Deal's A Deal, A


By Lover_Boy

I had to laugh. There he was. I could see Shane walking down the hall. His head was hanging, and he looked at the floor with a lost expression on his face. He wasn't surrounded by any of his friends and he was wearing multiple layers of clothes. Served him right. I turned my thoughts to the beginning of classes as I neared my locker outside home room. I looked to my left to see Tom rummaging through his locker. Tom Boop had been a crush of mine since Middleschool. Then, he'd been an average built kid, but he'd always been cute and preppy. Nowadays, joining sports had turned him into a tall, slender hunk with the face of a model.

I looked him over casually. He had perfectly proportionate limbs, long arms and legs, good posture, and one of the nicest asses I'd ever seen. I decided on a little practice before my plans for Hossler for today. I barely spoke the word in my head, and the change began. I could tell he was feeling it, looking down at his torso. His shoulders were braodening very slowly, almost unnoticeably. His chest began to jut out over his stomach a bit, and the thighs of his jeans tightened as his legs filled out. The thickness of his arms increased a bit as his long sleeves filled out. And just as fast as it began, it ended. Blinking, he rubbed his eyes, and looked down. His hand brushed across his chest, and he squeezed his bicep slightly. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I chuckled and walked into home room. That was fun.

The day proceeded as always, clas by class. The only decision I had to make was when to finally give Brian my gift. Gym, or Spanish? I decided on both, a little each time. I was in Chorus right now, and Spanish was next period. I smiled, and sang my little heart out. __________________________________________________ _________

I walked into Spanish Class. As usual, I was one of the first ones there. I took my seat and waited. I felt my erection pressing the front of my baggy jeans in anticipation of what I was going to do. I practiced with small things. Moving a piece of chalk in the chalk tray, making a small dust bunny move, etc. . It was interesting, it was becomine easier and easier to affect things. I barely had to imagine what I wanted any more. Oh, here's my little stud-puppy. Brian walked in with another of his friends, Jason Harmon. A definite pretty boy, athletic build, but not as nice as Hossler. Definite prospect for a gift in the future.

I pretended not to see Hossler come in, and he patted me on the shoulder as he sat down. I looked up into those warm eyes. He smiled. "What's up" Hmmm, don't ask those kinda questionsI thought. "Nothin', Hoss. How's your head?" He rubbed the spot on the back of his head with a wry smile. "Hurts. I saw Shane this morning. He acted really wierd. And he kinda looked different." "I don't know, haven't seen'im.", I lied. He shrugged, and class started. As class progressed, I kept looking at him, wondering how I should do this. It was one thing to increase his package, no one would really notice that unless it was extreme. But his entire body? I decided on a very little bit. I'd do his legs. I flitted my eyes over at his legs. They were under the desk, crossed at the ankles, making his generous package bulge out.

'Now...' Brian shifted in his seat, pinching and pulling at the denim of his jeans. I tried not to stare as the top curve of his thigh became slightly more pronounced. He looked down now as his inner thighs began to fill in. I could see his jeans tightening, and he moved to adjust his hefty package against his thighs. He tied to look as if nothing were happening, but couldn't entirely manage to keep his eyes off his legs. The swelling subsided and he turned his attention back to class. I could see that he was disturbed at this new development. I intended to let him in on the secret, but not before I had enough fun. I smiled, and looked foreward to gym class later.... •

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