MassX Frat


By muscleboy82000

Hope everyone enjoys this story line based offof a great storeline. This is the beginning of, hopefully, a long and interesting story line.

It has been six months since MassX changed my life and I realized that I needed to start a journal of my new life and experience. Everything about my life has changed for the better and I should share my experiences with the newer members of the X'd community.

Before getting into the present, I need to go back to the beginning. Prior to June 5th, I was a normal college sophomore. My name is Shawn; I am 20 year old and currently attending State University with a major in Business. Because my father also attended State and was a member of a Fraternity, I joined because I thought it would help with meeting girls on campus since I have never been good at talking, meeting or dating girls in high school. As for my physical appearance, the best word that fit me was normal. I am 5'9" tall and weighted in at 184 pounds. However, everything in my left changed on June 5th.

A couple of days before school, I got a call from my Dad. The call was somewhat unusual and out of the blue as Dad was a very successful businessman and spent almost all of his time working. This was not always the case but since my mother died a couple years ago, all he did was work. Dad said was that he had a great surprise for me and that he was looking forward to us spending some time together.

School was finally done for the summer and I headed home to see what this surprise might be. Since I was driving a "piece-of-shit" Ford, maybe it might be a new car. Dad said that he was investing a new business that will make a tremendous amount of money and a car dealership would fit the bill. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw a new bright red convertible sports car. Once I parked, I ran into the house and yelled for my Dad. He said that he was in the Kitchen but his voice sounded different, deeper, stronger, and with more bass. As I walked into the Kitchen, I found a huge, muscular hunk standing by the sink. This man looked "like" my father but younger and bigger. He was wearing a thin white sleeveless tee shirt that looked 5 sizes too small and black skintight spandex shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He looked twice the size of any bodybuilder I had ever seen on TV and almost has big as the comic book hero's. If it were possible, his body fat would be zero as I could see every muscle fiber. He had thick veins running across is arms and legs.

Dad walked over and hugged me with enough strength that he forced all of the air out of my lungs and began to explain what had happen to him. It seemed that the new business that Dad was investing in was the new male enhancement product called "MassX". I had heard about it from seeing it advertised on some late night cable channels and had seen a couple guys on campus that must have taken the product. Dad said that he was approached by the creator/inventor to help market and build the business and to financially invest in the company. After seeing the possible profit in MassX, knew he had to be involved in the company. After a couple of weeks of seeing men go from normal to ultra-stud/ultra-muscular and hearing how great they felt and the positive changes to their lives, he decided to try. After the blood test to see if it would work, he took the MassX and in about 30 minutes, became the new man sitting across from me. And what a man he had become, Dad looked to be about 25 years old, his balding head now had a full, thick head of black hair that was long and pulled into a ponytail reaching down to the middle of his back. Dad said that he has never felt better in his life and he said that MassX has given him a positive attitude he as not had since Mom died and more energy than he ever had. Dad said that the only problem with his new and improved body is that it takes a lot of fuel to keep it in top operating condition and he is eating at least 6 large meals- a-day now, plus snacks. With that, he walked over to the counter and brought over two large glasses of what looked like a milkshake or a meal replacement drink. He said to drink up and we both drank them down. Dad downed his in one gulp and said that his new body has caused him to start dating again for the first time since he married Mom and he has the sexual needs and urges of when he was a teenage. I said that I understand and with his new body I was sure that the ladies could not keep their hands off of him and I was glad to see that he was happy again.

We talked for another couple of minutes about school until I was hit with the worst stomach pain/cramps that I ever had. I doubled over in pain and feel to the floor. Dad smiled and said that my change was just starting. He smiled and said that the drink contained a dose of MassX and it was starting to work on my abdominal muscles and that it would soon progress throughout my body. He said that after experiencing all of the wonderful changes, he wanted me to share in the special gifts and pleasures that MassX would bring. I began to breath heavy and felt a warm tingling sense of energy and power racing throughout my body. The clothes that I was wearing started to feel too tight and small and I had to get out of them. As I started to stand, I heard the seams of my shirt and pants begin to tear and split. Dad said to flex like a body builder and I did a double bicep and the sleeves of my shirt exploded. My arms were huge and I kept them flexed for a minute and watched them grown and veins like a bodybuilder begin to crisscross my inflating muscles. Every second that past, I grew bigger and the energy flowing through by body became stronger. I grew to the point that a tore off the rest of my shirt like the Incredible Hulk did on TV but my pants were so tights that I could not get them off and it was becoming very painful. I yelled at Dad to help get them off and he reached into the waist and just tore my jeans and boxers off in one move like they were paper towels. I stood nude in front of my dad flexing and rubbing my muscles. Dad said that I was looking good and he hoped that I would be as big has he was.

After about thirty minutes, the growth and sensation of power began to ease up. I now stood eye to eye with Dad and we began to examine by new body. My chest was so large that I could no longer see my feet and the crevice between them had to be at least 6 inches deep. I rubbed my hands across my chest and felt my nipples projecting out at least an inch and pointing towards the ground. My lats were wide enough that my arms had to hang out at nearly a ninety-degree angle and my arms looked like cannon balls. I tried walking and my legs were so big that I had to walk bowlegged and my entire body was now covered with think veins. Dad said to spin around so he could get a look at his "little boy. I started to turn around for Dad, something hit me in the chest; it was my now huge cock. I never imaged that my dick would grow too and now my cock had a head on it as big as an lemon and the shaft required two hands to hold on to it and also was wrapped with thick veins. The only words that came out of my mouth was oh my god. I took a hold of my new man tool and caressed it down to my balls, which now were the size of oranges. As I stroked my cook, a feeling of sexually excitement and desire flowed throughout my body to the point that I wanted to masturbate on the spot. I heard Dad begin to laugh in a deep voice and then heard the sound of material tearing. As I finished turning, I saw that Dad's cock had torn through his shorts and had smacked him in the chest. Dads cock appeared to be almost 24 inches long and nearly 12 inches around and my only hope was that mine was equal to his. Dad tore his overly tight tee shirt off and we both stood face-to-face, totally naked.

Dad asked me how I felt and I told him it was beyond words. I felt power and energy flowing throughout my body like I never felt before and I was so incredibly fuckin horny and needed to cum so badly that I reached down and began to stroke my huge cock. Dad reached over to my head and pulled it towards his and kissed me with the strongest and most passionate kiss I have ever had. It seemed like it lasted for hours as our tongues played and danced within each other's mouths. I have never kissed a man before but this kiss was better than any girl I have ever kissed. Dad finally pulled away and said that we needed to talk about a few things. The first thing is that MassX changes and improves the body completely. No more need for allergy pills, or glasses, or anything else, an "X'd", as we are referred to as, are perfect human specimens. The second thing is that X'd need lots of fuel and we need to eat often and lots of it. The last thing is that X'd sex drive is incredible and beyond anything that a "normal" person could understand and that I should never be ashamed of meeting those needs. Dad asked if I had any questions so far and I just nodded as I was still adjusting to this new and wonderful body. He then went over to the counter and brought over two glasses of water for us. As I picked up the glass, it exploded. Dad laughed and said that I needed to be careful until I used to my new strength and that an X'd strength were nearly superhuman. Dad then said that MassX does have one possible negative side effect; it expands our sexual desires and boundaries. While you may still be interested in screwing girls, you will now be more satisfied fuckin and suckin males and only another X'd man can truly meet our needs and satisfy us. Plus, most normal people cannot handle being fucked with the size and girth of our new equipment or handle the amounts of cum we produce. He allowed me to take this all in for a few minutes and then asked if I had any questions or problems with joining the X'd club. To answer him, I walked over to him and grabbed his head and kissed him. I finally pulled away and thanked him for the wonderful gift but I had one problem. We stood face-to-face and began rubbing our hands all over our huge muscular bodies. I became so horny that I needed to get off right now and since I have never been with a man, I asked Dad if he would you pop my cherry. He said that he was hoping I would say that and he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his bedroom.

As we entered his bedroom, I noticed that his room has totally changed. Because of his new weight and size, things had to be modified. Dads bed was now three king beds on a solid pedestal. Dad said that the first time that he and another X'd were fucking in his old bed that it collapsed because of the weight. Another change was in the bathroom. Dad had taken one of the guest rooms and turned it into a X'd size bathroom with a shower area nearly the size of the one in my freshman dorm and a 6 foot round hot tub. He said that due to our size, it takes lots of space to stay clean plus you need the proper room for water sports when you have X'd guest staying over. With that, Dad began to kiss my neck, my chest, he sucked on each of my nipples and began to like my cock list an ice cream cone. Ok Shawn, now it is time to truly feel and see the benefit of being X'd. He led me back into the bedroom and guided me to the bed. My cock was so hard that it was becoming painful and Dad began to lick and suck on my shaft and head. After it was nice and moist, he took nearly the whole thing into his mouth and began to give me the best blowjob ever. Within minutes he had taken be past the point of no return and I blew an incredible load of cum into his mouth. I had never had an organism like that before. It felt like it started in my toes and flowed all the way up and into my cock. It seemed like a came for hours and I must have shot cups and cups of come into my father's mouth. If this is what it felt like with an X'd man, then I will never be going back to female again, but then again, I was never know as a ladies man. Dad said that my cum was the best he had ever had and said that I needed to taste it. He went back down on me, milked my dick like someone milking a cow, and them crawled up me and kissed me and injected my own man seed into my mouth. It was the best thing I had ever tasted, warm, creamy, and sweet. If this was cum tasted like, then I am addicted. Dad them climbed off me and went to the end of the bed, He grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards him and exposed my virgin ass. I told Dad that I needed to be fucked now and gently inserted his huge tool into my ass and began pounding it for all it was worth. It felt so warm, so satisfying, so natural, so wonderful that I never it would have thought it feel this way. As he fucked me, we kissed, he sucked my tits, and he stroked by cock. Finally, he shouted that he was cuming and pumping load after load of cum into my ass. He collapsed on top of me and we spent some time just caressing each others muscular bodies. I thanked Dad for this wonderful gift and introducing me to the wonders of X'd sex.

We spend the rest of the day, satisfying an X'd man needs and desires by sucking and fucking each other at least a dozen times in positions and locations too numerous to state. The best event of the evening occurred while we were cleaning up from our sexual exploits. After resting, caressing, and talking, Dad said that we needed to get cleaned up. We walked into the shower and started to soap each other up under the warmth of water. Rubbing and massaging each other caused are dicks to become erected and our sexual needs grew to the point that we both started to suck each other's cocks. My desires to fuck Dad continue to grow and grow to the point that I could no longer control it. Without warning Dad, I simply grabbed him under his huge arms, positioned his well-serviced ass over by cock, and simple let go and allowed him to come crashing down. The sensation was beyond belief and Dad screamed with the voice of sheer pleasure. I began flexing my pelvis and felt my cock push farther and farther into Dad's ass. But I was not finished, I spun him around so that we were face-to-face and began to suck on his man tits like I did as a child to Mom. Dad's cock continued to inflate to the point that it was smacking me in the face so I began to lick and suck on it. I pushed Dad into the corner and continued to fuck and suck him to the point that we both blew at the same time. Dad was so worked up that his load was the largest of the evening and so much that I could not swallowing it all and some began to leak out the corners of by mouth. Dad began to lick his own cum off of my face and said that he had no ideal that I would adjust to being X'd so quickly and being so cool with screwing a male. I lifted Dad off of my cock and we finally were able to clean each other up from our sexually frenzy.

After drying each other off, we climbed into bed together and talked and caressed each other. Even though we are "supermen", we had no more energy. Dad said that I would love going to the office with him tomorrow. I would have a chance to test out my need strength at the office gym and since everyone is an X'd, sex breaks have replaced the coffee break. I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of the new experiences and adventures to come. •

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