By Codtaro

Dallen pulled several bottles out of a small refrigerator. the liquid was murky, but it had a sweet scent. Cody watched eagerly as the strange fluids were poured into a glass. His gaze moved over to Kanta. The eyes of the younger boy were wide with excitement. Dallen turned to look at the two boys.

"You two should take off your clothes. they'll be shredded after you take this."

Cody nodded and dropped his leather vest, and pulled off the small sleeveless shirt. He noted Kanta watching as he slowly dropped his pants to the ground. The underwear followed, and his soft dick was now exposed. Kanta, and even Dallen's eye's went wide at the site.

"Holy shit," Dallen muttered, starring at the still soft snake, "you're still soft? How big is that thing?" "Well, when it's soft it's just under six inches, but hard it's about eight and a half."

Dallen's face went to a sly look. He turned to the glasses and added a few drops of other liquids. After his chemestry show, he gave the boys the drinks. Kanta was hesitant, but when he saw his brother drinking the strange stuff down eager, he followed suit. Soon both boys downed the whole glass. Cody was the first to feel the sudden bolt of pain flash through his body. The feeling was like being shot through the heart. Cody felt as if his skin was tearng. Then he realized it was his muscles growing. He saw his abs becoming more defined, and his arms growing wider and thicker. He saw curves and crevices difining everyinch of his body, and veins throbbing near his chest and shoulders, traveling down his arms and legs. Then his eyes focused on the monster that was growing from his body. His cock must have been sixteen inches, and looked as wide as a his hand. Cody felt the strange pain leave his body. But Kanta was still screaming from the pain. Then, shortly after, all was silent. Cody rolled over and looked at Kanta. the boy barely looked the same. a thick slab of muscle now ordained his chest, and his abs looked like deep set boulders. The two boys looked at their amazing physiques, and then at each other. Cody was enticed by Kanta's large member. Even though it was still smaller than his own, it must have been at least fourteen inches.

"Cody, we're huge." "I know. It's great."

Cody flexed all the muscles in his new body. He loved this muscle. Kanta, after a while of staring advanced on Cody. Kanta rubbed his hands over the thick beautiful muscle. Cody kissed the boys forhead. Damnit he wanted Kanta. Even before this he wanted him. Cody moved his mouth lower on Kanta's body, until his was lickin and biting Kanta's now beautiful man-nipples. The younger boy reacted to this with an instant erection. Soon, Cody learned the true size of Kanta's beautiful manhood. The beautiful meat must have been seventeen inches long Cody's mouth suddenly felt dry, and the thick dick was like an oasis. Cody was soon throating down the thick beauty, forcing it into his throat. Cody loves this thick cock. He wanted it to be all in his mouth. Kanta grabbed Cody's head and pulled it down on his cock. Cody was sucking as much as was humanly possible. Kanta threw his head back and let out a heavy moan. This whole thing felt so good. Since this whole field of pleasure was so new to Kanta, his moans were loud and wild from the bliss, and soon after, a flood of his sweet manjuices were flowing in his brother's mouth. But Cody was choking on it and coughed up a large amount of Kanta's sweet cum onto his rock solid body. Kanta watched as Cody licked up all the cum from his body, moving up to his neck. Then Cody moved up to his little brothers beloved lips. The two passionately kissed for at least several minutes. Then Cody pulled away from Kanta and looked into his deep eyes.

"Kanta, I want you to be mine." "I'll be yours, brother."

The two continued their session, even with Dallen in the same room. Cody licked Kanta's ass, then, his hard twenty inch cock was soon inserted into Kanta's sweet ass. Cody pushed in forcefully. Kanta's cries of pain were soon turned into moans of unwordly bliss. This was what he had always wanted, to be Cody's lover. Ever since the older boy had reached thirteen, he had always had the most sexy face. as Cody advanced through his teens, the rules seemed never to apply to him. His face was never cursed by acne, and his skin was always so thin and smooth. Even though Cody rarely lifted weights, his body was still awesome in its appearance, with his thin sixpack and well formed chest. Now he was Kanta's god. Kanta screamed out with pleasure as he felt Cody's own cum flow into his virgin ass. Upon this Kanta himself shot out another load, which slapped itself onto both Cody and Kanta. The two boys licked up the sweet necter from each other, then the just lay there, naked, looking into each other's eyes. They had both found their love.

"Um, guys, I really need to measure you to see how the test went."

The two boys slowly got up the first thing Dallen noted was they had grown taller. Cody was now six foot eleven inches, and Kanta follows at six foot five inches. Cody's arms had gone from fifteen inches to a shockingly huge and sexy twenty-five inches. His waist however, had only grown and inch from it's original size. Cody's legs went from there's regular twenty-eight inches to a shredded heavily defined forty-eight inches of solid muscle. shoulders were about two feet apart.

Kanta was sad when he was about a third under all of Cody's measurments. The younger boy turned to Dallen, a thought just entereing his mind.

"Um how can we go back to school? there's no way anyone our age would be this big?" "Well, just come in this room and we'll make some phony I.D."

As the boys took their pictures, Cody went from being a thin 14 year old, to a heavy bodied twenty year old. While Kanta became a 19 year old reporter. The two boys now had a new life, a new life in which they were each others lover. •

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