By Also_KnownAs

David smiled and bent his lips to Sam's, planting a welcoming kiss on his friend's soft mouth. Sam felt the Touch as flesh met flesh, and David's kiss felt like a blow job, overflowing with sex and pleasure and pumped hard and full and wet. David's firm, massive form felt hot and hard against his smaller body. Everywhere they touched in that moment's soft embrace felt like a fuck fest, like strokes of lust along his huge dick, as if his whole body was being dipped in sex.

David's lips left his as the other young man straightened, and the cascades of pleasure ceased as suddenly as they began. "Holy fuck," answered Sam softly, realizing that the hot steel he felt pressing against his belly and chest was his own erection, inflated to thickness during the kiss and already leaking a flood of slick precum that glazed his two-foot hard-on. It pulsed with every beat of his heart, the thick veins pumping it bigger and harder as he looked at the immense muscular form of David, grown beyond what Sam would've considered possible before the door opened.

David's body bulged everywhere. Slabs of muscle like fat balloons were laid against each other, the striations and cuts so deep and wide that he looked almost unreal. But every movement of his body displayed that he was very real indeed. His brawn flexed and pulsed with overwhelming power, every muscle so huge and defined that even the smallest movement made his physique quiver and swell.

"Yeah," he answered to Sam's amazed whisper, "not bad, huh?" He raised his arm and bent it, his sparkling beautiful eyes locked on Sam's as he displayed exactly how big he was. The bicep built upon itself, swelling rounder and fatter until his skin was glossy, stretched so tightly against the still growing muscle that it was almost glassy. Every fiber was swelling larger, visibly growing, pressing against each other as the muscle bulged bigger and bigger, radically massive and fat with tightly constrained strength. Sam knew his friend wanted to be huge, but this was ridiculous.

Sam swallowed hard, and David wrapped his heavy arm around the smaller man and pulled him inside the building, closing the door and locking it behind them. "Looking good, David," he said, gazing up and across the muscled landscape of his friend.

David smiled. His stride had adjusted for the overwhelming muscle packed hard and huge on his 12-foot frame. His longer strides made Sam hurry to keep up, but he was enjoying the view from behind as the smooth globes of David's ass kissed each other with every step. Sam's erection refused to deflate, and it wagged before him like an upside-down pendulum, painting a slick slime of precum on his chest that dripped down his body. He smelled like sex, or was that David he smelled? He had never been affected by the man scent before, but now he was feeling its power entering his senses. It seemed like the scent, as in everything else about David, had grown stronger and more powerful.

"Is everybody...?"

If everything else about David had become more impressive, at least his voice still sounded the same, filled with amusement and good humor. "Yeah, you missed a good time, buddy. What were you up to? Sharing some jollies with Reggie and Justin?"

"I just lost track of time," he said, kicking himself internally. He was trying very hard to get his stiffy to deflate, but watching David's movements made that a fairly impossible task. That and the sex scent he was apparently leaking behind him like a fog. "And the dicks? And the growth and development?"

Dave turned his face and winked, his beautifully carved features a mix of amusement and magnetism. "Blake was the key, apparently. He unlocked everything for everyone. We all have Michael's sensual Touch, we all got the additional pricks, which you may have noticed come with their own bonus abilities. It isn't like it used to be, slave to the hard-on. It was either hard or soft, either jacking or coming. Now they're like, fully engaged, dude. I can make 'em do what I want 'em to. It's slick, baby. Total erotic. And... well, do you want me to spill all the beans or do you want to be surprised?"

Sam reached up his hand and touched David's shoulder to slow his walk, feeling a cascade of intense sexual pleasure enter his arm and fill up his body. He moaned softly and David stopped, turning and saying, "Sorry, still haven't quite learned complete control over that, yet."

Sam was slowly stroking his huge meat, almost involuntarily, and he said, "S'okay, no prob... problem." He gulped in air, then answered, "Just tell me."

David held up his hand, the muscles of his arm twisting like snakes. He held up his fingers as he counted off the upgrades to his body.

"Fully controllable twin dicks, the skin of which seems to be super slick on its own without the lubricating precum, although we still get that, too, if we want it.

"The Touch and male sex scent at full power, meaning we're all as oversexed as Michael.

"Morphing now goes both ways, meaning we can be smaller as well as larger."

"Smaller?" Sam's brow wrinkled. "Why would anyone even want to be smaller?"

David wiggled his eyebrows, but didn't answer. "And, well, the transforming has changed, too. But I'll leave that part until we're all together." He smiled and reached his huge paw over to Sam's pulsing hard-on, sliding his hand along its thick shaft and passing powerful waves of the Touch through his grip, sending Sam into orgasmic ecstasy. "Fun, huh?"

"Oh, shit." Sam's balls became swollen suddenly, inflating like balloons with hot cream. "Oh, holy shit," he said again, suddenly releasing his load all over the hallway, unable to resist David's sexual command. The super cum soaked into David's skin so quickly that even he was surprised. And Sam was left panting against the wall, overcome with the passion of his ejaculation. "Mmm," he said at last, "that was great. Is it always so... much?"

David's boulder-sized shoulders shrugged, the muscles moving around each other in a dance of pure power. "I put a lot into that one." He blew on his fingernails and buffed them on his massive pecs. "Not all of me, but quite a lot." He laughed with a sort of youthful glee. "Was it really great?"

Sam swallowed as he regained his feet. "You made me cum, and you know my control is absolute. At least," he sighed, looked at the strings of his load hanging from the ceiling, "it used to be."

David reached up and the spackle of Sam's cum sank into his naked flesh like water on the desert. His body drank up all of Sam's ample delivery in moments. "Ahh, that feels great." He flexed himself slightly, his body energized with the pent-up power of Sam's transforming spunk. Then he gestured up the hallway toward where the others waited, saying, "Shall we?"

"After you, David."

Sam was confronted with a room filled with more muscle than he'd ever imagined. They all stood there in a semi-circle, the members of the Team. The blonde God who's started it all, Todd, his body a bronze glory of perfected power standing next to his best friend, Chuck, whose immense form oozed male sensuality like a scent. Chuck wore his usual half-grin with his arms folded over a chest so packed with brawn that it looked like it would burst at any moment. Next to him was Carlos and Michael, the Latin beauty with the golden eyes and smooth, beautiful skin was holding hands with Michael, who defined male perfection in every way possible. Jeremy and Jeff, the black man and the Native American, stood together as usual as if inseparable. It looked like Jeremy's hand was on Jeff's ass, and if the look on Jeff's dark features was any indication, whatever he was doing under there was most agreeable. At the other end of the arc stood Steven, his furry body swollen huge and fat with fresh muscular power, a smile lighting his usually calm features and his two massive pricks hanging between his legs in mute testimony to what had happened.

David walked forward then and stood next to Steven, the incredible taper of his torso making it appear impossible that he managed to stand upright. His muscular development was colossal, even when compared to the others. Todd's body was a study in perfection, his brawn sculpted like a super hero's. Chuck's body was nothing but male power, swollen with force and webbed with vascular beauty. Michael had an effortless perfection to his body, the glow of health and beauty on his skin so smooth that Sam ached to touch him. David was just fucking huge everywhere. His muscles had grown muscles. Looking across this panorama of men, he realized they were all different in their way, but all beautiful and powerful enough to drive him insane from need and desire and lust.

Without exception, each man had attained an even greater measure of what they had been previously. If Sam wasn't standing here looking at them, he would never have believed it possible. They were not only much larger than they had been, all now more or less twice the height of a normal man and so broad and thick with muscle that they looked almost dreamlike, but their physical features and appearances had been similarly honed another step up. Could men be this beautiful, this powerful, so utterly and amazingly masculine and gorgeous?

Then Sam's eyes traveled to the center of the semi-circle where Blake stood, and Sam's heart did a little flip as he scanned the form of the young man who had seemed to break the spell of their halted development and built all-new men from what they had been.

Sam and Blake has enjoyed more than a few run-ins while they'd both been here. He remembered that even before the final transformation, Blake was already larger that Sam had been in all but one area. Sam had sacrificed muscular size for cock size, although he had nothing at all to complain about. He had the sleek muscular beauty of a gymnast or swimmer, his firm muscles in stark contrast under his silky pale skin.

Blake's ultimate form outstripped anything Sam ever dreamed of. He was huge and handsome, rather than beautiful. His squared jaw and heavy brow made him look dangerous, but the bright smile on his face and those gorgeous green eyes took some of that edge off. His body was swollen with power everywhere. Sam watched his even dozen of abdominal muscles move and flex as Blake breathed. He traced the separation between the square globes of Blake's chest and looked at his long, thick neck, so elegant and powerful. His shoulders stretched out and out and still farther out, mounded with heavy muscle like mountains. He had incredible cuts between the masses of his brawn, razor sharp and inches deep. His skin seemed to gleam under the artificial lights, and Sam wondered what this god among men would look like as he floated in the sky beneath the sun, or rolled over on the dewy grass under a full moon.

"Hi, Blake," he said.

Blake smiled more broadly, his high cheeks breaking into dimples and his eyes twinkling. "Hey, Samster." Sam's knees felt weak at the man's newly powerful voice. It felt like it hit him squarely in the chest.

"Well, I'm ready when you are."

Blake held up a finger. "I have to ask you something." He took a step closer. "Do you mind if I try a little experiment?"

"Is it going to hurt?"

Chuck barked out a laugh. "You never ask me that question, Tripod."

"That's because I know it's gonna hurt if you're involved," he started, then held up his hand to stall Chuck's retort and added, "not that I mind in the least, of course."

Chuck leaned over to Todd and said, "His favorite word is 'harder'."

The men all chuckled and some tension seemed to break. Sam smiled too, then he looked at Blake who said, "Not at all. You may not feel anything at all - at least, not what's intended."

"What's going to happen?"

Blake turned toward David and asked, "Did you tell him everything?"

"Naw, I thought I'd leave some of the fun for you. He sorta noticed the dick thing on his own, and I think he may also have caught on that some growth was experienced, and maybe the Touch thing, too, come to think of it." He winked at Sam.

"But not the Transform?" David shook his head. "Okay, well, um, Sam? One of the other things that happened was that the transformation method has changed. It seems that, um, well, that all we have to do is touch someone to transform them, now."

"Just... just touch them?" His head was already spinning with the implied possibilities of that. "And...?"

"And, Todd has a theory we'd like to try out on you."

Todd spoke up. "You know the sex stink, Sam? Well, that also increased in potency with Blake's help. And I was thinking that if Michael's Touch morphed into a method of transformation, maybe the male scent thing, too, might...."

"Your fucking kidding me." Sam blinked. "So, you want to see if you can stink me into transforming?"

Blake huffed out a breath, and nodded. "Carlos has some doubts about it but..."

"But with all the other changes going on," the Latin beauty added, "I figure, what the fuck?" Sam's jaw dropped, and the other guys all looked at Carlos as if he'd just sprouted his third dick. Carlos just shrugged, and said it again. "What the fuck?"

"Yeah," echoed Sam. "What the fuck?"

Blake said, "I'm not sure how to do this, but here goes." He didn't close his eyes, he didn't concentrate very hard, he didn't tense anything or make any gesture. He just allowed himself to release the pheromone and felt like part of himself was released inside it. He directed the scent toward Sam and waited for something to happen.

Then something happened.

Once Sam was hit with Blake's super-powered sex scent, he was overcome with orgasmic pleasure. The scent surrounded him and entered his senses. He breathed it inside, feeling suddenly hot and horny. His dick re-inflated and a spurt of pre-cum erupted from the tip, followed by a steady flow of the lubing fluid as his body reacted involuntarily once again to the force of the potent smell that struck him full force.

He broke out in a sweat that glistened his skin, and his hands were all over himself, rushing to satisfy his needs and lusts. He was coated in Blake's masculinity, it surrounded him and entered him and he felt a sudden chill, and then a sudden heat. The heat started on the outside of his skin and burned its way in, down through his flesh into his muscle. He was sweating even more, now, his skin slick with it, and his rigid fuckpole was so hard and stiff and red that it looked like it hurt.

"Jeez, Blake," chuckled Jeff, "you think you gave him enough juice?" He was watching intently, hoping for a reaction. "Looks like the kid's dick is so hard it's gonna pop."

But it didn't pop. Instead, it started growing. "Not that, again," moaned Chuck. "Don't tell me we're going to end up with poor Sam lugging around a 6- foot long python between his legs."

Todd laughed as he nudged his best friend with his shoulder and pointed. "No, my friend, I think what we have here is a case of catching up." For indeed, although Sam's huge erection had been the first thing to show any development, it became increasingly clear that the rest of him was not about to be left behind this round, because his muscles were starting to grow with such fierce and determined expansion that it looked for a minute like they were going to tear right through his skin.

They all stood in mute witness to an amazing scene as Sam's muscles started to develop so fast and so much that he was suddenly overwhelmed with brawn, his muscles bulging so large that they fattened into each other and piled onto his form as if he was being inflated. His body started turning red as blood flooded his systems, feeding his muscles with overwhelming amounts of transforming DNA that was being produced from inside his body.

That continued for a few moments and he because a musclebound blister of power until something seemed to snap and his body started stretching taller and wider to accommodate the growth that continued to manifest everywhere. His legs stretched long and his shoulders stretched wide and his trunk grew and extended to make room for what his muscles were doing, almost like an after thought. Todd even gave voice to the reaction by saying, "Brain to bones! Brain to bones! Look, fellas, someone's got to make some room down there!"

Sams's secondary prick erupted out of his loins like an eel escaping its cave. It didn't merely bud and swell, it flowered fully grown from his groin and swelled into size and length alongside its brother in seconds.

"Whoops, there it is!" cried David.

Sam was still growing in every way he could. He had a lot of catching up to do and he was doing it all now. His face was a mask of pleasure. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes and ran down his cheeks even as his features honed themselves to masculine perfection, retaining the essence of Sam's face but leaving behind all the child he'd been before. The 18-year-old was growing up before their eyes, and he was becoming one hell of a fine specimen.

"Fuck me, but the guy's gorgeous!" Jeremy seemed both excited and surprised by Sam's sudden metamorphosis from handsome to amazing.

"Thanks," he answered, his voice both deeper and saturated with sexual power. "Mmm," he observed as he heard himself, "nice." He was lifting his arms now, watching himself grow. His biceps lengthened and swelled, and as he bent his arms they bulged into huge melons of brawn, veined and striated. His smile showed evidence of his approval.

"Turn around, kid," suggested Chuck, the ass fan, "let's have a look at your butt."

Sam wiggled his eyebrows and gathered his new mane of wavy auburn locks, pulling them across his chest as he turned around. David went, "Whoa," softly and even Steven grunted approval at the site that confronted them, as Sam's back bulged and swelled with huge muscular might everywhere. He lifted both arms, sending his shoulders skyward, and flexed the power erupting everywhere. Chuck followed the wide V of his torso down like an arrow that pointed at his butt, which was now round and high and firm and meaty. Deep hollows on the outside of each cheek made even his butt look sleek and powerful. As Chuck watched, Sam's form continued to stretch taller and wider, his waist remaining impossibly narrow, as his ass continued to hone itself into a display of perfect beauty.

"Man oh man oh man," he said.

Sam's form shook as he laughed. "Thanks, I guess," he answered. He was still growing, standing now about ten and a half feet high, meaning that even as huge and beautiful as he was, he still had another foot and a half of growth to go. He was pivoting back now, looking down his rippled form at the two massive, hanging pricks dangling between his heavily muscled thighs. He was smiling, because they were each bigger than any of the pronged wonders that the others possessed.

"He looks happy, don't he?"

"Yeah, but now what are we supposed to call him? He's no tripod anymore." But Todd was smiling as he said this.

"Just call me Sam, I guess," he answered. He was still flexing and bulging his changing form as he grew, running his hands along the sleek, hard masses of his still-developing muscles. He was approaching full height, now, and it was looking like he wasn't going to be as huge as David, nor as perfect in form as Todd or Michael. But his face was amazing, a beauty like none other, and if his body was only as large as Jeremy or Chuck, he had two fire hoses hanging from his groin that no other man could match.

He stood there for a few moments, breathing in and out, brushing his wealth of curls back and joined the others. Ten supermen, with the power to change another man into his ultimate muscular dream almost as easily as looking at him. "Well," he said, still amazed at his transformation and feeling more than a little horny, "now what?" They all looked at each other with the same simultaneous thought.

None of the other men at IGE saw any of the Team members for another two hours. •

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