Amazing Transformation, The

The year is 2030 and Bodybuilding has really taken off. With more than half the world population doing it. Bodybuilding science has developed a lot to and unknown to the world a new break through was to take place.

I was new to the sport and how only been doing it for three weeks and had made little progress but I was determined to make progress and become a heavyweight no matter how long it took. Unknown to me and the other bodybuilders was that we were being watched by a group of scientist who were looking for a male test subject of about 17-19 years of age. They had noticed me and were convinced that their break through could prove successful if it were used on me. They decided to wait for a few days before approaching me.

Three days later they approached me in the gym. They told me that they had developed a way for a person to control his or her muscle growth just by the power of thought. At first, I did not believe him but when he said that they had chosen me to be their test subject and that they were going to give me the ability to have biceps of any size and a body to match, make myself as strong as as many heavyweight bodybuilders as I wanted and change the tan of my skin and the definition of my muscles by the power of thought and the ability to increase my height to what I wanted, I could not believe my ears and told them I wanted a day to think it through.

I gave it a lot of thought and decided to accept their offer. I went back the next day and told them that I would do it. They were overjoyed and gave me a course of pills take for one week before they started the process. They told me to remain at home and take these pills three times a day for one week. I took the pills home and did as I was told. I wondered what these pills were for and I forget to ask them when they gave them to me, but I took them anyway. Theses pills were to change my life for ever. Once I had finished the course of pills there was no turning back. These pills were re-writing my genetic code which would allow me to change my height, weight, muscle size, strength definition and tan. It took three days before I felt the effects of the pills. A struggle for space began inside my clothes as my muscles were blasted with size by these small pills. First my pecs began jutting out from my chest forcing my shirt seams to stretch to the limit. My back inflated with size until my shirt ripped revealing a rippling wall of muscle that was my stomach. My forearms expanded until they were the size of a normal mans leg and my biceps and triceps just grew and grew until they ripped through the shirt sleeves, they must have been 30 inches. It would do this every two hours and would last for a minute and then I would return to normal. By day five I was the size of a lightweight and would stay that size all the time, but every three hours my body would be blasted to an enormous size. I would feel a tingling in all my muscles and then slowly they would begin to increase in size. First my pecs would start to inflate followed by my abs. My pecs grew so big that it became difficult to see over them so I had to look in the mirror to see the changes. My abs split into 6 perfect mounds. Then my trap muscles inflated with size until my arms stood at right-angles from my body. This is when my back would inflate in size, it was like I had wings. Then my arms would increase in size until my biceps measured 100 inches and my forearms 50 inches. My thighs just grew and grew until they measured 200 inches and my calf muscles measured 100 inches. I also increased in height, from 6 feet to 11 feet. This transformation would last for four hours before I returned to normal size. By day seven I had returned to my normal size and I went back to the gym to begin the program.

They took me to a part of the gym that no-one had ever seen before. They asked me to stand in a machine that was in the corner of the room. I did this and they shut the door and went over to one of their consoles. They turned on the machine and a faint humming noise came from the engine. Then two, what looked like lasers raised out of the floor and fired a bright blue beam at me. At that point I felt my muscles inflating with size. I looked down at my chest and saw my chest muscles becoming more defined filling with the power from the machine. I felt my back muscles inflating in size forcing my shirt seams to stretch to the limit. Then my shirt ripped and my pecs bulged from my ripped shirt. I looked down at my arms and they looked like my legs. Just then I herd another ripping sound and I looked down at my huge thighs which tore loose of my jeans. I was already the size of a lightweight bodybuilder but was still getting bigger. I ripped the shirt from my body and gazed at my new size but I had now doubled in size and was still getting bigger. I flexed and my biceps rose unbelievably. I was now bigger than any heavyweight but was still getting bigger.I had been in the machine for about a minute and was now the size of 2 heavyweight bodybuilders with biceps of 50 inches and I was still getting bigger. Just then the machine raced to a higher pitch and the beam became a lighting bolt of power. I howled like a raging animal bursting free of its cage. The entire lab shook as I was blasted beyond any human mortal. The power of the gods slammed into my body. The machine was transforming my body into a mountain of muscle and power. I was absorbing tremendous power pushing my body to the limit. By the time the machine had finished I had doubled my size. I was now as big as four heavyweight bodybuilders with biceps of 100 inches and was 11 foot tall.

The scientist then said to me that they were now going to finish what the pills had started. They put me on an operating table and gassed me to knock me out. I still kept my huge size and would keep it for the next 24 hours. They told me it was necessary for me to be this big so that they could operate on me. When I awoke they told me what they had done. They said that they had implanted electrodes into my muscles and connected them to my brain so that just by thinking I could increase my muscles in a matter of seconds. The pills helped with this but they also gave me the ability to change my strength, definition, height and tan. I was over the moon that they choose me for this experiment and could not wait to enter any competition and win with ease, but they said that they needed to keep me in for two weeks to run tests. The tests were to start the following day.

The first test was to test my strength ability. First they showed me how to use the ability of increasing my muscles. They told me to think of the size that I wanted to be and then to see it happening and it would happen. I did that and within five seconds I had the body of two heavyweight bodybuilders. I was in heaven. Next came the strength. They said that I could be as strong as as many heavyweight bodybuilders as I wanted so I thought to myself that I would be as strong as 50. Each bodybuilder can lift about 600lbs so I could lift 30000lbs. They had rigged up a machine that could simulate a weight slightly lighter than that and I was to try to lift it. They told me to think that I was as strong as 50 heavyweight bodybuilders and I would become that strong. I did that and sure enough I lifted that weight. I was great.

The second test was to test how large my muscles could grow and how tall I could make my self. I through about being the size of Nasser El Sonbaty but only four times larger. In a few seconds I felt a tingling in all my muscles when suddenly they started to grow. It was as if I was drawing the muscle size from a vast number of heavyweight bodybuilders. My biceps started increasing in size, from 15 inches to a massive size of 50 inches. My legs, which were close together were forced apart by my quads that were growing to a tremendous size. After a minute I was four times the size of Nasser El Sonbaty. I though to myself that I can be bigger then this. •

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