley rocketed from my grapefruit-sized balls and down my father's gullet. Oh, I thought it would go on forever as one shot after another emptied into his gut. I felt one cock twitch in my mouth, a second later the other in my ass, and prepared myself to accept their loads. I kept them both inside me as they drained their protein-rich fluid into me. When Scott removed himself I tasted cum for the first time and knew I'd found nirvana.

Scott went into the locker room to prepare our visit, and I lay atop my father, kissing him passionately. Our tongues seemed to melt into one as we frenched, each of us proclaiming our love for the other.

A few minutes later, Scott motioned for us to come in. Dad and I walked hand-in-hand as we entered the Toros' locker room where a postgame celebration the likes of which I'd never imagined was taking place. Teammates in various stages of undress kissing, fondling, sucking, and fucking next to lockers or atop benches. X'd coaches giving interviews to X'd reporters as they got blown by players. Out of the group emerged the beautiful body of Chip Ford, sauntering towards us wearing only his cleats. I grew speechless as I gazed into his aquamarine eyes. Scott appeared behind him to introduce us.

We shook hands as he said, "Congratulations, studs." Oh, his dimples...his white, toothy smile. He was handsomer than any ad I'd ever seen him in! And the next thing I felt were his thick, juicy lips pressed against mine. Such an angel. Dad joined us in a three-way kiss, but I think he knew something clicked between us. Chip said, "You're very lucky men, and so am I. Every game's MVP gets to fuck the new X'd guy. But I get both of you, how cool is that! My problem is I can't decide which of you I want where. Do I take this," he hefted my dong, "down my throat or up my chute? What do you think," he asked my dad.

Dad said, "Does it matter? We're gonna take you, and every single stud here, before we're done today. We're gonna fuck and suck all of you dry. Got that?"

"All right, we got a challenge! Come on, Toros, let's see what these two can do." Chip began to stroke our cocks as others circled us, caressing our huge legs, wide backs, broad shoulders. Fingers tickled our rectums, bounced our testicles, tweaked our nipples. Chip licked my meat, then dad's, then brought ours together and slurped them both. "Yeah, I know what I want," he said, then turned around to wiggle his round, sensuous, muscle butt. "Both of you, in me, now!" he panted.

Dad and I looked at each other in amazement. How could this stud fit both our monstrous organs inside him? But we were up for the challenge, and we had help from his teammates. A couple spread his cheeks apart, another pair rimmed him, six more lubed our cocks with their spit. I went in first and felt his ass surround my manhood, milking me with amazing talent. I eased out until just the head remained, then Dad slipped his in when I shoved. What in the world? Dad's mighty cock next to my freakish one, both of us fucking the daylights out of one of the hottest X'dFL stars. Dad had to kiss me hard to keep me from shouting in ecstasy.

Soon my ass was invaded by a defensive back, while Dad had the head coach stuffing his rump. My mouth surrounded the kicker's schlong, while Dad sucked a safety. The room was filled with the sweat and scent of X'd men in frenzied lust. The heady aroma of X'd cum thrilled me, and I couldn't hold off any more as I exploded in Chip's ass. Dad's member twitched next to mine, and I felt his jism splash alongside. Every man in the room soon erupted, and I got my fill of delicious, nutritious, X'd cum.

After Dad and I showered with the team, we were interviewed by a reporter from the X'd Men Channel, the hot pay-per-view service devoted to us. Our transformation would be the top highlight tonight during the sports section of "Naked Muscle News", including my "malfunction". I found out we'd be automatically subscribed now that we'd been X'd, and I couldn't wait to watch.

We were given a new wardrobe and a 6-month supply of nutrients, courtesy of MegaConglomera. As we walked back to our car, we saw a van waiting next to it. Greg and his buddies emerged from inside and began applauding. More hands to feel us, to enjoy our new hugeness. More mouths to kiss. More cocks to suck. More asses to fuck. Tonight we were insatiable, as Greg and rest found out when we got to his house. And I think Dad and Greg shared something special that night; their lovemaking lasted over twenty minutes alone. We got to watch our expansion there during a break from the sex, and it looked just as hot as it felt.

We didn't get home til 3am, and we had to be at the stadium for our tryouts at 8am. But now that we've been X'd our energy is boundless. I received lots of congratulatory e-mails from my classmates; now that I'm the first, I think I can convince others to see if they'd like to be in my shoes.

Dad and I eased through the tryouts, and each of us is a backup on the team right now. Dad is an offensive tackle, while I'm a linebacker. We're very popular with the team, as our sore mouths and asses could tell you. And now we're about to take the field for the first time as Toronto Toros.

And some lucky stiff from the audience will come down during halftime and get to experience the thrill of being X'd. You'd better hurry, cuz season tickets for next year are going fast.

What are you waiting for, eh? •

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