By Codtaro

Cody slowly rolled out of bed. He ran his hands through his hair. It had been a long day before, and he slept good. The young 15 year old looked at his reflection in the mirror. His dark brown curly hair was short, except for one long bit which covered his right eye, and a thick strand next to that which was dyed white. His body was thin and lithe, but he still had a sexy eightpack, with deep crevices, and pecs which pushed out just a little less than an inch.

"Cody, Kanta is here," His mother called out, from the front of the house.

it was only about now that Cody realized he had slept naked, something he only did on the hottest nights of summer. As Kanta came in, he saw Cody rustling through his chest of drawers for some underwear. Kanta grabbed a some red boxers and tossed them to his friend.

"Here, Cody. There's a cold front coming in."

The two boys smiled at each other. After Cody had stored the goods away, he gave Kanta a warm hug, as the two always did when they met. Cody sat down on his bed and looked at Kanta. The boy, a year younger than Cody, was equaly thin, but with less muscle build than Cody had. Kant also sported messy auburn hair with about six separate strands that grew faster than the rest. Now, Kanta was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with jean shorts.

"So, Kanta, what brings you here at this time?" "I missed my big brother, oh and did you forget, we were going out to that one store today." "Oh, yeah. I can't believe I forgot."

Cody smiled, Kanta always called him brother, mainly because the two were so close to each other, that some people actauly thought they were brothers. Kanta wrapped his arm around Cody and muttered something under his breath, then he looked into his close to naked friend.

"You know Cody, I have to admit you're sexy and all, but clothes wouldn't kill you."

Red covered Cody's face as he remembered that his current attire was less than modest, particulary with a certain member of his body trying to say hello through the leg. Quickly, Cody got up and headed to his closet. He pulled out a black leather vest, and black jeans. Turning to his nightstand, he pulled out a dark red sleeveless shirt. When he was fully dressed, he admired his reflection. Coming out from the vest were Cody's pride and joy, thick fifteen inch thick arms with several veins traveling down reaching his thin, but well muscled wrists. The shirt had a high neck which wrapped just below Cody's adam's apple, and stopped about two inches from his naval, and going down another inch the black jeans wrapped tightly around his twenty-seven inch waist. His left ear had three piercings in it with two small gold ear-rings and a silver one in the middle. He grabbed a Turkish link gold chain and slipped it over his head. The finished effect was best described by Kanta.

"You look good Cody."

Cody turned to his little brother and gave the boy a kiss on the lips, and he slowly pulled away, their eyes met, and he felt a sudden warmth spread over his body. He never admitted it, but when he was around Kanta, he always felt so warm and at ease; in the back of his mind, he knew he loved Kanta more than just like a brother.

"So do you, Kanta."

Cody evaluated the face of his beloved friend. The large brown eyes were so warm, and the boys ears were pierced too, although he only had two gold ear-rings on his left and one on his right. Cody's gaze moved to Kanta's tiny nose, and slowly down to the lips he loved to kiss. The warmth of the moment was broken by Kanta.

"Well, let's go." "Yeah."

The two boys left the room, and, arm on shoulder, they walked through the neighbor hood.


The boys left the shop in slight dismay. Upon finding the music store, both expected to find some good music, and both were wrong. Even Cody's taste of old fashioned music was not sufficed in the sorry excuse of a record store. The hot summer sun once again beat down on the young boys, and soon Cody's already tight shirt was like a second skin, forming to every crease in his thin muscle. Kanta let out a moan as his own shirt had down the same. The two boys litteraly could have been shirtless at this point. Soon, as thirst aroused itself inside their throats, they began to look for any store that apparantly sold beverages. Cody was the first to note a vitamin and suplement store nearby. The two quickly walked into the air conditioned haven. a man at the counter smiled at the two, particulary at Cody.

"Can I help you kids?"

Cody turned to look at the man. Even he, who usualy could control his teenage hormones with ease, had to let out a soft blush when he saw the man. The guy was huge! his bisceps alone looked thicker than Cody's waist. The crevice separating the man's chest looked like a deep canyon, and the tank top he wore clearly showed off the abdominals that looked like thick slabs of meat at a market.

"Uh, no. We just came in to beat the heat." "Heh, looks like it got you anway," the clerk said, noting the matted hair and sweat soaked clothing, not to mention the almost blinding sheen on Cody's own face, arms, and stomach. "True. Um, where are the drinks?" "Oh, drinks..."

The man smiled and walked out from behind the counter. A nametag sporting the name "Dallen" was clipped onto his baggy jeans. As he walked towards the back of the store, he showed the swagger a bodybuilder gets from thickly muscled legs, and his swaying arms showed off massive shoulder and tricep build.

"The drinks are right here, but if you're interested, we have a special product in the back."

Cody looked up, interest shining in his eyes. One of the things he loved was bodybuilding, even if his body hated him and cursed him with slow gains, size-wise.

"Um, what kind of special product?" "Well, it's an ancient herbal drink we found the recipe for a while back. The Egyptians would give it to the Jews so they could handle the toils of their daily tasks." "Sounds interesting, and what are the changes modernism has made to it?" "None really, except three secret ingredients." "If it involves bat wings, lizard tails, and frog eyes, I'm not interested."

Cody laughed, soon joined by Kanta and Dallen.

"No, nothing like that. but there is a catch." "Isn't there always? Well, what is it?" "You have to let us monitor your growth every week. and you have to follow a certain workout we made for the people we choose to test it."

Cody nodded in agreement, and after hands had been shaken on the deal, they walked into the back room.... •

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