Building Better Bodies Through Chemistry

By Drakkenfyre

Dean Wembly sighed, "Well, Prescott certainly has an odd sense of humor." "Excuse me?" Professor Winterburn asked. "Well, have you seen the new Chemistry professor Erwin Gladstone?" "Yes, a giant of a man. Shows students that even a jock can apply himself academically." "Uh, yes. But Prescott--the Chemistry Department Chair at Pembroke College, his old school described him as a "Casper Milquetoast," the "classic before shot of Charles Atlas". I thought we might have an imposter when I met him, but his fingerprints check out with state." "You ran his fingerprints?" "Well, I owe it to the University that we not allow imposters to impersonate professors. Must just have been Prescott's weird sense of humor. I bet he'd describe Arnold Schwarzeneggar as "Nixon in his debate with Kennedy."" "Do you run fingerprints on all the faculty?" "What? Should I? Are you hiding something, Winterburn?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Good morning, class!" boomed the shirtless giant wearing two huge orange rubber gloves and a pair of blue swim trunks, "I'm Professor Gladstone, and since the weather is still pretty warm, and classes are just getting started, I thought I'd start the class with a light exercise involving soap bubbles. Hence my attire. I don't want to get my suit wet, so I'm in the swim suit. The gloves are to keep me from getting dishpan hands, I've got 4 classes today." It was a fun class. Though it required some unexpected physics applications to determine how big you could make a bubble using different water to soap ratios. Discussions of spectrometry followed. At the end of the class he asked two students to assist him with the clean up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the class had left, and the professor had locked the door, he turned to face the two students he had selected. Dillon Edwards was on the scrawny side, and was dressed in a dark shirt and grey trousers. Freeman Gregor was tall but without muscle tone, and was dressed in a white shirt, dark tie and dark slacks. "Gentlemen, if you'd like to strip down to your scivvies, I won't have to worry about you getting soaked when you help me carry these tubs into the back room. Professor Winterburn has a class in here in an hour, and then I'll have to solicit a couple more students to bring these buckets back in here. But don't worry, you'll be rewarded.

The two followed their teacher's instructions. It was a bit embarrassing, but practical, and both students were astounded that a studly and scholarly teacher would pick a couple of less popular students to help him. When they'd carried all the apparatus into the back room, he said to them, "Now for your reward." Professor Gladstone opened a large brown stoppered bottle and poured its contents into the largest tub. The water turned magenta and bubbled. Suddenly, he grabbed Edwards and lifted him bodily into the tub holding him under with the orange rubber gloves. Freeman Gregor just stood there in his white briefs with his mouth gaping open as the professor held the other student in the bubbling tub. At last, Edward was allowed to breathe air, and was helped from the tub. Edward was so exhausted from his ordeal. he didn't even notice Freeman gaping at him. The professor led him to a full-length mirror and Edward was shocked. HE HAD MUSCLES! His wet bikini briefs looked black, and his body looked like a real body builders, so he took a moment to pose, while the professor went back to reward Freeman. "Well, Freeman, it's your turn--" "YES!" and Freeman dove into the magenta tub now covered with pink froth. "Come out! Come on, Freeman, you can get too much of a good thing!" _______________________________________________________________________________

Dillon Edwards was able to get back into his clothing, which had fit loosely before, but now were quite tight. Freeman Gregor's extra long stay in the elixir had made him too big from his britches, and unable to close his shirt across his broad chest and shoulders. Fortunately, one of Professor Gladstone's biker friends had left some of his gear. The leather pants were big enough, and the leather harness fit, but the shirt and jacket were still too small. Gregor smiled and pulled out some dark sunglasses and parked himself on the sofa in the back office. He liked the new him, and wanted to be bigger still. "Prof, you said you need a couple more volunteers for the next class, I'd be happy to volunteer, and maybe I'll be able to wear some of your hand me downs." He winked at the giant. _______________________________________________________________________________ Foot Note: At the Semester's End. "Winterburn?" "Yes, Dean?" "Have you noticed how many muscular men are in Gladstone's classes. I daresay, he must have every jock in campus enrolled in his classes." "Well, no sir, that fellow there is Dillon Edwards, quite a non-descript young fellow last year, typical academic. No, I'd say Gladstone motivated his class to become more physically fit." "You think so?" "Yes, there's Freeman Gregor in that tank top and shorts." "That's Freeman Gregor? But he always dresses in a shirt and tie." "Well, I think with the bulk he's put on, he'd be hard pressed to find a dress shirt that'd fit him. As a student, I doubt he could afford custom tailoring." "No. Hm. Maybe I'll audit Gladstone's class next term." "Could I join you, dean?" •

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