Strong To The Finish: A Spinach Fantasy

By LostInSpace

Once upon a time, there were two friends, me & you. You had complained that N had not giving it up often enough from working himself to exhaustion, so I decided to send you some spinach I had smuggled from Peru. This spinach was just ordinary spinach I had bought off the streets from an insane retired nun, but I thought N just needed some confidence. I instructed that N eat a little bit & then wait for the “effects”. I only asked that you leave your web camera on for me to see. You assumed it was just an aphrodisiac, but it reminded you of Popeye, who you loved to see grow when he ate his vegetable.

That night, you served it for dinner while humming the cartoon tune of Popeye the Sailorman “…I’m strong to the finish ‘cause I eats me spinach…” N came home from work exhausted from having to push the forklift back into storage after it died unexpectedly & he had load the rest of the groceries himself. Not remotely as affectionate without energy, N said, "Sugar-bottom, I'm so tired, I think I might go to sleep without dinner." “I understand, but you should eat something.” you said hiding your disappointment. “Just have some spinach salad, maybe it'll perk you up again.” So, N ate your spinach b/c he thought it would be the healthy thing to do.

As he chewed his first mouthful, you reminisced of Popeye popping open his spinach can, chewing its leafy mass, swallowing, and the wonder of his powerful transformation. “…I’m strong to the finish cause I eats me spinach” N said, “this IS really good” after swallowing the last bit of spinach in his bowl. I think I’ll have some more.” You were about to say something, but suddenly he got a giant boner right that shot up inside his pants, painfully obvious as he stood up & remained vertical when he sat back down. (just like myself now

N was feeling too good to really be aware of what was going on; however, he did mumble putting some romantic music on for later tonight instead of going straight to sleep. As he continued eating his spinach more vigorously with a huge tent in his lap, you noticed his body was changing with every swallow of spinach. Every gulp would be followed be a sort of bulging in his belly that would seem to flow up to his upper torso, filling it. With N's heavy breathing, your eyes homed onto an undeniable outline of 2 squared mounds that popped out & expanded in all directions with each heave.

Filling his shirt to capacity, the gaps between the buttons stretched apart revealing the thickening meat of his chest that looked round and heavy but shredded – Thus, N kept eating while you watched in disbelief of your luck

Predictably, his ballooning chest muscles broke the buttons with enough force to throw them across the room, but it was so surreal to see it really happen and then watch two monstrous pecs spill out of his shirt. His shirt did not slacken even though the top no longer was buttoned close; it remained taut & was being stretched further, framing his mouth-watering pecs crazily

The answer of course lay in his escalating growth. His arms & shoulders had already filled the shirt’s sleeves to capacity – he definitely was broader in shoulder-width. You gaped as N’s arm movements while using a fork caused his bicep & triceps peaks to erupt in succession out of both the top & bottom of the sleeve. The shoulder material similarly was overwhelmed. Still, the shirt clung like paint to N’s super body. SuperN kept eating with more enthusiasm.

N stood up & picked up his bowl to finish this portion & go for the rest of the spinach; the clinging remains of his shirt ripped apart like tissue after the relentless strain of his torso’s broadening. The tattered remnants dropped to hang on his tent-pole of a boner.

It dramatically unveiled a completely rock-hard surface of his abdomen, which were steadily getting more defined, & the unmistakable wings of his massive back framed his chest, crowded his massive arms enough to force them out from his body, and enhanced the significant narrowing from his over-bulging upper torso to his tight waist.

Tearing your eyes from SuperN’s exposed muscles, you found that his pants were barely hanging on. They were stuffed like a sausage & riding high as the pant cuff are way up his leg to be caught on his calves.

SuperN went to serve some more spinach but he became aware of himself. He touched his unfamiliar chest that obscured part of his view below in wonder & lifted both massive arms into a flex. His arms rippled with every movement, but the bunching the dual arm peaks astounded regardless. Upon tensing his body to flex, he ripped through his pant legs with his mighty legs.

To look over his shelf of a chest, SuperN had to bend over to see. It was obvious to you that the nipples had responded as well but practically were pushed down & crowded out by the jutting pecs fighting for space under his skin.

He ran a hand over his hardened waist, exploring its firmness. He caressed each separation between the abs & let his finger run deliberately into the deepening belly button resulting from his abdominals’ growth.

The other hand reached behind to explore the shelf of his now jutting butt, dome-shaped & powerful. He slid his hand around to his front, sensing the mass of his barely confined legs & especially his relentless erection.

The restrained tower practically ripping thru his pants jarred SuperN from his awe to an elated arrogance. He reached down & ripped the rest of his pants right off revealing his powerful legs & massive package - his briefs are stretched so much you can see skin through the ribbing of the brief’s fabric. Excitedly, he arched backward while craning his thick neck trying to get a better impression of his backside.

What an impression you got! You saw the side back view of the most massive back you can remember rippling with definition & then sweeping down to his boulder-like butt close to tearing the seat of his briefs Super N said, “I'm as wide as two people” he turned his back to you and lifted his huge arms up to expand it like a huge wings that rippled with striations.

SuperN looked equally interested in you. Turning to face you & putting his hand on this other arms biceps to judge them while flexing, he smiled wryly.

“Are these not just biggest gun you've ever seen in your life?!” He tensed his arm in rapid succession to feel its hardness. The forearm is thick like a baseball bat. He’s so satisfied that he leans his head over to kiss his other arm’s peak in a sustained flex while the other arm is extended in a flex to free his triceps. He was pleased by the obvious wonder in your face as you watched the many striations of his arms ripple with every little movement.

With a cunning look he swaggered over to you. He’s looking down at you, so you’re impressed again that he’s grown taller than you – your face looks level to his chest. As if to confirm this observation, he has come deliberately too close to let the jutting muscles crowd your face, which caused you to reflexively lean back despite your desire to touch them. You fell backward into a seat.

Now, having just forced you to fall from his bulk, SuperN can't resist putting on a little posing with you this entranced. He put both arms on his hard waist & extended his elbows to spread his wings. He then cupped his hanging pecs & massaged a hardening nipple but let the other hand drift down to the navel of his armored stomach.

Standing up, you can't resist taking the ice cube from your water glass to run it across the expanse of his meaty chest to the nipple he's playing with. ”Admit it, I'm more muscular than any man you’ve ever seen – they have to be fat to be as large as I am.” he moans while you rub the ice on the point of his nipple.

He takes his arm off his abs & takes it under your crotch to lift you up easily. “Look at how easy this is, your weight is barely a strain for me now. Setting you back down, he asks, “Little I, can you imagine what these powerful arms could do.” Growing also in excitement and arrogance, SuperN turns & bends down to flex his arms in your face "it's like two iron balls stuffed under my skin, and my arms are cannons now! I feel like I could push that forklift all day.” He squeezes harder for effect making his bicep & triceps peak farther & tighter.

“Why don’t we find out?” SuperN decided

“But people will see!”

Ignoring you, he turns back & lifts you up easily with his forearm under you butt. He carries you outside, ducking low from his giant height to & edging through sideways to pass his ever-broad shoulder-span. This doesn’t work too much better. He squeezes through it, cracking the frame.

Without putting you down he comes to the forklift, wrapping his free hand around the axel of the forklift and starts lifting the forklift end with a heave. He laughs as he holds the forklift's end up a good two feet. He lets you slide down his torso as he lets go of your butt, and he ducks under to hoist the car on his back. Adjusting his arms, he presses the whole vehicle up & balances it on one arm grunting. Giving it a little twirl, he braces himself and lowers it back to the ground.

"I had no idea that was possible" you say

you stare at the bunch steel biceps; his erection is a leaning tower inside his threadbare briefs from his excitement. You come behind him and try to wrap your arms around his thick torso letting you hand play in the valleys of his navel & his pec-cleavage. you hang on, but he tightens his butt to lift you unexpectedly on his high, large glutes. He spread his back to pop you arms off & turns to grab you, enveloping you in his muscles. You see the drop of water on the tip of his nipple and lap it up with your tongue

" You can't resist can you? " says SuperN

as his runs his giant arms gently down your back & caresses your butt. You suck & grab that large nipple with you teeth, & he bounces a pec jerking your head. SuperN then gently bounces one pec and the other alternatively (giving you the old one-two-three) into your face as his strength might accidentally hurt you otherwise. Guiding your face to his cleavage, Super N tells you to lick these slabs of beef. You slurp his pecs & move over to his bunched arms to squeeze them some more. They don't give - why would they, pumped from lifting the forklift.

SuperN: I can't touch my shoulder with my hand the way these muscles bunch up

His forearms are striated with bowling-pin-shaped muscles that are crowded by the bicep-mountain between the forearm & cannon ball shoulders. You lick on trying to clean every bulge along his back & then his abs, carefully letting the tongue explore every valley between them. However, when you lingered on the deep navel to feel the hidden “innie”-bellybutton, Super N’s super-rod rips right out of his underwear & rises like a flagpole from under you. It's so wide, hard, and strong that it lifts you up like you were on a log.

His massive balls are thrown forward by the size of his leg muscles - they're like big warm tennis balls. You continue to kiss and caress his chest while reach the other reaches down his back to the tower of N is still expanding & elongating from underneath you.

Super N holds your jaw & kisses you deeply, but then you ask him, “This spinach is amazing, even Popeye wouldn’t hold a candle to your transformation. It’s exactly like I always wished would happen if I ate spinach. Why don’t have I some too? I’ve always wanted to be strong.”

Super N looked conflicted and says: "I prefer to be the boss here, the one with guns here."

You protest that it would not be a challenge but an opportunity to heighten your and his pleasure. Obstinately, he simply grabs the salad bowl with the rest of the spinach & walks into the bedroom carrying you on his giant dick. You feel your legs bumping the massive balls in his sack, heavy & large like softballs. He leans forward & you slide down the hard-on onto the bed.

When you gaze up at your lover, you gasp from his silhouette. Heaving with desire, Super N occupies the space so entirely that it's like you can only see him. His log rises between the abs pointing up toward his monstrous pecs. The waist, tight & powerful, contrasts from the flaring of his powerful thighs & the two cantaloupe-like balls hang from his crotch. His chest hangs like two giant pillows stretched the skin of his chest.

Super N flexes his fingers & his towering cock shudders & heavily drips liquid pre-cum. He's gazing at you with such focus. He asks, “Do you really need more muscle & power than this? I’m just beginning!” He draws in air & swells his chest to let out an earth-shattering yell of primal power & desire, beating his fists into his mammoth pecs ( *thack, thack, thack, thack* )


He finishes off squeezing a most muscular pose that inflates his biceps tremendously & his already jutting chest rises. You can see is SuperN’s back rise from behind his head & his cock surges forward to douse you in the face with pre-cum. He swaggers over to you with the same intense look & uses a finger to take some precum off your stunned lower-lip. Super N smells it & goes into a deep kiss.

His log jabs like a red-hot, throbbing flesh-staff into your own chest. It's gushing precum down your shirt so much that it's soaked. he grabs your shirt & rips it in half, off your body. He rips your pants apart in one motion taking your underwear with it. He pulls back from the kiss & kisses your slick chest from his geyser of pre-cum soaking your shirt. You're in his enveloping grip & his log thwacks your abs like a rigid pole as he moves down to your chest.

He decides to return the favor & get your nipples. Meanwhile, you spot the spinach in the bowl, but, man, are you turned on. Your pick is considerable to mortals, but it's like a screwdriver handle compared to Super-N's baseball-bat-sized cock. He licks your nipple & wraps it with his tongue.

You think, if I can just reach that bowl, I could show Super N that we can both enjoy the power of spinach. Besides, with SuperN already being inhumanly large & thick, how will I survive when he impales me? SuperN heads further south kissing & sucking your stomach; his log pokes your own hard penis & balls. He spends a minute digging his tongue into your bellybutton & then heads down for the main course taking your cock at its impressive 7.5 in.

You reach for the spinach & grab a handful while he sucks the hell out of your cock & your lemon-sized balls. He's kissing & mouthing each ball, but then he start going up north again to your belly & navel. You hide the handful of spinach under the pillow.

Fortunately, Super N is only going back for your chest, kissing the flat area between nipples He latches on a nipple & goes wild on it, so you take the opportunity & eat the handful of spinach.

You feel the warmth once you swallow it & look down as your chest inflates. The rest of your body is tightening & stretching; your cock rockets up & out into out-of proportion height & weight. Meanwhile, your limbs are growing defined with bulging rock hard cords of muscle & strength. Super N ‘s too absorbed to notice the initial inflation of your pectorals, but, once you start bouncing your developing pec to smack him to attention, Super N does a double-take & turns to see your smiling face as your chest grows thicker & heavier & wider. You can feel the incredible weight of the chest & feel your body lifting as your back thickens with power, your butt solidifies into globes of steel, your thigh grow into powerful trunks & your arms push hard for room against your lats. You survey your arms transformation: filled out from ordinary limbs into mounds of muscle on top of muscle. Your guns have grown as large as your head. You look down at super N and say with a double bicep flex that line you always wanted "who's got the big guns now, baby? Do you still want to be the only one with the power now??” You Say as u produly flex your new found huge biceps

Your cock now is long enough (standing straight upright now) to reach past your nipples, so you cockily give a kiss to each bicep & continue giving SuperN the old one-two playfully. Turning to his other side, Super N notices the leaning tower of Ultra I -Flesh quivering above him. You decide to flex your groin and whack him with it. He gets a greedy look & swallows your cock, but it's too much to be taken even a quarter-way on the first try.

You continue to feel your hard, steaming muscles & bend forward to kiss a supple pec. Super N continues to work your ultra-cock - pushing up & down it and then running his tongue up the base of your tower from the underside up to the head. U feel the granite slabs of abs around your belly button. U know you've reached a gigantic size, as Ultra I, but it's hard to gauge it lying down & being licked like an ice-cream cone by super-n.

U grab super-n under his each of his legs & lift his lower body while he continues. You’re strong, maybe even as strong as him. SuperN stands up & pulls you up to your feet. You're almost as tall as him now – he’s maybe half-a-foot taller. he grabs your bicep to squeeze it, but you resist surprising him. Nevertheless, he still flexes it in comparison to demonstrate that it's still more massive then your own mighty biceps. Deciding to have fun, you go into a double flex, but he matches you to show you his power.

Neither yielding, your cocks are both dripping, & you both fight with each other like they were swords poking and thwacking each other. U grab his ass, & he returns the favor so that your pecs are mashed together. You say, “I can rival you, but I only want you to fuck me.”

Thus, he reaches down swiftly to pull your legs up from under you. U fall onto your back & the bed collapses of course. SuperN aims his massive cock over your asshole ready to plunge in. it's blunt like a wet football & he leans over you with his arms holding your legs on his shoulders. All at once, he plunges to the hilt.

His chest meets your massive chest & his groin grinds into your mountainous ass. You grab his hips with your arms lift him out by your own strength & force him in again powerfully. He's taken by surprise again, so you wryly smile & kiss your bicep. He embraces you with his monster arms tightly & pulls his cock out to the head. Hesitating only a moment he rams it back in like a jackhammer. U match his rhythm with your super anus & ass to pound back into his pole

While you cocks throbs sandwiched between both heaving chests. You've been in a deep kiss while trying to control the guttural, animal yells that are coming from both of you. He's pounding harder; his balls are hot, heavy spheres hitting your ass cheeks. Your cock inches higher btwn the two chests from your growing excitement.

Super N pants in a low, deep growl:

Flex for me now, my ultra I , & make be explode like warm champagne!

You pull your arms out & scream out “AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!” while flexing your arms bigger than they've ever been. Climaxing, SuperN flexes his guns into your side gripping in a bear hug and gives one last power-thrust which forces your bed to crash into the wall. Simultaneously, U explode cum between your sandwiched pecs to spray your faces. You’re still flexing, so SuperN pulls his arms from around you, arches backward to put more pressure on his buried, still-hard rod, while flexing his mind-blowing biceps & triceps.

With a cute look on his face, Super N looks down at you & sings ”we’re strong to the finish/‘cause he eats our spinach./ We’re Super N & Ultra I.” •

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