MassX 4

Flexin in the New Year

By Max Mann

As I watched my gigantic cock sliding in and out of the round, hugely-muscled ass of the salesman bent over his desk, his own whopper spewing precum over his blotter, my mind wandered back to the New Year's Eve party where he and I, as well as over forty other men, had our lives changed forever by our boss, the CEO of MegaConglomera.

I had never met him before then; I'd been hired only three months before as a security guard. I was looking for a job to coincide with my schooling at the major university in town, and getting the night shift position really helped with my finances. Plus the building was usually quiet, so I managed to get good study time during the moments when I didn't have to walk the floors or check the cameras.

Soon after being hired I was notified I would have to take a physical as part of a new, company-wide health policy. I didn't need one originally, but at the same time I figured this is as good a time as any to get one. Some made a stink about the legalities of it, but the letter from the CEO stated this was to keep insurance costs down, that in no way were any results to be used in discriminatory manner, and that all benefits would remain intact if an incurable disease was diagnosed.

I didn't have a doctor of my own, so I made an appointment with the one suggested in the letter. His name was Bertram Kwelagobe, and when I first met him I was astounded by his incredible musculature, which was plain to see even under his lab coat. His shoulders stretched the doorway, and when he walked towards me his legs rolled over one another due to the sheer mass of muscle on them. And I couldn't help but notice the huge bulge between those legs; even Stevie Wonder could tell how hung the Zambian was. (I saw the flag on his office wall; it's a hobby of mine.) When he shook my hand, I watched the sinew under the dark brown skin flex.

Bert, as he called himself, turned out to be very professional and courteous, making sure to ask in great detail my family history and taking measurements with preciseness. I hated starving myself for the blood work, but at least I had the day off to pig out afterwards. The exam took about 30 minutes, and as I was leaving I said, "Sure wish I could build muscles like yours. Must've taken years to get as big as you are."

"Well, Dylan, you'd be surprised how little time it actually took me. Maybe one day I'll let you know my secret."

The next week I received the results which showed I was a perfectly healthy eighteen-year old. With my grades at a consistent B level, a steady girlfriend since junior high, and perfect health, I was a satisfied young man.

Then I got the invitation from the CEO, and I didn't think life could get much better. It had been hand-delivered to me by his chauffeur, another incredibly muscled man with a tight uniform emphasizing every bulge in his body, including a crotch rivaling the size of the doctor's. I didn't try to focus on it, but when you're at a desk and that's in your face you can't help BUT notice it.

"Congratulations," he said with a deep rumble as he handed me the envelope. "Your presence is requested on New Year's Eve for a party being thrown by the CEO Morris Bernstein and CFO Daniel Callahan."

"Me?" I looked at the stationery made out to Dylan Michael Lipscomb, inviting me (and only me, no other guest) to an exclusive shindig at the CEO's mansion, Megapex. "I'm honored...but why me?"

"Morris and Dan must think you're the right material for the company, and would like to meet you in person. I suggest you rent a tux, if you don't have one of your own. This will be formal...although after the new year the dress code will be lifted." He gave a sly smile, and I wondered what the joke was as he walked away. Damn, I wondered, how can he fit that huge ass into those pants?

With each approaching day I grew more nervous about the party, thinking I might turn it down. But how could I ignore the potential boost to my career? And the party was the big talk around the building; seems not one woman was asked, but the men who were came from all sorts of departments. Salesmen, computer geeks, mailroom clerks, managers, even a janitor. I had no idea what we could all have in common, but I was willing to find out.

I had to work the late shift til 11PM on New Year's Eve, being the low man on the totem, so I had to let the chauffeur know. The next day he came up to me (geez, even in dark clothes you could see every bulge) and said, "I've spoken with Morris and Dan, who said it would be fine if you came in uniform. You may look out of place at first, but I assure you you'll fit in by the end of the night." Again that smile. "I will pick you up from here."

The boss' limo was well stocked, and the chauffeur didn't care that I was underage for alcohol so by the time I arrived at 11:30 I was already feeling pretty mellow. I was led into the ballroom, which had mirrors on every inch of wall. Waiters - what was it with all these musclemen? - were passing out drinks and appetizers, and the employees were milling about, waiting for the bosses to arrive.

They entered about fifteen minutes later to applause. When I saw them for the first time I understood why I'd met so many bodybuilders recently; these two guys were just as huge as the doc, the chauffeur, the waiters, the bartender. Must be quite the club they've got. Both wore white tuxes showing off their incredible tans, and they stood in the center of the ballroom.

"Gentlemen," Morris said, "may I be the first to wish you a happy, prosperous, and unforgettable new year. My partner and I have invited you here tonight to announce to you a new business venture that will become an integral part of MegaConglomera, and I believe it will send us to new heights never imagined in the corporate world. And the reason I've brought you here tonight is to congratulate you for being the best candidates for the openings we are looking for."

"You see," Daniel said, "we don't care what kind of job you have now. You will be needed to man our new facility, which will be open after the new year. It is state of the art, with all the amenities a great corporate office should have, plus some you might not expect...but more on that later. One thing we are quite proud of is the gym, which will feature the latest in weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise, the works. As you can see, Moe and I are dedicated to the pursuit of healthy bodies, and a fit employee helps keep medical costs down, cuts down on sick time, and a group of employees like this enhances our stock prices as well."

Moe said, "So, once the clock strikes midnight, I will tell you all about the growth of our company, and where you all will fit in. Come, let's drink a toast to our fortune!" With that, the waiters started bringing around milkshakes in all kinds of flavors. I thought that was weird, but why should I turn one down? So I grabbed a strawberry-flavored one and took a sip. I hadn't drank one in so long, and it tasted so delicious that I downed the whole thing in two gulps. Almost all the other employees did the same; a couple of stragglers were chided by Moe as the clock neared midnight, so they finished them off quickly.

Suddenly I felt a heat inside my gut, but it wasn't unpleasant like acid reflux. It spread from there to my heart, then zoomed through my body.


I moaned, then I realized I wasn't the only one experiencing such an odd sensation as the moans from my employees grew louder and more frequent. I looked at them, not paying attention to the countdown of the final seconds of the year, visibly sweating, tugging at their collars, faces lost in a mixture of fear and...desire?


I saw the faces of Dan, Moe, Bertram, Lance, the waiters...they recognized what was happening. And they smiled. Big, wide...handsome smiles.

"Happy New Year!"

Confetti rained down as I raised my arm to wipe my brow and heard a tear. I glanced and did a double take. The seams of my shirt and jacket had split where the shoulder joined the arm, and a big lump of deltoid appeared from it. I reached out to touch it, and another tear from the opposite shoulder freed the other. I felt the muscle underneath the skin vibrating, shifting, expanding with each second that passed.

"Holy shit, I'm growing!" But I didn't say that, one of the computer geeks did. I looked over to him and saw the top of his shirt pop open, blond fur dotted with colored paper spilling over the newly beefy pecs. He reached down to caress them, and a knowing grin emerged. He turned to his growing buddy and said, "Aw, Charlie, can you believe this? We got X'd!"

X'd! Oh, man, not that! Back home in Iowa there was a story from a nearby town about a graduation party where a punchbowl had been dosed with MassX and some of the boys and dads grew in front of everyone, clothes tearing off til they were naked. The only one who pressed charges was a woman who said it turned her husband and sons gay, but it was settled out of court.

I should've recognized it, and now it was too late. I was turning into a musclefreak, along with my coworkers, and we were powerless to stop it. And, from the looks on their faces, they didn't want it to end.

"That's right," Morris said, "I've initiated you into our society. You were all chosen because your blood tests revealed MassX would work on you. And now I'll tell you our plans for the great future of MassX, which has been bought by MegaConglomera. We are going to start marketing MassX on a wider scale to Europe and Africa; those units will be headed by Lance Jorgenson and Bertram Kwelagobe." The doctor and chauffeur joined Moe and Daniel and began kissing them hungrily. I gaped as the two didn't stop for over a minute. "I know these men will do a fine job for me, introducing the joys of MassX to more and more men throughout the world."

None of us spoke as Moe continued. "And we won't stop there. We have plans to make clothes specifically designed for X'd men which will be sold in stores geared to the X'd man. We are looking into concentrated nutritional supplements that won't stretch the X'd man's wallet. And my personal favorite...we will create a new professional football league featuring X'd men that I guarantee will rival anything the NFL will have to offer. Who knows what other possibilities we can explore, but with the MassX brand there are no limits."

"And, best of all, no matter what your position in our company, from this point on you are a partner. As of tonight, every one of my benefits in my contract, other than my salary, are yours as well, including some of the most valued stock options in the United States. So, my fellow X'd men, what do you have to say?"

For a while, the only sounds came from seams violently being split open and the stifled moans of those still lost in the throes of growth. Then one of the fully-grown men started ambling towards the pair, shredding the remains of his tux, sequoia-thick legs rolling over each other, a dick the size of a Pringles can bouncing in front of him. His posture changed with each step as he jut his chest further outward, throwing his basketball-sized shoulders back. His male fur glistened with sweat as he stood in front of the bosses and said, "Thank you for this wonderful gift. I can't wait to show this new body of mine off! How can I ever thank you?"

Dan said, "You can start by sucking our cocks. Watching you, and all you men, grow was the hottest thing I've ever seen, next to my own growth. Go on, Ryan, and get your first taste of X'd cock."

I couldn't believe what I saw next. Ryan Bailey from Sales, who bragged incessantly about his weekend conquests of girls from the building, dropped to his knees, released Dan's massive cock from its confines, stroked it until over two feet of thick manhood stood underneath his fingers, and slipped the grapefruit-sized head into his eager maw. His eyes rolled back as he sucked the CFO's schlong with gusto. Then Moe went behind Ryan, opened his trousers to free his own mammoth meat, and began rimming Ryan's muscled buns so he could deflower the stud.

Meanwhile, Harlan Smith Jr., the geek who announced his growth first, was sucking on Charlie Novak's right man-tit, teasing the nipple with his teeth, and getting his meaty cock sucked by Oscar Rodriguez from Maintenance, whose ass was getting rammed by Bobby, one of the waiters still wearing his open shirt and bowtie but nothing else. At the punchbowl Cameron Lomax and Kelly Quinn, both from Advertising, were pouring the champagne punch over their bodies and licking it off each other, letting their tongues travel slowly around every curve, every strand of sinewy might, coming to rest on each other's huge erections. The scenes were repeated in every corner of the room; freshly-grown muscles being worshipped and enjoyed by their owners in an array of sexual positions, solo, duo, and more. I continued staring in disbelief until something began blocking the view. I focused my eyes on...

MY COCK! How did it get so hard...and so big?! I couldn't believe the size of it, as wide as a notepad and so long that it was spitting precum on my hair. It pressed against the valley of my pecs, two slabs of muscle as big as Thanksgiving turkeys. I stood there, frightened by my size, until I felt a hand against my naked glutes, then a second on my cock.

Suddenly the sensations I'd dreaded overwhelmed my brain with such ecstasy and desire that I knew my fears were unfounded. I looked over to the hunky blond waiter whose hands were gliding up and down my meatiness, and whose own hugeness pressed against my doorway-sized back.

"I watched you from the moment you walked in. I hoped there'd be a guy my age getting grown, cuz we grow even bigger than older guys."

"You're...eighteen?" I asked, shocked by my deep, and damn sexy, voice.

"Yeah. My dad grew me for my birthday back in July. I'm Brendan."

"Dylan," I said as he turned to face me. Once I saw his aquamarine eyes I forgot my girlfriend forever. He pressed his titanic body against mine and gave me my first manly kiss. "Oh, yeah," I thought, "this is what it's all about." Brendan moved back and brought my cock down to meet his lips. His tongue bathed my glans with expertise, then he slipped it between his pink lips.

Meanwhile his own magnificent manhood throbbed in front of my lust-filled eyes. I reached out and grabbed my first cock; I was stunned by how similar it felt to my own. Hard tissue surrounded by velvety skin, veins corrugating the surface. There was no way I could encircle the thick meat, so I slowly stroked it as Brendan moaned, his lips vibrating around my schlong. I brought the head closer and closer, inhaling the aroma of precum. I stuck my tongue out and let a drop of it touch my taste buds, and that was all I needed to become a cocksucking stud slut. I didn't care if anyone else was watching the two of us hungrily devour each other's poles as we flexed our tremendous bodies for our pleasure.

Soon I felt a cock pressing against my anus, then one strong lunge and I had my cherry ass popped by doc Bertram. His African godhood worked my insides with preciseness like a surgeon with his scalpel. I then heard Brendan moan and managed to see Lance jamming his dong into the studly waiter. Then two more joined in, fucking Bertram and Lance, then two more, and suddenly a daisy chain of anal love consumed every man on the floor, except for Morris and Dan who were the last to join in. They walked over to me and Brendan as we kept sucking each other, then grabbed our cocks and told us to fuck them since we had the biggest ones of every man there.

Morris and Dan began kissing each other lovingly as the two of us lined up our shafts against these bigwig's big glutes. Brendan slid his monster inside the CEO's, while I placed the head of my giant between Dan's furry boulders and eased my way into him. The corporate titans moaned as we fucked them the way a muscle magnate deserved to be, and I knew they could feel every man behind them as though 20 or more ultra-studs were impaling them at once. I had no concept of time; had we fucked for 10 minutes? 30? An hour? All I cared was I had been granted this glorious gift, the best post-Christmas present ever, a permanent new life of godlike muscle and hypermasculinity along with a towering erection that deserved worship like some sex totem.

I don't know who had the first orgasm, but as soon as he did the rest of us exploded one by one into each other, and the air filled with the pungent scent of our semen mixing together. I fired my first volleys inside Dan, but he soon pulled away sending my cock spraying its megacum over my head, hitting the glass chandelier twenty feet above me. Dan turned around, grabbed my head, and fed me his throbbing shank which immediately spewed his juice down my hungry throat. Meanwhile the doc pumped his own seed through me with his love syringe; I swear I could feel his megasperm tickle my insides.

After the last man had finished milking his cock into his partner, I heard someone clapping, then another, and before I knew it we were all applauding and cheering for Morris, Dan, and everyone. Men made their way to the owner and his lover, kissing and thanking them, although several were worried about clothes.

"Men," Morris announced, "I had made arrangements for you to receive new wardrobes tonight after we had celebrated your new bodies. Unfortunately, due to weather delays I won't receive them until tomorrow, but they will be delivered here and I insist that all of you stay the night here in my mansion of muscle."

So that evening men could be found everywhere; in all ten bedrooms, three bathrooms, the kitchen, grand dining room, wine cellar, game room, library, and out by the heated pool where the water soon became cloudy. Sometime after two in the morning Morris came up to me and said, "You must be Dylan. Dan told me how great your cock felt inside him. Now it's my turn." He took my hardon and led me to his office, where he laid atop the mahogany desk and said, "Fuck me raw." I started by rimming his ass, and I could still taste Brendan's cum, along with a few others. And, being a good employee, I did what my boss told me.

"Aw, geez, Dylan, fuck my brains out." Ryan Bailey's words brought me back to today, my pants down to my ankles, my shirt unbuttoned and two magnificent pecs popping out, the short sleeves emphasizing ham-sized arms I love to show off. In fact, short sleeves are part of everyone's "uniform" here. My back was to the door as I plunged in and out of Ryan, and was a little startled when I felt a tongue at my ass (I am supposed to be security, after all). But that tongue belonged to my new boyfriend, Brendan, who soon replaced it with his pole and sent me over the edge. Ryan's cum exploded and hit the leather swivel chair; I knew he'd be licking that up after I'd left.

Brendan and I shared lunch, among other nourishment, together, and when I got back to my post I found someone waiting there. An ungrown, as well call them.

"Hi," he said, "I'm here to see Fred Griggs. I'm the new sales trainee, Josh Cashman."

I looked on my list and found his name along with a note from Fred: "I'll call you for his new clothes once 'training' is over."

I smiled and said, "Welcome to MegaConglomera. I'm sure you'll be very happy here." •

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