By musclemike05

Kyle literally couldn’t believe his eyes when he went into the bar. The guy was huge, 6’2 or 6’3, and built like a tank. He was wearing a tight sleeveless tee shirt, from which two cannon like arms exploded out of – massive delts – massive biceps and a huge heavy chest, straining the stretchy fabric to the limits. He had jet black hair and some stubble. Kyle looked at his ass – a huge bubble butt. He was wearing jeans, and from where Kyle was standing the guys legs looked as massive as his upper body. Kyle gulped, this massive muscle bound guy was exactly his type. But he knew only too well from experience that these guys tended to go for muscle guys – not for a slim guy like him. Kyle could see a few other muscle dudes – nowhere near as big as Him – hanging around looking to get His attention, but to no avail. Kyle went to the bar, knocked back a whisky and steeled himself.

He turned around, ready to try his luck, and the guy was standing right behind him. Kyle gulped. He was even bigger up close. His huge chest heaved in Kyle’s face, each pec inadvertently bouncing and twitching beneath the tee – how did that fabric hold?! Kyle looked up. His massive traps bulged either side of his neck, he was so wide – huge delts striated showing each head clearly. His arms were amazing – his biceps bulged massively, thick veins running over them from his delts, snaking over his biceps, running right down his forearms. Kyle spent a minute just following the trail.

“Like what you see?”, he asked?

“Oh, eh, yes! – Very much”, Kyle stammered, kicking himself for his obvious embarrassment, but getting immediately hard at the guy’s forwardness.

“Name’s Trojan”, he said, proffering a huge fist. Kyle shook it. His grip was hard.

“Kyle,” he replied.

“How old are you Kyle?”, Trojan asked, looking Kyle up and down.

“19 – just turned 19”, Kyle replied.

“Give me stats – quad, waist, bicep”. It was an order, not a conversation piece.

Kyle had no need to think. He was obsessed with working out, but despite all his efforts, he couldn’t bulk up. It did mean though that he was very lean, and was in good shape. He knew all his body measurements off by heart.

“Em – quads are 22, waist is 28 and my biceps are 12.5. Nearly 13” He added that in the hope of giving him some chance of impressing Trojan. He didn’t show any sign of being impressed.

“You a natural blond Kyle?”

“Yes”, Kyle smiled, “Yes I am.”

Trojan paused for a minute. Kyle felt a little self-conscious as Trojan examined him carefully.

“Ok, that’s good”, he replied after what seemed an eternity. He clicked his fingers. “Let’s go, Kyle”. Again, it was an order. No dispute.

Trojan turned and walked out of the bar. Kyle shook his head as if to check that’s what he really heard. As he thought, he was distracted by Trojan’s back – a massively thick, muscular back which tapered from his huge delts down to an impossibly thin waist. His huge ass bulged out his jeans, and he walked slightly strangely, owing to his thighs getting in the way of each other as he muscle-strutted out of the building.

“Fuck it”, thought Kyle, “You only live once!”.

He followed Trojan out of the bar, watched by several of the former’s admirers, who seemed in shock as to what had just happened. Kyle grinned to himself as he walked out – they were all jealous.

When Kyle got outside, a huge black Hummer was at the entrance to the bar. The back door opened. Kyle went up to it and looked in. Trojan was on the back seat. Kyle laughed a little to himself – Trojan’s massive bulk looked slightly ridiculous inside the Hummer. But fuck he looked hot too. He got in. Before he had even closed the door, the Hummer sped off.

“So your place or mine?”, Kyle said, laughing.

Trojan looked at him. His square manly face looked very serious.

“Don’t fucking speak to me Kyle. Understand? Don’t utter one word until I order you to. You will fucking obey me or I will rip you limb from limb.”

Kyle opened his mouth in shock, and closed it again. What the fuck?

He reached down and unzipped his jeans, pulling out his cock. It was huge, 10 inches semi-flaccid and real thick.

“Suck it Kyle. Now”. Trojan didn’t even look to see if Kyle would respond. He just sat there, handling his huge cock, looking out the window, as if disinterested.

Kyle was torn between wanting to tell Trojan to go fuck himself and wanting so badly to suck his huge muscle cock. He bent over and licked Trojan’s cock, sucking it, gently at first, but then wanting more of it. It got harder in his mouth. As he did so, he heard a voice in the front of the car, speaking on a phone.

“Yes – it’s me, get the guests ready. 19, blond college boy, good stats.”

Kyle lifted his head to see who was speaking, but Trojan anticipating his move, put his hand on the back of Kyle’s neck, and held him down.


After about half an hour, the Hummer pulled up at a large house, behind a gated entrance. The driver came around and opened the door. Trojan got out and disappeared. The driver motioned to Kyle to follow him into the house. At this stage Kyle was a bit confused, light-headed after sucking Trojan’s huge cock for so long, he just followed. He was led into a room, which was dark. After about ten minutes, Trojan entered, turning on the lights as he did. He had stripped down, and now was wearing combat style lyrca shorts, which were bulging with the weight of his huge cock.

“Trojan, I don’t know what the fuck…”

Trojan walked up to him quickly and picked him up by the neck. He threw him across the room.

“You will fucking obey my orders – DO YOU HEAR ME?”

As Kyle stood up, he looked around the room. It was full of weights, with huge mirrors down one side, and all sorts of benches, and other gym equipment, including some Kyle had never seen before. Trojan stood over him. Kyle looked up at his massiveness. Fuck he WAS hot.

“Yes”, Kyle answered, surprised at his meekness. “Sorry Trojan”.

Trojan had picked up some dumbells. They looked heavy to Kyle – about 60lbs but Trojan was doing one arm curls as if they were real light. His arms were pumping up visibly as he did so – Kyle was drooling at his vascularity. Trojan dropped the weights with a loud bang, and turned to the mirror. He flexed his arms – they were huge now – at least 22 inches, if not more.

“Get the tape – measure me”, Trojan ordered. As he did, he nodded to the tape on a pile of weights. Kyle retrieved it, and measured, with some difficulty as his cock was really hard now, Trojan’s massive biceps. They were pumped huge.

“23 inches”.

“Good – they like that.”

He turned to the mirror and pulled a double bi.

“You fucking like these huge cannons – don’t you?”

Kyle wasn’t too sure if he was talking to himself in the mirror, or to Kyle. Trojan muscle-strutted over to a squat bar. He did 10 reps of an enormous weight – Kyle estimated about 600 lbs. Again, his legs inflated with the pump massive bulging muscles – each head struggling to out do the other. Thick veins roped around his legs.

Trojan flexed his legs.

“MEASURE – NOW”, he shouted as he flexed in the mirror. Kyle could see he was getting off on getting so pumped up. He got on his knees and measured Trojan’s tree-trunk thigh – so massive.

“31 inches – fuck!”, Kyle replied – he couldn’t help but express his amazement.

“Good – we’re ready”, Trojan said.

He pushed Kyle over to a kind of bench – looked like an adapted preacher curl. He bent Kyle over it, and the bench was structured so that Kyle’s ass was pushed up in the air. He gulped – he knew what was coming next. In the mirror he could see Trojan flexing. Getting off on his mass.

“Fuck yeah – huge fucking cannons – these bad boys are bigger than your chicken legs”

Kyle realised the reason behind the measurements. Trojan was getting off on his size over Kyle.

“Oh yeah – and my fucking quads are bigger than your wimpy waist.”

Trojan pushed his cock up against Kyle’s ass. He flexed again as he did. Kyle could see him admiring his bis. His ego and self-admiration made Kyle want to cum instantly.

Trojan started to pump Kyle’s ass. His cock squeezed up – it’s sheer volume made Kyle wince, but man it felt good too.

“Say it bitch – SAY IT – TELL ME HOW FUCKING HUGE I AM”. Trojan roared. Kyle could see in the mirror his vascularity increasing – veins pumping over his body – his bull neck red and pumped.

“OH fuck yeah – you are fucking huge Trojan – so huge compared to me – your body totally outweighs mine.”

“Oh yeah – louder bitch – feel my fucking body pin you down.” Trojan grabbed Kyle’s hair with one hand - forcing his head up so that he had to see Trojan’s massive body in the mirror.

“Oh fuck yeah Trojan you massive muscle machine”. Kyle could feel Trojan close to coming.

“You are fucking a huge mass of muscle – totally out size everyone else. Your bis are like fucking muscle canons – your quads like tree trunks.

“OH FUCK YES,” Trojan roared. Kyle could feel his hot cum in his ass. It exploded out his ass and ran down his legs. As Trojan withdrew, Kyle fell to the floor, exhausted. He lay there. As he did, the mirrors opposite them slid open. Behind it were at least half a dozen men, all sitting in chairs, covered in their own cum. They had been watching all along. •

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