Truck-Land, USA


By Lemur1

This started as a fairly short story that popped into my head, but next thing I knew I was looking at more that one chapter. It’s my play on the American Man’s Love of the Truck.

Billy was feeling real tired after working the evening shift at the Gas 2 Go mini-mart. It was a busy Friday night with all the “youngins’” trying to pass off fake ID’s to buy beer. What was wrong with kids today he thought to himself – ain’t they got no sense about what’s right?

Billy really hated it when the football players from Earl T Wood High School would come in and bully him into letting them buy alcohol. Even now some seven years since graduation guys like that still had a power over him, and it made him angry. He hated being so skinny. He hoped since he was tall he’d at least be good at Basketball, but no such luck. He was just not an athlete much to his father’s disapproval.

He thought about going to the Vo-Tech and maybe getting an degree as an Automotive Technician. He’d always been good with cars, and if he had the proof on paper maybe he could leave the town he grew up in and move to Layette Ville, and get a good job at Sears or Wal-Mart’s Auto-Center. Maybe next year he thought to himself, maybe after he got caught up on bills.

As his old Datsun truck stuttered it’s way down the lonely two-lane road that divided the town he noticed a new car dealership on the corner of Yoder Ave. Funny how he hadn’t noticed it when he was driving to work. It was a small lot with only trucks on it. A single bright street lamp illuminated the entire lot. A small yellow office was at the center with pennant flags running on streamers going from the building’s roof up to the lone streetlight. A large sign on the roof read “TruckLand USA.”

He had almost turned his eyes back to the road when he saw it. There on the edge of the lot had to be the most beautiful truck Billy had ever seen. It was big, real big a Dooley no less. Without even realizing it he had slowed down and pulled to the side of the road and was just staring at it. He couldn’t make out if it was a Dodge, Ford or Chevy from where he was sitting so he decided to get out and take a closer look.

As he stepped closer he wanted to pinch himself as if to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. It was so, so “purdy.” The large tires almost came up to his waist. It was painted a bright metallic blue and had chrome everywhere you could imagine. The bead liner and tool bin where diamond plate, and the hood and front fenders had an airbrushed painting of the American flag that looked is if it where flapping in the breeze. The bright street lamp made the whole truck sparkle like a precious gem.

Billy could only stare speechless, and dream of owning such a fine machine. “Hey, little buddy. What-cha’ doin’ out here so late?” The booming voice made Billy nearly jump out of his skin. He spun on his heels and almost fell over on himself as he turned in the direction of the voice. “That’s a mighty fine rig there ain’t it pup,” said one of the largest men Billy had ever seen.

“Yes, yes it is,” was all Billy could reply. “Yep, it’s a real man’s truck ain’t it son – oversaw a lot of the customizing myself,” the man said as he held out his large hand in greeting. “My name’s Randy, but folks ’round here call me Tex. What’s your name young man?” Billy held his small hand out and watched it disappear in Tex’s mighty palm. Tex gave him a hard, friendly shake as Billy watched the seams of the man’s shirt strain with every move. The man had to be 6’4” or 6’5” at least, and easily 300 pounds if not more. The western cut, blue striped shirt’s pearl snap buttons seemed to be holding on for dear life. Billy’s gaze continued to wonder over the man. He followed the straining buttons down the man’s barrel sized chest, and large, but hard belly that was pushing down on his large belt buckle forcing his jeans down low on his hips. The man’s jeans seemed to be suffering under the same strain as his shirt. His meaty thighs pushed what had to be a huge cock into an obscene bulge.

Billy panicked when he realized his was staring at the man’s crotch and shot his eyes back up to the wide, sun-hardened face covered in a bushy, red moustache. His hair the same bright red was cut in a high and tight buzz. “So son, now that you‘ve had some time to look things over. You think you could use a truck like this?” Tex spoke as he waved his huge arm out to point at the truck. “Well, it sure is nice, but I doubt I could afford it. “ Billy answered.

“You own that truck over there out right?” Tex asked. “Yes sir - paid in full!” Billy answered. “I’ll bet it is son, I’ll bet it is,” he said patting Billy on the shoulder. “Tell you what young Billy. How about we take this butte out for a little test drive. See how she rides. I’m sure we can work something out. After all some folks collect those old Datsun’s. I’ll bet you’d be surprised what it’s worth.” Tex said as he flashed a large grin. Billy tried to remember when he gave Tex his name. He remembered being asked but he couldn’t remember if he ever said it. “Hmmm,” he thought to himself, “surely I must have?”

“Naw, that’s all right Tex. It’s late and I’m sure you’ve got better things to do. I’ll come back tomorrow.” Billy said nervously trying to get out of the salesman’s grip. “Whoa there now son. This is what I do - it doesn’t matter what the clock says on the wall I’m always here for the customer.” Tex said, smiling warmly and holding onto Billy’s hand

Before Billy could say another word he was behind the wheel of his dream truck, and Tex was handing him the keys. Billy turned the ignition and felt the V-10 roar to life. “That’s 500 horses working under that hood Billy. Can you feel the power?” Tex said as he placed a hand on Billy’s shoulder. “Yes, I can – It’s, It’s amazing” Billy replied, and he wasn’t kidding. He was tingling from head to toe in unison to the rumble of the engine. He felt so alive, more alive than he could ever remember.

“Tell, you what Billy. I like you. You seem like a fine young man. So, I want you to drive the truck home Try’er out, leave your truck here, and you can come back in the morning. If you don’t want to keep this beautiful machine you can bring her back, and get your old truck in return – no questions asked. Sound fair?” Tex asked. “But you don’t even know me, how do you know you can trust me? Billy asked. “I’m in the business of trusting people Billy, and my instincts tell me you need this truck. All I need is a hand shake to make it a deal,” Tex said as he held out his hand. With the sense of trust he didn’t think he had Billy shook Tex’s hand, and before he knew it he was driving home in the big, beautiful truck.

When he finally got home he felt so tired, it had to be near one in the morning. His body was still tingling from the rumble of the engine, and he liked it. He opened the door to his trailer, and stumbled inside exhausted as he clasped on the couch and drifted off to sleep.

Billy had a restless night, he dreamt of riding through town in his new truck and everyone stopping, and staring at him. Kids waved, young girls winked, and men stared with envy. While driving he could feel his cock getting hard in his pants till finally it burst through his zipper and like old faithful he blew, spraying all over himself and the inside of the cab. Then he woke up.

After adjusting to the blinding light of morning the first thing he noticed was it was hard to breath he felt like he was caught in a vice. As the tried to get up from the couch he felt the vice break lose its grip here and there as he heard tearing sounds. He felt heavy kind of like being hung over but not quite the same. His crotch felt cold and damp so he moved his hand there and he realized why. He hadn’t just come in his dream but in real life. His zipper was busted and sticky with come.

He held his hand to his groin and staggered like a drunkard to the bathroom. With every step he heard more tearing sounds. Billy felt like he was moving through pea soup. He felt heavy and sluggish, and when he reached the bathroom Billy was shocked by his own reflection.

In the mirror he saw a man who kind of looked like him, but something was wrong. His shirt was torn in numerous places. His shoulders and arms looked thicker and his scrawny waist was replaced by the beginnings of a beer belly. His jeans where stretched tight over much thicker legs. Even his face seemed wider and covered in thick stubble that rose over the top is his cheekbones. His black hair was a curly, tussled mess. His skin seemed darker and his cheekbones were reddened as if he had worked out in the sun all day.

Billy continued exploring his body by pulling down his jeans. It was a struggle as he pushed them down his thighs. They were so tight his briefs came with them and he stared in shock as his now fat, long cock flopped out into the fresh air. Behind the thick meat were super-sized balls the size of extra large eggs hanging low in their furry nut sack. “What in the Hell?” Billy whispered to himself.

Now even more excited he hopped and shimmied the rest of the way out of his pants. Like sex-starved maniac he grabbed at his shirt and ripped it from his chest. The sound of buttons bouncing on the floor echoed in the tiny bathroom as Billy finally saw himself from mid-thigh up in the vanity mirror. He moved his hands up to cup his pecs to make sure they were real. “Fuck,” he said “look at the mother’s.”

The tiny patch of hair at the center of his chest had spread across his now clearly defined chest with a thin trail spreading down his center to the middle of his stomach. He placed his 6’1” frame on the bathroom scale and the readout swept past the usual 165 to 198. “Shit” he thought, “thirty-three pounds in one night, but how?”

In the back of his mind he new, somehow, someway his new truck had done this, but what kind of witchcraft was responsible. He knew he had to go back to Truckland and get some answers. He tried to tear himself away from the mirror but he couldn’t. His mind wasn’t the only thing that was getting excited. His cock was getting hard and pointing straight out in front of him. Slowly it rose higher, as it got longer reaching up to his bellybutton. “Shit,” he whispered as his hand tried to reach around the fat, eight incher. He was gonna need bigger hands to handle this brute.

He began to jack himself enjoying the long strokes it took from tip to root. Thick veins swelled along its shaft as Billy felt the pressure building in his nuts. He watched in fascination as his bicep muscles rolled into ball and then relaxed as he worked his meat. The vein running down his arm filled with more and more blood with every stroke. He pushed his feet further apart as his balls pulled up and he felt the geyser prepare to explode.

Foooom went his spunk as it blasted out of him in a thick volley splashing onto the mirror. Fooom again, and again, and again his cock pumping out more each time, the shots going higher and higher. Soon the whole mirror was covered in his seed as he slammed himself back into the wall cracking it as he caught his breath. “Fuck, that felt good” He roared as the coming finally stopped.

Satisfied he looked down at his magnificent cock as it softened to size of a package of Jimmy Dean sausage-hanging heavy from his groin. He pushed himself away from the wall and stumbled out of the bathroom. He needed to go back to Truckland, and find Tex. He had to find out what had been done to him. He rummaged though all his drawers and all he could find that fit him was a pair of sweats and a Stone-Cold Austin t-shirt that he had been given at Christmas that used to be too big, but now fit just right.

Thank the Lord his work boots still fit so he could go out. He locked up the trailer and stepped up into the cab of the Truck. He fired up the engine and felt the familiar buzz resonate through his body. He tore down the gravel drive of the trailer park and soon he was on county road 84 headed for Truckland.

As Billy sped down 84 he found himself shifting in his seat. The vibrations from the engine running through his body felt so good. He spread his legs further and further apart as he got comfortable and rolled down the window hanging his left arm out. He lost track of time as he became mesmerized by the stripes on the road when a familiar tightness returned. He looked down at his legs and realized his chest and stomach were getting bigger, his thighs too. The sweat pants he was wearing left little to the imagination as his bulge started to look ridiculous. He was getting bigger as he drove. Caught up in his changing body his heart almost jumped out of his chest when he heard the car horn.

He had crossed the centerline of the road and was about to hit another car. He snapped the wheel to the right and hit the brakes sending the truck off the road and into a shallow ditch. He managed to bring the truck to a safe stop angling back up towards the road. His heart was pounding out of his chest when he heard the shoulder seams of his t-shirt snap. His shoulders were getting so thick and muscular he couldn’t help but take his hand off the wheel to rub them. From there he began to explore the new growth squeezing his thicker pecs, and rubbing his belly. As the engine idled he let the vibrations sooth him as his hand wondered down to his aching cock. It was rock hard and pointing to his left side the head sticking out past his hipbone. He pulled down on the elastic waistband of his sweats and pulled out the fat prick. If it was big before it was huge now. The head was slick with pre-cum so he rubbed it all over his fuckpole and began to jack-off again.

Fuck he was so horny. He had just blown his load this morning and he needed to do it again. He could feel the rumble of the Trucks engine deep in his balls as he quickly reached climax. With some effort he bent over as far as he could and found he could now suck himself off on his ten-inch pole. He swallowed every drop of his cum it poured out of him and it tasted so good. When he was done he decided he needed to step out of the truck to make sure he hadn’t damaged it in the accident.

When he landed on the ground and sunk in the soft wet earth he felt the force of his own weight pulling him down. He knew he was well over two hundred now, and he was damn curious as to how much. He also realized there was no way he could see Tex in what he was wearing. His sweats were ready to burst and the sleeves of his t-shirt were completely split out. He flexed his bicep and marveled at the baseball-sized lump it now made.

He needed clothes that fit his growing frame so he would have to make an extra stop before returning the truck. Yep, no doubt about it he wasn’t showing up at Truckland looking like some fool. He walked around the truck in the spongy grass and admired the deep tracks his Dooley’s tires had made. He noticed the rear right tire wasn’t really touching the ground, and that could be a problem. He pulled himself back up into the cab and put the truck in gear. He left his door open and heard the back tires spinning, but he wasn’t going anywhere. He knew that the truck had to have 4-wheel drive but he didn’t know how to engage it. He looked all around in frustration and realized having never drove a truck like this he should have asked for a manual or something. He continued by trying to rock the truck out by switching back and forth between drive 1st gear and reverse, but the truck just sank deeper into the wet ground.

“Motherfucker, Shit, God damn it!” he spat out now really mad at himself. He slammed it into neutral and hopped back out of the cab and walked around to the back. The rear left tire was deep in the ground now buried in its own trench. The right tire had now sunk low enough to get traction but the ground was just too damn soft.


In desperation Billy braced his right shoulder against the tailgate and reached his hands under the bumper. He was gonna get this fucking truck out of this ditch if it was the last thing he did. His boot’s sunk into the mud as he pushed his whole weight against the truck while trying to lift the bumper with his bear hands. He could feel the engine’s vibrations through the bumper and the harder he heaved the louder the engine seemed to become as if trying to help. He could feel the trucks energy merge with his own as he started to actually lift the truck out and slowly stepping forward he pushed the truck out of the ditch.

What was left of his shirt tore away as his shoulders and back swelled with the effort. He heard the inseam of his sweats split as his ass muscles contracted. He soon realized his wasn’t alone when he saw the flashing lights of a police cruiser reflecting off the tailgate of the truck. “Everything all right here,” shouted a voice behind him. Billy let go of the bumper and turned to face the officer as he pulled off the taters of his shirt and dropped them to the ground.

Billy recognized him at once. “Deputy Boyd, how are you doing this morning,” he called out in his friendliest voice, giving a small wave with his hand. “Billy? Is that you?” Asked officer Boyd. “Damn, what you been doin’ since I saw you last? You join the WWF or something?” He replied his eyes open wide in disbelief. “Naw, nothin’ crazy like that. I did get a new truck though – you like it?” Billy said offering a handshake and a wide grin.

“It’s darn nice, that for sure. How long you had it?” Boyd said taking off his hat and slipping into a more friendly tone. “Got it last night. Would ya’ like to get a better look at it?” Billy asked making a sweeping motion towards the door with his muscular arm. “Don’t mind if I do Billy.” Deputy Boyd said as he stepped over to Billy. He placed his boot on the running board and pulled himself into the cab. He had to keep scooting in as Billy followed him in. “Very roomy in here Billy I can see why man your size needs a Truck like this.”

“Ya, It’s pretty comfy that’s for sure. So ya’ like what ya’ see huhn?” Billy said looking Officer Boyd in the eye. Boyd couldn’t get over Billy size. He couldn’t remember when he had seen him last, but he could clearly remember the skinny man who knew as Billy. Now this giant sat half naked in front of him. He eyes wonder over Billy’s huge frame. His arms upper arms looked the size of Virginia hams, and his chest like to over stuffed pillows covered in dark curly hair that ran down over his hard full stomach. He looked more like a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys than the Billy he knew.

“Damn Billy! I just can’t get over how big you’ve grown” Boyd complemented him. “Aw, heck Deputy Boyd I ain’t so big” Billy replied blushing. “Damn if you ain’t. You’re sure as heck to big for that shirt you where wearing. I saw you bust out of that thing as I pulled up. What are you taking boy, Steroids or somethin’?” Deputy Boyd’s voice taking on a sound of concern for the young man he’d know since he first moved into town – Billy only in grade school then.

“Don’t you worry about that! If I was on them drugs do you think I’d have a dick like this?” Billy asked as he tugged his large man meat from the confines of his sweat pants. Billy grinned like a child showing off his favorite new toy as he held out his thick cock to show Officer Boyd. Boyd wasn’t sure if he was more shocked at the size of it or that fact that Billy was showing it to him. Sitting in the cab of the large truck with Billy officer Boyd began to feel strange. He could feel the soft rumble of the trucks engine through the bench seat lulling him into a trance. His mind was becoming a fog and he found he couldn’t take his eyes of Billy’s large member.

Billy saw the lustful look in Deputy Boyd’s eyes and it made his cock grow hard. Without a word spoken Officer Boyd leaned down on to Billy’s throbbing 12-inch cock and placed his lips around it. Billy leaned back in the drivers seat as he hung his left arm out the window and stretched his right along the top of the bench seat. His eyes rolled back into his head as the county’s finest ministered to the urgent needs of his again hungry cock. “Fuck” Billy thought “would he always be this horny?” It didn’t take long for Boyd to bring Billy to orgasm. He tried to choke down as much as he could but the flow was so strong it backwashed out of his mouth and into Billy’s lap. As the volcanic eruption of come finally slowed Billy spoke. “Thank you Deputy I needed that. You done real good” He said stroking the officer’s hair with his hand like he was petting a loyal dog.

Deputy Boyd got up and wiped his mouth with his shirtsleeve. “I, I need to go Billy. I got… I got things to do. You, you have a good day now all right? Boyd mumbled as he slipped away from Billy and out the passenger door. Billy watched him as he stumbled his way through the ditch and back into his patrol car. He lifted his thick arm that was resting on the Truck’s door and gave a small wave. As officer Boyd drove away. •

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