Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

Hmmmm, he looks a bit odd at the moment. I chuckled a bit, looking at Hossler. He was standing across the locker room from me in his boxer-briefs at the moment. He was built like always, only now, his briefs were noticeably tighter. The front bulged with his recently enlarged meat, and the legs rode up a bit from his expanded quads. I decided tp play a bit. "Gee, Hoss, you been workin' out more?" He looked up at me a bit distracted, and blushed. "Uhhh, yeah." He leaned in closer, and whispered, "I don't know what's been goin' on, but I feel like I've been getting bigger lately." I feighned ignorance. "Well, ya look bigger. That happens when ya work out, dude." He pulled his gym shorts on, and looked down at his legs. The shorts were definitely more snug. "No, I mean, like, I've been growin' faster than normal." I shrugged. "Puberty. Either way, ya look good." He eyed me for a second, then blushed again. "Thanks." "So, what's Coz got planned today?" "I heard Dodgeball." "Coolness." "Yeah, after the other day, I need a break from Volleyball." He pulled on his shirt, and Coz herded everyone into the gym. __________________________________________________ __________

"Whoah!" I ducked as a foam ball whizzed past my head. I looked up to see another headed directly for me. Just as I was about to move, a figure landed in front of me. Losing my balance, I tumbled haphazardly to the floor and looked up to see Hossler deflect a ball out of the air with the one in his hand. With lightning speed, he sent the one he was holding zipping through the air and took out Harmon on the other side of the gym. He glanced down at me with a smile, "Can't have anyone takin' out my cover-man." I drank in his appearance. He was sweaty, hair tossled, and filled with competitive energy. He looked beautiful. "Thanks." I grabbed an errant ball that bounced by, and got to my feet. Simultaneously we both threw our dodgeballs across the gym. Now was as good as time as any.

I envisioned him in my mind, imagining him swelling a bit bigger from the waist up, becoming proportionate with the mass I'd added to his legs earlier. 'Now...!' In mid-stride, he stopped for a second. He looked down at himself, and stood motionless amidst the foamy projectiles. As an afterthought, I imagined no one other than myself noticing him for the next five minutes. That oughtta do it. 'Now.' As I watched, I saw his neck begin to thicken. The growth became more evident as his traps mounded up inside his shirt, and spread to his delts. The growth spread further as his chest began to puff out, becoming more pronounced through his t-shirt. His back flared a bit as his lats widened. The combined growth instantly giving his entire torso a wider girth, his shirt was now strtching to contain his broadening body. His arms swelled as his biceps and triceps expanded in opposite directions, causing the sleeves to go snug around his arms. With a last burst of size, I could see his new mass fill out and define itself through his shirt. He looked awesome. Inspecting himself briefly, he suddenly looked over at me.

Suddenly, a dodgeball hit him in the chest. The surprise, rather than the force of the ball, knocked him on his ass and he looked over at me with an expression of confusion. Coasch blew his whistle to signal the end of the game, and yelled for everyone to hit the showers. Brian got to his feet, still looking at me, and I turned away from him trying to escape. No chance. I felt a hand on hy shoulder grip me, and force me to a screeching halt. I knew who it was, and turned to look him in the eye. Up close, is presence was intoxicating, and I couldn't keep my eyes from appreciating the tightness of his shirt as his muscles showed plainly through. We stood for a second, and he looked me hard in the eye. "What the hell is going on, Tony?" "I....I don't know what ya mean....", I tried feebly. "Bullshit! You have some explaining to do...." Oh fuck. How do I get out of this one....? •

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