By Also_KnownAs

"Holy shee-it!"

"What, Who?" Ray pointed toward the bar's open door, and the silhouette that stood blocking the light from outside. Whoever the guy was, and it was readily apparent it was a man standing there, he was huge. "Fuck me."

The form entered the room and the two men sitting in there waited impatiently for their eyes to adjust. It was weird for anyone else to come in on a Tuesday morning. The place didn't start jumping until eight or nine, at least. And then it didn't fill up with anyone worth checking out unless it was a Friday or Saturday. For one thing, there just weren't that many gay men in this little Podunk town. And it was only because the bartender, Ray, knew his sole customer, Teddy, that the place was open at all.

The third man walked - no, that wasn't quite enough of a word to describe what he did. He went down on that floor, making love to it as he moved across it. Sinuous, sensual, sexual in every move of his muscled form, and there was no doubting that part either.

He was wearing a shirt that was doing a piss poor job of holding him all in. As it was, the upper half was so busy trying to contain his chest, shoulders and arms that his lower half, which consisted of a flat belly rippling with abs that could make a cobblestone lane cry for mercy, was nearly fully exposed. The white cotton was stretched so thin that even the darkness of his nipples could be seen.

It helped that they were as big as silver dollars and as hard as marbles.

Dark fur erupted over his collar and his arms were so large, so overwhelmingly powerful that it looked like he was smuggling melons under his skin.

A gaze down his torso, assuming you could pull your eyes away from it, revealed that his jeans were almost as small as his shirt. So small, in fact, that he had undone the top three buttons on the fly, displaying quite clearly that he wasn't wearing anything under them because another wealth of dark, glossy hair was spilling out of there as well as what looked to be the ample root of what was over-filling his ample basket.

It wasn't a bulge, it was a bloat. He had what Tom of Finland might dream of drawing if he wanted to exaggerate his usual male models.

How the seams of those Wranglers didn't split wide from the hard swelling brawn on his thighs was beyond understanding. As he walked, those legs were flexing and bulging so much that the two men at the bar almost swore they could hear them growing.

For some reason, he was also barefoot. Maybe because his feet were so huge. Even they looked muscular.

Once he was close enough, and they looked up his 6-foot 9-inch body to see his face, they were inwardly surprised they were able to look at anything else at all, even given his immense muscularity and overwhelming sensuality. Because he had the face of an angel and of the devil. A face of such beauty that it was difficult to look away, but mingled with the beauty was a lascivious desire, a raw hunger and brutal sexuality that it was clear that he wanted you and he wanted all of you and he wanted all of you right now.

He had a smile on his lips that quirked sideways, and he looked back and forth between the two men staring at him and winked, saying, "Hi, dudes. My name's Chuck." When he said the name, it felt to Ray and Teddy that he'd just grabbed their dicks and stroked them to pleasure.

"Huh... hi." Ray cleared his throat. "Hi. Hi, Chuck. Welcome to Ray's."

Teddy was still just staring.

Ray was in his 40's and, although he'd seen better days, he still took care of himself. His salt-and-pepper hair extended to his mustache and goatee, and his gray eyes still twinkled when the light hit them. His grizzled body had seen maybe a bit too much sun in its day, and his skin was now rather leathery under his denim shirt and kalkis.

Teddy was overweight, no doubt about it. At 38, he'd been too fond of chocolate and nachos for a bit too long, and spent far too much time at his computer and far too little outside in the sun. But you could still see the handsome boy he was in college just under that layer of fat, and he shaved his head rather than deal with the baldness encroaching on him now.

"Thanks." Chuck looked around the empty bar, reaching his arm up to scratch his chin. Neither man could miss the swelling ball of muscle on his arm as he did so. Was the T-shirt finally giving up its struggle? No, there was a tear under the arm they hadn't seen. More of his dark body hair curled out of it, and they got a whiff of something so strongly masculine that they each felt their dicks swell slightly.

"Damn," whispered Teddy.

Chuck looked over, smiling. It made his beautiful face almost inhumanly gorgeous. His deep, dark eyes lasered their way across Teddy's face, scanning its soft contours. "Thanks. And who might you be?"

He swallowed hard. "Teddy. And this is Ray."

Chuck turned his attention to Ray, still smiling. "So, this is your place?" He nodded. "Where is everyone?"

Ray's eyes were hurting, and he realized he hadn't blinked since the guy walked in. "It's ten o'clock in the morning."

Chuck laughed slightly. The sound drilled into the men's groins like a hot, wet tongue. "Of course." He leaned his elbow on the bar, bringing his face closer to the others. His voice dropped to a quiet thunder, the depth of it like the ocean. "So it's just us, then?"

"Can I get you a drink?" Ray's cock was rock hard in his pants. He'd never felt so attracted to anyone else in his life. It was like this guy was sex incarnate, like he was releasing sexuality around him.

"Actually," he said, "I was wondering if you guys wanted to fuck."

Chuck reached his index finger into his collar and tugged. The men watched as he tore the shirt apart across his chest, revealing a body of such overwhelming power and incredible masculine beauty that Teddy gasped audibly. The scent of him grew more powerful as if released from inside his clothes. The two huge globes of his chest had a soft carpet of dark hair spread across them, dipping into the deep valley like a shadow. As his shirt tore, it seemed like his upper body was spreading wider, growing thicker and larger.

But that couldn't be happening.

"Because what I really want to do," he said softly, his growl filled with desire and restrained capability, "is suck on your dicks. I want to suck you dry. Bone dry. I want you harder than steel." He slowly straightened, pulling the torn shirt open until his chest and belly were fully revealed. His skin glowed in the soft light of the dark bar. It looked like burnished copper or brass, overlaied with the shadows of his dark, furry forest. He bent his arms up, bulging his biceps to full power until they ruptured his sleeves, ripping them apart. His lats spread like wings. "I want my hands on your flesh, I want to stroke you and suck you and feel every inch of you. And all I ask in return is that you use me." He stood up straight, seeming now even taller than when he had entered. Was his skin even more beautiful, his muscles even larger now? "This body is yours, gentlemen. All of it." When he lowered his arms, the shirt fell to the floor and his upper body was naked. It appeared that with the shirt finally free, the man's torso expanded as if the slight material had been holding it in, constraining its true dimensions and it grew now even larger, wider, thicker with brawn.

He had shoulders like bowling balls, round and full and cabled with muscle. His chest was huge. The dark nipples were hard and peaked.

"All of it," he repeated, as his hands grabbed the waist of his jeans and pulled his button-fly open. That thick root was exactly what it looked like and he was suddenly spilling out of them. Chuck reached his hand inside that tight cage and started to pull out inch after thick, fat inch of manmeat. His cock shaft was huge and covered with a network of heavy veins. It kept coming and coming, an impossible tool, until the uncut helmet popped free and he let himself fall, his enormous cock jutting forward over his open jeans.

Then he shoved them off his slim hips and round, firm ass. "I want you inside me, and I want to be inside you." He seemed then to flex his legs and the jeans split along the seams, opening wide to allow his immense thighs out. His hand strayed down to grasp himself along the length of his prick, and he squeezed. His dick grew larger almost at once, the head shoving free of its cowl, red and glossy.

"Shit, dude." Teddy licked his lips. The idea was both exciting and frightening. If he was that big - and he looked like he was ten inches soft - how fucking big was he hard? He looked at Ray, whose eyes were bugging out of his head. "Should I lock the door?"

"Fuck it," he answered, hopping the bar. In the next moment, his mouth was sucking Chuck's dick inside and then Chuck turned toward Teddy, placed his hands on the other man's face and leaned down to kiss his lips, gently brushing the softness of his mouth across the other man's before plunging his tongue inside.

Ray was pulling Chuck's pants off, then Chuck shifted slightly and the pants seemed to come free of the huge man's body all at once. Had he flexed larger still, ripping them free? How huge was this guy?

And why didn't he give a shit that he'd be leaving this bar in broad daylight stark naked?

It was all surreal, like a dream. Ray could feel himself growing hotter than he'd ever been, driven to a sexual frenzy in the presence of this man. He was breathing in the man's heavy scent, musky with sex. The guy's amazing dick was throbbing inside him as he deep throated the guy.

Ray reached his hands around Chuck's hips and grabbed his ass. His skin felt so alive, so vital, silky and sleek. He could feel the muscles of his ass under his touch. They felt hard and powerful. They felt like they were bulging bigger. Chuck's kiss lingered on Teddy's lips, his touch on Teddy's face. Teddy had never felt so completely filled with pleasure as from that single kiss. He felt overwhelmed with it, bursting with it. Like something was growing inside him, something hot and wild and hungry.

Chuck decided that someone had to get out of that place and find out what their new powers could do. Were they controllable? Could you gift some guy with only part of the transformation, or was it all or nothing?

Did the guy know what was happening?

More to the point, Chuck was horny for some fresh meat action, and there was no such thing as fresh meat around IGE. Even the guys getting off the boat were already partially transformed. He wanted to get back to making it real. He wanted to get off on watching some regular Joe turn into a musclebound beauty, watch his strength grow, watch his face change, see him transformed completely like it used to be.

And he sort of figured that he'd be the last guy the others would elect to this "duty."

So he snuck away from the camp in the middle of the night and launched into the dark skies, sailing through the warm Summer air under the star to a place where he could test just what it was they all had, now.

He landed at the edge of a town that looked pretty dead. The sky was still dark and he knew the first thing he needed was clothes. He shrunk himself down to eight feet high, thinking that was about normal with no one around to compare to, but realized pretty quick that he needed to lose another foot or so in height and quite a lot of muscle since he was wandering around looking more or less so out of proportion with reality that there was no way he'd do anything but draw attraction to himself.

Which is sort of what he wanted, anyway, but probably not the sort of attention that a naked guy with the body of Superman, a voice that could drive grown men wild and a scent like raw sex would attract. Not that much. Not that quickly.

He found some clothes in a bag, likely it was stuff destined for the trash, a shirt with a hole under one arm and some threadbare jeans with tears in the ass. "Perfect," he mumbled, and with a smile he pulled them on, adjusting his height and muscular appearance so that he just barely managed to walk around in them without making them rip themselves to shreads.

He didn't have a mirror around, but he tried to make his features look more normal, not quite so incredibly attractive that guys would look at his new face and cream their jeans immediately. He kept his hair at about shoulder length and decided having a 5 o'clock shadow on his jaw would fit the disheveled look of his outfit.

The next step was to find someplace in this town where he was likely to encounter some candidates for his little experiment. Since they wouldn't have a choice about what he planned to do, he decided he'd find some guys that already liked guys so they would get all pissed off.

And also he wanted to have a little fun during the game, which meant he needed guys who liked him. So, where does a guy go when he's new in town looking for other guys who like him?

He went downtown and followed a couple of likely candidates, keeping to the shadows, and watched them - and a bunch of others - go into what was probably the only gay bar in town.


But for what he was planning, he didn't want that big an audience. Not yet.

So he waited, passing the time by unzipping and allowing the twins out for some air. He lifted into the sky and floated on the night breezes, pulling the shirt off and tucking it in his back pocket. He allowed his cocks to swell in his grip, fat and firm, and stroked himself for a good long time.

It was nice to have such total control over his body. He could literally stroke himself forever if he waned to, maintaining that place where he was on the verge of cumming, his new, lively cocks twisting against his hand, begging for the pleasure of his touch. He sucked himself for a while, too, as long as he had the time.

Maybe being in this state of almost constant erotic need wasn't such a great thing if there was no one else around to share himself with. There was definitely something to be said for IGE.

For a few hours he slept in the sky, floating in the arms of the wind until the sun came over the horizon and he returned to the earth, pulling the shirt back over his head and tucking himself in, smirking at the obscene bulge he allowed himself that threatened to burst out of the poor pants at almost any moment.

He was leaning against a building a couple of doors down, smiling at the few people who passed him, most of whom either figured he was just some bodybuilder hanging out downtown or one of the best looking homeless guys they were ever likely to meet, when he saw two men approach Ray's, unlock the front doors and go inside.

After waiting about a half hour, he followed them in.

Chuck was leaking an ample supply of precum down Ray's throat. It was swimming with transforming fluid, but Chuck was trying not to release too much of it all at once. He figured that his total control of his body's capabilities extended even to this capability, and since Ray didn't seem to be abnormally swelling up with massive muscular power, either he was doing it right or he wasn't doing anything at all.

He passed a different form of transforming power through his kiss into Teddy's body. He gave Teddy more than he gave Ray, mostly because Teddy's body reminded Chuck of his own original form, and he wanted to see the guy change.

Jesus, but that Ray guy knew his way around a prick. Holy fuck, that felt good. He released more transform as a reward for a job well done.

He looked down and watched Ray's shoulders bulge slightly, like he was flexing them to power. His hair was also darker, loosing its salt in favor of its pepper. Chuck wondered if he was proceeding too quickly, if maybe he should slow down the process, not shock these guys when they were suddenly... whoa! What was...?

Teddy's mouth had found Chuck's nipple. He caught the tip between his tongue and teeth, twisting it slightly. Chuck could feel Teddy's prick, hard and pulsing, pressing against his leg. Chuck reached up and passed his hand over Teddy's shaven scalp, and as it passed a fine burr of blonde hair was growing.

It was working. Chuck could control exactly what he wanted to change about a man through his transforming power. He could, oh Jesus! Ray, what are you doing with your hands? Oh, Jesus!

Chuck almost lost control and allowed his second dick out. Ray was fingering Chuck's tight asshole, pressing his touch inside and pushing in farther. Chuck allowed him in until Ray's whole hand was up there, shoving against his prostate. Ray might not have a monster dick - yet - but he was doing the best with what he had. And he was stick giving Chuck one hell of a blow job. There was something to be said for experience.

Chuck's backdoor felt so good that he found himself bending over and spreading his legs. He was getting bigger, making more room, and he reached forward to allow Teddy's little hard dick out. Placing his lips to it, pulling it inside his mouth, he began to transform it, making it swelling larger and longer as he sucked it. Ray had moved behind Chuck and was entering his ass with his hard, hot dick, and Chuck made that one bigger too, to fill him up like an arm. Ray was so overcome by lust and desire, surrounded by Chuck's male scent, he probably believed he'd always been that big, when no man had ever been that big before. The transformation started moving through Ray's cock and down his legs, filling them up with new strands of raw muscle.

Chuck's hands reached under Teddy's shirt, creating a rippled landscape of powerful abs. His transforming continued up Teddy's body, filling out his chest, widening his shoulders, making his arms suddenly swollen with bulging muscle. Teddy felt himself growing bigger and more powerful, could feel his weight increasing as his size adjusted, losing his body fat and gaining pounds and inches of rockhard brawn. He was swimming in an orgasmic pleasure, his cock felt so hard it hurt.

And it was growing.

Ray looked ten years younger already. He could feel himself growing stronger and taller and wider, his frame stretching to contain his now quickly developing muscle. Chuck started to lose track of his control, wanting only now to give these men more and more muscle and power and beauty.

Ray pulled his huge erection from Chuck's ass and came all over his back. Chuck felt the warmth on his skin and sucked in a breath as his own ejaculation neared, lost as he was in what he was doing. He was loosing transforming powers in his scent like a flower opening to the sun, pumping it out like musk. The men breathed it in, their bodies immersed with the power the huge man between them put out like energy.

Everything was so good, felt so great, the sharing and the power.

Teddy's shirt was hanging off his new body, but growing tight across the chest. The buttons began to strain to hold all his muscle in as his chest continued to bulge to new and greater dimensions. He'd gained nearly a foot in height, his pants around his ankles as his waist tightened and shrank, exposing his new, better body and higher, rounder ass. He was saying something Chuck couldn't hear, his voice a deep rumble of bass now, swollen with masculine strength. A mass of curls was erupting across his chest, a dark trail between the bulbous muscles on his belly, leading ever downward to what was swelling between his legs.

Ray was still hard, still pumping his juices out, his head thrown back and his mouth open. His eyes were pinched shut and all he could feel was the orgasm and the growth, each pleasure melting into the other. His arms burst with new muscle. His legs lengthened, expanded, swelling with thick wedges of brute force along the thighs, his calves blooming hard diamonds.

Teddy looked down as the strain of the shirt pressed on his skin and muscle until it could stand it no longer and the buttons blasted off like bullets. He took several deep breaths, his huge chest expanding with each inhale and not retreating back. His hands moved across the new huge dimensions of his body, his fingers digging through the forest of fur getting thicker and darker on his tanned, sweaty skin. Chuck's mouth on his cock felt strong and powerful, he felt like he was buried down the guy's throat so far it was a wonder he could breath.

It was a dream, a fantasy, his wishes made real as he watched himself change. Muscle was building upon itself everywhere. He felt the hard cobblestones of his abs, unable to stop himself from cumming as he blasted load after hot load down Chuck's throat.

Then Chuck was cumming, shooting a blast like he used to, a thick, long, hard, constant fountain from his prodigious cock that splattered the floor quickly growing into a pool of thick, sweet transforming spunk that found the two men and accelerated their growth yet again, their bodies feeding on Chuck's output of super cum until they were each nine feet high and six feet wide.

And still growing. •

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