Amazing Transformations


By Network23

When last we left our two intrepid guys......

"So what do you suggest we do?"

"Well I suggest we form our own frat. Formed from the best minds and bodies on campus"

"That's not easy to do man"

"I know but it has been done before. We will recruit only family that wants to be like us"

"Well duh."

Fortunately for me my folks are rich so I have a big house with plenty of room for all the boys and a liberal college that cares about making the students happy. We decided to stray away a little from normal lines of frat names so we called it The Bear Clan. A little cheesy but the school liked it. So as not to get in trouble with the school I setup a lab in the basement with good vault to keep the formula safe (can't let that stuff get out you know). Now we had everything setup all we needed were recruits and we had to be careful with who we choose.

"Who should we approach next Chad?"

"Marc in the computer lab."

"Him? He's not family is he?"

"Oh yeah. Have you seen his car? Family stickers all over the damn thing."

"Ok. You gonna approach him?"

"Yep. Left him an e-mail invite an hour ago. He checks his mail every 3 minutes."

I looked down at my cut off sweats and giggled.

"We should go clothes shopping soon. We have no clothes to wear man."

"I know. I think it's sexy. Hey! We should make that a rule only tight shorts are to be worn in the house"

"Ooooh I like that one. I gotta go find a shirt though Marc will be here soon and I don't wanna freak him out."

At 6:30pm Marc rang the door bell. I explained what was happening and what our charter and frat was all about. The boy practically jumped out of his skin to get at the stuff.

"C'mon man I want it."

"Whoa now. Slow down. There are some things that you have to do first like move your stuff out of your dorm and into the house. You were chosen because you’re a whiz at computers, your gay, and you know how to keep a secret"

"Well I'm honored but impatient."

"Well how is it gonna look to your roommate if a mountain of a man with your head walks in to grab your stuff? And you have to tell your parents something. Here, I have a letter already prepared for that part of the problem."

"Ok. Lemme go get my stuff. That should only take about 2 hours."

"Cool. Here are the keys to my van. DON'T mess her up and don't tell anyone about this stuff."

"Chill man it will be fine"

Marc left and I called Jerry in from the other room.

"Strip I'm gonna ride u till u cum"

"Fuck yeah man"

I threw Jerry down, lubed him up and speared my ass on his big dick.

"AWWWW FUCK! Ready for a ride bear? Huh? Are Ya?"

"Fuckin right man. Ride my muscle cock!"

I started slamming my ass down on his crotch so hard that I could feel hid dick spear some where in my stomach. After slam riding him for 30 minutes I planted my feet on the floor clenched my ass real hard and started to stand up. Jerry's eyes rolled back in his head as my massive gluts lifted him off the floor. Slowly I relaxed a little and he started to slip out so I slammed us back down on the floor shoving him deep in my ass. 10 minutes of that had us both screaming.

"AWWWWW FUCK I'm close Chad!"

I didn't say anything more than a deafening primeval roar and shot a gallon of cum on Jerry's face and chest. That sent him over the edge flooding my ass with his own load. We were filthy, we had cum every where, I was stinking like I hadn't showered in a week and I was beginning to feel that investing in a carpet cleaner would be a good idea. Come to think of it, no carpet at all would be better. I looked at my watch.

"Shit! We have to get cleaned up before Marc comes back with his stuff."

"Your right. No time for individual showers."

We blazed through a shower desperately trying to keep our dicks under control. I had just gotten some shorts on when the door bell rang.

"Well that was good timing. Stay here."

I rushed down stairs and went outside.

"Well that didn't take long"

"Nope. You look clean"

"Just showered. I was feeling kinda ripe. I see that you took good care of my baby"

He just smiled and opened the back of the van. He was right most of it was computer stuff and some clothes that I would have to weed through.

"You do realize that most of your clothes won't fit after you do this."

"I know I'm gonna weed through it and throw most of it away."

"Don't worry were gonna go shopping later today. I'm just glad my feet stayed the same size, I'd hate to have to get new shoes."

We both laughed and hauled Marc's stuff indoors. I got him settled and then took him down to the lab where I have a large metal table with restraints.

"What are those for??"

"To keep you under control. The body convulses some during the change."

I gave him the juice, strapped him in and flipped on the cameras.

"Hope you’re not too fond of those clothes your wearing cuz I forgot to undress you and they will probably be shredded."

"It's ok these are just my sloppy clothes anyway"

5 minutes later it began and god was it hot. His shirt and his shorts ripped right off leaving him there with nothing but a pair of massively stretched boxer briefs.

"WOOF man. You developed nicely. Go look in the mirror."

He just laid there and sighed.

"As soon as I can get up."

5 minutes later I took him up stairs and introduced Marc to Jerry.

"You didn't tell me I wasn't the first Chad."

"Of course not. I was the first. Jerry was the second."

"So is it just gonna be the 3 of us?"

"Nope. Jerry and I are still recruiting. We have a few more hopefuls."

"Like who?"

"Jerry? Care to tell him?"

"Well, let’s see. Glen in the Chem. department, Rob over in the Art Dept., and Joe from the football team. Those are ones that leap to mind first."

Marc looked at the 2 massive men and smiled. “This is gonna be one hot house” he thought to himself. Marc’s thoughts started to wander and then rapidly brought him self under control.

“Ok where can I set up my gear and bed down?”

“Oh I’ll show you” marc followed me upstairs and we went into one of the larger rooms.

“This will be your room. I have our computers set up through there. It’s our main computer room.”

Marc looked into the room across the hall.

“We have cable modem and 2 large routers so go ahead and plug in. Whoa there” marc had just started to fondle me.

“You know what I want Chad”

”I know but I have 1 more recruitment to make today and after that the gloves come off ok?”

I left Marc to move his things in while I went and called Glen and Joe. After forcing myself back under control I went back down stairs and talked to Jerry.

“Glen and Joe should be here with in the hour. They seemed interested in moving in”

“Well good that Joe is a hunk. Make sure that you don’t give him as much stuff as we have taken.”


“I wanna dominate him. I’ve had the hots for him for a while”

“Ah. Well I’m feeling frisky but I’m gonna try and control it till we have everyone beefed up.. Speaking of beefed up I’m gonna take a little more juice. Care to join me?”

“You know it stud!!”

The two of us went back to the lab and downed another 3oz of juice and this time we tried standing up during the transformation. It was HOT and I was sweating like a pig. I ballooned up what to what I figured was 50% of my original size. I measured my dick again just for fun 13x9 “DAMN” I thought “I hope the boys can handle this thing”. I had to really control my self not to rape Jerry.

The doorbell rang.

Glen and Joe had arrived at the same time and almost died when they saw me.


“Yep. Wanna get like me?”

“HELL YEAH!” they both said in unison.

“Good. Go hack to your dorm’s load all your stuff and bring everything over here. Then go shopping for a few big mans clothes”

“OK!” they both said in unison.

I swear I saw fire trails come from their feet as they ran out the door.

Jerry came around the corner and peeked at the two guys leaving.

“Who do you want first?” Jerry asked

“Joe. I wanna pop his cherry HARD. Been eye baling him since I started school here”

Jerry Sighed “Ok I wanted to have him but its ok”

“Oh no no” I said “this is gonna be a tag team event. I get the back first you get the front. I wanna see him gag on your load”

Jerry smiled “WOOF!” •

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