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Blake unleashed himself on Jeremy, placing his hand over the other man's as it rested against his flesh and releasing the flood of new power into Jeremy.

To the chocolate-skinned man, it felt like someone was pouring pure sex over his body. Pleasure overwhelmed his senses and strength flooded his muscles, his form suddenly pulsing with carnal and primal power. Blake allowed his power to inundate Jeremy, submerging the man in a torrent of such might and masculine intensity that there was almost a feedback from him, because his system was unprepared for what it was receiving.

Blake gasped, and released Jeremy's hand as the dark man stumbled back, his head lolling forward even as his body began to swallow the strength inside, the new energy rushing through his every fiber and cell. His chest began to bulge and swell, thick fingers of muscle crawling across its expanse and growing into thick cords that would split and multiply. His shoulders suddenly swelled huge, banded with striations of new brawn.

Jeff took a step toward his lover, but then Todd's hand restrained him and as the blonde man began swelling into his new form as well, he passed on the power through his touch. Jeff could feel the silver clean strength enter him from Todd's touch and he stopped, overcome, suddenly growing more massive himself.

"You mean, all of you got bigger?"

"Of course, David," answered Carlos matter of factly. Then he, too, began to swell with thick muscular power, his golden eyes sparkling as he quickly grew past eleven feet high, his shoulders and chest bulging, his legs lengthening and growing fatter with fresh, hard brawn. "It was Chuck's idea, actually." He turned his head to glance at the man, unintentionally displaying the thick cords of power swelling along the line of his long neck. Chuck was still leaning casually against the wall, his two dicks twisting around each other sinuously.

Then he grinned. "Hell, boys," he said, straitening and walking slowly toward where David and Steven stood staring, "what's life without a few surprises now and then?" As he sauntered across the floor, his hips swaying with evident sensuality and his smile evidencing the pleasure he was no doubt feeling at their stares, he allowed himself slowly to expand into his own new form. The effect was startlingly erotic, watching his muscles move and grow, his whole body developing as he walked toward them. David swallowed hard, feeling himself swelling with lust and need as the swarthy man approached. His chest grew wider, stretching as his arms swung in his slow walking strut. His biceps blossomed with fresh strength, the muscle fibers swelling and multiplying. His entire form was growing taller, his rippled belly grew another pair of muscles fitting snugly in his taller torso. Chuck's lats flared wider and wider. The dark fur on his chest darkened as it spread. His squared jaw also darkened with a sudden shadow of a growth of beard that gave him a heavily masculine look. He was incredibly beautiful, and he was releasing a thin whisper of male scent in front of him.

His arms were huge and thick, and he reached forward toward David and Steven, placing his hands on their shoulders. He towered over them, now, a heavenly mass of muscle and strength. "Ready or not," he said softly, then he pushed all his male sensuality into his voice as he said, deeply, "here I come."

One thing about always being naked (and pretty much always being fucked) was that you never knew what time it was other than "it's daytime," or "it's nighttime." Sam didn't know whether he was early or late as he stood outside the complex, waiting patiently for someone to tell him what was going on. He'd never been very good about these sorts of things.

He looked over to wave back at Reggie and Justin, IGE's self-proclaimed Greeting Squad, as they walked across the hot gravel toward where he stood. Standing equally tall, Reggie had pale skin that glowed in the sun like porcelain, his flame red hair speckled with silver. Justin was an olive-skinned beauty with an amazingly tapered torso, made all the more remarkable by the clean distinctiveness of his abdominal muscles. His 6-pack was like a carton of eggs. "Hey, Tripod!" he called, his deep voice like thunder.

Sam smiled and hefted his huge member into his grip, wagging it at the man. "Hey, Justin. Hey, Reg. How they hangin'?"

Reg propped an eyebrow on his forehead and quirked a grin, then he looked down and grabbed his wealth of equipment, rubbing his thumb across the wide helmet of his ample cock. "Good, good. Yourself?"

Sam, who still had one hand wrapped halfway around the girth of his immensity, smiled and moved his other hand onto his pride and joy, the gift the transformation had bestowed on him. His own body was greatly improved over what he had before meeting Chuck, Todd and the others, but it wasn't as muscular as theirs. Instead, he'd concentrated the transforming fluid almost exclusively on his cock, pushing it's already impressive dimensions for any normal guy well into the realm of the unbelievable.

Sam's cock was huge. Massive. Mammoth. A tool so big and thick that he'd earned a nickname that wasn't far from the truth. "Fantastic. Thanks for asking." He dropped his cock and it slapped heavily against his thigh.

The two men gazed toward the closed doors. "The new kid?" asked Reggie. "Blake?" said Justin, his dark gaze twinkling. "Now that is one fine specimen of manhood." Reggie nodded agreement. "I was thinking he'd already received the full treatment when he stepped onto the docks." He turned toward Sam. "Any idea why the long wait, Team member, sir?"

Sam laughed. "Shut the fuck up, Reg. You know I hate that Team shit."

"Sorry." He was smiling broadly. "Just showing the proper respect."

Sam had always objected to the fact that he couldn't tell any of the new guys about the fact that they'd been short-changed in some areas of the transformation. He tried to tell himself that it wasn't because he was the only member of the Team without the ability to lift into the air and float free into the wide, blue sky. No, he wasn't resentful, not really.

But what good was having a huge prick if the other guys could just morph theirs into a model that made him look puny? He loved the looks that the "regular" guys gave him as he walked around the place, his big swinging dick big and swinging. When he got hard, it was a site to behold, the vein-covered beast swollen and engorged, pulsing heavily and hungrily between his legs. He was very popular.

And now they thought that Blake would give them all something more, something else.

What if it didn't work on him, again? What is he was left behind?

Maybe it was better not knowing, after all.

"Something on your mind, 'Pod?"

Sam shook his head. "Nah, just thinking." He looked at the doors. "How big you think he'll get?"

Justin folded his arms over his chest. "Blake? Shit, dude, is that what you're worried about? No one's gonna build a bigger beast than what you own, kid." He bent down and ran his hand along Sam's cock, cupping the huge head in his palm. It was as big as a plum and hot in his hand. "Mmmm, boy. Make me hungry just holding it." When he drew his hand away, it was coated with a slick film of precum. He licked it off.

"I think you should stop worrying and just be happy for the guy, Sam." Reggie was always so practical. Probably because he was old, thought Sam. He figured that the man was probably in his 40s, at least, based on how he appeared when he'd first arrived. He now looked no older than 19. Like every other man in the complex. Reg wrapped his arms around Sam and held him, kissing his neck softly. He always was a rather passionate sort. "Just means more fun for the rest of us."

Justin asked, "What number is he, anyway? 19?"

"15, officially," answered Sam. "Five others arrived after him. Three got transformed before him."

"Any idea why?"

"Nope," lied Sam.

Justin's brow furrowed, but Reg just shrugged and asked, "So, wanna fuck?" His huge member was already inflating, drooling a stream of clear, slick precum that made it glisten in the sun. He wiggled his brows and smiled a wicked smile. "I'm ready when you are, Sammy."

The big-dicked young man eyed the offered tool with a smile, even reaching over to stroked the hot, hard shaft before shaking his head. "Love too, Reggie. But duty calls. We're having a meeting I've got to attend."

Justin turned. "Big plans for the place? New meat coming soon?" There hadn't been any new recruits since just after Blake's arrival. Michael and Carlos had called a halt to new membership kits and there were only a few out in the wild awaiting word back from those candidates. It always worked out that some guys never responded - maybe they used the stuff and were satisfied with what they got, unwilling to part with the $25,000 supposedly necessary to go all the way, even though the fee was just a test to see if the candidate was dead serious and was never collected. Maybe they thought it was all a hoax and never even tried the stuff. Who knew? The population of fully transformed men stood at 19, and Blake made 20.

Sam shrugged. "I'll know after the meeting." He was still stroking Reggie's hot, rigid dick as it streamed its honey all over his grip. Sam looked into Reg's face. "Good?"

The big man nodded, his eyes closed. "You definitely have the touch, my friend." His erection was 14 inches long and 8 around. His balls were drooping with his quickly building load of hot cream. "Do that thing with your thumb."

"Like this?" He rubbed it over the helmet, then under the ridge, then up the slit and across the eye, still releasing a flood of lubing fluid.

"That's the way. Oh, yeah. Mmmm, uh huh. Right... right... ooooh, there it is." He started to pump his load in a fast, thick fountain.

"Damn, that was quick," observed Justin.

Reggie was pumping out his final thick bursts. "Well, he said he didn't have time. But there's always time..."

"For a hand job," finished Sam, laughing.

Justin hung his muscled arm across Reggie's huge shoulders, drawing him away. "Well, I've got all the time in the world, lover. Let's go see how much trouble we can get into, shall we?"

Reg was smiling broadly. "I'm driving."

Sam watched their perfect asses as they walked away from his before he started toward the doors of the main building. The wind was cool and dry on his naked skin, and the sun beat down on his powerful body. All in all, no matter what happened, he decided this was a pretty good little life he'd managed to fall into.

As he reached for the door, it opened outward, and David stood at the threshold. Sam gasped and felt himself grow hard, because if David had a huge, powerful, fully muscled body before, that was nothing compared with what he looked like now.

He was immense. Mammoth. Gigantic. A mountain of obvious and copious brawn, bulging and flexing everywhere on his beautiful form. "Finally," he said, and Sam felt the power of the word like a sexual directive. His eyes fell down his friend's form to see two massive cocks at David's groin, and they were reaching toward him like snakes for food, stretching into his hand and swelling, the skin of each as smooth and slick as silk. David's smile was warm, passionate, inviting, and his next words drove into the pleasure centers of Sam's head like a thick, wet tongue. "Get your fine ass in here, Sam! We have plans to make..." •

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