Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

My back hit the wall hard. Good thing it was padded. I'd tried getting out of Brian's grip, but no such luck. He spun me around and put his hands on the front of my shoulders, forcing me backward into the wall. I winced at the pain his new strength was inflicting. "Brian, that hurts...." "Shut up! What the fuck's goin' on?!" "I don't know what you mean...." "Yes you do! Why were you the only one watching me?!?!"

I was panicking. He knew he had me cornered, and he was milking it. "I swear, I don't know what you're talking about." "You saw what happened. You can see what I look like now....!" He pressed on my shoulders harder, and I yelped as the pressure increased. He let go, and I slid down the wall to the floor. His new strength was incredible! I looked up at him, rubbing my shoulders. "You're right. I saw what happened. But I don't know why it happened." I couldn't tell him, not yet. "Bullshit! Why does it only happen when you're around?" "I don't know, Brian." He leaned down and I gasped as he grabbed me at the waist, lifting me effortlessly to my feet. He smiled, pressing his forearm across my chest and held me to the wall again. "Okay. If you swear you don't know what's going on, I'll believe ya." I could smell his sweat, and nearly see through his soaked t-shirt. His manliness was intoxicating. "I swear." He eyed me suspiciously for a second, and let me go. I walked silently behind him to the showers. __________________________________________________ ____________

We were the last two left in the shower room, and I discreetly observed my handy work through the steam. God! Could he be any more perfect? Even his feet were shapely and strong-looking. His cock, now, hung nearly to his knees with the thickness of a kielbasi while his balls were the size of tennis balls. They jutted out from between his thick legs nicely, and swung freely as he lathered. My eyes rose to his stomach which had developed from a shapely six-pack into a bursting eight-pack. His pecs had filled out, and puffed up, becoming nicely rounded, and forcing his nipples to point slightly downward. My eyes rose to his face, and I felt my own face flush.

He was looking at me, leering in an almost sinister manner as he soaped his chest. The water rushing down over his smooth skin gave him a sheen, and he simply continued lathering. He looked down at his arm as he raised it into a bicep flex. It popped from his arm, and he repeated, flexing harder. The muscle bulged and peaked at the size of a baseball. He hit a double bicep, flexing one, then the other, then both. He bounced his pecs, making them dance tantalizingly back and forth. He straightened his leg and stiffened it, causing his quads to explode forth. Finally he hit a crab flex, and looked as if he were going to explode.

He rinsed, and turned off the water. I'd been so spellbound by the display that it took me a few moments to realize it had ended. He grabbed his towel, and wrapped it around his waist. With a wink and a smile as he walked by, he smacked me on the ass. I yelped in surprise, and my hand immediately went to the stinging spot where he'd made contact. Standing alone in the shower room, I was befuddled as the beel rang to signal the end of the period. As i tripped into my clothes one question kept fliting through my mind:

What the fuck was that all about........?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? •

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