Amazing Transformations

The Beginning


By Network23

I was a normal 20 year old kid with the exception that he was gay, and attracted to muscle bears (big Muscular hairy gay men). Not only was I attracted to musclebears, but I also wanted to be one. At 5 foot 8 inches and 150 pounds I was quite scrawny and unattractive. Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Chad and I live in California. The mecca of gay musclebears. I'm also attending UCLA as chemistry major. One Friday night (yeah I have no life) I was working late in the lab working on a new batch of glow goo (I sell em to the rave kids for some extra cash) when a small quake hit and knocked some extra stuff into my formula. "Great, now I have to start over" I thought when I noticed that some of my mess had dripped into the mouse cage. Oliver (the mouse) was lying on its back twitching and got noticeably bigger. After the twitching was done he got up and seemed to be fine with one exception. The mouse was bending his water nozzle.

"Well THAT shouldn't happen"

I back tracked through what happened, analyzed the new "goo" and after I determined that it wasn't toxic I ran some more tests. This stuff was great! It seemed to enhance the muscle and bone structure of the one who drank it. Well since I made 5 gallons of the stuff I bottled it up and took it home. I live alone so nobody would interrupt me while I test it on my self. I decided that the best thing to wear was a little pair of running shorts and then setup my video camera and some mirrors to document the experiment. I poured out a full 8 oz helping, stared at it for a bit, downed it and waited. It seemed like forever and then I started to feel funny. Kind of nauseated and warm. Then came the convulsions. My stomach hurt so bad I thought I was gonna die. I managed to look up at the mirror on the ceiling (it wasn't hard since I was laying down) and I saw it happen my shoulders broadened and my chest was getting bigger. More convulsions. It started happening faster. Arms, legs, back, they were all getting huge. My shorts also started to feel really tight too. The crotch bulged up enormously then they ripped and out popped the biggest cock and balls I had ever seen. I was also sprouting fur and then it stopped. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I was BIG. I was a muscle bear. But I wasn't as big as I wanted to be so I drank a few more ounces. After that transformation I looked again and saw an ursine muscle GOD. I had a bit of a tummy but man was I massive. I looked down at my crotch and almost fainted. I was getting turned on by my bod but when I saw my cock I got hard immediately. And it was huge! I grabbed a tape measure. 12.5 inches long and 7.5 inches around and I was horny as hell! I was taller too. I jumped up to 6'3". I had to share this discovery so I called Jerry.

"Jerry, hey u busy?"

"No. Why?"

Jerry is a long time buddy and bear chaser too.

"I was in the lab last night and whipped up something wild"

"Oh like what?"

"Well come over and see"


"Sure why not. I think I might be able to fulfill one of your dreams"

"What? Ummm.. Ok gimme a sec I have to put some clothes on"

"Ok do you still have some of Jeff’s clothes?"

"Ya why?"

"Just bring them"

"Ok be there in a sec"

5 minutes later Jerry knocked on the door. When I let him in he almost died.

"What the fuck happed to you?!?!?!"

"Remember the quake earlier?"


"Well I was makin some glow goo and some other stuff spilled in. This is the result."

"Wow. Awesome! You’re huge! Man can I get that big?"

"Sure can. Strip down to your boxers and drink this"

I handed Jerry 12 oz of the magic Juice.

"Swallow this and lay here on the floor. It's safer and u can see your self up there."


Jerry drank it and laid down. I flipped on the camera and started the filming.

"How long does it take?"

"About 10 minutes. Let me know when u start feeling tingly"

About 7 minutes later he started changing

"I feel weird. Kinda like I'm sick. My tummy hurts"

"It's Ok that is natural just relax"

"Oh my god! What's happening?!"

For the next 5 minutes Jerry twitched and grew and became more sexy right before my eyes. The beach towel that I had on started to tent and eventually fell off as my dick reached it's full size. When it was all said and done Jerry laid there sweating and breathing hard like he had run a mile.

"My god that was intense?"

"It was hot too. Look at your self"

"Oh jesus. I'm huge!"

"Just like me let's measure each other. You measure me first."

"Ok. Biceps... 35 inches, chest...60, waist..46, thighs....40, calves....32 GOD DAMN!"

"Don't forget the last muscle. I measured it earlier 12.5x7.5"

"Holy fuck!"

"Ok ok. Now you. Bicep....32, chest...59, waist...44, thighs...40, calves...30, and last but not least cock...11x7. Wow were awesome!"

"Hell yeah! I'm horny too"

"I noticed. I am too"

I started rubbing Jerry's massive hair chest tweaking a nip. He moaned and his cock twitched. He grabbed my head and gave me the biggest hottest kiss I have ever had. Our hands roamed our massive muscle bear bodies. Jerry dropped to his knees and swallowed as much of my dick as he could which surprisingly was about ¾ of it. I almost came right there but I survived 20 minutes of the best head in the world. I was determined to swallow his whole dick. I laid him down and dove down. Forcing huge amounts of cock down my throat. Finally I managed to get it all then I backed off and proceeded to give him the sucking of his life.



"I don't want to cum yet. I want us to fuck each other first"


I got out some lube and slicked up my cock.

"Is it hot in here?"

"Yeah I'm sweating"

I got all slicked up, bent Jerry over and started pushing. GOD he was tight! He moaned as I slid inch after inch up his hot hole. When I finally had all 12 inches up in him he stood up and flexed his ass muscles.

"FUCK that feels good"

"Yeah 12 inches of muscle bear cock! You like that? You like this big dick up your ass?"

"Fuck yeah bear FUCK ME!"

For the next 30 minutes I plowed Jerry's ass in as many positions as I could think of. God it was hot. I was dripping sweat and I was getting close to cumming.

"I'm getting close man"

"Fuck yeah do, it cum!"

I could feel it build and it was gonna be a big one. Pistoning in and out of Jerry's ass like a man possessed then it happened I came. I roared and let loose the biggest load of my life, that sent Jerry off and there was cum every where. He must have soaked a 4 foot radius and I dumped so much cum up his ass that every time I moved in him it splashed out. I continued to gently pump as we kissed and cuddled and after a while we decided to shower and get some food. After we had fed our face I looked at Jerry. I had an idea.

"I think we should recruit more people. Daily orgies would be fun"

"Hell yeah but who?"

"I have a few ideas." •

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